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Game, Set, and Match Ch. 02


Disclaimer: Yes, we know this drill all too well. We know I don't own a single iota of any of the gorgeous gals of DOA XTreme Beach Volleyball. None of them, nor one stitch of the dazzling swimsuits they prance around in so prettily...Ahem! Anyway. It's me, JohnB73, back with more fanfiction fun! This is part 2 of 3, and I have a couple of ideas regarding an epilogue. Yes, suave old Mister Behind-the-Scenes, Zack, will make an appearance there. But for now, I have another (I hope) unexpected offering of lesbian-flavored goodness to delight your palates with. At no time should you enjoy this fic while in the last trimester of pregnancy, suffering from ADHD or epilepsy, or operating heavy machinery.

Part 2: Opposites Attract

It was day seven of the vacation on Zack Island, and Tina was starved. Her long day of playing volleyball with her dark-skinned friend Lisa had given her an appetite, and she headed back to the hotel with a determined stride as the sun began sinking towards the sea, casting soft orange and pink hues over the sky from the western horizon. She was a woman on a single, undeniable mission. Food. Lots of it. Then dessert. Lots of that too. Lisa had decided to take one last dip in the waters of Niki Beach before night, so they'd hugged goodbye, and parted ways for the night.

As she entered the restaraunt of the luxurious hotel, wrapped in a zebra-striped bikini, she saw that it was nearly empty, save for Kasumi and Hitomi at a far table, and Helena sitting at another, closer table. Helena was wearing one of the hotel's soft terrycloth robes, which teased Tina's mind with wonderings about what was under it...or not. Fighting off her soft blush, she approached Helena's table.

"Well, hey, 'Lena, How've you been today?" she asked brightly, smiling, her soft Southern drawl catching glances from the other two girls, who leaned close to each other. Their hands rested on each other on the tabletop, and they whispered to each other. Tina just smiled, having a pretty good idea of how well they had been getting along since the accident she'd heard about.

"Oh, Tina. I'm just fine, thank you. How was your day?" Helena asked, pausing in the course of her own meal, and dabbing at her plump lips gently with a napkin before speaking.

"Aw, not too bad, but I worked up one hell of an appetite! Gimme a whole cow! I'll carve off what I want now, and ride the rest home!" Tina replied, mimicking the gesture of snapping a pair of reins in mid-air and laughing. Helena blinked for a second, then chuckled in her low, cultured way, pressing the back of her hand to her mouth. A waiter promptly stepped to the table, and took a lengthy order from Tina, gaping a little at everything she wanted.

"And if I don't see that Long Island Iced Tea in about two shakes, It's gonna get ugly in here!" Tina snapped after the retreating man, smirking. "Gotta keep the help in line, ya know, or they'll just never respect ya." she said, lowering her voice to a quieter tone for Helena.

"I suppose you're right, but that's no need to be so...raucous about it." she replied, pausing as though choosing her words with care.

"Raucous? Damn, girl, you just ain't seen raucous yet. Wait till that next Dead or Alive tourney comes along, and I'll show everyone what a real rumpus is all about!" Tina boasted, still grinning.

"Maybe so, but I'd rather not think of that now. It always brings back sour memories...like why I got into the first of these tournaments, to begin with." Helena replied, brushing a lock of her sweeping blonde bangs away from one aqua-blue eye.

Tina nodded, an apologetic pout on her face, as she took her drink from the waiter's tray. "About time too...what'd you do, have to crank up the still out back to make the liquor?" she snarled, sending the waiter away with a glare and a well-flexed bicep. Helena covered another soft laugh, her cheeks flushing slightly.

"So, can I ask you a question, Tina? Is it really so easy to be so...blunt with people? I would have a very hard time dealing with others the same way that you do." Helena asked, leaning toward her dining companion slightly. The waiter came again, placing two plates of hot, steaming food on the table. Tina's light blue eyes lit up at the steak with a side of hash browns, and the second plate, laden with biscuits and gravy. As she took he knife and fork, sawing busily at the tender steak, the waiter backed away, not taking his eyes off of her for fear of losing a hand, or worse. He turned and nearly fled, drawing another bemused chuckle from Helena.

"Well, it's easy when everyone else is from the same place as you, and everyone thinks more or less the same about most other folks. There was never much call to be shy back home, 'specially since I first started bloomin' when I hit eleven." Tina answered, putting a chunk of steak into her mouth and chewing, closing her eyes in pleasure.

"Sacre bleu! Eleven? You don't mean to tell me that you filled out so much, that soon?" Helena gasped, her eyes wide. Across the room, Hitomi and Kasumi finished their drinks and got up, leaving hand in hand and waving to the other two. Helena gave a small wave, and Tina shoveled a forkful of hash browns into her mouth, after adding a generous dollop of ketchup to them.

"Hell, it was a surprise to me too. Imagine, goin' around, running, riding horses, wrasslin' your big brothers, and then Bam! The good Lord Almighty hits you with a pair of big honkin' boobs like this!" Tina said, sitting up straight and thrusting her shoulders back for emphasis. Helena blushed deeply until she relaxed her pose again.

"I...would imagine. I can only wonder what it was like. I was a bit late in blooming, myself. I'd been looking forward to it, though, and when it did happen, I was just full of joie de vivre! I felt that I was finally what I was meant to be, not an awkward girl-child anymore." Helena confided, her voice soft and her eyes distant. She looked up to see Tina smiling gently at her, and blinked.

"What? That sounds like it was really neat. I mean, that you had it to look forward to. I just got sucker-punched with all I've got. You and me, 'Lena, we really are a lot different, ya know?" she explained, taking a long sip of her drink and resting her hand on the tabletop. "I mean, I don't mind showing myself off, and you go around in one of those long, fuzzy robes like an old housewife...you're really shy for someone who's so purty."

"Oh, well...I just have this on because I'm still getting used to a little something I picked up while shopping today. It's...different, but I suppose I'm adjusting." Helena replied, smiling coyly.

"Aww, nooo...I know you're not gonna tell me you went and bought the Venus! I had my own eye on that!" Tina all but wailed, dropping her head and shaking it. She picked up her fork, spearing another free bite of steak, and chewed intently.

"Well, no. I don't have that much money with me yet. But you say it is gone? Maybe another will come into stock in a day or two. The shopkeeper must imagine that more than one of us would want that." Helena ventured. Tina nodded in deferral, then grinned.

"So, do I get to see what you bought? I'll show you mine, if you show me yours..." she said, winking at Helena boldly over the rim of her glass, inspiring a fierce blush from the blonde Frenchwoman.

"Why, Tina Armstrong...am I deceived, or is this a flirtation?" Helena asked, a small smile gracing her flushed face as she shifted in her seat, one of her hands now resting on the table as well, near to Tina's. "Not that I'm not intrigued, or even...flattered, if it is, mind you."

"Depends. I could just be joshing you, goofing around 'cause the bartender can actually make a decent drink. Or, you might just be right. Which do you want it to be?" Tina asked, placing her hand gently on Helena's. Helena's hand twitched a little,then she turned it over, bringing their palms into gentle contact.

"I think I like the thought of my being right, rather than you being tipsy. It would let us both sleep a bit easier tonight, I think." she murmured softly, clasping Tina's hand in her warm, silk-soft grip. Tina shivered a little at the feeling, and half-smiled a bit lopsidedly.

"I think I like the way you think. Well, guess all that's left is to box up the rest of this as a midnight snack, eh, 'Lena hon?" she ventured.

"Garcon! we need a box, vite!" Helena said loudly, raising one hand high and snapping her fingers. Tina smirked at her bold move, squeezing her other hand tighter.

"That's my girl...you're a quick study, 'Lena hon." she said as the waiter quickly boxed up the last of the meal. She finished her drink in a long, steady swig, and sighed. "Mmm! Nothin' quite like a good cold drink...especially right before a good, hot night." she purred into Helena's ear as they rose from the table. Helena's only reply was to laugh softly, but this time, without raising her hand to cover her mouth.

They entered Tina's room, laughing. Helena held her robe closed with one hand as Tina flicked the lightswitch near the door, then kicked the door shut after them. Tina went to the bed, sitting down with a quite visible bounce of her impressive endowments, as Helena paused in the middle of the room, her eyes glued to the well-tanned blonde. With a slight flush across her fair cheeks, Helena untied the knot of her robe's belt, letting it slip away. Tina wet her lips with her tongue, her own gaze just as intent.

Slowly, Helena peeled the robe open, to reveal a slinky V-cut swimsuit, little more than a ribbon's width. It was printed with the pattern of the American flag, and came down sharply from over her shoulders, to barely cover her nipples on its' way down to her bikini-waxed sex. From her bottom, the suit rose, thonglike, the two narrow strips running up her back and up to her shoulders. The inner plunge of the suit hinted boldly at the treasures contained in the skimpy suit's crotch, but actually revealed nothing. As Tina took in the sight, she stood rigidly and fired off a sharp salute, whistling low in admiration.

"And long may you wave, darlin'!" she exclaimed as Helena posed before her, trying not to laugh at the formality of the salute.

"I am glad you like it. I suppose I have learned a bit from you, over this last week. I've seen how bold you are, and I think that maybe it is rubbing off. That perhaps I can be a bit less shy, and show more of my true colors." Helena explained, walking closer to Tina, her hips swaying and the V-cut suit stretching and relaxing with her movements in a very eye-catching way.

"And you'll have me right here to admire those colors, 'Lena, if you want me." Tina replied, nodding, the teasing gone from her voice and replaced with a serious, seductive undertone. "I'm glad I can help ya out...bring ya out of your shell. Someone as sexy as you just doesn't need one."

Helena smiled at Tina, leaning close to bring her face to the Southern belle's own. With a small lick of her lips and a coy smile, she cupped Tina's cheek in her hand, then kissed her other cheek, then gently pressed her lips to Tina's. Tina responded gently, putting her hands around Helena's waist and kissing back softly. Helena eased into Tina's embrace, her own arms wrapping around her neck, hands trembling lightly.

"Hey, calm down, 'Lena. You're tickling me!" Tina said with a little giggle, reaching up to take hold of Helena's hands. Helena took a deep breath, nodding as she leaned against Tina, their breasts pressing against each other through their thin swimsuits. Tina released Helena's hands after giving them a reassuring squeeze, and drew her hands over her shoulders, fingertips tracing the line of the V-cut suit. Helena sighed, her eyes taking on a slight glaze, and rubbed her own hands down Tina's sides, to caress her hips and lower back. As her exploring hands gave Tina's firm bottom a squeeze, she cooed softly, and slipped her fingers under the straps of Helena's suit top, running her fingers down, getting closer to her concealed nipples. Helena smiled, her eyes fluttering down from Tina's face to her own chest, to watch Tina's sure, strong hands work.

Tina smiled, and slipped the top gently off of Helena's shoulders, admiring the soft bounce of her breasts as they were freed from the tension of the exotic swimsuit. She knelt down slowly, peeling the suit away, until she was low enough to gently work the thong bottom free as Helena shifted her feet apart to accomodate the gesture. Rising again, Tina smiled as Helena stepped out of the narrow, colorful strap of cloth, kicking it behind her. Helena stepped close to Tina again, her fair, soft skin pressing against Tina's breasts and belly as she reached around to untie the back of Tina's bikini top. Tina caught one tie in hand as it fell, and guided the top away from her full, proud breasts. Helena moved back slightly, gasping a little at the sight of the amazing globes, unmarred by moles, imperfections, or even tan lines. They were evenly tanned, and her nipples were still a soft, pale pink despite her obvious topless sunbathing habits.

"Mon dieu...I imagine you must be at least two cups larger than I am..." Helena murmured softly, one hand tentatively reaching up to cup one of the massive mounds.

"Well, I'm a little shy of 'E for Enormous', but then again, everything grows bigger down in Texas, ya know." Tina replied, smiling and pressing her hand over Helena's, nodding her consent to the touch, and more.

"I had not known, but I am tempted to believe..." Helena replied, trailing off as she cupped both of Tina's breasts, and leaned down a bit, her lips grazing over the upper slopes of tanned flesh. Tina sighed in pleasure as warm, wet lips fastened over one nipple, sucking gently, tongue twirling over the stiffening nub, then pulled away to repeat the gesture to the other one. Her own hands tightened around Helena's waist, and she suddenly lifted her off her feet, making her yelp in surprise, and laid her down bodily on the huge, soft bed. Tina pounced then, straddling Helena and cuddling her warmly, eliciting an amused chuckle from her. Helena reached up around Tina's neck, twining her fingers gently in her shaggy, shoulder-long hair.

"Mmmm, now this is very different, but nice. You are very comfortable to snuggle with, Tina. I...think I could get used to this, on this vacation." she said softly, looking up at the lady wrestler with sincere eyes.

"Yeah, it is nice. It's nothing too new to me, though. Always been kind of a nice option, for when the only guys that hit on you are all Mr. Wrong." Tina replied, closing her eyes a bit at Helena's hair-combing. She shifted, entwining their legs together, and bringing her knee up high between Helena's thighs with a saucy smile down at her.

"Tina, what are you...Ooooh!" Helena cooed loudly, feeling the exploring knee pressing, then rubbing against her soft, bare mound. She shivered lightly, her desire glazing her eyes and drawing her tongue out of her mouth, to wet her lips again.

"Aint doin' anything new...this kind of thing got invented long ago. Just warming you up for a nice, solid grind with me. You wouldn't mind that now, would you, 'Lena?" Tina asked, leaning down to cature Helena's lips with hers again, her tongue gently parting them and seeking hers. Helena responded by tightening her fingers in Tina's hair, wrapping her thighs around her legs with new force, and 'Mmmmm'ing into the kiss, meeting Tina's tongue with her own. They lay like that for a long moment, Tina's knee shifting gently, drawing sweet, kiss-muffled sounds from Helena, until the kiss broke, with both of them gasping.

"Well, that was a 'No', if I ever heard one, 'Lena." Tina said with a giggle. Helena laughed along, then moaned softly at a steady, slow rub of Tina's knee. She reached up with her free hand, playing with one of Tina's swaying breasts, then the other. Cupping, stroking the tan skin, tweaking her nipples, trying to return some measure of the sensations that were being given to her.

"Ohh, now that's what I like...you're tempting me to get serious now! You really want it, don't you? You act like such a prim, proper lady, but you need someone to give you a good, hard, down-home fucking, dont ya?" Tina asked, leaning down to whisper the question into Helena's ear. Helena gasped a bit at the coarse word, but nodded, her breath coming quickly at Tina's continued attention.

"Well, if you need it, you better ask for it. I can just tease you like this all night, if I have to." Tina said, coming back up to look down at Helena, and smirking. "All you gotta do is tell me what you want me to do, and I'll rock your whole world tonight. And, if you're a good girl, maybe again tomorrow..."

"Ahhhh, it's so...vulgar a word, I...hate to have to...but I need it, in my bones! Mon Dieu, Tina, do it! Take me, fuck me! Please!" Helena begged, squeezing both of her bed-partner's breasts tightly, the stiff nipples almost burning against her palms.

Tina smiled down at her, and shifted again, drawing both of Helena's legs apart wide, and reaching down with one strong hand. Stroking along the very hot, wet folds she found there, she worked upwards, finding the hood that concealed Helena's already-stiffening nub. She teased it out from under the pink flesh, and guided Helena's hand to her own sex. Helena moved eagerly, using Tina's example to coax her pink pearl out as well. Smiling, Tina moved forward in between Helena's thighs, as a man would mount her missionary-style, and pressed her sex against Helena's, their lips and buttons rubbing with a sudden, electric tingle. They both moaned at the initial contact, and Tina put her hands down on either side of Helena's head. She used her arms to brace herself as she began a slow, but firm grinding against Helena, who arched her head and back, closing her eyes tightly and groaning from deep in her throat.

Helena's body was wracked in sensation, this wonderful, grinding pressure so much better, so much more skilled, than her last male lover had ever been. Every move Tina made set her nerves on fire, and she saw it burning brighter in the darkness behind her tightly-closed eyelids. A stream of French slipped from her lips, endearments and beggings for more flowing into a mantra for her, as Tina moved above her, also moaning as her body began to shine in the room's soft lighting with her own sweat. A drop fell from Tina's chin, to Helena's lower lip, and she licked the salty drop up, not a single care in the world.

Tina worked hard, watching Helena intently. She was loving the expressions that crossed her new lover's face, the way she tightened her arms around her neck, the way the light caressed her fair, glistening skin. If there was any woman Tina could desire more, she would be hard-pressed to name her. Helena looked like a goddess to her, a writhing Venus of pleasure before her. Her own breath was coming quickly now, and as her climax edged closer, she began to groan deeply, her breath catching in her throat in her passion. She ground her hips harder, her hot button rubbing steadily up and down, over Helena's in a searing rhythm that was bringing the French lady to steady shivers. Tina smiled as she leaned down, bringing her lips to one of Helena's nipples. She sucked it hard, and swirled her tongue over its' tip, then pulled her mouth away, grazing the sensitive nub with her teeth.

Helena moaned and gasped loudly, eyes opening wide as her quivers became harder shakes. Her eyes widened, and with a loud cry, she let the wave break over her fair, lean body. Her bucking, shaking fit of orgasmic bliss also caused her sex-slickened clit to grind harder against Tina's, sending her into a screaming, spasming climax of her own.

"Aww yeaah! Fuuuck yeahhh!" Tina almost howled aloud, as she rode out her pleasure, a triumphant smile on her face. She slumped hard against Helena, their breasts mashed pleasantly together, and her face nuzzled into the hollow of Helena's neck and shoulder. They both spent a few long moments gasping for enough breath to speak, and it was Helena who finally broke the silence.

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