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Speaking about horny, Kimmie's body was screaming in thanks after waiting hours for this moment. While everyone had fallen asleep, Kimmie wasn't able to shut her eyes the whole time. She had been restless since she crawled into her sleeping bag earlier, as no drowsiness came over her. Now, the moment she craved had arrived, and she felt her toes melt inside of Addison's hot mouth. Kimmie enjoyed the feeling of a tongue on her toes, and the sucking prompted her to reach down in her pants and stroke her unshaven pussy.

Sucking on the big toes proved to be the most enjoyable part for Addison. They were long, slender, seemingly the sweatiest part, and fit right into his mouth. Moans escaped from Kimmie each time his tongue played with her toes, or she felt the gentle, sensual sucking.

Kimmie knew she couldn't wait much longer, even though she felt the need to prolong this worship. She wanted to feel that giant cock on her feet again. "Willie, time to take out your willy," she said with a laugh.

Normally, this would have offended Addison, but nothing his step sister could say would switch him off right now. With gusto, Addison took off his pants and boxers. As his dick came out, both noticed that it was already dripping with pre-cum. This reminded Kimmie of how fast Addison had come before.

"You need to hold on longer this time little bro," Kimmie told him. "If you do, I think I can come up with a reward for your effort."

With that, Kimmie began rubbing her soles on that beautiful, long cock. Addison's pre cum and the saliva on Kimmie's toes gave it the lubrication it had earlier. His step sister also had a more comfortable position, thus leading her stroke faster than before. Addison wasn't sure how he could be expect to hold out longer considering that. Kimmie's strong legs helped pump her feet away at the entire length of Addison's dick, base to tip. It was especially pleasing around when she reached the head each time.

"That feels so good sis!" Addison moaned out.

"Oh, but it only gets better little bro!" she replied. Kimmie readjusted herself and brought her toes around the head of Addison's penis. With amazing skill and precision, she stroked the sensitive head with her talented toes. "Remember, you get a treat if you hold on for long enough!" she teased. Her toes danced over the skin and getting wet from pre-cum.

Addison wasn't sure if he would be able to hang on long enough. He tried to focus his mind off the situation. The pressure was building, but he kept it contained as best he could. The first idea Addison tried was to picture someone ugly taking Kimmie's place. However, this proved fruitless, as his sister's immense beauty was hard to cover up. Her beautiful eyes reflected confidence, and lips were an invitation into heaven.

Next, Addison tried to concentrate on a particular spot on the ceiling. He found a small chip in the ceiling that was nothing special, yet gave Addison the distraction he needed. The feeling of Kimmie's toes around his tip persisted, but this seemed to be working. For several minutes, Addison kept his eyes away from the action and concentrated on staying in control.

Kimmie, impressed at how Addison was doing, decided to change things up. She rolled over, with her stomach on the couch, and took her soles around his dick for a reverse footjob. Playtime was over, and Kimmie's competitive spirit started kicking in. She began pumping Addison's manhood again, but picked up the speed.

This didn't go unnoticed by Addison, and he soon found himself draw back to Kimmie's feet. Her smooth soles felt angelic on his prick, and he felt the rush coming up again. Despite knowing his sister had never done this before, she seemed like a pro at it. Once again, release was on Addison's mind.

As if she could sense it, Kimmie brought her feet off Addison's dick and presented her feet out. "Ok Addison, finished it off on my feet."

Addison got up and positioned his dick over Kimmie's perfect soles. He stroked himself like a madman, building up to the point he remembered from earlier tonight, when he went off all over the room. Now, his target laid right in front of him, with Kimmie's toes wiggling in anticipation.

"Kimmie, did I win? What's my reward?" Addison asked as he beat his meat.

Kimmie smiled. "Yes, your reward is I want you to fuck me."

Those words sent Addison over the edge, and his dick erupted once again. The first overshot Kimmie's soles, but the next three fell on their mark. Several more smaller ropes came out and by the time he was finished, Kimmie's feet were covered in sperm.

"What a feeling!" Kimmie thought to herself. The sticky goo was warm, much like Addison's tongue. She could feel it sinking in between her toes, and wiggled her toes in delight. Kimmie looked over at her step brother and was happy to see Addison tired, but still standing.

"Kimmie, did you just say you want to have sex with me?" he asked.

The question made her laugh. "Yes bro, I've made you cum twice tonight, now I want you to make me cum." Kimmie looked at her soles. "Speaking of cum..."

Kimmie got up, trying to keep as much of the cum to stay on her feet. What she did next was totally a surprise to Addison; Kimmie started licking up the juices from her feet. The taste wasn't the greatest to her, but she still found herself licking at her soles, sucking on her toes, and cleaning up as much of the gunk as she could. By the time she was finished, Addison's cock was back to full mast.

"Kimmie," Addison said. "I'm not sure if we should be going this far. I mean, we are family and all."

His step sister pouted. "I know, but I feel like I've been led on all night long Addison. You aren't going to cum in me, but I really would like to lose my virginity to you now."

Addison had never heard Kimmie talk like this before. She never was disgusted by the talk of the birds and the bees, but she never went out of her way to talk about it either. Now, she was suddenly interested in her own step brother. Addison was unsure of what to do now.

"Look Addison," Kimmie continued. "I did a favor for you, now it's your turn."

Nothing Addison could think to say made a difference to him. Despite his own personal feelings, his body screamed for sex as well. He was at full length again and he could feel his body temperature rising.

"Well, I guess I need to convince you more," Kimmie said. She brought her legs out and reached for her yoga pants. With a tug, Kimmie pulled off both the pants and her pink panties off. The fell to the floor without a sound. Next came her shirt, revealing a matching pink bra, holding her perky breasts comfortably. She quickly unhitched the strap and let the bra also fall to the floor. To finish off, Kimmie untied her hair, letting her locks flow out. She was now completely naked. "Your turn."

"No use in arguing I guess," Addison said, as he pulled off his shirt to reveal his unimpressive figure. Kimmie smiled, and patted the couch on the spot she wanted Addison to sit. He did so with any more questions. Soon, the two were kissing, not like family does, but like a couple. Addison took initiative and brought his tongue into Kimmie's mouth and was greeted by her own tongue. The room was filled with the moaning of Kimmie and the sound of lips and tongue smacking at each other. They felt each other's bodies up, gripped at each other, until Kimmie collapsed on the couch and Addison got on top. His dick rubbed against his step sister's naked clit.

"I want you inside of me," she stated simply, breaking off the kissing momentarily.

Addison was nervous, to say the least. Never had he imagined losing his virginity tonight, especially not to Kimmie. However, tonight wasn't over, and he knew he wanted this just as much as his horny sister did. With that, Addison penetrated Kimmie's virginity and started thrusting into her.

Kimmie felt pain almost immediately, but not so much that it masked the pleasure. She had tried masturbating, like any other girl did on occasion, but never stuck anything that far into herself. Addison's dick was so long that only about half of it could even get in. Kimmie was tight, so tight that it felt to Addison like his dick was being crushed. Like Kimmie, he ignored the pain and dove into his step sister's love hole.

"Oh Addison! That's it, just keep going!" Kimmie yelled, already feeling a climax coming. She felt her body begin to shake, then Addison struck in deeper than before. Kimmie could feel her body first tense up, then release itself as fluid rushed out.

"And you said I came too soon sis!" Addison said with a smug grin. Before Kimmie could even reply, he resumed his fucking. More and more of his length disappeared into his step sister's vagina, and Addison knew he must be getting close to the end of the line. He too felt himself reaching his end point. Another strong thrust from the excited 18 year brought a shot of pain throughout Kimmie's body. She knew this meant that her cherry had been popped.

"Kimmie, I'm going to cum again," Addison explained, nervous about what to do next.

"Relax Addison, pull out and let me suck you off," Kimmie instructed.

"Suck me off," Addison wondered to himself, as he pulled out. Kimmie soon grabbed his cock and guided it into her lips. She wrapped her tongue around the tip and stroked the rest of her length with her hand. Addison was in heaven, and felt this was just as good as the footjobs she had given him. Kimmie could taste the precum and her own juices on his dick, but she wanted to main prize to come out for her. Her body was already screaming for another orgasm, and the more she sucked the closer she also got.

Kimmie began bobbing her head up and down. More his dick went deeper into her mouth. All that she hoped for was a warning from Addison. This time, he was prepared once again and when he was ready, he slowly pulled back.

"In my mouth Addison!" she exclaimed. Kimmie opened her mouth, and Addison aimed for the opening. At last, another series of shots came out in full force and landed inside of Kimmie's waiting mouth. Though the load was noticeable smaller than his last two, there was still plenty of warm cum for her to swallow. One big gulp did it for Kimmie, and soon followed by her own orgasm. Both step siblings collapsed into each other.

"Wow Addison, that was amazing, wasn't it?" she asked her well-endowed little step brother.

"Yeah Kimmie, you're amazing," he said. They turned their heads to each other and giggled. Both satisfied and tired, they shared one more kiss and then picked each other up. There would be hell to pay if they were discovered gone. They quickly dressed and headed back upstairs to get some well-deserved rest.

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Great story

Wasn't sure at firSt but persevered and turned out to be a great read well written. More please

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