tagIncest/TabooGames We Played: While Shopping

Games We Played: While Shopping


Chapter 4, from a series which includes Games we Played, Games We Played - Interlude, and Games We Played - Hypnotized.

"Do you want to go shopping with me?"

Laura was standing in the doorway, wearing a yellow half top and a white skirt which hung loose about her narrow hips. Her blonde hair was straight and hung down around her face. She had never asked me this before.

"Where?" I asked.

"I just want to go to the Enclosed Mall. I want company."

I wasn't doing anything, and we were spending more and more time together. In fact a person watching us today from eight months earlier would not see the same two people occupying this space. We shared the bathroom now in the morning. It was her standing at the mirror scrubbing and exfoliating, wearing only her panties while I readied for the shower. Some mornings we shared the shower, "to save water." Weekends I would take the morning papers, sneak into her room and climb under her covers and gently caress her soft skin until she woke, kiss her on the nose and feed her coffee as she read the paper. She kissed my neck now in greeting in the kitchen. The house was ours, mom and dad had been in Florida all winter, then somewhere in California during the spring, and most recently, for the hell of it, decided to take a cruise to watch whales somewhere.

She was still in the doorway blinking her eyes at me, smiling.

"Uh, yeah sure, just a second." I was without shirt, just jeans and no shoes.

She drove, we had the radio playing in the background. "Thanks. I really need a Man's advice on some outfits."

I said, "I'm your brother."

She looked over at me, and I realized. "Well, I am," I continued.

She changed the subject, "Do you think I'm sexy?"

"Uh, Yeah, sure I think your s-sexy."

She looked at me.

"You certainly have an effect on me. That's the best kind of sexy," I added as I kissed her cheek then neck. She smiled.

"Well, I want to look sexy this summer. Will you help? I was thinking of starting at Victoria Secrets, we'll work from the inside out."

Interesting, I thought.

When we arrived, the Victoria Secret store was right at the entrance. We went inside and I casually looked around to see if we might know someone. I was very nervous about that for some reason.

"It might be a little odd if someone sees me here with you in this underwear store," I said.

"It's lingerie," she corrected, but otherwise ignored me.

The place is a veritable paradise for a guy. Who cares that it's a bunch of foam models showing off the underwear (lingerie), just the shape of a fine foam ass modeling thong panties can solidly get a guy off, especially one my age. I loved looking around at the women shopping, imagining what they would look like in whatever it was they were perusing or holding. I loved touching the cotton, muslin, lace, silk. . . .

"Get over here, I wanted your help."

She started at the bras. She was touching and alternately holding onto various bras, holding some against her chest, checking tags.

I said, "I would go for saucy wench."

Without stopping her search she said, "you're on the right track."

And so, I helped. I picked out tiger print panties, and pointed out the special padded bras which the ads said would push the breasts together 'saucy wench style.' Then I picked up some thong bikinis and held them out to her. "Have you tried these?" Her eyes got wide. No she never had. So I grabbed several of those. I didn't realize it but she had wandered off.

When she next appeared she said, "How about this?"

She held up a red lace see through nightshirt with a fluffy collar, and then the sheerest matching panties. She also had a pack of black stockings, and a red crotchless garter to hold them up with. "Uh, Yeah, that could do some serious damage." She literally clicked her heels together.

"There, that should be enough. I want to try some of this stuff on."

We immediately realized the logistical problem. She couldn't model anything out in the open for me from what we had picked out. She went to the helper person at the back and talked out of my hearing. I saw her point at me, and I waved.

She came back, "You can come in with me."

I looked around, "What? They let you do that."

"She said so," took my hand and pulled me inside the little dressing room. Locked the door.

The rooms were large and had mirrors on all three walls, with a smaller fourth mirror on the door. There was a little chair in the corner for someone just like me. I sat there and watched as my sister lifted her half top up over her head, unclasped her bra and let it fall in front of her.

"This bra is terrible," she said.

"Glad you got it off then," I contributed.

She was standing so naturally in front of me without any top, just like in the bathroom in the morning, but we were out and about now. Plus with the mirrors it was like there were ten of her, along with twenty swelling breasts and each bearing a lovely little nipple. I was surrounded.

"I'll help you all day like this." I chirped.

Next she kicked off her shoes and unzipped her skirt, letting it slide to the floor. She was wearing no panties! I said the same, and she just giggled.

"If only you'd known, right?" She fluttered her eyelids at me, "There's a lot of things about me you don't know."

Now I had her in this enclosed space at a shopping mall completely nude in front of me. How could I resist? I reached out my hand, "Come here." I took her hand and she walked up in front of me, I wrapped my arms around her butt and nuzzled my face into her tummy right at the navel. "Mmm, you smell nice." I paused, her warmth rising up over me and I added, " I smell sex."

"You just wait! Here." She jumped back away from me.

She slipped on the thong panties first, leopard print. Stood facing me with the smallest of triangle patches covering her blonde puss.

"It does feel good." She cooed.

"I thought you couldn't try those on."

" I told the lady that I would buy them for sure, said I wanted you to see." And she wrinkled her eyes in a smile. Then she turned her back to me, and there before me was just her butt enveloping the string - her most perfect feature.

"Oh my god. I can't believe it. They look Great!"

She came over and leaned down so her breasts were dangling in front of me like fruit. "I'll have one of these," I said as I reached out to her. She kissed me soft on the lips.

Then she tried on the bra, clasped it at the back saying, "This one had the padding," as she lifted the straps over her shoulders and adjusted her hair. And true to form it pressed her lovely orbs together. Definitely the saucy little wench look. It too was the leopard print design same as the thongs.

"You are my little tiger," I said.

"Your leopard." she corrected.

I was randomly reaching out my hand when her back was to me now, and settled my fingers nicely between her legs. She was parting her legs now, giving me full access and without acknowledging my intrusion said, "do you like the way this one looks on me?"

My mind was muddled barely heard her in fact as I had one finger sliding now the length of her little pink slit. It was soaking wet, she took in some deep breaths, pressed her ass back toward me. I drew a small circle at her clit.

"You think it's sexy?" she asked again.

I just said, "yes."

"Next." And she walked just outside my reach carefully removing her *little* outfit for the next one. This one was the sheerest white fabric, so that you could see her soft cream colored skin underneath, even the soft brown of her nipples through the bra. The panty was a bikini 'brief' this time, but left nothing to the imagination.

"Um, I like the way that one wraps around your, um, mound," I said thoughtfully, seriously.

She laughed, "my mound."

"Well what would you like your brother to call it."

"Pussy." She mouthed at me.

In a moment of play, she came over and sat on my lap so that my cock pushed right up against her bottom through my shorts and she wriggled her hips down on me wrapping her arms around my shoulders. Here she sat in the sheerest pair of panties and bra I had ever seen, and she tilted her head to me, fluttered her lashes. We were eye to eye, her mouth inches from mine.

"Mmm, there's something there. That for me?" And she looked down at my lap.

"Maybe someday," I answered.

She wriggled some more, and then wrinkled her nose at me, leaned in and kissed me soft on the mouth. I involuntarily pressed my hips up into her, could feel the center of her pussy. I reached down and unzipped my shorts, and let my little (not so little) guy free. His blue little head popped out. She shifted slightly to let my hand in but then sat down right where she was before. There was only the thin fabric she was wearing between us. I could feel her wet little puss on the head of my cock, and that wonderful feeling of pressure pressing down on my cockhead. She moved her hips in a forward and back motion. Between us we had so wetted the fabric that I slid freely between her legs.

She put her mouth right at my ear, "mmm, my bad little boy. I guess he should get some reward for helping me do all this boring shopping."

I couldn't even talk, could feel my cum rising. I grabbed her hips and started sliding her, guiding her back and forth on my lap.

"Oh, god, do you know what you're doing to me?" I breathed quietly as I looked up into her eyes.

"I have some idea. You must like this one."

"It's perfect, really per - "

"mmm, you like how my pussy feels in this fabric? You like my pussy? Say it."

"I like, your pussy."

She added in a quiet whisper, "You want to fuck this little pussy? Huh. You want to Fuck me?"

I stammered, "yes, oh fuck, yes."

And just hearing those words I started to cum, I was pressing my hips up, holding her against me as I was straightening my knees and started to ride up the mirror. She was wrapped around me, holding onto my neck, and I looked up and could see ten of us in the mirror extending back as far as the eyes could see. Her ass and legs wrapping around me, the sheer panties showing her cream skin through. Her blonde hair falling down along her back and around her shoulders, her head thrown back and then forward again. I sprayed so much cum, and because my cock was sliding upward and basically pointing at me, it sprayed up the entire front of my shirt. I was lost in a reverie, we could have been anywhere.

As I settled down and we started to gain our senses again, she climbed down off of me, stood on unsteady legs and looked at me, "Oh my God. Look at you!" And she started laughing.

I had enormous wet spots covering the front of my shirt. Plus, great long lines of cum still sticking to me, soaking my front. I was in a panic. "What are we going to do?"

There were no answers. We could sit here for ANOTHER half hour more waiting for it to dry.

My sister said, "no one will notice." I looked at her with my mouth open. She kissed me, "Just believe it and it will be true." Then she added, "And . . . I guess I will have to model this one another time."

She held up the sheer red nightshirt with fluffy collar, the matching garters, and the black nylons. Fuck, that was the one I so wanted to see her in!

She mused, "I'm going to buy it anyway. You never know when you might really need to look - Sexy."

She left the sheer panties and bra on, I could see that her panties were wet through as well. She just put her skirt and top back on, then her shoes.

She took my hand, my sorry wet self, pulling me out of my seat and we worked our way to the cash register. I was beet red, following her closely trying to hide my front and trying not to garner any attention, which was not working as all the various women were turning their heads and following me as we moved through the length of the store. It was so obvious.

Laura went up to the counter. All confidence, " I want these, and I decided to just wear the cream bra and panty. Here are their tags." They rang everything up, bagged the goods. The cash register girls kept looking at me and smiling, looking at each other, then turning and looking my way again. Laura also glanced back at me with a sideways glance, smiling the whole time - the proud owner of a cum soaked, disheveled, bad little boy.

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