tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGangster Captive Ch. 3

Gangster Captive Ch. 3


When we left Mae at the end of Chapter 2, she was impaled on the gangster Bart's cock, and although grateful to be fucked at last by her cruel master, she was never the less distressed that her husband would trade her for another woman's mouth and pussy. Our story continues from that moment as Mae and Karen sit astride the laps of Bart, and Mae's husband Jack, ready to ride the hard pricks that are buried in their cunts.

* * * * *

Bart snarled impatiently in Mae's ear. "Well my sweet slut Bitch, what are you waiting for? Now is your chance! MOVE! Fuck yourself! RIDE MY COCK!

Ever since her slutty blow job this morning, Mae had been struggling with the thought of having Bart's cock in her pussy. That Bart would take what he wanted from her, whenever he wanted, was not in question. Mae herself, however, was emotionally torn between her hatred of this new 'owner', and an unaccountable lust to be ravished by him. Her latent wanton hunger to submit to this cruel demanding man, and be fucked by him, was something May simply could not reconcile with her conscience.

Only minutes ago, the moment of truth had finally come as Bart ordered her to mount his cock. She did not protest. She did not hesitate. Even with her husband watching, her ardor did not cool. She had climbed upon her master's lap and enveloped his hard-on with her pussy willingly, eagerly, begging him to fuck her.

Pandora's box was now open. Primal desires long repressed were stirring that could no longer be denied or even controlled. In the end, all Mae's uncertainty and moral debate was irrelevant, and her surrender was as quick as it was inevitable. Bart had teased, tormented, and tortured her, putting her thru a sensual hell, before giving her the cock she so badly needed. Yes..., let there be no question, he had broken his mare to the saddle. In spite of herself, Mae had become a slut, Bart's slut, and to have him fuck her had become her obsession.

Of course with Bart mere seduction was not enough. His sluts had be humbled, shamed, and made to submit to him publicly. In stripping Mae of her dignity and will to resist, he brought her husband in to watch his wife's humiliating surrender. As a step to total submission, Bart first forced the helpless Mae to masturbate herself to an orgasm in front of Jack and all of Bart's gang of cut throats.

Afterwards, Bart had held his naked victim between his knees playing with her tits and pussy for what seemed to her an eternity, tantalizing her, tempting her, seducing her away from her husband and whatever was left of her moral code.

Then, as if that sensual torment wasn't enough, he next forced her to sit motionless on his hard-on peg of blood and flesh until Jack agreed to give her to him as his slut. Never in all her life had Mae suffered such raw sexual need as during those long minutes trying to deny the orgasm that was bubbling in her cunt, filled as it was to the brim with ten inches of Bart's warm man meat.

Now, finally and at long last, Bart has given Mae permission to ride the male rod that has been buried inside her pussy for so many tortured minutes. Now, at long last, she is permitted to rub his hard man flesh across her clit and against the nerves of her vagina. Now, at long last, she is permitted to have the orgasm that had been building in her throughout the day. Now, at long last, Bart's penis is hers to use as she will. In the heat of an overwhelming passion, Mae is eager to prove she is the submissive slut this awful man wants her to be.

She had been wounded, disappointed and distressed when her husband gave her up to this gangster. To his credit, he had tried to resist, but in the end, his own lust had been too much. With Karen's pussy around his cock, Jack surrendered just as Mae had, and just as Mae had, he begged Bart to fuck her. His collapse was hard for Mae to believe, and she could not help but feel betrayed.

Mae knew, however, she was as much to blame for Jack's failure of faith as he was, indeed even more so. Mae hated the very thought that her loving husband would trade her for a gangster's red headed whore, but her bitter jealousy was quenched by the memory of the passion with which she had also begged Bart to fuck her.

At least Jack had at first refused. She, on the other hand, had not hesitated. From the very first taste of Bart's cock inside her pussy she had asked..., no begged..., her husband to give her to Bart. Those pleading words were now bile in her mouth. In heat to have Bart fuck her, Mae was in no position to object to her husband enjoying the favors of a beautiful redhead.

"Good for the goose, good for the gander " she thought.

A quick peek to the side confirmed for Mae that Karen had already begun to take her pleasure from Jack's cock and mouth as he sat tied naked and helpless in the straight backed chair. Karen was riding high on Jack's lap with her legs poked thru under the chair arms. Her hands were behind her lover's head hugging his head into the full cleavage between her bare breasts. Her hips were hunching back and forth, grinding Jack's hard prick deliciously inside her pussy.

Pressed against Karen's ample tits as he was, Mae could not see the expression on Jack's face, but she could hear him moan. She had heard that moan often before and she knew it was the signal that her husband would soon cum, only this time his seed would spill into another woman's womb.

Mae was every bit as near to her own orgasm as her husband was to his. Sitting helplessly pegged upon a ten inch pole of swollen hard-on, she was completely at the mercy of this dominating stranger who now owned her as his love slave. Her raw desire was entirely too much to for Mae to deal with. As she began to move on the cock that filled her, Scarlet O'Hara's closing line at the end of Gone With the Wind, popped into her head:

"I'll think about it tomorrow," Scarlet had said. Yes, Mae also would think about all this tomorrow, but for now it was enough that she was at last fucking herself on Bart's big cock.

Mae's movement on the penis that filled her was becoming faster and stronger. Using her thighs to press down against her master's legs, she lifted and released her hips in a motion that pumped her pussy up and down in scant inches of quickening rhythm. Bart's lips and tongue were on her nipples sending pangs of electric pleasure running from those sensitive teats down to an already inflamed pussy. Her master's strong hands were under her ass, spreading her cheeks, and helping to lift and lower his fuck toy over the upright pole of man flesh that held her prisoner.

A small orgasm washed thru Mae's ovaries almost immediately. That shock was soon followed by a much stronger second one that rocked her senses and left her screaming at her new lover and master.

"Fuck me you bastard, FUCK ME! Fuck your slut! Give me more. Do something you son of a bitch! Poke me with it! Move your ass! HARDER, give it to me HARDER!

Bart was doing he best to do just that, but seated in a straight back chair, he had little leverage to do more than he already was to satisfy the wild woman riding the penis in his lap. Fortunately for them both, Mae's pussy already had all stimulation it could handle. The third orgasm hit her with the shattering power of an earthquake, but even through the spasm of her tissues, she could feel the cock inside her pulse and spit, filling her womb with warm male essence.

"Oh God Damn Bitch but you're good. What a pussy!" Bart managed to exclaim thru clenched teeth. "So tight, but so slick and smooth. You slut. You just took my cock out by the roots. I may chain you to my bed and fuck you forever."

It was a well fucked Mae that fell forward in exhaustion and release, her chin landing on her master's shoulder with her breasts pressed against his chest. "Yes..., yes, you big cock fucking bastard!" she told him. "God damn you anyway. Oh God, More! I AM your slut. Do with me as you will, but FUCK ME!"

"Admit it slut," Bard demanded of her. Admit it! You have never been fucked like that in your life. Tell me! Tell hubby here! Admit that you loved it and that you want it again!

Mae was too shaken to refuse Bart anything. Anyway it was true. It had been the best intercourse of her life, and she did want it again..., and again.

"My God, Yes," she whimpered in his ear. I loved it. Yes, I want you to fuck me again. Keep me fucked like that and you won't need chains to keep me in your bed. Your cock will be enough. I'll be your slut..., forever."

Sated at last Mae was able to take inventory of her surroundings. To her horror she remembered for the first time since Bart had told her she was going to 'put on a show for the boys' that his entire gang of thugs had been watching as her master humiliated, teased, broke, and then fucked his new slut. How could she have forgotten that she was on display like a disgusting porno queen in a cheap Times Square sex emporium. She had been so thoroughly lost in her passion that it was simply did not matter that she was not only fucking a complete stranger, but doing so before an audience as well.

Then, for the first time she realized that to be publicly used before these murders and thieves might not be the worst of her disgrace. Over to her right she saw Jimbo with the family camcorder to his face taping her shame for posterity. How long had he been doing that? Had he taped her masturbating, and sucking Bart's cock while she fingered her pussy. What would Bart do with that tape? The possibilities horrified Mae, a fear intensified by the chilling realization that the tape was one more link in chain that bound her to her new owner..., the bastard.

She thought, "Nothing more than I deserve. What a whore I have allowed this man to make of me."

Her own fires banked and sated, Mae's thoughts returned to her husband Jack. A cursory look to her left seared into her brain forever the image of a tall red headed slut mounted high over her husband's hips, his cock still buried in her cunt, but with a trickle of white cum beginning to seep from the seal of her pussy lips around that softening penis. Her arms were hugging him to her, and a hand on the back of his head tenderly guided his lips and tongue to the service of a long hard nipple.

The sight brought Mae's emotions to a boil, fifty percent jealousy and fifty percent self pity. God damn him she thought. Her husband hadn't just fucked that bitch, he was making love to her.

Mae should have been more careful, about showing her feelings. Bart was certain to exploit the smallest weakness, and sure enough, when he saw the anger and hurt in her face, it was his cue to defile his new slut in still another way.

"All right, both of you bitches," he commanded with the authority of a drill sergeant, "off our cocks and switch. Karen, you bring that freshly fucked pussy of yours over here and suck my cock clean, and you Mae, on your knees in front of your husband and do the same for him. I'll bet that thing of his is downright ripe with Karen's pussy juice."

Depressed now after coming off her sexual high, and unsettled to learn her humiliation had been preserved on tape, Mae had nothing left with which to contest her pitiful servitude. Obediently she crawled to between Jack's spread legs to where a semi-soft cock covered with male and female sex fluids was waiting for her. It seemed unfair that a wife should have to clean some other woman's mess from her own husband's cock, but she remembered the whip marks on poor Karen's ass and knew to argue would only bring her a beating.

With a sigh or resignation, Mae fed the cum covered prick into her mouth and began to scrub it with her tongue. She had rarely sucked her husband in their marriage, but she had done so often enough to recognize the additional and unfamiliar flavor of Karen's pussy. Behind her she could hear Bart talking to Jack.

"Now isn't this the way to deal with a woman, you dumb shit? This is what your wife wanted all along you know, to be naked and on her knees worshipping a big cock. Watch now while I teach you how to satisfy your dearly beloved. Learn and you may live to have a future ."

Mae caught Bart's enigmatic smile out of the corner of her eye as she wondered what all that could mean. "You may live to have a future?" What could that possibly mean. She had no time to ponder the puzzle, however. Jack's penis was already once more rock hard in her mouth, and Bart had again begun to give orders as he spoke to Jack as if instructing a high school student.

"A woman can't know who's boss until she's been fucked in the ass. Karen, go to the kitchen and bring me back a bottle of olive oil. Jimbo tie this slut's hands. Tied like that, her focus will be on what a slut she is when she takes a cock up her ass for the first time. Then untie Jack. I'm pretty sure he won't try to escape while I am teaching him how to properly fuck his wife's ass.

Jimbo pulled Mae roughly to her feet, and spun her around pulling her arms behind her. Using the end of the rope of her noose and make shift leash, he bound her wrists together behind her back. With her hands tied she was actually no more helpless than before, but somehow her bondage emphasized a bitter truth. She was indeed Bart's slut, his slave, and if he wanted her ass, then she must offer him that last virgin hole of her body.

It was a terrible thing to be a slave, to be owned and used, yet Mae found herself strangely aroused to be so helpless and at the mercy of this dominant man. Her pussy spasmed as long forgotten images from her masturbation fantasies flickered across her memory. She had so often fingered herself to orgasm imagining herself as a naked concubine in just this situation..., tied and awaiting her master to take his pleasure from every hole in her body.

Once her arms were securely tied behind her, Bart asked, "Are you ready slut?

Mae was too terrified, and too horny to speak. Was she ready? She must have been ready for something sure enough. Pussy juice was running down her leg. Yes, she was ever so ready.

"Lay over the arm of he couch with your ass in the air and your legs spread. Jack and I want to see your cunt, and ass hole. We have something to fill them both."

Mae shuddered at the thought of what he must have in mind, but she was afraid to do otherwise. Dutifully she pressed her pubic bone against the padded arm of the leather couch, and fell forward so that her upper body lay flat and face down on the seat cushions. Her feet, however, remained on the floor, leaving her buttocks elevated and vulnerable across the broad couch arm.

Pale and frightened, she buried her face into the soft leather of the seat. She could not bear to look for, or at, the cock that she knew would soon bury itself in her ass.

"Spread those legs, bitch," Bart commanded, not satisfied with the width between her thighs.

Mae pushed her legs wider apart, at the same time struggling keep the tips of her toes in contact with the floor. Stretched naked over the couch arm, her legs wide spread, her hands tied uselessly behind her back, Mae's ass and pussy holes were obscenely exposed and available to Bart and her husband standing behind her. Almost immediately she felt fingers began to probe at both orifices.

Without warning the cold plastic of a big cock shaped dildo split open her pussy.

"Where did that thing come from?" she wondered, and then decided, "Bart must have found the dresser drawer where I have my private toys hidden. Jack could not have told him where they were, he didn't even know I had them. Or did he?"

Slowly the artificial dick withdrew, and then slid back down the vaginal canal till it touched bottom; then slowly back out; and then back in. In and out, in and out, in a slow tormenting rhythm as either Bart or Jack, she couldn't tell which one, continued to fuck her with that make believe penis. Then, just when she thought she could stand it no more, her distress was doubled. A oily finger joined in, and with the same rhythm as the dildo probing her pussy, began to jab in and out of her exposed ass hole.

It was awful. It was wonderful. It was torture. It was sensuous and erotic. It was..., well it was a sensual experience beyond endurance. Mae's first small orgasm hit her just as a well oiled thumb went up her ass, probing and twisting, reaming her anus before it withdrew. Next came a finger, also heavily oiled, followed by a second, and then a third digit, stretching her, opening her, lubricating her the doorway to her bowel, making her ready for the big cock she knew would come soon enough.

"Please Bart..., Jack! Please, stop. I can't take anymore. I can't catch my breath. You're driving me crazy"

"Are you sure, Mae." It was Bart who spoke. "Do you really want us to stop?"

"No, No, No, God, please don't stop, Make me cum again..., but..., but.., Please help me. Let me rest a little. I'll die if I cum again like that. But don't stop. I can't stand it..., but, but don't stop. No, Goddamn, I don't care, fuck my ass and let me die."

But they did stop. The fingers were gone, and the dildo while still there, no longer pumped in and out of that tortured pussy. The respite would be brief, however. Someone was standing close behind her, pressing what must be a real penis into the crack between her buttocks.

She heard Bart talking to her husband. "Now Jack! Give the bitch what she needs. Take her! Fuck her ass. For once in your life take your wife and show her you're a man."

Mae felt a fumbling behind her, then a probing at the opening to her bowel..., and then a hard male shaft that pried her sphincter open. Her anus was suddenly on fire with pain..., and minutes later..., with pleasure. Mae's rape of her last virgin hole had begun, not by some brute of a gangster, but by her own husband.

Jack pressed in, and pulled back, then pressed in again, working his length up her bowel. As the cock slid past her sphincter, that ribbon of muscle stretched until he was able to jack himself in and out of her well oiled passage in a constant rhythm. With every in stroke, it seemed to Mae that another climax ripped thru the tissues of her ass and cunt. With every stroke, the leather couch arm pressed her clit against the dildo in her pussy adding fuel to what was already a roaring flame. True, the cock plundering her bowel hurt some, but such orgasms, greater than she had ever enjoyed before, made the pain worth while. These sensual sensations poured out of her ovaries in a long unbroken stream, rushed thru her pussy and clit to her nipples, and then finally exploded in flash before her eyes.

Jack had already cum once in Karen's pussy, and he was primed to give his wife's ass a full ride. He had never seen her so filled with passion as she babbled to him in filthy words, begging him to fuck her ass, fuck her, fuck her harder. It was all too much for him. As determined as he was to have his revenge, to use her bowel until she cried out for mercy, he was only flesh and blood after all. All too soon he felt his balls tighten as he lost his wad up his wife's nether hole.

"Bravo, Bravo." Mae heard Bart cheering on her husband. "Damn if you aren't a quick study. You may learn how to keep a woman happy after all."

Mae felt Jack's cock leave her with a soft sucking sound, and right after, either he or Bart pulled the dildo out of her cunt. Both her cunt and her ass hole felt stretched and distended, and she knew she must be leaking cum from both. Somewhere off to the side she heard the whir of Jimbo's camcorder further documenting what a slutty whore she had become.

She also heard Bart announcing to his gang that this was at the end of his slut's show for this evening. A good captain looks after his men, however, and Bart was willing to share his females with his soldiers. "Whose turn is it to fuck Karen?" he asked looking around expectantly. "I think it must be yours Sam. Enjoy! Take her up to one of the spare bedrooms and fuck the horny out of her."

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