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Women do not have penises or testicles. These sex organs are specific to men. As the boy in Kindergarten Cop demonstrates, even young children are aware of this most fundamental fact of life. However, in the genre of erotic fantasy art known as futanari, hermaphroditic "dickgirls" defy nature's dictum that boys will be boys and girls will be girls. The hybridization of the sexes is fascinating. However, futanari often goes well beyond the simple confusion of sex and gender, depicting other sexual aberrations such as multiple breasts, multiple penises, or oversize cocks and balls. I am a devotee of male-to-female transsexuals who opt to retain their male genitals while becoming, in every other way, feminine. The combination of tits, ass, penis, and testicles (and, sometimes, cunt) is, to me, a heady (yes, the pun is intended) mixture that never fails to thrill and please.

People can get used to anything, it seems, including the presence of a cock and a pair of balls where a cunt should be. (In some dickgirl art, the male genitals replace the female sex organs; in other such art, the vagina is retained, either within the scrotum, between the balls, or in the perineum. My preference is for its exclusion, rather than its relocation.) Seeing the same fantastic image over and over takes some of the mystery and incredibility out of it. Indeed, after viewing a few hundred (or thousand) dickgirls, one moves beyond a mere suspension of disbelief, readily accepting (if only imaginatively) the possibility of the existence of such fantastic creatures as a sort of third sex which is neither fully male nor completely female.

Most dickgirls have enormous penises and testicles. Impossibly huge, in fact. No suspension of disbelief is possible; the dimensions of the cock and balls is far too tremendous to allow even the pretense of possibility. The absurdity, however, instead of being laughable is--for me, at least--altogether enchanting and sublime. In fact, I have gathered quite a collection of such images on my hard drive (pun intended), in a folder I have named "Gargantua," in honor of the prodigious size of these fantastic creatures' genitals, and it is with the topic of gargantuan--dickgirls' big dicks (and balls)--with which I am concerned in this article (hence, its title).

Gargantua is available in two types: illustrations and photographs. Except in rare cases, the huge cocks are fake, of course. Not a graphic artist myself, I suspect that, in the case of the photographs, pictures of penises are enlarged and digitally added and matched in skin tone to photographs of naked women so that these lovely creatures appear to be genuine, if generously endowed, hermaphrodites. In drawings, the artist simply includes such adornments as he or she sketches, colors, or paints the dickgirl.

Gargantua are all fantastic in the sense that they include gargantuan penises and testicles, but some are fantastic for other reasons as well. Some show women with penises in lieu of breasts, with penis-breasts, one might say, which spurt semen rather than milk. Others show women with not only an enormous cock and huge balls, but with three or more breasts as well. When there are three tits, they are usually situated side by side; where there are four or six, they are usually paired, in tiers, one twosome below the next. In one picture, three blondes each sport three gargantuan cocks.

Another picture shows a shemale centaur. She has the head and torso, complete with breasts, of a woman, and the lower body of a horse, except that her ass and legs are human; her cock and balls, although of equine dimensions, are likewise human. Moreover, except for the straight brown hair on her head, she is bald all over, displaying the tan-pink flesh of a woman rather than a fur-covered animal's hide. The effect of this shemale centaur, although absurd, is strangely captivating and erotic.

All dickgirls cum copiously, in quantities that would do a stallion or an elephant proud, virtually drowning themselves and their lovers in oceans of semen. A few pictures show pregnant dickgirls with erections jutting below their swollen abdomens, leaving the viewer to wonder (in cases in which such figures are equipped with both sets of genitals) whether their condition is, as it were, self-inflicted.

The realistically rendered dickgirls are quite natural looking, despite their male appendages, and the more one admires them, the more normal they seem to be, the incongruity of their cocks and balls and breasts and cunts (when twats are included), notwithstanding. Repeated viewings of these marvelous creatures, in whose beautiful bodies masculinity fuses with femininity and maleness merges with femaleness, makes them seem representatives of an existing, if rather rare, third sex as natural and normal as males and females, the only truly unusual feature about them being their oversize genitalia.

Most dickgirls are circumcised, presumably so that they present a more aesthetic look, and, quite frankly, as a devotee of cut penises who finds intact men rather unattractive, I was sorely disappointed, so to speak, to find that one of my favorite actresses was depicted as an uncircumcised dickgirl! Her intact state ruined the whole picture for me (but it's in my collection, anyway, because it's a picture of my favorite actress in a sexually altered state.)

Another excellent use that dickgirl art makes of its ability to depict women as transsexuals is to transform female celebrities into shemale celebrities. My collection, culled from Internet sites that offer free images and even video clips of famous futanari babes, includes dickgirl versions of such popular young actresses, models, and singers as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Angelina Jolie, Ann-Margaret, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Carrie Fisher, Charisma Carpenter, Eliza Dushku, Emma Watson, Fergie, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Julie Louis-Dreyfus, Keira Knightley, Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Trachtenberg, Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Salma Hayek, Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, Teri Hatcher, and Uma Thurman. My search goes on.

There are perhaps too many celebrity dickgirls to describe in detail, but to provide a samples of these lovely ladyboys, here are descriptions of a few.

In one photograph, Alyson Hannigan stands with her back to a brick wall, wearing a "Tall Oaks Band Camp" tee shirt and a pair of black shorts, tugged down to show her penis; a second photograph shows her standing with her back against a wall locker, bra down to reveal her tits, and nothing on below but a string of pearls wrapped around the base of her jutting erection.

In a drawing, Angelina Jolie lies naked, on her back, smoking a cigar while she ejaculates a huge quantity of semen from the erect cock she holds in her fist, obviously enjoying an after-sex-with-herself smoke. A photograph shows her seated naked in a chair, with a huge cock rearing from her shaved groin. In another illustration, she stands demurely, with her hand against her upper thighs, her fingers extended around her erect penis.

In a photograph, Michelle Trachtenberg lies atop Sarah Michelle Gellar's gargantuan cock, her arms and legs wrapped around the gigantic penis; both women are grinning, amused by their shenanigans. A tendril of semen drips from Gellar's prick. Both ladyboys wear leather: Trachtenberg a bra-and-panties set and gloves, Gellar a latex body suit and high-heeled boots. Their outfits give the drawing a somewhat sadomasochistic look.

Gellar is seen solo, in a photograph, mostly naked, lying on her back atop a bare pink mattress, her colossal cock soaring upward from her groin, toward the viewer, a pair of balls behind its base, but the effect is ruined (for me, at least) by the uncircumcised condition of this mighty specimen of shemale manhood. The fact that Gellar, whose complexion is, in this picture, too dark for her sunny blonde locks, has brown, rather than pink, nipples is also disappointing, a reminder that her head has been digitally added to another woman's body, just as her outsize penis has been electronically engrafted onto the same model's groin.

Another picture of the actress is more to my liking, depicting Gellar as a nurse. She wears a white cap emblazoned with a white cross inside a red circle and a pair of white stockings. She holds a glass dildo and is seated, legs splayed wide, on a dark pink cushion, a pair of pouting pussy lips beneath a scrotum-less, ball-less cock, which rears almost to the level of her firm, round breasts. She offers viewers a knowing and inviting smile. I'd prefer a pair of good-size balls in place of her twat, but I'm also disappointed in the size of her breasts. Although they are not especially large, they are quite a bit bigger than Gellar's own diminutive pair and this discrepancy ruins the impression that one is viewing a candid picture of a sheminized version of the actress, as she might actually look were she a ladyboy, rather than a lady. Nevertheless, this image is a definite improvement upon the uncircumcised monstrosity.

Surely, everyone who pursues such images, to start his or her own collection of celebrity dickgirls, will have his or her own criteria for making additions to his or her collection, and everyone's tastes differ. What appeals to me may not appeal to another, and vice versa. In any case, the search is fun in itself and rewarding when one happens upon a dickgirl version of an admired female entertainer. (Make sure your computer is guarded by a good anti-virus program before surfing for any kind of porn, dickgirl art included.)

How do the actual celebrities themselves feel about being portrayed as dickgirls? Some are offended by such "parodies" as the ones I've described, finding it unseemly at best and bordering upon criminal conduct at worst (although there is nothing in the least criminal about it, the U. S. Supreme Court has ruled) to have been so depicted. Others are outraged by these drawings and photographs; still others are shocked and humiliated. However, rather than being insulted by being depicted in such a fashion, such celebrities should feel honored, because the artists who select them as their dickgirl models obviously choose those whom they believe to be both sexually attractive and popular enough to be "sold" to an adoring group of fans who wonder what their favorite female celebrity might look like if she were a girl, as it were, with something extra. Only the most popular celebrities of the day need apply.

Finally, I'd like to end on a note of caution: futanari, or the art of the dickgirl, is simply irresistible Viewing well-hung babes is addictive. Don't start unless you don't want to stop!

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