Garwyli 02


A wish is unexpectedly granted

The next day I picked her up at twelve o five, there was one other person waiting so I passed just a little and let her run to the van door.

"You want a lift?" I asked loudly.

She got in smiling and clutching her overnight bag, as she settled in the seat I drove the route with the radio. A piano concerto by Chopin, filled the space between us, giving me the excuse to stay silent.

As I got to the barn my phone rang, it was Glynda.

"Yes." I answered, her voice was faint on the other end, I probably had only one bar up here.

"Can I come round tonight?" I heard her say. "I want to talk to you."

I looked at Bri.

"Ok, what time?"

"Would seven be okay?"

"Fine, see you then."

"Glynda," I explained. "She'd like to talk this evening. Wonder what that's about?"

Bri shrugged her shoulders. "Beats me."

I put the thought aside; I was going to shoot in natural light again, though there was a haze high in the stratosphere that took the edge off the brightness. I'd got the camera and laptop in the van already, this stop was just for her to change.

She stopped by the hay bale and put her bag on top, taking the thin transparent nightdress out and laying it over the bale. Then she stripped, looking at me with my clothes on. I stripped as well, my cock rising to the occasion as I remembered the touch and feel of her body, naked again before me.

Bri looked at me as she drew the gossamer creation over her head, her breasts rising as she stretched. It slipped down over her, showing what it touched. She was solidifying my hard on, my cock throbbed and hardly bounced as I walked over to the door with just my keys.

She was watching it as we drove across the field, it bounced as we hit the bumps and she put her hand over it, letting it brush her palm.

"Bri! " I complained.

I took my eyes off the path and glanced at her.

"But it's so nice, Glynda was right about you being a 'still waters', you're well hung as well as nice."

I sighed, letting the van roll to a stop.

"But it's getting me in the mood, look, my nipples are erect."

It was only a few more minutes across the field, she could have her fun till then. She looked me in the eyes and brushed the tip lightly, making circles on it with her palm. If I didn't get there soon she'd have me cumming.

I turned from her as we stopped in the shade of the trees, the hazy light was dappling through, giving a soft focus look, a good background for the figure shots for the opening, I had her lean on one of the trees and using the trigger words 'Briallan plays model', began shooting.

She was brilliant, she looked so sexy she made me very aware of my own erection, she had me wanting to masturbate on the spot. I had difficulty in faulting her poses, I could see in some of the close-ups that she was well lubricated, I wondered how that would come out in the shots, all I knew was it was turning me on.

I think that her resemblance to Glynda was part of it, her facial features from certain angles made them look like twins, and thinking of Glynda cavorting naked in front of my lens pushed my libido into overdrive.

I ended with a few shots of her on a fallen tree, hands holding a branch above her head and legs open as she squatted on the trunk. With the shoot finished I put my camera down and sat next to her on the trunk.

"That was the best ever Bri, you had me rock hard all the way through," I confided in her.

She looked at my still hard tool. "So will you let me suck it as a reward?" she asked.

"Bri, I thought we agreed no sex."

"It's not sex, Bill Clinton proved that. Please, I was focusing on it all during the session. This is the last time I promise. Please, I want to touch it and have it fill my mouth again."

She put her hand on my thigh, brushing it lightly up and down as she looked pleadingly into my eyes.

With the portfolio complete this would probably be the last time and she wasn't such a close friend that I saw every day.

"Alright Bri, as it is the last time, and it was such a sexy shoot, you can have a reward."

Even before I'd finished the sentence she was grasping my cock, a big grin on her face.

"Lie down for me, I want this to be special," she said almost purring.

I stood, and with her still holding my cock lay I on the grass. Bent as she was, she stepped astride me and knelt, putting her pussy in my face as she began to ravish my cock with her tongue.

Her pussy was glistening with her cum already and it was too tempting to refuse, I raised my head as my tongue sought her inviting lips.

She sighed and lowered her body to give me freer access as my arms snaked round her hips and pulled her to me.

My tongue slid between her engorged pussy flaps, tasting the nectar of her fluids, I felt her wriggle slightly as her tongue played over my head, her hand cupping my balls. My tongue dove deeper, finding the entrance and scooping up the cum dribbling from it.

Bri began to waggle my cock over her lips, then opened them and slid it over her teeth. Then rotated it round inside her mouth as she took it inside. Much as she was enjoying playing with my cock I was in my element licking out her pussy.

My tongue was curled and dipping inside her, the aroma of her pussy filled my nostrils, the warmth of her thighs pressed against my cheeks. With her sucking my cock this was as close to heaven as you can get without dying first.

With my glands trapped by her teeth and her hand firmly holding my root, her tongue was caressing my tip, the thrill of it was a satisfying glow in my loins. I could feel my orgasm building. I ran my tongue up and down her crevice then lingered on her clit.

I could feel her body tensing and moving on me, I gave her clit my full attention, using my lips to suck on it while my tongue stroked it tip to tip. She gave a jerk and my arms gripped her tighter, holding her as my tongue tormented her hard little nub.

She was driving my cock hard into her mouth now, taking in as much of it as she could, I could feel her tonsils brushing the head. I was as near cumming as she was, I could feel my balls tightening as the rush built inside.

I continued my frantic massage of her clit, rubbing it with the flat of my tongue, her body jerked again then she arched her back and screamed to the skies. Her hand holding my tool was squeezing and twisting it as she shuddered and writhed, my tongue lapping at the freely flowing juices.

She hunched herself up, looking at me through her dangling breasts.

"One last time," she quoted.

She raised herself up and turned and mounted my cock.

"This is for you."

She began fucking me fast and deep, her breasts bouncing as she held onto my knees behind her, the thrill of my cock squeezing in and out was overwhelming me as I laid back and surrendered to the pleasure.

I erupted inside her, my back arching with my pubes grinding against hers as I sought to bury it to the hilt. She stopped and lay down on me, reaching her arms round my neck.

"Oh, Garry, your dick is the best in the world. Thank you." She laid her head on my chest and sighed. We were both sated, both unwilling to break the spell, it was only when my limp cock plopped out that she stirred.

She rolled off me, then bent and took hold of my cock giving it one last examination.

"I'm going to miss you," she said, taking it in her mouth and licking the last drops clean.

The way she was looking adoringly at it, as if it was the most important part of me, like some symbiont that I carried round to get me into girl's knickers.

She stood and I joined her, she went and found her nightdress while I carefully placed my camera back in the van. On the drive back to the barn I could see her still looking at it, her admiring glances was stirring it back into action, swelling it from its normally flaccid four up to five or six.

My cock was stiff enough to jut out went we made the barn, as I came round the side of the van to open the barn she grasped it.

"Could I have just one more little go?" she begged. Giving me the appealing eyes look.

Most of the other girls I'd fucked had been pleased by the size of my penis, but she was the only one who'd become infatuated with it. I thought about making excuses, view the pictures, Glynda coming round. But in truth I wanted to fuck her again.

"Alright, but let's do it in the house, on a nice soft bed where you can fuck yourself to death."

She crouched down and kissed it, pushing the foreskin back off the head as she pressed it through her lips.

"Hey, Bri, come on, let's get dressed, we can finish this in bed."

She reluctantly squeezed it out and stood beside me, still holding on to my now fully swollen cock. I leant forward and stuck my tongue out to lick her nipple; she gave a shiver as I did and pushed her breast against me as she gripped my tool tighter.

"Come on, let's get dressed and do this at home," I said softly as I turned my head up to look at her.

She smiled and leant down to kiss me, releasing my cock as she brought her hands up to cradle my head. I let our tongues entwine as she pushed hers into my mouth before bringing my free hand to her shoulder to gently ease her away.

I unlocked the barn and signalled for her to enter, with her naked ass wiggling before me I followed her in. She dressed quickly as did I, we had about two hours or so before my parents were expected home, and then another hour and a half before Glynda was due.

Her hand was in my lap as we drove home, she was softly stroking it, 'so it was ready'. She complained almost when I insisted on getting my camera, stroking me from behind as I knelt in the side door to retrieve it. I hoped my parents hadn't come home early and were witness to her insatiable appetite.

Inside she held my hand as she pulled me upstairs, and turned and unzipped me as soon as we were through the door. I had to turn and stretch to put my camera safe as her hand snaked inside, wriggling through the fly of my boxers to take a firm grasp of my hard cock.

I held her arm as I walked us over to the bed and lay down on it. With her free hand, and some assistance from me she undid my belt and button and pushed my trousers down to my knees. Immediately she was licking it up and down, turning her head sideways to press her lips against it.

I tried to reach under her to loose the buttons on her blouse; she pushed my hand away and climbed onto the bed on top of me. I saw beneath her short skirt that she'd not put her panties on and pushed the skirt up as she widened her legs to let me gorge on her pussy.

I went first for her clit, stroking flat across it then pressing and jiggling it with my tongue tip. She was busy licking and sucking my bell end, her elbows resting on my abdomen, her hands cupping my balls and circling its base, when she dipped down I could feel her nipples brushing my stomach.

My tongue slipped down her slit, her sexual arousal had coated it and I savoured her juices, finding her entrance and scooping more, I curled my tongue and pushed it inside gathering the drops there, then I stimulated her with rapid thrusts delving inside, she gave her first shudder.

I ran my tongue round, stretching it out with a gentle caress, slowly circling it, her legs quivered and she pressed her lips harder to mine. I let my tongue move up, finding the hard nub of her clit, and began to circle that. I could feel her pelvis squirm and her hand tighten on my balls.

She was fucking me with her mouth, taking less than half in as the velvety texture of her tongue rubbed over my head with each stroke. Then she stopped and just held it in her lips as her body started to convulse with her orgasm.

Her moans of pleasure vibrating the head of my cock as she held it pinned between her lips, setting it quivering like jelly and distracting me from my task of pleasuring her as I enjoyed the sensation.

I could hear the sucking sounds of her vagina and gave it the attention of my tongue, once more plunging it inside her. I held on as she writhed, her hips gyrating. She let my cock fall as she gave vent to her ecstasy, screaming 'Yeesss' to the ceiling.

I wasn't done. I turned my attention back to her clit after licking at her cum, this time I pressed my lips in and squeezed, letting it slide out then doing it again. I repeated it four or five times then held it and massaged the tip with my tongue, brushing lightly at first then putting pressure on.

I felt her body tense again, her thighs gripping my head as her legs straightened; she had both hands on my cock with the head pressed against her lips. This time I moved my tongue down to gather her cum, licking around and in her entrance.

She moved from on top of me, slipping to the side. I twisted round, rolling on top of her and freeing my cock from her grasp. She moaned as I moved but then smiled and kissed me as I pinned her beneath me. She reached down and guided my tool into her, giving it a quick squeeze before she released it to slide in.

Her hips pushed to take me as it filled her warm love tunnel, the soft pleasure coruscating down and giving me a thrill deep within my groin as it squeezed down into the welcoming depths, she gave a gratified 'Ummm' as our hips met and I began the slow warm up strokes.

As I began to fuck her faster she reached around me with her arms, half grasping my shoulders and giving little grunts as I pushed deep into her with every stroke. I felt her fingers tighten and her nails bite into my flesh as she climbed to the sexual high again.

She came, raking her nails down my back, she was near screaming again, repeating "Yes, yes, yes." As her vagina tightened on me I pushed through, increasing my stroke rate, for a full twenty seconds or more her body writhed uncontrollably as pleasure flooded through her.

With my cock still pounding into her my orgasm was at last starting, I could feel the tingling ball of pressure spiking in my groin as my hips thrust wildly with my seed bursting out into her. As I shuddered with the release she pulled me to her, hugging me against her breasts.

I lay puffing and panting as she smoothed her hands down my back. I brought my elbows in against her and propped myself up, she pulled against me, straining her neck to kiss me, peppering my face and mouth as she rained kisses on me.

When I felt it squeeze out I rolled and lay beside her, I lay there enjoying the moment of rapture. She rolled half on top of me, head snuggling into my shoulder, arm curling round my neck; from this angle her profile reminded me too much of Glynda.

I must have drifted off, good sex does that to me, and she must have slept as well. I awoke to her insistent shaking.

"Garry, what time are your folks home? It's five 'o' clock already I should have been home ages ago."

"Five 'o' clock, Damn, Mam and Da will be home any time now," I exclaimed. "Quick, get dressed and I'll run you home now."

My cock was still lolling on my shorts, a Damp patch spread around it. As she rolled over and off the bed I bent and pulled my jeans back up, tucking myself in tidily before zipping up and rolling off the bed myself.

I took her home, on the way I promised her that I'd edit the pictures and drop a dvd off for her as soon as they were done. She wanted to come back and look at them, choose the ones that she wanted for the portfolio that she wanted to send off, reluctantly I agreed.

I knew that she had an ulterior motive behind that somewhat innocuous request, she wanted me and her back in a sexy setting, I was bound to get a hard on looking at her nude photos and she wanted to take advantage of that for more sex, trouble was sex with her was so good I knew I'd agree.

My parents were home when I got back, Mam was in the kitchen cooking. She called me when she heard me come in.


"Yes Mam," I said entering the kitchen.

"Ah, there you are. I was talking to Delwyn, she says that Briallen is quite taken with you, singing your praises about how nice you are. Are you taking up with her?"

"No Mam, just helping her out with a project."

"Ah cariad, she'd make you a nice wife, she has a good brain like her sister does that one."

"Mam," I said plaintively. "Stop trying to get me married off."

"Well you're getting on, you should have a girlfriend, or a wife to keep you warm in bed."

I thought of Glynda, the wife I wanted belonged to someone else.

"What's for tea then?" I asked changing the subject.

"One of your Da's favourites, cauliflower cheese, and there's bread pudding in the fridge if you want that as well."

"Ok thanks, I'm going to get changed, be back down in a minute. Oh, did I tell you that Glynda would be round later, could you send her up when she comes," I said, escaping back through the door before she could question me about that.

I was busy, sat at the computer typing up some odd notes for my thesis when the door opened.

"Garry?" Glynda said. "I knocked but you didn't answer."

I was sat there with my headphones on, oblivious to the world. Had I not seen the door open she would have surprised me.

"Sorry," I said, slipping the 'phones off. "I was 'California Dreaming', listening to some of Da's oldies."

"It's alright, but your Mam said to come right up, you were expecting me."

"Yes, I was, ur, I mean I am," I said stumbling over my words.

Glynda looked delectable, her long hair framing her face, with her tight form fitting shirt and snug jeans her figure looked better than Bri's, I still had the memory of playing with her breasts when we were both sixteen. She was my first and only true love so far.

"Gar," she said, using her old term of endearment. "I want you to do me a favour...."


"Well, I want..., don't laugh now, I'm serious..., I want you to take some pictures of me. Like those ones you took of Bri."

"Bri's portfolio ones?" I replied, my voice carrying my incredulity.

"No, the arty style ones you did. I was really impressed, they looked very professional."

"Oh, those, yeh, well if you want I could do some of you."

This was a dream, the thoughts and images racing round my head putting me in a daze. Glynda was going to strip off for me, my cock was already hardening at the thought.

"Could we arrange some evening up at the barn, I'm free Tuesday, Thursday or Friday next week if that's ok?"

"That's no problem; I'll do them anytime for you."

"Ok, Tuesday at seven then. Oh and another thing, could you print some off for me as well, I want some big ones to frame."

Now she had me wondering, I couldn't see her hanging them in the house, if she didn't volunteer the information I would have to tease it out of her somehow.

She was still standing in front of me, the whole conversation had lasted mere minutes.

"Would you like a cup of tea or something?" I asked. "Come and sit down, while I get the kettle on."

"No, I can't stay long, Davyth's expecting me home, I said I was popping over to see your mother about something."

"Well you can sit and tell me how things are going," I answered.

"No really, I've got to get back, I'm going to some rugby do and Davy doesn't like to be late."

She was going, but I was going to be seeing her again soon, seeing a lot more of her than I ever expected to, these were pictures I was going to treasure, pictures I would certainly have a wank over.

I saw her out, standing at the door to watch her drive off. It was going to be hard concentrating on my work with her on my mind, now seemed a good time to sort through Bri's pictures, tag the ones that were the best turn on for me for inclusion in the portfolio.

Glynda was on my mind, we'd never spoken about the reason she broke up with me, I'd left it too long now, but it still troubled my mind. We'd both got drunk at the party, I'd brought her home to stay the night and we'd gone to bed, the next thing I'd woken up alone.

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