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Gas Station Clerk


The clerk at the gas station smiled at me like he always did when I would go inside to pre-pay. He was kinda cute; I didn't mind. Tonight, though, I was feeling frisky. It had been a long time since I'd had my need-for-cock itch scratched.

While the gasoline made its way from the tank in the ground to the tank in my car, I turned to take a glance at the window of the shop. Sure enough, he was staring at me. I smiled to myself; he does this every time!

I was just about finished when he came outside to change the price on the marque. Whew, got here just in time before the price went up again. We locked eyes. Damn. He was getting cuter by the minute...no, second.

Hmm...ring check? I discretely tried to see if he was wearing a wedding band. Sure, I had fucked married guys before, but my self-esteme is higher now. I have standards. Ooooh, I see no ring. yes!

The nozzel clicks. The guy is still outside. And I have been overtaken by shyness. I get in my car and drive off. Looking in my mirror, I can see him watching me. Damn, I am such a wimp. I wish I was a Diva. A Diva would've just sashayed up to him, grabbed his head, and kissed him long and hard, no introductions needed. *sigh* I am definitely not a Diva.

Okay, next stop, shoe store. Replace my worn-out sneakers and head home. Only I can't go home. I can't stop thinking about him. He's probably still at the gas station. I could probably go back and find him there. I could go back inside and introduce myself. We could talk about the weather for a while. I could ask him if he wants to go out for a cup of coffee. I could give him my phone number.

That's it! I could go back there and give him my phone number. It can't be that hard, right? I'm 28, and I've never done this before, but all I have to do is write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to him, right? Like they do in the movies? Maybe smile coyly at the same time...give a little wink as I say, "Call me sometime"? Right?

Two, one, nine...I can't believe I'm actually doing this...five, five, five...what if he never calls me?...one, two, three, four. There, my number is written down. Now all I have to do is get out of the car, go in there, introduce myself to him, and then hand it to him. That's all. I can do this. *deep breath*

"Um...here, this is for you." I turn quickly and head out of the shop.

Well, gee, that didn't go as I had planned. Damn you shy nervous nature. Damn you!

After sitting in my car for about twenty minutes, I come to the conclusion that he isn't going to come outside or call me any time soon. *sigh* All that gas; wasted.

I am almost home when my cellphone rings. Ignoring the "No cell phone use while driving" law, I answer quickly. I can't believe he called me so quickly! *elated*

Oh dear god in heaven, I can't understand a word he's saying. Did I mention he's Indian? As in from India? I'm sure you've all dealt with an Indian customer service representative over the phone, right? Yeah, this conversation was just about as successful as that. Time to turn around and head back to the gas station for the third time tonight.

Heaven help me, in-person isn't much better. Huh, that's funny, I thought he was cuter before...oh well, I'm here now; try to make the best of it.

Oh, he has a nice car! he's getting cuter again! Yes, I'm shallow. Don't judge me. Oooh, and there's child's booster seat; he's a single dad! This is good. This means he probably won't try to rape and mutilate my body. He has a kid; he won't want to go to jail. Right?

We get into his car since it is freezing outside. Wow, he really has a nice car. By now, I've worked out that his name is Bell. That's right, just like the instrument that goes, "ding dong". I try not to giggle, but I fail hopelessly in the process. It's a good thing he's a foreigner or he might've been offended.

We chit chat a bit, or try to since I have to ask him to repeat everything four or five times before I finally understand him. Ok, ok, so his daughter stays with her mom while he's working, that's cool, no animosity between him and his ex...wait...did he just say "home"? He's married?? I ask just to be sure. He IS. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Fuck.

He asks for a kiss. *gulp* Maybe my self-esteem isn't as high as I thought? Or is it just impossible for me to say no to a guy? What the hell, it's just a kiss. It's not like i'm ever going to see him again, so why not?


Ok, how do I acurately describe this? Worst kiss ever? No, that doesn't do the awful kiss proper justice. Let me see... It felt like I pressed my mouth against a glory hole, and the person on the other side stuck a small rotating dildo into my mouth and turned it on. Yes. That describes it perfectly.

Now he wants me to put my hand on the small bulge in his pants. Where did all my self-esteem go??? Meh, it's small, not too bad; he seems happy. Oh, and now he's taking it out. What the hell have I gotten myself into??

Holy Fucking Cow, he's uncut! I've never seen one of these live and in person before! I can hardly conceal my glee. Sure, he's small; smaller than my ex even...which I didn't think was possible...but hey, I finally have a chance to play with an uncut cock!

Morbid curiosity consumes me. I start playing with the forskin; sliding it up and down over the cock head. This is so cool. Ok, ok, this night isn't so bad, sure he kisses like a robot, but it sure is fun playing with his foreskin!

Then, without warning, not even a tiny grunt, he cums. It was like watching a water fountain from Gulivers Travels: cute, but miniature.

Ok, now I just want to go home. Sure, sure, I'll be your mistress; yeah, we can meet up at hotels; sure, I'll accept gifts from you, of course...

Hello, Sprint? Can you block this number from being able to call my phone? Thanks!

Oh, there you are, self-esteem!

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