Gates Of Incest


My sisters muffled laughter broke our kiss. " What's so funny girl?" I asked.

Her mood totally changed she was all giddy acting silly and laughing. Then she said some of funniest shit I've ever heard a woman say in my life.

"What's so funny girl." I asked again while I started laughing. I was laughing but I didn't even know the joke."

"Let me tell you what happened to me tonight… My brother, who I love dearly, took my black ass to a strip joint Brooklyn. Then he had the nerve to drag me into a back room with this really pretty stripper."

We were both laughing now, so I played along.

"Word!!!! he did that you?"

"Hell yeah… then he let that girl jump on top of me and stick her fingers in my pussy.

"Oh shit…he let her do that to you…did he try and stop her?"

"Hell No…. He pulled out his big fat dick."

"Oh Heeell…. No…I know he didn't do that shit." I replied trying my best to keep from cracking up completely.

"He didn't do a damn thing…. That stripper got my pussy all wet and nasty… I just couldn't help my self."

"Oh my God…What did you next?"

"I sat my black ass right on top of that dick."

"Oh my….Well did you like it?….Was it good."

"Hell yeah it was good…I liked it a lot…I think he liked it to….He exploded in my pussy…Can you believe that shit my bother fucked me and came in my pussy…Its running down my leg right now."

"Really…. let me check."

My sister and I were both laughing and giggling when I placed my hand under her towel. I palmed her soft cum filled pussy. I dipped my finger deep inside her in her gooey cunt. She was right. Her pussy was loaded with sperm. And it was running down her thigh. My head was clear I was laughing and having fun with my sister in a way that no one on earth could ever under stand, unless they also took that trip through The Gates of Incest.

"Why that Son Of A Bitch," I said trying my best to imitate the voice of and old white man.

"Well… we better get you all cleaned up…. That bastard might come back for more."

"Do you think so?… Do you really think so…. even though I'm his sister…Do you think my brother wants to fuck me again…Do you think he can look me in the eye and fuck me at the same time. I'll bet he would love for me to suck his dick."

"Hell…. Yeah…let me tell you something gurl…He can and he will."

My sister had a wickedly delicious look in her eyes. She looked like she was horny as I was. She wanted to get fucked and the person that she wanted to fuck her was me, her own brother. I was turned on, my cock was rock hard and my shit was leaking pre-cum. And just like that my sister turned around and actually started running to the Bathroom.

"Last one in the shower has go down on the other person."

"What The Fuck!!!" I said to myself as I watched my sister playfully skip her way toward the bathroom. She looked so fucking cute; her playful attitude reminded me of when were kids.

"Ok You Won." I shouted as I started to undress.

I was happy to lose this bet. I wanted nothing more then to bury my tongue inside that sweet black pussy. After we shower. I carried my sister into my bedroom Dropped her on the bed, spread her legs and buried my tongue inside her pussy. I eat her cunt until she came at least three times. I gulped down her juices until she begged me to stop. After she recovered she sucked my cock until I filled her mouth with a thick load of protein. Then we fucked our brains out until we were out of breath. I filled her cunt with one more load until I passed out.

That night was the greatest night of my entire life. The next day I drove my sister to her apartment and she packed her shit and moved in with me. That was seven months ago. We can't keep or hands of each other. To the world outside we are brother and sister who share an apartment. But behind these Walls we a lovers. We share everything. We share our thoughts, our minds, and our bodies. We never went back to the club again, and we never saw Trina again either. A week or so later we were lying in bed. We just finished fucking. My mind was wondering and lovely visions of that first night were floating in and out of my mind,

"I still can't believe it…. How the hell did Trina Know?"

"Know What Dee.?" She asked.

"How did Trina know that you were my sister."

When my sister started laughing I knew something was up.

"That was my fault…Do you remember when I went to the bathroom?…You probably don't, cause you was to busy staring the big booty's on stage."

She was right I didn't remember that shit. I didn't remember her leaving her stool. Then she told me that the bathroom for women was inside the strippers lounge. She told me she ran into Trina in there while she was changing. She told me that she compliment Trina on her dancing skills and stage presence. She told me That Trina thought I was cute and asked her if I was her Husband. She told me that she started laughing and told Trina That I was her brother. Then my sister told me that she realized that she slipped and shouldn't have said that. She asked to Trina to keep it a secret.

"That was what was so crazy about the whole night Dee…She knew you were my brother the whole time."

I told my sister the complete opposite. "What drove me crazy was the fact that I thought Trina didn't know you was my sister."

"When did you find out." She asked.

"I found out when I was cumming gurl…. When I was cumming In your pussy she was whispering in my ear, " Cumm….Cummm….Cumm in your sisters Pussy."

We were both tripp'in from that revelation. Trina dances in our dreams nowadays. Deep down I know we both would like to see her and thank her.

"Trina…. where ever you are gurl…Thank you.

Love Dwayne & Staci

The End

Peace And Love


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This Story was written by Blackzilla…..CEO And Founder Of The Zilla Network

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by Anonymous05/18/18

Good story

You need a editor. Bad grammar and punctuation detracts from the story. Hope you keep going.

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