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(This story was prompted by feedback on an earlier story, from a female member who suggested themes along the lines of Case Study 2 and the Straight Through modification, which have been her fantasies. I hope she will approve of this development of these themes and the rest of the story.)



19th December 2316 [Old style]; 22nd Mozart 0199 [New style]

As I come to the end of my period of tenure as official historian to the company, I wish to lay out a full account of the 200-year activity of Genital-Modifications Incorporated, so that future researchers will understand the role played by a single corporation in the evolution of the human race.

Social and political background.

It was in the year 2048 [Old Style] when the peoples of Earth realized that global warming represented a serious threat to lifestyles and that politicians had played the "greenhouse gas card" irresponsibly and dishonestly for almost a century. In truth, the populations of Euro-Ural, The American Greater Continent and Greater Asia realized that taxes had been extracted from them for three or more generations with the alleged intention of solving the global warming problem. In reality, almost everyone realized, nothing humans did or could do would ever slow the gradual rise in temperature caused by a cycle in Earth's movements and climatic fluctuations. Over the next 75 years of so, governments fell to the increasing pressure for help against the onslaught of rising temperatures and sea levels, and diminishing rainfall, rather than just taxation on their lifestyles. Politicians in every country admitted their inability to provide such protection and government collapsed. By 2114 [Old style], almost the entire population of the planet lived in the two more temperate zones at roughly 45-75 degrees North and South of the Equator, known simply as Ennland and Essland. A few backward communities and some exploratory groups lived for any period of time within the tropics, or for 20 degrees North and South of those regions. The loss of life through famine and desertification had been appalling and the remaining population of Earth had fallen to 2.9 billion from its 2086 [Old Style] high of 8.2 billion. One possibly beneficial consequence was the greatly increased proportion of survivors from relatively educated and knowledgeable backgrounds, so that poverty in its historical sense had all but disappeared in the temperate zones, although at enormous human cost.

In 2116 [Old style], a single administration was formed to manage the consequences of climate change, known as the Human Race Directorate [HRD for short], a new calendar was instituted at Year 0 and with twelve months named after great men and women [but no politicians], and controls imposed on the official production of food, fuels, transportation, and on resource-intensive entertainments. Taxation to finance activities outside these categories was strictly forbidden without planetary referendum.

One consequence of climate change has been the lowering of life expectancy for all mammal species, mainly due to increased harmful radiation from the sun, particularly of UV but also of sub-atomic particles previously filtered out by cooler, denser air and by liquid water suspended in the atmosphere. An HRD decision of 2122 [Old Style] had provided for early voluntary cessation [EVC] of human life for anyone who had become permanently and fatally unhealthy because of environmental injury. Soon afterwards, a million people per month were making application for EVC with average age of 56 years, and a planetary spread between 33 and 64 years. In 2135 [Old Style], it was agreed that EVC would not be approved for anyone under the age of 35 years, but that there would be no upper limit on longevity if a person was healthy and fit enough to enjoy living. After a few HRD legal challenges, it was agreed that EVC would be replaced by social requirement cessation [SRC] at the age of 70 years for all humans. In fact, SRC has not been applied once in almost 200 years, anywhere on Earth, because of the success of EVC and the high incidence of climate-induced serious illness. The control of fertility by HRD policy and medication-provision has resulted in a zero population growth with mean live age steady at 38 and mean age at death steady at 54.

The genetic composition of the human population has become infinitely diverse within the temperate zones so that personal identification systems include racial origins of parents and grandparents, as well as family names and professions. Thus a person named Pryanka Moowona Smith could be required to identify herself as a Indian-British-Malaysian-Zulu female graphic designer, and these descriptors became simplified to between two or four initials; in this case IBMZ. There are now 228 descriptor-combinations recognised by HRD for official support and representative purposes.

Also during this period, the rules of human sexual behaviour became very much modified so that previous mores and taboos disappeared in almost all societies and communities. In many ways, normal sexual behaviour became what would have been called perversions in previous centuries. The distinction between "straight" and "gay" disappeared, as did the concept of a fetish. Any activity that added pleasure to human life has become acceptable in human society, so long as no third party is injured, no unlicenced pregnancy occurs and no expense is laid upon HRD.

One particular HRD decision was the provision of subsidies to young people who would forgo parenthood in the interests of controlling the population. Genital-Modifications Incorporated was set up by the HRD with an experimental 10-year contract to modify young people's behaviour and anatomies if necessary. The most immediate result was massive demand for plastic surgery to external organs, rather than the intended amendment to gonads and other internal reproductive systems. Within only 5 years, Gen-Mods Inc was engaged in some of the most imaginative and sometimes outrageous enhancements to the human body for the express purpose of elevating its erotic qualities and it became a fashion accessory to have one of our modifications, about which more below. After 200 years, the company still enjoys the planetary monopoly for anatomical modifications and today almost one fifth of all humans over the age of 18 years have undergone one of our programmes.

The origins of the company.

For a year or two, Gen-Mods Inc performed only vasectomies and other fertility-reducing operations on millions of young people between the ages of 18 and 30 years. In Year 0003 [2119 Old style], a planetary online competition provided any Gen-Mods Inc amendment that a group of winners wished to undergo, and that signalled the start of the company's major excursion into the Serious Modification Programme [SMP, as it is known now]. All 24 competition winners, 12 women and 12 men requested severe modifications to their sex organs and the company was forced to investigate new surgical techniques as well as clearing a number of ethical issues with HRD. Since such matters did not reside within the limited remit of HRD, they were agreed between doctors and patient-representative groups on the basis that there was demand and no precedent for refusal.

For almost 200 years, the company has provided an increasingly unusual selection of anatomical modifications to suit all tastes and is now proud that it has pioneered some of the most difficult surgical procedures including:

full frontal transplant from a well-endowed donor [from shoulders to ankles] of either sex; 2500 procedures;

first complete internal, external and chromosomal sex-change; over 152,000 procedures;

creation of the first real and uncorseted 16-inch waist for a woman; over 5 million procedures;

creation of the sub-20-inch waist for men; over 3 million procedures;

creation of the female or male physique of choice including height, weight, figure measurements and internal erotic modifications; almost 3 million procedures;

the 2-metre erect penis which allowed the man to engage in penetrative sex from inside extreme bondage equipment or with a woman who also was so heavily restricted; 22,000 procedures;

creation of the second parallel penis from scrotum and testicles so that the man may perform double penetration on the woman; over one million procedures; and

the first "bowling-ball" testicles of 25 centimetres [10 inch] diameter each, and enhanced prostate which, together, produced 120 times more seminal fluid than is normally the case; in a full ejaculation, the man would propel up to 750 millilitres [about 1¼ pint] into the woman, to the great satisfaction of many women, it appeared; 34,000 procedures.

Early company failure and success.

In Year 0007, a young German-Bantu-Indian man named Johannes Chima Chandra, at his fiancée's suggestion, requested simple penile modification to create an erect length of 30 centimetres [12 inches] and circumference 16 centimetres [almost 2 inches diameter]. By a genetic peculiarity, then known only in his family but later referred to as the JC-syndrome, the consequential penis continued to develop after company processes until it was erect at 49 centimetres [almost 20 inches] in length The major difficulty for Mr Chandra was his inability to engage in full penetrative sexual activity with any female known at that time. The "Chandra Case" almost ruined the company, but the situation was saved after a few weeks by the prospective Mrs Chandra. She requested a vaginal modification to match the dimensions of her intended husband.

Before embarking on the young woman's request, Gen-Mods Inc took the precaution to obtain her signed agreement on waiver of responsibility in the event that the modification did not suit her needs. That waiver clause now exists in all Gen-Mods Inc's client contracts. She signed and the results were spectacular. By the time she became Mrs Chandra, the lady had an enhanced vagina that closed completely when not aroused, and extended inside her torso to a position just short of, and behind, her windpipe between her shoulder blades, passing through the diaphragm when fully occupied by the penis in question. After initial difficulties of penetration, where long-distance alignment was the issue, it became clear that Mrs Chandra's vagina lips closed down around Mr Chandra's penis once inserted. In that situation, they were closely locked together and any movements produced extreme and pleasurable sensations for Mrs Chandra around her labia, clitoris and rectal muscles. Internally, she had additional sensations within the coils of her large and small intestines, pressing onto her bladder, and producing deep vibrations in her throat. As a result of these modifications, Mrs Chandra was unable to conceive because of the extreme distances between ovaries and cervix and, anyway, conception in her case would have resulted in the foetus developing in her chest rather than abdomen, which would have been fatal for both of them. However, her Fallopian tubes were severed as a precaution and in line with HRD funding requirements.

Once Mrs Chandra's story was published on the Plan-Net, Gen-Mods Inc was swamped with requests for the same double procedure on other couples.

Case Study 1: The Wedge Procedure

In the month Plato of Year 0009, Gen-Mods Inc received an application from a Jewish-Portugese-Indonesian-Irish couple, Rachel d'Sousa and her husband Trinkasonnaman O'Higgins. The application was made in her name and requested that she should receive a vaginal modification so that she would be conical wedge-shaped on the inside, with her opening normal in all other respects. She wished the length or height of the wedge to be about 20 centimetres [8 inches] inside her and to be about 15 centimetres [6 inches] in breadth at its extreme upper edge. Consistent with this, she requested that Mr O'Higgins's penis should inflate to these dimensions when stimulated to erection. When asked why this particular and unique modification was requested, she replied that she wished them to be locked together by his erect plug, once they were aroused and engaged in sex, which would relax only after his orgasm.

The procedure was spectacularly successful and the first penetration, after 6 weeks recovery, was undertaken with medical supervision and recorded, for surgical quality purposes, of course. Ms d'Sousa was lifted into an obstetrics chair with her torso laid back and her head supported as well as her knees and feet. The leg supports were opened as far as she was able, which was to an unusual extent because of her particular bone and joint structure. She had dressed herself in the clothing which she and her husband employed to ensure his visual stimulation and pleasurable skin sensation for her. Accordingly, she was dressed in a long bra, into her waist and a deep skin-tight latex suspender belt with twelve suspenders to each of her black Lycra stockings, and 6 inch heel shoes on her feet in the supports. Around her neck, she wore a deep laced-up choker that held her chin pointing to the ceiling and stretched her throat until it looked twice as long as normal. Over her head, she wore a full latex mask which was inflated until it was 45 centimetres [18 inches] diameter so that she could neither see nor hear anything. Her hands were tied into an outstretched formation and all her sensations would be restricted to her body skin and her vaginal region.

Mr O'Higgins was dressed in a Lycra whole body stocking which required two zip fasteners from each heel to his shoulders, so that he was totally contained apart from an opening where his modified penis protruded in a flaccid state when her first entered the observation room. He stood between her widely splayed legs, at the correct height for penetration. On his hands he had gloves covered with hundreds of small soft rubber pimples. As soon as he laid his hands on Mrs d'Sousa, she responded with sounds from inside the hood and it became clear that she was moistening on her labia. Mr O'Higgins lowered his head and licked at the labia, whilst his penis responded gradually to a state that would allow penetration. The timing was crucial: after a few minutes, he would be too large to fit through the normal vaginal orifice. He knew this from earlier coaching sessions, and entered his wife with the beginnings of his erection and a length of about 18 centimetres [about 7 inches]. As he entered her, Mrs d'Sousa became increasingly agitated and tried to move around in her trammelled state. Mr O'Higgins continued to move in and out of his wife, whilst also stimulating her torso, thighs and breasts with his rubber covered hands. The observation team then left the room and continued to watch from behind an opaque wall, unknown to either client.

As Mr O'Higgins's erection developed, it became clear that he was increasingly less able to move in and out of his wife, as he grew to fill the conical shape within her. All the while, he moved his hands over her body and she clenched her vaginal muscles as well as her abdominals, and writhed as much as she was able. She presented to him an erotic picture of a bound woman in controlling clothes whose anatomical curves were exaggerated by her stretched position, especially of her head and throat. Throughout this stage, she made continuous noises from inside her inflated hood and it was clear that he was stimulated to the extreme of his pleasure by all her sights and sounds. The predictions of the surgical team were extremely accurate and within a few minutes, Mr O'Higgins had swollen to a penis shape of a cone with its apex at his groin and the broadest part high up inside his wife. Neither would be able to extricate themselves from this situation until he became detumescent again.

At this point, Mr O'Higgins exceeded the remit of the observation. He leaned across to his wife and released her hands, and then on either side he released also her legs and feet. She responded by trying to raise herself from the couch and he helped her in this with his gloved hands. She raised herself until she was holding his shoulders and he lifted her bodily off the couch, so that they were together, joined by his enormous conical penis wedged deep inside her. He walked to an examination bed at the side of the same room and laid his wife down upon it, an dit became clear that they had planned this process. When Mrs d'Sousa was lying down and he was standing to the side, he began to walk slowly backwards away from the bed. She slid slowly across the bed until her hips were in mid air supported by his penis deep inside her. He continued to walk backwards until her entire torso was in mid air and she was supporting herself on the bed by her shoulders and elbows. She gave him one hand and then the other, and he took her weight as she slid entirely off the bed. Slowly he let her head, in its inflated hood, down to the floor and she was suspended upside down, hanging on his massive penis inside her. When she had settled to the position, he partly supported her thighs and continued to walk backwards away from the bed and into the middle of the room. They were joined and she followed wherever the penis dragged her.

The extent of Mr O'Higgins's stimulation was obvious for all to see and it became clear that he would ejaculate soon. He stood still and jiggled his wife on the end of his penis and the rhythm of the jiggling started to increase. After less than two minutes, he became rigid and his eyes closed, as he emptied his seminal fluids into his wife. Inside her hood, she screamed although it was not possible to distinguish pleasure from discomfort at that time. After his orgasm, Mr O'Higgins kneeled down and rested himself onto his wife. About 8 minutes later, he was able to withdraw and did so just before the conical effect was lost from his penis and many suitable images were obtained for future surgical investigation, of course.

These clients were entirely pleased with the effect of their engagement with Gen-Mods Inc. Mrs d'Sousa's screams at the moment of orgasm turned out to be expressions of extreme pleasure, as his wedge expanded even further and became more rigid for a few moments as he ejaculated.

The procedure became a standard Gen-Mods Inc offering with the name WedgeCouple.

Case study 2: Anal Addition

In the month Berlei of Year 0039 [month named after the famous designer and manufacturer of corsetry and other supporting underwear, and who is now regarded as an icon of style and eroticism], Gen-Mods Inc received an application from a German-Indian-Tutsi couple Mr Claus and Mrs Pooja Olumbayo. Both were aged 27 and requested a very unusual modification, based on the wife's former experience with anal stimulation and enlargement.

At the time of the application, Mrs Olumbayo had been practising anal stretching for some years and wore an anal obdurator for 23 hours each day, except when performing toilet requirements. The obdurator was a round-ended cylinder of 15 centimetres [6 inches] length and 10 centimetres [4 inches] diameter. This was introduced into her rectum by her husband twice a day after toileting and kept in place by a special thong attached to a broad waist band which also covered her hip bones.

Four years earlier, Mr Olumbayo had been accepted for penile enhancement and at the time of the second application measured 23 centimetres [9 inches] in length and 10 centimetres [4 inches] diameter when erect. It had been this enhancement that had encouraged Mrs Olumbayo to practice rectal stretching to be able to accommodate her husband. At the time of the application, both were well matched to these anatomical changes and to each other.

The request was for an enhancement so that her rectum would maintain its current breadth and also be straightened and lengthened for a distance of 56 centimetres [22 inches] from the anal orifice until it reached the space between her lungs and ended in a new colonic canal at about the height of her clavicles [collar bones]. By this procedure, Mrs Olumbayo's rectum would extend the full length of her torso, practically from throat to fundament. The surgery required would consist of almost an entire colo-rectal displacement, removal of sections of the smaller and greater intestines, and reinforcement of the rectal muscles from elsewhere in her torso. It would continue to be necessary for her to expel faeces unless she were to become entirely reliant on laxatives and/or enema treatment.

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