Gender Bias Ch. 06


Everything is different after you are fucked in the ass. Things just don't seem the same after that. I felt like a girl must feel when she looses her virginity, a combination of relief mixed with trepidation. Laying in Sarah's bed, my ass was sore, my mind was spinning, and she was snoring softly, oblivious to the mental anguish that she'd caused me. I mean, Carl, a guy I work with, had just fucked me. Did that make me a faggot? I hoped not, I mean I still loved girls, I still loved tits, I still loved pussy, but what had Sarah done to me? Now, I craved her little plastic cock, my ass ached for it when it wasn't inside, and now, after this. After being filled up with the real thing, now I felt an undeniable hunger for more. I hated myself for it, and knew that the game we were now playing was a dangerous one indeed, but now I wanted more. My mind didn't want more, my mind was scared to death of more, but my body craved, my ass felt empty and I hated Sarah for it...I hated her for what she'd done to me. And at the same time, I loved her for freeing me. I brushed a strand of the blonde wig from my face and smiled at the ceiling. I had to admit, I felt pretty god damned hot in this Steff outfit. So hot and naughty. Sleep eventually came that night, but it was a light one, my stomach still in flutters over what she had made Carl do to me.


"Yo Steve, what's up man it's like you are in another god damned world."

It was Carl talking to me, he was standing by fritz with his shirt off, sweaty from laying the ductwork in the home we were constructing, his black skin glistening, I looked away.

"I'm sorry it's been a long day and I must admit, my mind is drifting. What were you talking about?"

Carl tipped back his water jug and dumped it into his mouth and over his head. "God damn hot day..." he complained as he handed the jug to Fritz. "I was talking about my god damned night last night fo sure. Met this hot little number in the club and I mean to tell you...she was one hellova fucking freak!"

I shied away without realizing it.

"Oh yea...sounds like she was a real little fuck toy huh?" Fritz said, capping the jug and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Oh man you don't know the fucking half of it. This bitch was tight as a drum! See, I've got I know that picks me out a good girl last night...had that bitch all tied up and splayed for me. But you don't even know the half of it. Most of those tied up tricks just lay there while I'm pounding em." Carl started dry humping the air, and I could feel my dick move against the satiny underwear that Sarah had demanded I wear today. "Ha! Yea, just like that...but see this bitch, this bitch, she fucked me back. I mean to tell you...she just couldn't get enough of Mr. Carl's anaconda....ha!"

Fritz doubled over laughing and I just hoped that my face wasn't as flushed as it felt.

"For real Fritz...if I can get this check to hook up again, I'm totally going to, maybe this time I can bust it in her mouth. Oh man! Did I tell you that part? Besides being the best little fuck of my life, this little bitch sucked me clean when I was done. And those lips, those god damned skillful lips, and that tongue of hers, I mean to tell you....god damn!"

Despite my embarrassment, I knew that I was the only one here that knew who that best fuck of his life was and it brought a mild smile to my face. "Surly you are exaggerating Carl, it couldn't have been that good."

His eyes bulged, "I'm not lying muthafucker, best god damned little slut I ever have fucked, and that aint no lie!"

This time I laughed along with Fritz, I simply couldn't help myself.


"So how was work today hunny bunny?"

Sarah has a few new rules around her house. First and foremost, when I came home from the construction site I was to take a long, hot shower. When I was finished she would always have that blonde wig laying out for me, alongside some feminine clothes that she'd bought for me. So here I was sitting at her kitchen table with her, eating a slice of pizza as delicately as I could, her hand on my smooth thing asking me about my day...we looked like the world's hottest lesbian couple.

"I asked you how your day was hunny bunny." She smiled that little fuck me smile of hers, that smile that you just couldn't ever say no to.

"Awkward to say the least."

"ha...I thought it might be, but think of how much more awkward it would be if I told Carl that you are Steff."

My eyes popped behind my thick mascara. "you wouldn' couldn't..."

"No your right hunny bunny, Carl would absolutely kill you if he found out, so we as long as you obey to me we can keep that our little teeny weeny secret. Okey-dokey?"

I put my half eaten slice of pizza back in the box, I had suddenly lost my appetite. Obey her? What the fuck else could she have in store for me?

"So anyways, back to the question at hand...I spoke with Carl and he just couldn't stop bragging about how good your ass had felt and how well you had fucked him. He called me four times today...he's begging for more from you."

I shook my head "no", "please no, I cant."

"Oh don't tell me you cant you little bitch! Because if I want you to, you sure as fuck will. You'll do that and a lot fucking more if I want you to! Do you understand you little slut?"


"Don't give me that shit, I said do you understand you god damned cockwhore?"

"Yes maam...I understand."

"Now you've got me all worked up...go upstairs and strap yourself in your chair...I'll be up in awhile."

I got up from the table and started up the steps.

"Oh more thing."

I turned to look over my shoulder, my blonde hair swinging over my other shoulder as I did so.

"Get your ass ready...there should be some lube in the nightstand. Get that thing loosened up, because I'm going to come up there in a few and fuck you with the monster. The fucking heard me right. Now get up there you little cocksucking bitch!"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/29/17

Good Series

I Love the forced feminazation aspect

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