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General Hospital: Mia & Nikolas


I had been in Port Charles for what seemed like forever. The work on my club was coming along but that horrid epidemic had slowed them down a bit. And now apparently a few of the people I had met had passed away from it. It was a not a good thing.

I tightened my fur around me and looked up the street. It was still early and I was unsure of what the day would bring. I was still living in the Metro Court as I had not been able to finalize any type of deal on more permanent living quarters. I did not see much of Jax these days. Apparently he was kept occupied by his newborn son, John.

It was cold and I needed warmth. I was headed to Kelly's for a cup of coffee when I bumped into a dark brooding man on the dock. This time, it was not Sonny Corinthos.

"Hello," I greeted him, trying to sound cheery. "You look a bit lost."

"It seems I always am," he grumpily responded, not even bothering to look at me.

"Well, perhaps I can help. Mia Thyme," I introduced myself, offering my hand.

"Nikolas Cassadine," he offered, barely shaking my hand before releasing it.

"Ah, if you are of The Cassadine's that in itself explains your dark mood."

"I am. Now go."

"How rude! I thought perhaps you might let me try to cheer you up."

"I don't want to be cheered up, I enjoy brooding," he claimed. "So please leave me alone."

My instinct to save kicked into overdrive. "I cannot. I am sorry but I cannot leave someone so obviously in need alone."

"Then I will leave," he climbed into a boat tied at the dock.

"And I will come with you," I added as I jumped down beside him. Just then, the boat lurched to a start and I fell back against him.

"I don't recall inviting you," he grumbled.

"Tough," I responded and then we were quiet the rest of his way. Later I found out he took me to his home, some sprawling place called Windermere or something like that. It was dark and brooding, just like him.

He grudgingly offered me a drink and I took it. He took two or three it appeared as I sipped mine. We talked and soon he was not quite as dark but still needed major cheering up.

When he had finished a few and was more agreeable, I slid up against him. "I know what will cheer you up." Before he had a chance to say no, I had my hand inside his pants. When I got him free of the confining material, I found him swelling and hardening. He was into me. I liked that.

I moved my face down into his lap, wrapping my lips around his cock. He sighed softly with pleasure as I took him inside my mouth and worked him into my throat. It had been a while since I had had my mouth fucked. It was one of my favorite things.

Grabbing his ass, I began to pull him against my mouth. His cock was long and thick and filled my mouth. My cheeks were bulging and my nostrils flaring as he began to thrust into my throat. Oh this felt good. Nothing felt quite like this.

I began to move faster myself, enjoying the sweet face fuck I was getting. My fingers were pressing harder into his ass flesh as I kept pulling him against me. I wanted to feel every inch of him inside my mouth. I was hungry for this.

His hips began to rise off the sofa and push against my face. His fingers found my head and pulled me down against him. He began to groan and moan as his cock took a life of its own and began to thrust fast and feverishly again and again into my hot wet mouth. I arched my back and elongated my neck, offering him my throat to fuck as best as I could. He took it, pushing his length deep into it until I began to gag. He did not stop even then, thrusting in and out of my mouth with fury. He was fucking my mouth like an animal and I loved it. It felt so damn good.

He stopped talking and focused on fucking. His hips were pounding against my face now as he drove his cock in and out of my mouth. All I could do was moan in pleasure as his cock was so full and it tasted so good. I was in heaven. All I wanted now was to taste his cum. And so I slid off him to utter, "Oh please cum in my mouth."

He looked at me and smiled as he pushed his cock inside my mouth once more. "As you wish." And then, with a few more achingly deep thrusts, he did just that. His seed filled my mouth again and again and I swallowed every drop of it. It was sweet, like him.

We lay there for the longest time until he finally fell asleep. I got up and gathered my belongings to go take the launch back into town. But first, I left him a note.


I'm always available if you need someone to talk to...and my mouth is available for you as well.



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