Gentlemen's Club Ch. 03


Bent over the other bitch's body, his face mere inches away from the reddened face below him, Steve moved his head the rest of the distance and pressed his gagged mouth on top of his brother's bound mouth. Lips stretched taught around the tightly tied cloth pressed against his fellow fuck-bitch's gag as Steve felt the face beneath him press back up at him, moans of pain and arousal forcing their way out of them both.

Suddenly a new, excruciating sensation intruded as the snap-button on his testicular restraints was undone. The relief of having the pressure against his ball sac removed was overwhelmed by a painful pleasure as the cum began to gush out his pumping cock, his hips never slowing as a veritable river of spunk shot from his overexcited dick into the hot cunt it was fucking.

It seemed like several minutes must have passed as cum continued to gush out of Steve's cock, spurting back out onto his thighs -- complementing the mess that had been oozing out his own ass all this time -- as his continued hard thrusts pumped cum out the hole even as he shot more cum into it. And then, as suddenly as they were released, his balls were captured in a strong grip and the restraints were reattached to his scrotum. Moaning in frustration and unrequited lust, Steve kept up his hard thrusts, even as he was pulled up and off the bitch he'd been fucking, his hips still pumping his cock into thin air as he was taken back to his bed.

Looking down between his legs, he saw the dark purple of his rock-hard cock through the smears of fresh cum that coated it from the head to the base -- it was as though he hadn't cum at all, it was still so much in need of relief.

This time he was placed on the bed face down, his arms reattached to the bolt in the wall while his legs were separated and each leg manacle was attached to one of the bed's legs. Almost at once he began to desperately rub his aching cock on the cum-soaked mattress, delirious with the need to get off just one more time.

"Well, Bitch Number One seemed to have a good time, didn't he? What do you say, Bitch Number Two -- was that a good fuck he gave you? Or do you think you can do better?" It took a moment for Steve to realize the voice had once again returned, and still more time to understand what had been said. By then Bitch Number Two had been released from his bonds and was being led towards him, a leer clearly visible on his gag-bound face as he was about to avenge himself on his younger brother.

But just as Steve's cunt was about to be fed once more, the voice once again sounded, halting the two muscle men as they were bringing the huge, livid cock to his ass, "But, wait! After all, Bitch Number One did win the contest before, and he hasn't gotten the chance at double fucking yet. So I say, let's give it to him now -- one of you get in his pussy along with Bitch Number Two's fuckpole!"

No, not that! It wasn't fair -- Steve had won the right to DP his bitch-brother, not the other way around! Steve began squirming as much as he could, moans of protest rising from behind his gag.

"Oh, yeah, listen to the horny little bitch -- he wants it bad! Just look at the way he's pushing his hot little box at us, all eager to take in everything we've got for him up his cunt!" said one of the men, Steve wasn't sure who.

"Yeah, that pucker is just twitching to get filled again, man! I'm just sorry I won't get in there with you -- but I'm the one who shot off first, before, so you won the right to DP his cunt, fair and square." said the other man's voice. That must be Rick, Steve realized, a small part of his mind still rational enough to make such observations, even as most of his brain was overwhelmed with lust and desire.

Steve flinched at the feeling of something pressing against his hole, only to realized that it was a lubed pair of fingers as he was re-greased in preparation. Then a heavy weight pressed down on his back, and a hard, panting breath blew down the back of his neck at the same time as a pair of manacled hands were chained to the same eye-bolt as his own hand restraints -- they'd put Bitch Number Two on his back.

Soon the fingers moving around in his cum-slicked hole were joined by a much thicker invader -- his brother's cock! Steve bit down on his gag, a wave of unspeakable arousal rolling through his body at the thought of what was happening to him, what he'd done just moments before, and what was about to happen. The fingers were suddenly removed and a large, blunt head was pressed against the already dick-filled entrance to his pussy. He could feel Bitch Number Two's engorged cock inserted to the balls inside of him, his body squirming on top of Steve's as though he were being held in place. Which made sense, since otherwise he'd have been thrusting by now rather than letting his fuck-hungry manhood lie still inside the cum filled hole it was in.

Pain! Steve yelled through his gag at the burning, stretching pain of this latest entry. It was every bit as bad as the first time AJ had forced his way into Steve's cunt, popping his cherry all those -- minutes? hours? -- ago, the stretching of his asslips and rectum almost unbearable. And yet, this time there was a satisfying element to feeling so very full, a delicious sense of completion in having his cavity stuffed with all that cock.

And then his fuckers began to move, and Steve was in bitch heaven. Not only was that wonderfully shameful spot inside of him thoroughly stroked, just as he'd known it would be, but the feeling of not one but two hard -- so very hard -- cocks massaging his insides was giving him pleasures he had never imagined could exist. Even his own bloated cock was forgotten as his concentration was taken up by the sheer joy of the reaming he was receiving.

At first the two cocks alternated, one pulling out while the other pushed in, their thrusts fast and hard right at the outset. Then suddenly both were moving in and out in tandem, feeling like one enormous cock fucking the shit out of him. And then there was no rhythm, each man aiming for orgasm at his own pace, sometimes pumping together and sometimes rubbing against each other as they moved in opposite directions.

"Oh, yeah! Take it, you little bitch! Take it like the cunt you are!" came the wild cry from behind him -- that was Jeff's voice! Bitch Number Two's gag must have been removed, and now his brother was calling out in his lusty joy as he fucked. "Oh, little brother, I always knew you'd be a great piece of pussy! You may have given my cunt a good seeing-to, but THIS," an extra deep thrust of his cock accompanied the word, "is what you live for! Isn't it, you little cunt-bitch? All those times we were together, I knew your little pussy was begging for it, the way your little hole would wink and dilate at me while you were fucking some guy's ass! Oh, oh! YEAH!" Jeff's balls must have been released, as his cries rose to new levels while Steve's pussy was getting thoroughly creamed. "Take that cum, bitch! Take ... all ... that ... CUM!"

A second set of grunts probably meant AJ was also getting off too, but Jeff's dick was shooting so much jizz it was impossible to tell. And a few thrusts later Steve's cunt wasn't as full any more, as AJ pulled his deflating cock out. Jeff was still going strong, pumping and shooting with a vengeance, all the while shouting out insults and cries of ecstasy.

Without warning, Jeff was pulled off his brother. Quickly turning his head, Steve watched in amazement as he saw his brother's cock still shooting into thin air as he was carried away by the two men -- one on each side holding him up by his arms and legs -- spraying cum onto the floor as he was put back on his own bed and tied face-down. Jeff kept up his own thrusting motions into his mattress even after his ball restraints were reattached, much as Steve had done -- as Steve had unthinkingly continued to do all this time.

Suddenly Steve felt a hard smack against his ass. It took a moment to realize that Rick was standing beside his bed and had just slapped his butt with one large hand. A smacking noise to one side was his brother getting hit by AJ.

As both muscle men raised their arms in preparation of a second blow the Master's voice rang out, "You selfish little cunts! You were both released from your bonds! You could have run away and gotten help, you could have tried to undo each other's restraints!" In sync, two hands came down hard on the two unprotected, upturned backsides. "But did you do anything to get away, to help each other? No!" Smack! "You preferred and abuse each other! Each of you would rather have perverted, coercive sex with your own brother than risk your skins." Smack! "So now we'll just have to show you what happens to nasty, selfish little boys who act like that."

Steve had never been spanked, not once in his whole life -- his and Jeff's parents had never been ones for physical discipline when he'd been a child. When he'd been initiated into his fraternity in collage they had threatened the newbies with a wooden paddle, but that had been a bluff -- after much theatrics each young man had gotten nothing more than a light tap on his backside. And so, at the age of 23, it was something of a shock to feel as his ass was punished for the very first time in his life.

The yells, incoherent curses and pleas for mercy from the other bed showed him that Jeff probably hadn't had any experience on the subject either. It also showed him that Jeff's gag had not been replaced; but, just as the Master pointed out, while Jeff was begging for mercy, he was not begging to be released, nor was he calling out for anyone to come in and save them. At some point apparently AJ must have gotten tired of Jeff's cries because they soon stopped and were replaced by muffled sounds, identical to the ones coming out of Steve -- his gag must have been replaced.

The spanking did not actually last very long, maybe two or three minutes, and was not too severe. Steve knew this because when the spanking stopped the caning began -- some sort of stick was whipped against his warmed-up butt, striking high, low and on the sides of his ass-cheeks while behind his gag he moaned and begged, promising in his mind that he would be a good boy from now on if only they would stop, as tears of pain flowed freely down his sweaty face, his long, matted hair flying around as he tossed his head from side to side.

Once again desperate to distract himself from what was happening to him, Steve turned his head towards the other bed, looking through bleary eyes and strands of sweaty hair at Jeff's prone body as it was being punished. Tears were running down Jeff's face as well, mingling with the rivers of sweat pouring off him, his eyes were shut tight until suddenly they snapped open and looked directly back at Steve.

Time lost its meaning as the brothers gazed at each other, a strange connection forming between their pain filled gazes somehow helping them endure the pain.

Once again the voice booming around the room, "Beat those bitches! Make them bleed! Show them what happens to bad little bitch-boys! Punish those bad asses!" the voice seemed to actually grow louder as it spoke. "Oh, yes, you bad little boys, you're getting what you deserve now, aren't you?! Your mean, selfish little asses are getting it now! Getting just what they deserve, what they need! Bad little bitch-boys need to be punished! Beat them hard! Harder! The little bitches are enjoying it! They know it's what they need, and they want it harder -- so give it to them!"

The blows and taunts continued to fall unabated, growing harsher and faster as the frenzy increased. The pain, the humiliation -- it was like being fucked, Steve felt, losing his virginity all over again as he felt himself being used for another man's pleasure. And reveling in it. He was a fucking little bitch-boy; a bad little boy who was being punished for his misdeeds; a bitch being shown who's in charge. Steve's mind and body were at odds as his ass was desperate for the pain to stop while his mind was begging for the blows to fall harder, for the men to punish his bitch-self for being the little shit that he was. It was almost like being a separate person, watching from outside his body as a tied-up, cum-drenched slut-boy bitch was being whipped for his spectral-self's voyeuristic pleasure.

When the blows finally did stop, Steve actually felt disappointed.

"Well, now! I'd say the little bitches took it quite well, don't you, boys? You took your medicine like good little bitch-doggies, so you deserve a treat -- you're going to get to cum again! That's right! Of course, you're going to get fucked -- but you cunts prefer it that way, don't you? So here's how it's going to be: There's a line forming right outside the door of horny men, all of whom are going to fuck your hungry little cunts. And for every dozen men who cum up you, you bitches get to shoot off a load. Now, isn't that generous of me? Don't you think you should be thanking me for all the dick I've gotten together for you?"

In Steve's dazed state he wondered if it would count having 12 men shove up his ass all at the same time/ His body was so hungry for fucking -- it wanted dick even more than it wanted to drop a cum-load. And he really, REALLY wanted to cum.

"Hmmm! On second thought, maybe the bitches are too tired to fuck -- what do you boys think?" the Master said, his voice sly.

"Well, they certainly aren't putting up the fight they were when we first came in, sir," AJ said, smirking down at Jeff's limp body. "Could be they're all worn out."

"So maybe we should just let them loose, then? I'm sure you boys can handle all those horny fuckers yourselves, can't you?"

"Yes, sir!" both Rick and AJ replied.

"If these bitches don't want all that good, swollen, cum-pumping, hard cock we've got lined up out there, me and AJ wouldn't mind lying back and taking it," Rick added.

Realizing that their special prize might be taken away from them, both brothers began thrashing around in their bonds, moaning and murmuring behind their gags.

"Why, I do believe these two bitches have something to say! Let's hear it -- Rick, take off Bitch Number One's gag! Let's hear him beg for his reward, like a good little bitch should!"

For once that night, Steve's brain was able to keep up with what was being said. And so, as soon as the black muscle-man pulled off Steve's gag he began, "Oh, please, please, Master! Please, let me get fucked some more! Please, please, I want those cocks so bad! My bitch-cunt needs more cock! Please, Master, please let me have more fucking hard dick shoved up my cunt!" Steve continued to plead with the still-unseen Master, knowing without a doubt that he would be deprived of all those pulsing, hard fuck-rods just outside the door if he could not convince the Master that he should have them. And he needed them, needed them so very badly.

Finally the Master's voice overrode his, "Very well, Bitch Number One can have cock, and will get all the hard fucking the men outside can pump into him. Now, let's see about Bitch Number Two -- do you appreciate the gift waiting for you behind that door? Or do you want to call it a night?"

Apparently Bitch Number Two didn't want to lose the chance at all those cocks, since he too began to plead for all the hard fucking he could get as soon as his gag was removed, thanking the Master profusely for his generosity in arranging for it all -- thanks which Steve wholeheartedly joined in, as loudly as he could.

At last the Master consented, "All right, my little bitch-boys! Since you've been given your punishment for your misdeeds, it would be petty of me to deny you some more of what you crave. But one wrong move, one protest or rude word by either of you, and BOTH of you shall be sent out of this room without any more sex! Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master! Thank you, Master!" both brothers exclaimed, wiggling with anticipation as they heard the door opening and the first two men entered the room.

For the next who-knew-how-many hours men kept coming through the open doorway. Some of them were well-hung, some had small to middling cocks; some were big, muscular men and some were small or flabby or old; some of the men decided that their bitch hadn't been punished enough and beat his ass with their bare hands, or with canes or belts they had brought along especially; some wore masks like the ones they'd seen in the big cabaret room -- had it been earlier that same evening? It seemed like a lifetime ago -- and some were bare-faced; some fucked their bitches' cum-dripping cunts alone, some took turns with another man, some fucked their bitch's face -- another cherry burst for Steve, and possibly Jeff -- some had their bitch manipulated to a position where double penetration was possible, and some had their bitch of choice raised or turned facing upwards and took their bitch-cocks into their own anuses or mouths. And true to the Master's word, after every dozen men each brother serviced the restraints came off and he was allowed to cum.

* * * *

Steve lay dazed and exhausted, face down on his bed, his restraints long since undone, though the cuffs were still on his wrists and ankles; his mind adrift, as it had been for quite some time. Something was wrong.

It took his exhausted brain a moment to realize what it was: no one was fucking him anymore. His open, exposed cunt was empty, with no man standing nearby, waiting to give it another dose of good, hard man-dick.

Slowly turning his heavy head towards Jeff's bed and the groaning he heard coming from it, he saw that his brother was also lying alone, although he was face up.

Rolling his eyes, too tired to move his head any further, Steve could see the mirror out of the corner of his eye and saw that they were completely alone in the room -- even Rick and AJ had gone away, having not only assisted the long line of strangers fuck the brother-bitches, but having slaked their own lust in their bitch-cunts several times more during the long night. Or was it daytime? There were no windows to the outside, and so no way to know.

"Ohhhh!" Jeff moaned, allowing his head to roll towards his brother, his eyes half closed, his mouth slack and his face covered in a mix of sweat and cum. "Oh, god, my ass! I don't think I'll ever walk again! It hurts so bad!" Opening his eyes wider, Jeff looked into his brother's eyes, "Steve, do me a favor," pant, pant, "C'mere and shove your hard-on into me -- that should make me feel better. C'mon, little brother -- my pussy needs just one more fuck!"

Steve himself didn't know if he would ever walk again -- he'd knowingly done his best to take even more dick up his cunt than his brother had gotten -- and anyway, if he did make the effort, shouldn't he be rewarded by being the one to get shafted? Bracing himself for a few seconds, working to get his voice back to working order after the abuse his throat had been given, he said as much, "If I come over there, it'll be so you can feed MY pussy, man. I need it just as bad as you do!"

"Oh, c'mon!" Jeff sounded petulant. Then his voice became wheedling, "How 'bout this? First you c'mere and dick me, then after you shoot a load inta me we'll change places. Soun' fair?"

"I think that's a very fair suggestion," a voice said from the open doorway. A very familiar voice.

"Dad!" both brothers cried out, seeing their father, naked, erect and holding a mask under one arm entering the room.

Coming to stand between the two beds on which his sons were sprawled, Talbot senior looked first at his eldest son, then at Steve. "Did you boys have a good time? I rather think you did, since, before this little party, the two of you would have been fighting over which one gets to DO the fucking, not which one gets to take it."

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