tagGay MaleGentlemen's Club Ch. 10

Gentlemen's Club Ch. 10


8=> 8=> 8=> 8=> 8=>

"My lovely assistant, Joy, will now demonstrate that the cabinet does not contain any hidden devices."

The light from the overhead spotlights glittered in the light-blue sequins covering the short blond's torso, arms and legs; only his head, hands, crotch, the bottoms of his feet and the inner curve of his ass-cheeks weren't covered in the bright, tiny stones. The sequins were the only thing covering his otherwise naked body.

The flashing blue sequins accentuated his movements as he gestured within the upright cabinet on the right side of the stage, showing it to be both solid and empty; behind him and to one side -- so as not to impede the audience's view of both box and assistant -- was the magician, wearing his usual top-hat, cape and tailored black suit. As was the custom at this venue, his fly was wide open, and one white-gloved hand was stroking up and down his 9 inch erection, while the other hand had three fingers up the blue-covered assistant's butt-hole.

Having completed a slow, thorough examination of the cabinet, the assistant slowly turned towards the magician, wiggling his backside as the magician slowly extracted his probing fingers.

"As you see, sirs, solid wood," he exclaimed, his hand still sliding up and down his hard, glistening cock. "My assistant, Paris, will now enter the cabinet," he said, turning to beckon to the pink-sequin-covered assistant.

Other than the color of the tiny rhinestones they were "wearing", there was very little to distinguish the two assistants; both were just under medium height, slim and blond. The fact that "Joy" had pale blue eyes while "Paris" had light-brown eyes was not something the audience could see -- even if any of the men sitting in the large room were inclined to look at their faces.

The pink covered assistant had, until that moment, been sensuously moving up and down against one of the outside walls of the box; alternately rubbing his ass and his cock against the smooth finish while casting lascivious glances at the audience. At the magician's words, he straightened up with a provocative moan.

The magician made sure to give the pink-surrounded cheeks a visibly thorough feel as he conveyed Paris into the box before closing the door.

The magician then grabbed hold of the blue-covered Joy, pulling the back of the lithe body against his rigid front as he walked them both towards the identical cabinet on the left side of the stage. He was quite obviously humping against the blond's butt-crack, possibly even entering him a little as they moved across the stage.

"Joy will now demonstrate the same thing about this cabinet," he declared in a deeper-pitched and slightly breathless voice, hunching his groin more vigorously against Joy as the assistant leaned forward into the second upright box, waving his hands inside the empty space as he wiggled his ass back towards the magician.

This continued for several more seconds before the magician pulled Joy's upper body out of the cabinet, twirling the smaller man around to give him a deep, hungry kiss.

Breaking their clinch, Joy then moved to a nearby table, on which rested a pair of fur-lined handcuffs. Waving these at the audience, the blue-flashing assistant strode up and down the front of the stage, incidentally wagging his hard, 7 inch dick at the crowded room.

As his assistant moved back towards him, the magician said, "Joy will now handcuff my hands behind my back and lock me into this second cabinet." Joy then swept the cape off the magician's shoulders and made a great show of securing the magician's hands behind his back; the magician tried to pull his hands apart, showing the handcuffs to be firmly locked in place. The assistant gave a playful slap to the magician's buttocks through his tight, black trousers before marching the magician into the open cabinet.

The second the door closed on the bound magician, faint sounds began to emerge from the first cabinet. The blue-covered assistant shot a puzzled glance over to the first box, even as he began to close the deadbolts which were built into the door of the second cabinet.

The sounds grew steadily louder, resolving into moans and rhythmic slapping noises.

Joy continued to look over at the first cabinet, even as he moved around the second one, securing chains all around the upright box, locking them with padlocks. By the time he had finished locking the third chain in place, the first box was rocking slightly, the noises inside getting louder as the unmistakable sound of two bodies smacking against each-other continued to gained momentum.

Securing the final set of chains, Joy seemed determined to investigate the strange occurrence, and began walking back across the stage towards the first cabinet.

When the sequin-clad blond was only two or three steps away from the rocking cabinet, its walls suddenly fell away, leaving only a single upright plank. Chained to this plank by a set of fur-lined handcuffs was Paris, who was getting thoroughly fucked by the now-naked magician -- only his top-hat and gloves were still in place. The magician's hands were free of the cuffs, of course; and were, in fact, holding the pink-sequin-covered assistant by a hip and a thigh as he pounded into him. The tilted mirror permanently placed above the stage gave the audience a perfect view of the magician's 9 inch cock as it pumped and pummeled its way in and out of the pert, sequin-decorated ass.

Wasting no time, Joy moved to kneel in front of the moaning, slightly bent assistant in pink, pulling his fuck-bobbing cock into his eager mouth and sucking on it.

The audience burst out in thunderous applause as the three men pulled away from each other a moment later, each of them shooting heavy loads of cum into the air.

8=> 8=> 8=> 8=> 8=>

Jackson slowly came awake, the slightly achy feeling in his limbs and cock telling him last night had been a good one, though his memory was still sleep-hazy about the details. He was lying on his side, spooning a petite, naked blond. Jackson's tired dick gave a twitch of interest as he shifted his hips, pressing it into the still-moist butt-crack.

He began to softly run his hand along the smooth, hairless torso, gently tweaking a nipple as his fingers reached his lover's chest before moving his hand back down again, fingertip circling the navel and briefly dipping into it before continuing downward to stroke lightly at sweat-and-cum-stiffened pubic hair.

Usually Mickey wasn't up for more than a good-morning blow-job after a long night's ride -- his stamina was fairly good for continuous sex-sessions, due to years of dance training, but Jackson was the rest-and-reload type, and at age 20 he was more than able to get back in the saddle after a few minutes' respite, over and over again.

Nuzzling at the exposed neck, Jackson's hand played lightly over a swelling 7 inch cock. A feeling of unease was quickly followed by déjà vu, as Jackson realized that it wasn't Mickey's cock he was holding.

Intending to move a little in order to get a look at the face of the young man in front of him, his back bumped into a second naked body as he moved away. Turning his head, he saw Mickey lying on his stomach, facing Jackson.

Memory returned, causing a wide smile to bloom on Jackson's face. 'Two blonds!' he thought gleefully to himself. 'Every top's dream-cum-true!' No wonder his dick was sore -- he'd been servicing TWO hungry boycunts last night. Troy's presence seemed to have revved up Mickey's libido, making him demand a fresh fuck every time Jackson rolled off of Troy. Looking around at the mess they'd made of the room, Jackson remembered how they'd had to break out not one, but three dildos to help him cope with the increasing demand for cock. 'Well, that explains why MY ass hurts.'

Debating with himself whether he should try and see if Troy was a morning-fuck person or go back to sleep -- thank goodness it was Saturday, and none of them had classes -- Jackson suddenly felt lips press against his shoulders in a random pattern of kisses, while a small hand reached between his legs to caress his perineum and play with his balls.

Enjoying the caresses for a moment, Jackson then slowly rolled in place; moving first to his back and then over onto his other side, so that he was facing the now-awake Mickey.

Sleepy hazel eyes met his own as he re-settled and pulled his naked boyfriend close against his leanly muscular torso.

"Hey," he whispered, partly because he didn't want to wake the bed's other occupant, and partly because his throat felt sore after all the moaning and yelling he'd been doing throughout the night.

"Good morning," was whispered back to him, Mickey's soft voice also sounding slightly hoarse. The two moved their heads close together, giving and receiving a tender, tongue-stroking kiss. Moving back a little, Mickey said, "So, why exactly did you happen to be fucking someone who isn't me last night at the club?"

Closing his eyes, Jackson did his best to recall the beginning of the night before -- the mix-up at the nighclub, hooking up with the wrong hot, blond boy. The recalled excitement, combined with his fatigue, made him rather tongue-tied as he did his best to explain what had happened.

The way Mickey's thigh started rubbing between his legs wasn't helping his thought process any, either.

* * * *

In addition to their day-jobs -- Jackson bussed tables at a local diner and Mickey worked at an on-campus coffee shop -- both got regular work as a magician and assistant team. Mickey would wear a pair of dress slacks and one of the shirts from his dance-troupe performance days, while Jackson wore an only-slightly-too-small evening-suit he'd gotten from his grandfather -- the same one who'd gotten him interested in magic in the first place.

They performed at children's parties and the occasional amateur night at the local clubs. They also practiced on an almost daily basis, since some of their act called for dexterity, split-second timing, and being able to fold in half -- all of which needed to be practiced regularly.

As Troy found himself visiting the pair more and more often -- he just couldn't seem to get enough of Jackson's Disappearing Dick Trick, and was rapidly developing a taste for both Mickey's mouth and cum -- Troy sometimes walked into the apartment while they were practicing their material. At first they would simply drop what they were doing and all three would get naked, sometimes right at the door, the couple foregoing practice for the sake of this much more favored activity.

But over time, as the novelty of their threesome began to wear off, Jackson would pull out of whoever he'd just finished pounding to a mewling, cumming mess, swat Mickey on a bare, sweaty ass-cheek, and tell him that it was time to get back to work.

The first few times that happened, Troy had simply drifted off to sleep, or got up to take a shower and leave. But one day he'd just stayed lying on the couch, watching as they began to go through the motions of their routine. It was surprisingly complex; a seemingly straightforward gesture with one hand was actually masking a more complicated one done with the other, the true and essential function of props he'd considered mere add-ons, the great amount of work the assistant had to do -- he'd always thought of magician's assistants as just another prop, when in fact they usually had even more to do in a trick than the magician.

One day he asked if he could try doing some of the things he'd seen them practicing. So Jackson swore him into the fraternity of magicians, making him swear never to reveal the secrets of the trade to anyone not already a member. It seemed a bit silly to Troy as he repeated the words of the oath, but it did make sense -- if everyone knew how it worked, no magician would ever get a gig. And by then he was Jackson and Mickey's friend, as well as a regular fuck-buddy, and would never willingly have hurt them like that.

* * * *

Troy looked up from the text-book he was reading, grateful for the distraction the ringing of his phone gave him -- more and more, he felt sure he'd picked the wrong major.

Not bothering to check who was calling, his eyes still trying to make sense of the offending text, he put his cell to his ear and said, "Yeah, it's me, what do you want?"

"Hey, Troy," Jackson's voice replied. Troy's head jerked up in surprise -- Jackson hardly ever called him during the day!

"Jay! What's up?" Troy settled back in his seat, relaxing and giving his rising erection room to grow -- the sound of Jackson's voice in his ear never failed to get a rise out of him.

"Troy, I'm in a bit of a tight spot and I was wondering if you could help me out?" even nervous, Jackson's deep voice sounded sexy.

'I've got a tight spot for you, right here,' Troy though, wiggling his ass in his desk-chair as he slipped a hand down the front of his jeans. "Oh, what is it?"

Troy rubbed lightly over his swelling flesh as Jackson answered. "Well, we've got a job working at this kid's birthday party, but Mickey woke up sick as a dog this morning. So I was wondering if you could, maybe, come with me."

For a moment Troy enjoyed a mental image of himself cumming with Jackson, his pants feeling deliciously tight around his engorged cock as he did so. Then he realized what was being asked of him, and, pulling his hand from his jeans, he said, "Sorry, man. I don't do kiddy parties -- I wasn't into that sort of thing even when I was a kid!"

"Aww, come on, man!" Jackson exclaimed. Then his voice went low as he added, "I'll make it worth your while..."

That was more like it, Troy decided, reaching down to unzip his fly and gave his still-hard cock some room to grow before he resumed stroking it slowly up and down. "Like how?"

"Like, maybe I'll fuck your ass and suck your dick at the same time," the low-voiced reply sent chills down Troy's spine, even as it added to the heat in his cock.

Troy wedged the phone between his shoulder and ear, freeing up his other hand as he leaned forward, sucking briefly on two fingers to wet them before pushing that hand down the back of his pants, the spit-slick digits easily finding his twitching hole. "Mmmm..."

"I'll do it right there in the van, after the show -- just a thin metal wall between us and all the party guests. I'll strip Mickey's costume off your hot little bod, lick the sweat off you from your feet to your neck and back down again while you lie on the van floor," Troy decided it was too awkward to sit at his desk while feeling himself up, and so, without removing either hand from his dick or his ass, or allowing the phone to slip from his shoulder, he hobbled over to his bed. Dropping to lie on his side, he let go of his cock long enough to hit the speaker button on the phone and push his pants down his thighs to his knees before resuming his slippery grip on his precum leaking erection. "Then I'll flip you over on your front and lick you up from your thighs to the back of your neck, before moving back down to your butt. Then I'll eat you out. I'll start by feeling up your ass-cheeks with my hands while I tickle your pucker with the tip of my tongue. Then I'll pull those ripe peaches apart and shove my face into your crack -- I know how much you love feeling my goatee in there -- and lap up and down, up and down, licking every last drop of musky sweat you'll have worked up from the show. Then, when neither of us can stand it any more, I'll press my tongue against your asshole, work the tip in slowly and gently..."

Troy gave up working his cock, instead rolling onto his stomach and rubbing the throbbing hard-on against his sheets while he pressed both hands against his ass, teasing his hungry hole with his fingertips before slipping in the first joint of both middle fingers. "Yeah, baby, then what?"

"Then I'm gonna eat ass. I'm gonna eat the hottest, cock-hungriest ass I've ever met! I'm gonna work my whole tongue in there, as far as it'll go, over and over again!" Jackson groaned, obviously as turned on as Troy, "I'm gonna slobber and suck on that hot ass till you're begging me to fuck your brains out!"

"Yeah!" Troy's middle fingers made it halfway to the second joint, his pointer fingers now starting to enter his cock-hungry ass-ring.

"Then I'll flip you back over and start in on those cute little tits of yours -- lick and suck on those hot little nubs while I use two or three fingers to lube you up, deep as I can stick 'em. I'll bite down on the left one, just the way you like it, while I work my dick into you..."

"Oh, Jay!" Troy moaned, his hips humping back and forth as he pictured the scene, pressing down to rub his drooling, rock-hard dick against his mattress, pushing up to stuff more and more fingers into his insatiable ass.

"I'll start off slow, pump your pussy gently while I lick and nibble my way down your chest and belly. I'll bend my back as I pull up your hips till you're lying in my lap with my face in your crotch," Jackson let out a groan -- he was probably jacking off, too. "I'll take that sweet dick of yours into my mouth while I hump up into you; work your body down till I'm balls-deep in your pussy, pull you up till your pubes mesh with my mustache."

"Ohhh, Jay! Fuck me!" Troy moaned louder, his eyes shut tight as he remembered the last time Jackson had sucked his cock while fucking his pussy. It had felt soooo good! "Ohhh!"

"Oh, I'll fuck you! I'll fuck you so fucking hard! I'll fuck you till you're shooting cum down my throat -- and then I'll fuck you even harder!" Jackson's growling voice dissolved into inarticulate moans and grunts -- reaching orgasm just as Troy found himself doing the same, painting the sheets, his stomach and his groin with cum as he did his best to stuff both hands into his asshole.

It was several seconds later, lying limp on the bed and listening to Jackson panting and moaning, before the sparks stopped dancing inside Troy's eyelids.

"OK, I'll go with you."

8=> 8=> 8=> 8=> 8=>

Sorry that this is a multi-parter, but life just keeps getting in the way :-) As it is, I thought it's better to share bits as I finish them. There's going to be one more installment for this story-line, and I'll do my best to make it sizzle.

Afterwards I'm considering two possibilities for my next story: A new Club story about a new cook getting hired, or else a continuation of "On the Block".

I'm hoping to get around to both; I'm just curious to see what all of you out there in Litland would like to read sooner.


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