tagInterracial LoveGermany Confidential Pt. 03

Germany Confidential Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1:

Iris was invited by her parents for supper. They assumed that she was still together with Leo for Iris hadn't told them that she dumped his ass and had him serving tricks. The two decided to go there together, for Dez wanted to meet Iris' family.

"Fuck. My dad and my mom are gonna freak out when they see me with you. Just the thought that their daughter's getting fucked by a Nigger is gonna drive them up the fucking wall!" Iris laughed as they walked to the lift on th evening of the supper.

Both of them were dressed nicely. As they waited, Iris happily reached between Dez' legs to cup his cock. She started fondling and squeezing it and felt it grow very thick very fast.

"Shit! Are they like that huh? Wish they could see me fucking that white ass and making fucking Leo taste this big, black dick straight out of your shit hole!" Dez grabbed a fine ass cheek in one hand as the other made straight for her cunt.

He raised the hem of her short dress and reached between her fine, silky thighs to cup her cunt. It felt so hot. He squeezed it and Iris exhaled. He pushed her against the wall and attacked her glossy, pink lips with his thick, black ones. Iris forgot all about her intent not to ruin her lipstick as she feasted on his lips ravenously. She humped his hand lustily, throwing her curvaceous hips at him. Dez pressed her against the wall and he eased his fingers under her tight thong. They slid into her hot, dripping fuck hole. Iris moaned and hastily shoved her hand down his pants to grab his cock which was now hard like a baton.

The two of them hardly noticed as the doors to the lift opened. Some neighbors, Mr and Mrs Zauber stood in the door way of the lift and their jaws dropped to the floor as they saw Iris with her dress bunched up around her hips and her ass and pussy in a black man's hands. They were so astonished and so disgusted. Mr Zauber snorted and Mrs Zauber sneered.

"What's going on here!" Mr Zauber demanded, feeling compelled to protect German womanhood from the black cock.

"None of your business," Iris snorted. "But if you must know, this is Dez and he is just about to take me back inside and fuck the shit out of me!" She did not even bother to pull her hand out of his pants. In fact, her hand moved in such a manner that they could tell she was wanking a big, black cock!

"You are Leo's girlfriend, you slut!" Mrs Zauber exploded.

"Yeah, but he got a small white dick and he cant fuck neither! But its alright because Dez here more than makes up for Leo's shortcomings. He has a really big, black cock you see. In fact, if you are polite to me Mrs Zauber, I might let you try his wonderful black cock one of these days. I never heard you scream, so I bet your hubby there cant fuck huh!."

"What! You little bitch! I am not a Nigger Whore! " The good German lady snorted.

"You poor, frigid, bitter, old whore!" Iris snorted. "You are lucky I am just about to get fucked, or I would sit on your face and make you eat my pussy, du blöde Hexe (you stupid hag)! Come on Dez, take me inside and fuck my ass baby!"

"My pleasure! Bye and nice to meet you!" Dez said to Mr and Mrs Zauber as Iris led him by the cock back to their apartment. He kept her dress bunched around her hips and the German couple could see his black hand palming her ass, with his long, dark fingers buried in her crack.

Iris opened the door in a hurry and Dez kicked it shut behind him.

"Hold on lover, I don't wanna mess up my dress. Lemme get naked for you daddy!" Iris told Dez and hastily but carefully removed her dress and laid it on a couch. He hastily removed his clothes as the blond stripped down to her thongs and high heels.

Iris' pink tongue licked her full, pouting lips with carnal lust, as her big, mesmerizing, emerald green eyes roved all over him. She liked what she saw, a black man of medium height, with a handsome, dark, Nubian face, and an athletic, well defined body, like a boxer's.

"Mmmm. Look at those sexy, dark glistening muscles. I need to get a sculptor to make me a real life statue of that body, naked, and with a hard on, of course, so I can put it right next to my bed," Iris said in a horny voice, tracing Dez' six pack with her fingers.

Dez nearly came from just looking at her. The big tit German blond was looking so hot in a tiny, skimpy, red string tanga, which was really just a tiny little red pouch that sat deep down on her mons, attached to a couple of flimsy straps that were cutting deeply into her gorgeous, wide, curvy hips. The gusset was wedged up in her dripping, long, vertical slit. The shaved sides of her pink glory were glistening from her juices.

Dez had seen a lot of beautiful women of all races. But with Iris, he had a feeling mother nature had out-done herself. She wasn't some tall, slim, frail, skinny, blond, no frills, no thrills, ironing board backside, Ms Six O'clock, that the white men tried to sell to the world as the epitome of beauty.

Iris was a tall, big boned, busty, curvaceous Amazon, with a ripe, feminine body. Her tits were bombastic and firm, pointing straight ahead, crowned by thumb thick, dark nipples. Her belly was toned, her waist narrow, the hips wide, flaring, accommodating She had thighs for sighs, juicy, silky, full, but devoid of cellulite. This was a woman who had been properly breast fed by her mother; she was fit, vibrant, healthy, zealous and lustful. She was such a horny joy to look at and it was simply so hot and so much fun to be with her, hanging with her, and giving her his big, black cock. For she was born and built to take dick.

The blond seductress stood before Dez, a hand on her hip. Her huge, proud, firm mummeries, the pride of Germany, jiggled ripely, pointing at him like rockets about to fire. She was oozing sexual energy like a pagan sex goddess. Smiling wickedly, she tantalizingly slid a long, delicate finger under her gusset and stroked her dripping pussy. She groaned and mewed as her fingers sloshed loudly in her twat. Then she pulled out her wet digits and fed Dez her tasty juices. He licked her fingers, moaning with relish. Then she scooped up more juices and ran her wet fingers over his six pack, making them wet.

"Damn! You gonna get it now, you hot bitch!" Dez exclaimed, feeling an awesome urge to mount the German beauty once more, and go swimming in her like the breast-stroke.

"Then give to me daddy. Lemme have that big, black cock. Can I have it? Please!" Iris grinned evilly and dropped to a squat right at his feet, and had his rearing dick in her hand in a second. She scooped up more of her copious juices and slowly rubbed them all over his dick, making it shine and gleam. She leaned back on her haunches, smiling at it and licking her lips like a fat, greedy kid about to devour a mouth watering chocolate cake.

"Mmmm. Oh Dez, feed me baby!" she moaned as she brought the head towards her full, pouting, pink lips. She slowly pulled the foreskin back. The tip of her long, wet, pink tongue flicked the long, big slit of on his fat, dark, bulbous head tantalizingly

"Oh yeah," Dez moaned.

"Uh huh," Iris grunted, giving the dark, shiny helmet three long swipes. "Mmmm!" She used the black cock like a baton stick, slapping her tongue with it!

"Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!"

"Du böser Junge! (You bad boy)" she teased. The seductress tossed her long blond hair, and rolled his long dark cock against her tanned cheek. Then she latched her luscious lips onto the fat, dark bulbous head and suckled on it, groaning deep in her chest as she gave wet, loud, succulent smacks and slurps. Dez gasped sharply and his hips gave a sharp jerk.

Iris slid her pink lips over the thick, dark head, engulfing it into her hot, wet mouth. She moaned, feeling Dez' fat cock head sitting right where she wanted it, between the roof of her mouth and her tongue. She chewed on it slowly, cooing and mewing with relish.

She slid one hand between her thighs and started stroking her bursting clit, as her other hand wanked his thick shaft, and her mouth sucked his engorged, over sensitized head like a vacuum.

Dez exclaimed, gasped and groaned as Iris gave him a hot, wet, loud, greedy blow job and got him so hard his cock was almost bursting. She sucked him so good, her emerald green eyes looking up at him, twinkling and shining as she fed herself on his black meat. She pulled more and more into her mouth. Then she bore down on him and forced his thick head down her throat till she had his entire length buried in her. Her long tongue reached out to lap on his big balls as she fucked him with her throat. Iris felt ecstatic feeling the throbbing cock deep in her mouth. She frigged her clit and came all over her fingers as she made Dez' knees weak.

Dez gazed down at her, groaning and squirming as she came at his knees. He got so horny and felt the beast in him come alive. He snorted and scooped her up in his arms. As she wrapped her arms and legs around him, he shoved his dick up into her hot, steaming cunt and rammed it all the way in.

"O-o-o-o-o-o!!!!" Iris gave a deep groan as she felt his meat slide up in her pussy and fill her up to the brim. "Fuck Dez, welcome back home baby. Your black cock belongs in my white pussy, you hear. Now fuck me baby. I'm your bitch darling. Fuck me good!"

"Shit, that pussy is so wet and tight! Fuck!!!" Dez groaned, impressed, as she made her cunt contract around him and milk his cock. He got so horny he just had to hold her up by her thick ass cheeks and bounced her up and down on his thick erection. She was so wet that his cock was sloshing loudly in and out of her hole.

"Oh yes!!!!! Fick mich mit deinen grossen schwarzen Schwanz! (Fuck me with your big, black cock!)" Iris wailed as she felt the big, black sausage churning her insides. She grabbed on to his shoulders and bounced lustily up and down in his arms, impaling herself on his African spear repeatedly. Dez bit his lip like he was angry, as he yanked her cunt onto his cock and shoved his meat deep inside her German fuck hole! They groaned and grunted like two frenzied animals as he carried her around the room, fucking her hard and fast.

"Oh yes! Ich komme! Ich k-o-mm-e-e-e-e!!!" iris screamed, her face screwed as if in excruciating pain. However, what she felt was intense pleasure as she exploded all over his thick dick.

Dez dropped her onto the couch and knelt between her juicy, splendid thighs. Her big, fat pink pussy was gaping and contracting, looking like it was breathing. He wasn't finished with her yet. He grabbed and raised her thighs and then he rammed his dick back up into her well used pussy hole.

Dez grabbed her hips and started yanking her onto his pole as he shoved it all the way in, again and again. His hips slapped loudly into her ass as he gutted her. Iris screamed and wailed, her face becoming all wild and crazed from the hard, thorough dicking the black cock was giving her. Dez had her shaved German pussy caught between a bouncy couch and a hard black cock. It was serious business, as he plunged his meat deep inside her, again and again, stretching her pussy lips and her tunnel.

Iris loved a hard, brutal fuck. She came like a bitch, again and again, and kept throwing the pussy at him. She grabbed her feet and pulled her legs wide apart, opening her pussy for him completely.

"Ja! Dez! Fick mich. Fick mich tot baby! Mach schon. Töte mich mit deinen schwarzen Hammer!"

"Ja! Nimm das du geile weisse Schlampe!" Dez growled and kept on fucking her.

Dez fucked her harder and harder as if he wanted to ram his cock right through her back. Iris cried and humped him back lustily, like she was trying to break his back and take his dick in so deep it would never come out again.

Finally, when he felt his orgasm approaching rapidly, Dez pulled his cock out and cooled it in her mouth. Then he made her kneel on the couch with her back to him. He gazed at her beautiful, big, round, ripe, alluring white ass with pure lust. He smacked it and it hardly even moved. Iris wagged her fine ass at him.

"Mach schon Dez. Fick meinen Arsch baby!" (Come on Dez, fuck my ass baby!"

He grunted with lust, fished her thong out of her crack, and hooked it over an ass cheek. He scooped up her copious cunt juices and fed them into her asshole with his digits. He sank one then two fingers into her tight, pink, puckered asshole. Iris was so horny she lustily lunged back and taking them deep into her rectum. Dez slapped her crack with his large African tool. Then he inserted his dark cock between her fine, thick, round ass cheeks. Her asshole mushroomed open around him and sucked his cock deep into her body. Dez buried his big dark fingers in her golden tanned wide, accommodating hips, and started pumping them back and forth, gazing at his dark tool sliding slowly in and out of he stretched pink hole. Her tanned ass cheeks were covered with welts, from his aggressive kneading and from being bounced and thumped.

"Oh yesss! Thats it baby. Fuck my ass with that big black cock. Fill up my white ass hole!" Iris moaned, begging for it.

Dez grunted and plunged his dick deep inside, his powerful hips thrusting with all their might. Iris cried and lunged back at him, sending his meat hurtling deep inside her hole. They fucked each other hard and fast. Both of them were soon drenched in sweat, groaning, grunting, huffing and puffing like beasts.

Iris felt like a gluttonous, decadent Roman of old. She just couldn't get enough. She was so glad she had found such a man like Dez, a horny, sex maniac to match herself. Iris knew that her holes would hurt her badly later on. But for now, she did not care. She wanted dick, dick and more dick... She was like a kid locked over night in a candy shop. All she wanted to do was stuff herself.

They fucked each other silly.

"Ah yes Dez, fuck that ass good! Put it in real deep up my rectum baby!" Iris growled, rearing like some wild horse, her blond mane flying.

Then she was shrieking and crying as an intense ass orgasm hit her. She gave her ass that final shove against Dez' hips and Dez gave his cock that final thrust deep into the thick, tanned white chick ass. His cock exploded, leaping and twitching, impossibly shooting cum to reward the formerly tight German asshole. Dez withdrew his deflating cock with a loud plop and dropped his ass on the bed.

Iris' face fell to the back of the couch but her ass was wagging in the air and trembling like she could still take more. Dez admired his handiwork. Her asshole was gaping like a bus had just run through it, all messy and smeared with fresh cum He was sure she would not be able to walk for some days.

But he did not know Iris too well. Soon, she was cussing and saying they were late. She jumped into the bathroom, and within a minute, she had changed her thongs and dressed and was all ready to go. And whats more, she was looking like a million bucks.

Chapter 2

As they stepped out onto the street, the German girl pulled the keys out of her purse, and pressed a button. A stately Lexus peeped and flashed it's lights at them. They had made Leo buy the car for them. It was a car he would never drive but pay for, for the privilege of being their slave.

Dez opened the passenger door for her and Iris dropped her thick, fine round white German ass in the seat. The Lex had a fine leather interior, and it was roomy. It had so much gadgetry; LCD screens, Navigation, the works, that it looked more like a space ship than a car. Iris had rented the car, as part of her plot to ensnare Dez with the good life.

"Dez, honey, why don't you take off that tie, and open that white shirt a couple of buttons. I want you to look real sexy," she cooed at him, as she reached into her hand bag.

She stuffed away Dez' tie. She looked at him critically and liked the platinum chain around his neck and the ill silver Rolex, with a couple of sparkling diamonds on his wrist.

"Lets open another button, lemme see that sexy, dark, muscular chest you beautiful black man..." she did so, and adjusted Dez' white shirt and jacket. "Damn Dez, you look a million bucks baby," she leaned in and kissed him.

When Dez started the car, he could hardly hear the motor. They rolled off smoothly. Dez was smiling like a child who had been handed the reigns to Santa's coach and Reindeer.

Iris adjusted herself in her seat, spreading that fine ass out, pulling the hem of her dress way up her silky thighs. She spread her thighs, flashing a peak of her naughty tiny silk leopard spot thongs.

Dez laid a black hand on a tanned thigh, gave it a squeeze as the black Captain Kirk steered his space ship.

Valentino's was one of the top Restaurants in Hamburg. The owner was a local celebrity, and the guests were rich and famous people. A bottle of the house wine cost a deterrent €65. The right of entrance was definitely reserved.

Dez walked up to the doorway with Iris on his elbow. She told a fine dressed Italian gentleman her name. He ticked the names off, wondering how come this black man had such a fine blond bitch on his elbow and was coming to eat here when all his Italian ass did was to wait tables. The Italian wished he had been born in the times of Mussolini, El Duchy, for back then, such a black man would have tasted a big brown boot in the kisser...

As Dez and Iris made their way in, ignorant of the ignorant Italian door bum's thoughts, a German family came out of the Restaurant. It was a tall, handsome, elegant confident man of about 45, in a finely tailored suit, accompanied by a tall, slim, blond model type in her early thirties, and two blond white boys, aged eight and six. They were the picture of a happy Hun family that had just had delicious supper.

Iris recognized the man immediately. It was Thomas Grubber, Hamburg's Entrepreneur of the year. Iris didn't know the wife but Dez did. He used to fuck her when he worked as a postman. He had been fucking her face, ass and pussy with his big, black cock just a few months earlier. Ingrid was looking all fine, in an elegant, body hugging evening dress, showing off her fine figure. She was fussing over her two boys, trying to stop them from quarreling

"Hallo Mr Grubber!" Iris said cheerily, as the family drew up to them. She extended her hand to him.

Grubber turned look at the stunning, busty blond who was on a handsome, young black man's elbow. He took her hand. "Hallo," he extended his hand to Dez, analyzing him, wondering if this guy was some sports star or musician. One never saw black people in Valentino's

"Hallo, sir!" Dez answered cordially, giving the guy a firm handshake. "Nice to finally meet the man whose wife I have been fucking all these months. And by the way, thanks for buying that fine leather couch, I love to just recline on it whilst your wife is sucking my black ass, yunno" Dez added to himself.

"Hallo ma'am," Dez extended his hand to Ingrid.

Ingrid looked up from her kids, and nearly jumped out of her skin as she recognized Dez. Her face went from pale to red in a second. Iris raised her eyebrow, as she saw Ingrid extend a shaky hand to Dez. The smart girl realized immediately that Dez was fucking the bitch.

"Hallo, sir!" Ingrid replied. She was shocked, and nervous at her husband and her lover being in such close proximity of each other. And she was feeling strong jealous pangs at seeing Dez with this busty, sex oozing blond She kept casting Iris baleful looks.

"Hallo! Are you a singer?" Ingrid's elder son grabbed Dez' hand, fascinated by seeing a black man.

"No, I am not," Dez laughed easily, his eyes on Ingrid's face.

"Do you play football? Do you play for our team..."

"No. Not that either," Dez laughed, and ruffled both blond boys' hair.

"Come on boys, quit asking silly questions and let the man enjoy his supper. Nice meeting you sir," Ingrid said, grabbing the boys hands and leading them off, even as they looked over their shoulders at Dez. "Come on Thomas," she called her husband.

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