Germany Confidential Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

"Well, good night and have a nice evening," Thomas said, waved at the mixed race couple

"Ciao," Iris replied, and then she pinched Dez' arm and smiled naughtily. "You bad, bad boy!" she whispered to him.

"Why, whats up?"

"You are fucking her, aren't you?"

"No. I used to fuck her. You know I once worked for the post, just to get to know my way around town. She was kind of sad and under fucked. So fucked her on her husband's 5000 dollar mattress. A year back! I used to fuck her once in a while."

"What! That guy is worth 60 million or so and you were fucking his wife!"

"Pussy is still pussy man!" Dez retorted. "I used to fuck that ass too."

"Shit Dez, this gives me a nasty, little hot idea. But I will tell you later.." she kissed him on the lips, feeling elated.

Iris took a firm hold of Dez' powerful arm in her hand and leaned her head on his shoulder. Dez realized she was nervous as he felt her hand trembling. Dez didn't give a fuck about meeting her family. He was there for the laughs. He gave her a kiss on the forehead, and a waiter in a suit and tie led them to a table.

Almost all heads turned to look at the mixed race couple. Dez registered a couple of jealous frowns and sneers from a couple of German jerks. However, the women smiled and flirted with the handsome, confident black male, who was walking with the grace of a King.

They approached Iris and Trish's dad, her brother Erich, his wife, Lena and her younger sister, Kata, were in the middle of conversation, enjoying their second bottle of wine and were all in jovial spirits. However, as they saw Iris approach the table, holding on to a black man, conversation died immediately, and all jaws dropped.

Dez saw a white man of about sixty, obviously the family patriarch. He was a black Carrington type, silver gray hair, handsome, square, confident, clean shaved face. Next to him sat a blond white woman, who looked like she was in her late thirties. Iris' sister, Kata, was a twenty two year old, brunette model type. She was dressed in a sexy, backless evening dress. She was like a slim version of Iris. The other two occupants of the table were a blond couple in their late twenties. They looked like models.

All five people stared at Iris and her black man like they had just seen a ghost. Iris' moment had arrived. The blond smiled happily down at her mother, father, brother and sister in law.

"Hallo everybody! Dez darling," she indicated her parents, "This is my mom and dad. Thats my brother Erich and his wife, and of course, my sister Kata. Everybody, this is Dez, my new boyfriend."

Smiling like a teenager in love, Iris turned and kissed the black man on his lips, giving them thick lips a nice, long lick with her tongue.

Iris' mother almost fainted. Her father's face went from ashen to a crimson red. Erich's face wore a perplexed expression, tinged with a sneer. Lena looked disgusted. It was clear she had never held much of Iris or blacks for that matter.

"Hallo," Dez said, smiling from ear to ear.

He couldn't resist rubbing it in. He laid a big black left hand on Iris' pliant ass, and gave it a squeeze, as he extended his right hand to Iris' father. Rudiger felt the blood rushing into his head. For a second, he considered jumping up and boxing this black man down to the ground. But he held himself in check. A rich, well known personality like himself couldn't afford to do something like that. Instead, he told himself to remain civil. He would soon enough use his financial muscle to ruin this black man, skin him alive, remove that black hide...

"Hallo," Rudiger replied gruffly, extending a lame hand to Dez. Dez gave him a firm squeeze.

"Hallo," Dez continued his journey of conquest and torture, extending his hand to the mother.

Daniela gave the smiling black man a look like a kid at a zoo, looking at some fascinating, exotic but dangerous animal. Her brain just could not fathom what was going on.

"Hallo," Daniela said faintly, extending a dainty, manicured hand to Dez. She was very nervous. Dez gave her a firm, warm, long squeeze.

"Hallo," Erich was faster than Dez. The German heir apparent waved his hand at him, and put both his hands in his pockets.

"hallo," Lena followed her husband's example, waving and immediately crossing her arms.

And so did Kata.

"Oh, you are too good to shake a black man's hand?" Iris sneered at her brother, her sister and the wife. It was clear there was no love lost between them. "Kata, you little traitor! How are you!"

"Fuck you!" Kata sneered. "Nigger cunt!"

"From junkie and dyke to a racist huh! Fuck you! Trish says she misses you sucking her pussy and ass!"

"You are fucking unbelievable!" Erich snorted, his face a mask of bottled rage.

"Cut it out, all of you!" the Patriarch barked, keeping his voice low. "Please, sit down," he nodded at Dez and Iris.

Dez pulled Iris chair and she sat down. He sat down next to her.

"Thanks darling," Iris cooed and kissed Dez on the lips.

"I am going to get sick!" Erich snorted.

"You are unbelievable! You need your own reality show!" Kata sneered.

"Kata, watch it or I will back hand you right now! And Erich, you sick, stupid bastard, if you don't start behaving yourself, I am going to tell Mum and Dad about the time they were in California!" Iris flared at her brother.

"Shut the fuck up!" Erich said, flinching. He seemed rather nervous, all of a sudden.

"Where is Leo? What happened?" Daniela asked, looking in confusion at her daughter.

"Oh, I don't know. We broke up. Dez is my new man. I am so happily in love, Mama. We are engaged, and planning on getting married. And I am gonna have beautiful brown babies. Maybe three or even four," as if to emphasize this, she turned and kissed Dez.

Her family stared in disbelief, disgust and anger. It was so obvious they all strongly objected. But nobody said a thing.

"I am so hungry. Can we order..." without waiting, Iris handed Dez a menu, and opened hers. The two of them started leafing through. The rest of the family stared silently at Dez. Iris suddenly looked up.

"Stop staring at Dez. It is rude and uncivilized..."

They all jumped like they had been slapped, and opened their menus.

Iris ordered the most expensive items on the Menu for herself and Dez. The two of them wolfed their food down, whilst the rest of the family merely pecked at theirs. In fact Mr and Mrs Senior and Junior, consumed much more wine than food. Rudiger was soon drinking hard alcohol.

As Dez ate, Iris parents kept stealing glances at him. Rudiger gave him murderous glances, but Daniela examined him like he was some kind of animal that had just displayed the power to talk and count to ten. She was astonished that he knew how to use a fork and knife. She even started thinking, he does not look bad at all, this black alien.

However, Rudiger just had one thought. This black sex maniac was fucking his daughter. And he would lynch him. Damn right! Of all stunts that Iris had pulled, this was definitely the worst.

Iris and Dez enjoyed themselves, gorging themselves on four course meals, ordering extra desert and stuff. And they kept chatting to each other and laughing happily. Iris kept rubbing it in, by kissing Dez several times and calling him such a darling.

Erich was observing Dez. He paid close attention to the chain and the Rolex. "Probably fucking imitations," he said to himself.

After dessert, Erich got the courage to speak to Dez directly.

"So, what do you do Dez? You a refugee?"

"No, you jerk. He is studying business."

It was obvious that Dez could have been the Pope, but never would her family have liked him anyway. He was just too black for those white German Huns. They all looked so unhappy.

"So, Dez, where are you from?" Iris mother asked. She could not contain her curiosity anymore.

"Africa," Dez replied, teasing her, expecting her to ask about the specific country.

"Oh yes, Africa. You have all those beautiful animals there, and those lush, green jungles."

"So, why did you come here. To escape from the war and the poverty?" Lena asked, looking at Dez like she would not touch him without clinical gloves.

"No, to study..."

"Life is very hard in Africa, isn't it? With all that trouble, all those wars, and those poor starving kids, with the big bellies." Lena was like a tenacious dog.

Dez shrugged.

"Oh well, life here is very hard for some people too. Look at all the junkies, the alcoholics, the child abusers, the old people left all alone. This is a brutal country..."

"But we don't have dictators, and civil wars and ..."

"Oh well, everyone has his problems. I am sure you have some serious problems of your own too, don't you?" Dez smiled sweetly at her. Dez turned to Daniela, the mother. "I cant believe that Iris has such a young, pretty mother."

Daniela blushed. She loved compliments.

"Oh, thank you very much. Some people even think Iris and I are sisters."

"How do you keep yourself so young?"

"I don't know," Daniela replied, warming up to Dez. She decided he was really handsome, and so manly, and charming. And she liked the deep voice. What a pity he was black. "Sports, and a healthy diet I guess," she added, proudly.

"Plus all that plastic surgery too Mama." Iris giggled. That hurt!

"Oh Iris, you insolent little thing!" Daniela exploded.

"Mama, you are making a scene. Act your age not your shoe size!"

"Iris!" her father said sharply.

"oh well, I guess the truth was never one of our family strengths, right. I need the bathroom. Come with me Dez."

Iris pushed her chair back and stood up. She took Dez' hand and led him off.

Iris' mother, father, brother, sister and sister in law stared after them, watching Iris walk with an exaggerated swing to her hips, ass gyrating, whilst Dez walked in step with her, with a swagger. Their hearts sank as they saw Dez lay a black hand of ownership to that thick ass, and give it a slap. Iris giggled and wiggled it. The two of them disappeared downstairs, to the toilets in the cellar.

"Oh my God! What have we done to deserve this," Daniela wailed, the mother putting her hands to her belly. "She wants to have ugly black babies!"

"She is just doing this to embarrass us! Don't worry, I will soon put an end to this nonsense!" Papa said coldly.

"She is just doing this to embarrass us. Even Iris would stoop that low as to date a Nigger!" Erich said.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Lena contradicted her hubby. "Didn't you see the way they were kissing and giggling all the time. Those two are deeply in love! And if we try to do anything to part them, it will only throw them closer together"

"Oh fuck!" the patriarch cursed aloud, and knocked down another double whiskey.

"I am so ashamed Iris is my sister!" Kata groaned. "As usual."

Chapter 3

Iris and Dez descended down the stairs to the toilets. Instead of going to the ladies, the hot German hussy followed Dez into the men's. Dez felt so horny, as he grabbed her thick ass and pushed her into a cubicle. His cock was bursting just at the thought of fucking this hot, rich white girl in the toilet, with her parents and brother sitting upstairs.

He pushed her down on her knees, and Iris only paused to pull up her dress and yank her thong off her steaming cunt so she could frig her itchy clit. Dez dropped his pants and his thick, long black cock sprang free and slapped her pretty lips. Iris wrapped a hand around it and power stroked it lovingly. Her mouth was watering so much. She just needed to suck some more of that hard black man meat.

"Oh scheisse Dez, ich liebe deinen fetten, grossen schwarzen Schwanz! Ich kriege einfach nicht genug davon! (Fuck Dez, I love your Dez' fat, big, black cock. I just cant seem to get enough)," Iris' gasped, her voice thick and hoarse with passion and lust.

"Nimm dir so viel du brauchst baby. Stopf dir den Mund voll. Mach schon du geile deutsche Schlampe! (take as much as you need baby. Stuff your mouth full. Go ahead you hot German slut!)" Dez responded in his deep dark voice. "Mmmm. Ich danke dir das ich ihn lecken darf, Schatzi (I thank you darling for allowing me to lick your cock darling)" The German girl said, meaning every word, and then she was sucking and slurping away loudly.

Dez' thick, full dark lips broke into a wide smile, revealing dazzling, even, white teeth. The black athlete fed the busty blond German Amazon kneeling between his dark, powerful thighs all the meat she needed. He stuffed it down her throat and she feasted on it gladly, slurping and sucking away so loud. And she meant serious business, her pretty, pouting, glossy lips stretched to deformity, as she attacked the big, fat black African cock with relentless fervor

Dez groaned as Iris wanked his cock, pulling him in, deep throating his cock, swallowing his man meat up in the deepest confines of her warm, wet oral cavity. Her whole body was bouncing back and forth as she threw her whole gorgeous, curvaceous body at the black meat. She was getting as much pleasure from feeding on a huge African cock as the African was receiving from being gobbled up in her pretty mouth.

Dez grabbed her by her long, smooth blond hair and used it like a handle to bang her face away at his cock. Iris was a winner for sure, he decided. The German girl was a sex maniac and a slut for his black cock. She loved to be fucked. She loved to suck dick, lick balls, eat ass, and she even loved to be fucked up the ass. And she just never seemed to get enough dick. What could he say to that. Dez had found his dream woman in Iris.

"Oh Dez, I love sucking your beautiful cock baby. Love to feel you deep in my mouth!" Iris moaned, looking up at Dez with her big, glassy, emerald green eyes as she dribbled onto his dick head.

"Yeah baby, go ahead, use that fucking black dick like a toothbrush."

"Mmmm!" was all she said as she went back to sucking black cock. The nasty girl slid her left hand from his balls and went searching between his ass cheeks. She soon had a couple of digits stroking his ass crack, tickling and rimming his asshole.

"Oh fuck yeah! Gimme that special treatment you nasty German slut!" Dez growled as his hips spasmed and his cock went leap dancing in her mouth.

"You like that huh! Love to feel my fingers playing with that black ass huh!" Iris sneered at Dez, wielding his fat cock like a baton stick. She spat on it. Then she stuck her tongue out and slapped it with his black truncheon.

"yeah baby," Dez' deep voice growled back at her. "Go on and suck my ass, you dirty whore!"

Dez turned his back to her, grabbed his cheeks, pulled them apart and shoved his crack right in her face. Iris dove at his hole, smearing her lips into it and sucking, licking and tonguing him ravenously. Dez groaned as he felt her wonderful tongue fucking his hole. It was so hot and wet and the feeling was so exquisite. He wished that her folks sitting upstairs could be watching and appreciating what a talented girl Iris was. She buried her tongue in his hole as she wanked and milked his cock with her hand.

Iris ate his ass like a woman possessed. It was like she was trying to dive up in him. Finally though, she simply stopped. She needed some thick, creamy cum to drink. Dez turned and shoved his cock in her face. She tantalizingly licked a long, dainty, manicured finger, and slid it up his anal sphincter.

Dez grabbed the white chick by her long blond hair and hammered his bursting cock into her gaping, stretched mouth. His hips lunged at her face, tossing the cock into her mouth like he didn't want it back. Iris groaned and let him use her mouth for his pleasure She felt all dizzy from the brutal assault and she wanted more. So the plucky German crooked her finger in his anus, to stroke the African's prostrate as she ate his cock like a horny, dirty hooker.

"Oh fuck yeah! Take that bitch!" Dez growled like a beast as he shoved her face down to press her lips against his shaved pubes, burying the entire length down her throat. He didn't know too many girls who could pull off this stunt with his sizable appendage, but Iris was in a league of her own. Her tongue swiped his big balls, whilst she finger fucked his asshole.

Dez never ceased to be impressed by the gusto with which German girls sucked him. There was no denying it, Iris girl was a drug junkie, and his black body was her favorite addiction.

"Oh, you dirty fucking slut!"

Dez groaned long and deep as he felt his cock suddenly explode. His balls seemed to erupt and then his cum was shooting into her throat. Iris groaned with pleasure as she felt the hot, salty fluid explode into her throat. His cock literary kicked in her throat. Iris fought a gagging reflex, and then his hot cum was pouring down her throat and into her belly. Iris kept sucking and swallowing hard till his cumming subsided. Dez collapsed against the wall, wallowing in bliss. Carefully, she eased her finger out of his anus and licked it clean, moaning with relish. Purring with contentment, Iris wrapped her arms around Dez' powerful thigh and rested her head on his crotch, licking away at his subsiding erection like a cat lapping milk, her pink, wet, agile tongue flicking the last drops of semen off him.

"Oh Dez baby. I belong to you. I am your bitch baby!"

Iris' family was becoming uneasy as the two finally reappeared, twenty minutes later. They were both seeming pretty happy. Iris' lipstick was smudged, and she had a tell tale trail of something creamy running from her lower lip to her chin.

"Hallo everybody!" she said gaily as she and Dez took their seats.

"Whats the matter, got lost in the toilets?" Erich snarled.

"Maybe!" Iris replied coolly, sipping from her glass.

"Wipe your chin!" Lena said in a loud whisper, sounding disgusted.

"Oh shit," Iris giggled. "I guess I must have missed some. Why didn't you tell me, Dez?" she slapped his hand playfully. Then she scooped up Dez' cum and fed it into her mouth, licking her finger lasciviously.

"Iris, you are disgusting!" her mother snarled.

"Gees! Calm down guys. Don't tell me you are all pissed at me just because I sucked Dez off in the toilets!" Iris said at the top of her voice. "He is my boyfriend after all, so why shouldn't I suck his dick! Just because he is black or what?"

All heads in the Restaurant turned to look at her. Iris' family all wished they could just sink into the carpet, for shame.

"Lower your voice, you little slut! Are you back on drugs, Iris!" her mother snapped in a vicious whisper.

"No man! I stopped. Unless you consider a big, beautiful, black cock a drug!" Iris said loudly.

"Alright everyone, we gotta get up early tomorrow. Good bye Iris. Good bye Mr Dez or whatever your name is..." Papa couldn't take it anymore, so he shot to his feet and grabbed Mama's hand. Young Erich followed suit, pulling Lena up.

But Mama wasn't finished.

"Iris, I am really disappointed in you. We really thought you were making progress, now we see how wrong we were. You are finished, you are through. You are now on your own!"

"I have been on my fucking own all my life. Fuck you Mama. Fuck you Papa."

"Iris, how low can you sink?" Lena snapped.

"Oh shut the fuck up you frigid skinny bitch! I bet Dez and me have kissed more at this table than the two of you ever did in your whole relationship!You should act nicer to me, I might let you suck my man's big, black cock!"

"I am not a Nigger whore!" Lena shot back.

"Niggers don't like skinny, flat ass, starving white bitches like you neither!" Dez said to her. As she gasped, he laughed in her face.

"What! You fucking Nigger!" Lena shouted. "Go the fuck back to Africa!"

"Eh. Excuse me Mr But you are disturbing our other guests!" the Restaurant manager said politely but firmly.

"Oh shit!" Rudiger exclaimed. This was exactly what he did not need. "Sorry sir! We were just leaving!" Rudiger threw several bills onto the table and led his wife and family off. Iris and Dez stood up and followed.

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