Get Off Me


Those who want to call me ravishingly gorgeous are authorized to do so. My friends are all jealous about how all the guys around Mackay are in love with me. I'm hot and the hottest, and in this exotically remote male haven it's not that hard!

But truthfully I have guys drooling in Brisbane and the Gold Coast whenever I'm down there, so it's just a fact - I'm stunningly attractive to straight guy as well as girls inclined towards other girls. It just can't be denied.

Well if you're almost 6 feet tall and have huge breasts it's hard to keep men away. Then add in flowing wavy dark brown hair, and an alluring 'nigella' bottom, and you can understand why the men are going to drool and go 'gaga' over my voluptuous body.

It natural that's what men are like aren't they? I love seeing them drool in lust over my enticing body, but not half as much as I love my boyfriend Nic.

Lots of men just don't get it! They have big egos and think that they're "god's gift to women". Most of them are 'air heads'.

Funny as life is, I love Nic, and I don't have any interest in anyone else. He's mine and that's that! But I certainly love to tease other men, and why not, it's fun and the men seem to enjoy being teased when I flaunt my body at them.

Nic manages to cope with me! He's smitten and he knows I think that he's the only one I want.

I'm a bit of a fitness fanatic so it's no surprise where I ended up working. Helping people staying in shape gives me a buzz and I like seeing people go from flabby to taunt in a few months of hard work.

So today it had been a big day at the gym in South Mackay, and I was feeling pretty tired from that workout. After having a lovely meal of fish and fresh vegetables, I was busy relaxing on my own by watching a funny movie.

Finally I decided I'd have an early night as my body needed to relax and unwind in bed. It was another gorgeous cool winter's night, and as I lay in bed I could hear the ocean waves crashing in the background.

I knew I really must have an early night! After all I'd need all my energy to cope with what was about to happen in the middle of my night. I made sure the main bedroom window was open, and easy to lift to access my bedroom. Thinking about what was going to happen was making me really horny, so I grabbed my favorite toy from my bedside cupboard.

Then I crawled right under my warm Dona. I love being snuggled up into the Dona when I get comfortable for some hot action of self play. I was imagining what I'd like to do to Nic if he'd let me.

It didn't take too long to have my pussy dripping wet as I imagined me with a strap-one fucking a helpless Nic. My toy buzzed away as I had made sure that I was completely entertained as my other hand slid inside my silk crutchless panties to play with my clit. Even after I climaxed I knew I would be still turned on thinking about what was going to happen to me in my night of fulfilling my priceless fantasy. A long night of ecstasy lay ahead.

I caressed my pussy carefully and delightfully with my buzzing silky soft vibrator. Wow I must be gushingly hot and invitingly moist in anticipation of my special night. I believe I was also so turned on by knowing Nic might be listening to me using my toy.

To make it more fun I was moaning in gratitude as I using my favorite toy on myself; by gently running it up and down the lips of my pussy. After playing with my clit I used my left hand to squeeze and massage my breasts, and to tease my nipples until they were delightfully pointy and hard.

And then when I was ready, I slowly slipped my toy into my vagina and twisted it around so it rubbed on my G spot as I slid it in and out. After a while of doing that I could feel myself spiraling towards my orgasm. I wanted it a bit rougher so I started to shove the toy in and out much faster; it was curved at its end and as it ground it's way in and out of me I made sure I pushed it hard against my G spot as it went over it.

I was almost ready for my orgasm to jump into my head. I just wanted a quick orgasm as I didn't want to wear myself out. I felt my muscles in my lower back quiver, and then I felt my whole body go rigid, and my cheeks flushed and glowed.

As I was coming I hoped Nic was listening to me cry out as I climaxed, "Errrrrrrrmmmmmm, Mmmmmm."

I put special toy away and quickly drifted off to a peaceful sleep. Although I went off to sleep, I did expect to get woken during the night.

The next thing I remember is feeling someone pushing me down against my bed. Oh yes, just as I expected.

But I wanted it to seem as real as possible so I cried out, "what are doing, who are you?"

Then he had his hands on me, so I yelled, "don't touch me you filthy bastard, get off me, leave me alone pervert."

As he said nothing, I asked, "mister what do you want? I have money, do you want money? Please don't hurt me!"

It felt good playing this game. I wondered what Nic would say to me to convince me he meant to ravish me and make his pleasure toy.

Then I heard his male voice say, "stay still bitch, I'm gunna give you a really great fucking, I've been watching your hot slutty body and now it's gunna get some of my hard cock! I gunna fuck you til you come so many times you can't remember where you are. I'm gunna start by licking you hot fucking pussy. If you scream I gunna have to gag you. Do you understand?"

"Sure mister, I won't scream, just don't hit me," I begged.

"If you do everything I say you'll be fine my little slut," he said.

And then for some reason I didn't quite grasped I kept repeating, "please don't eat my pussy, I'm so sensitive down there, I can't stand it when it gets licked."

I couldn't help it as I pleaded, "Please don't suck my clit. You won't touch my pussy will you, you're too dirty and I'm lovely and clean! I'm not a dirty little slut. I don't want my pussy licked clean by a pervert."

"Shut the fuck up slut, I'll lick your pussy if I want to, and there's nothing you can do about a disgusting pervert sucking on your pussy," he taunted.

"No please, mister, you smell foul, I don't like anyone touching my pussy unless they really clean, and non-one has ever put anything dirty up inside my pussy. I'm a clean girl and I need you to be gentle with my delicate body," I pleaded.

"Just cause I haven't washed for a week isn't gunna stop me from licking you pussy and pushing my filthy horny cock up into your precious clean pussy," he laugh, "so get used to it."

I could tell that Nic was really turned on by what was happening but not as much as I was!

Then he said, "look bitch don't you go telling me what I can and can't do to your body. I'll fucking do what I want with you, and you'll love it. Cause I know just what kinda fucking little slutty bitch you are. I've watch you prancing around in your micro mini skirts giving anyone who wants to have a look at your butt, a good look."

"You're a slut, I seen you showing off your butt to lots of guys. Why wear that kinda mini? I know it cause you want them to get a full bloody view of your fucking lovely arse every time you bent over. And although you deserve a good spanking, I have another surprise for you! But before I do that I gunna have an early breakfast which is your lovely soft and juicy pussy", he threatened.

"You bastard" I yelled, "get off me! Don't you dare lick my clean pussy. You're a filthy pig and I'm begging you don't, don't do it, just don't touch it. Mister if you leave now I promise I won't call the cops."

I struggled to get free but it was no use Nic had me well pinned to the bed. Nic was so strong, that turned me on too, him holding me down so I couldn't move or get away from him.

"Right," he said, "I'll fix you, you bitch, I'll make sure I can do whatever I want to you and your pussy without you getting away from me."

Then Nic moved his full weight onto me as he climbs onto my upper back. I was really pinned to the bed now. He grabs my right hand and ties it to the top corner of my bed, and then he ties my left hand to the other side. Then he shifts himself and secures each of my feet to the ends of the bed.

"That's it you bastard, I gunna make sure you pay for tying me up like this, you'll never get away with this, I'll make sure you can't suck my pussy and put it inside me," I stressed.

"Whatever you do, I'm gunna make sure I'm don't cum and you're never gunna make me love what you gunna do to me," I promised him.

Nic just laughed and said, "we'll see babe, we'll see! Maybe you're not as strong as you make out."

So I'm lying there and I feel this guy in my room and I'm expecting him to lick my pussy. Strangely I feel him starting to lick and suck on my toes; that was so totally unexpected.

"Hey what yah think you're doing, leave my feet alone you pervert," I said.

"Shut up and enjoy it," he said, "and if you keep that kinda abuse up with me, I gunna shove some dirty knickers in yah mouth to shut yah up."

Maybe I'd better shut up because my knickers, which were on the floor, I'd had on all day at the gym; which would be disgustingly soiled from my heavy work out. Sweaty for a few hours lying on the floor meant I certainly didn't want them shoved in my mouth.

So I just lay there waiting to see what was going to happen next. I felt him licking my calves and then licking right up to behind the soft flesh of my knees. His hands were resting against my thighs, and his thumbs were resting close to my inner thighs, and he was slowly massaging my inner thighs with his thumbs.

Slowly, oh so slowly, his tongue was slowly stroking my calves and licking teasingly behind the soft flesh behind my knees. His thumbs were pushing into, and massaging seductively, the delicate flesh of my inner thighs.

I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter, and my pussy juices started to gush. Wow this was fabulous, I wanted more. Why was he taking so long to get where I wanted him to concentrate on?

I had needed him to lick my pussy and then shove his cock in me so badly [he knew that!]. That bastard was teasing me! He knew I was getting hot with this role play we were doing. Now he knew he had me tied down so I couldn't force him to hurry up. Bugger, I was so hot for him sliding his cock inside me.

I needed some decent action and all I was getting was this cruel teasing licking and massage. Was he ever going to get to creaming my horny pussy with his huge hard throbbing cock? That bastard was making me wait cruelly for the attention I deserved and craved.

"How ya feelin babe?" Nic teasingly asked.

"Your a fucking pervert, get outta here you bastard, just because my pussy is dripping wet doesn't mean nothing," I taunted back at him.

"It's not licking your pussy that I'm after you know, it sliding my dirty fat cock up your pussy that's what I want. Yes, oh yes, you'll be begging me to stick my throbbing wild brick in ya any time soon you know," Nic retorted.

I laughed at him, "what with, that the little piece of sausage I saw floppen about before? It looked so soft and small to me; what couldn't you afford a real cock? I mocked him."

"And why should I even worry about it, you couldn't get it hard cause you're a limp dick aren't you! And even if you could get it hard, you're not man enough to know what to do with a cock are you?" I tortured his ego with my frustrating words.

"Oh yeh babe, so who's all hot and bothered then, cause she wants a fucking hot hard throbbing cock up her tight little pussy then, I bet you'll be screaming for more when I get my cock inside ya hot horny pussy," Nic teased back at me.

Next thing I knew Nic was pinching the inside of my thighs. Then the bastard started to tug on my nipples. Pulling hard at my sensitive nipples was so painful.

"Uhhhhh, Ohhhh, no, no, no, Uhnnnn," I screamed.

"You are a very bad girl! And I want you to beg me to fuck your pussy or I'm just going to keep giving you pain. Until you beg me to fuck you I gunna make you suffer," Nic threatened me.

"Ok, ok, I do as you say, even though I don't really want your filthy prick inside my clean pussy," I explained.

I played the game that would get me exactly what I wanted. The pain was turning me on even more.

"Please mister, shove your big fat filthy cock of yours up inside me. Please mister, play with my body any way you like, but just give me that big fat cock up inside me. I'm begging you, please, please, please, give it to me now," I implored him.

"You've gotta give me cock now, it's what I really need so badly, it's your filthy cock. And I need it now," I told him.

"Whatever you do don't you dare squirt me full of your disgusting cum," I scolded him.

"Babe I'm gunna cover you in my cum, my cock gunna pump ya pussy full of my creamy cum. Your gunna be a juicy cum slut once I shove my cock in you and spray it everywhere. Any questions?" Nic taunted again.

He knew this was going to get me even hotter. I felt his cock sitting at the edge of my pussy lips. Then he starts rubbing his cock up and down the outside of my horny moist pussy lips, and then I can feel him reach under me and start playing with my clit. But I knew he'd get frustrated. It was hard for him to get good friction onto my clit with the position we were in.

So then he jumps off me, grabs a pillow and lifts my tummy up a bit to slide the pillow under my hips. Then he gets back down again, and I'm expecting him to push his cock into my pussy quickly. But that bastard is always full of surprises.

He has coated his cock in lube. He gets the tip of his cock against my pussy and slide it up and down, rubbing it onto my clit. Then so slowly, very very slowly he slides it in. I'm so thrown by his slowness I forgot my promise to not get turned on. There is no time to tighten my thighs up and resist his attack on my inviting pussy. And I'm loving his slowly sliding his cock up inside me.

I can't help myself I start moaning and crying out for more. And then he just stops!

So then he says, "sorry what was that I heard, was that you moaning? Did you want me to keeping pushing my throbbing cock into your pussy? Well you had better beg for it if you want it!"

Oh, I was so horny with all this teasing. Stuff it I though, get on with it you teasing bloody bastard, so I played his game!

"Get that filthy cock moving inside me you little shit, do you know how to make a real woman cum when you fuck her pussy, or are you just a no good pretender?" I spat back at him.

"Babe I'll show you what a real man can do to a horny pussy like yours," laughed Nic.

And then he started a real rhythmic paced fucking action of his cock up into my pussy. That horny bastard then reaches around and is using his fingers to stroke my arse. While his piston cock is working in and out of my pussy I can feel him strumming the delicate flesh surrounding my arse. I was loving it.

"Give it to me you bastard. More, give me more, give my pussy the fucking it deserves. Go on, fuck my pussy good! Play with my arse while you ram your cock up inside my pussy," I instructed him.

I really needed more, so I was screaming, "please, please, yehhhh, please, give me more! I know you've got more, so fucking give it to me. Go on make me cum and cum. Play with me, fuck me, make me cum. I want that cock spraying hot dirty cream up inside my pussy."

I was so close to coming. And then I knew he really must be getting close too, because he starts groaning and moaning.

"Yeh, slut, slut, slut, Mmmmm, yessss," he groaned.

So I started yelling out, "more, give me more, make me cum, fill me up. Fill me up now!"

Oh, wow, I could feel my climax sweeping across me like an electric fire storm. The ecstasy of delight was flooding in waves across me. My pussy was gushing, and my arse was in uncontrollable spasms as I just couldn't stop coming. And I wanted more.

Nic just keep hammering away at my pussy, and I was coming again and again. Was he ever going to stop?

And then he's yelling out, "arghhhhhhh, yessssss, yessssssss."

And then moaning, "ohhhhhh, yehhhh."

I can feel his cock spasm as he sprays the insides of my pussy full of his hot and sticky cum juices.

And then he's kissing the back of my neck, and then he starts licking and sucking on my ear. He's still got his semi hard cock in my pussy and his fingers tickle my arse. And as he continues to keep his semi-hard cock in my pussy, he keeps and sucking and licking my ear.

That was all I needed, it was too much. That was exactly what I needed. I could feel it crashing over me again; I was coming again.

"You bastard", I screamed at him, "get off me, leave me alone."

But he won't, he just starts kissing the back of my neck, and licking and sucking on anything he can get his lips onto. It's just too much, I want some relief.

"Please Nic, please Nic, no more, I can't take any more," I was really begging him this time.

Then he's laughing. "Okay babe you win no more for now," he said.

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