Get Out! Ch. 04


Well Jessica called her father, I guess he had a way he wanted to introduce me to the Brooke family. He contacted Aston Kutcher who was MTV's PUNK'D host. For those who don't watch the show, Kutcher goes around playing big time pranks on celebrities. Rick sold Aston on the idea that he was going to stage a family get together. After we all got together he was going to tell me that I couldn't have his daughters hand in marriage. Half way threw it he was going to reveal the reason is that I was "cheating" on her. Then is where the real shit hit the fan, here comes the most stressful day of my life story.

There Aston was Kutcher was his famous neon orange hat slipped to the side of his head. It read "PUNK'D" just about the bill, his loud voice came threw.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are having a very special half an hour episode today. Jessica Brooke and her father Rick contacted us to PUNK Jessica's AKA Jo Jo's fiancée. Now I've met the guy before, he's a great guy and he loves her a lot. But this is your initiation into the family. So basically her father is going to reveal to Marshel that he can't have his daughters hand in marriage. Then he's going to reveal to his daughter that it's because he's been cheating on her. To make matters worse we have Cathy playing the girl who Marshel's "cheating" with. Welcome to the Brooke family Marshel you're about to be PUNK'D!"

Aston then started to hum the beat to Jo Jo's smash hit Get out.

I glanced over at Jessica and smiled at her, she just got off the phone with her father.

"Hey baby we are going to hang out at my dad's house. I guess he has something to talk to us about".

I nodded and kissed her softly. That was the first day I was wearing the engagement ring she bought me.

"Ok but at the end of the day I have a surprise for you."

I smiled at her, she seemed excited about the prospects of a surprise. She blushed and hugged me tightly. "I love you", she whispered I Eskimo kissed her.

We hopped into the car and we were on the way to her parents house, pulling up I got out of the car. Walking over to her side of the car I opened the door to the car. Stepping out of the car she kissed me,

"Thank you baby."

I nodded she was wearing a purple dress, it matched with her purple engagement ring. The ring was her pride and joy, I didn't even know it but there were already hidden camera tracking my every move. Knocking at the door to her parent's place, her father answered the door with an unfriendly look about him.

"Look I going to get right to the point. I've changed my mind, I am not consenting to give you my daughters hand in marriage".

She frowned and started to stick up for me, 15 minutes had past. A very attractive girl stormed out of Jessica's parent's house.

"So your single are you? You didn't tell me you were getting married!"

Blinking a few times, Rick chimed in

"You ask for my daughters hand in marriage and this is how you repay me? By cheating on her!"

Of course Jessica's eyes welled up, she took off the engagement ring off.

"Here! I thought you loved me"

'Wait baby..."

Besides to take a shower, and when it was time to go to bed she never took that ring of. So I kind of went into shock, that's right is was enough to bring me to tears. Taking off the engagement ring off that she'd given to me, I handed it back to her after she asked for it.

"Seven months babe, and your taking the side of some chick I've never seen in my entire life".

"Sure Marshel, I saw you with her at midnight"

her father chimed in yet again. Jo Jo shook her head and glanced at me,

"I am not your babe anymore. If you wanted me to be you babe you wouldn't have cheated on me".

Well that did it for me I broke down, and cried like a newborn baby.

Walking up to her I handed her what I was saving for later it was her anniversary gift, it was in a simple box.

"It's to bad you don't trust me, but even if you don't ever want to see me again. Know that I love you with all my heart and soul, and I hope you find someone better then me".

The crying was gargling my words; I held her diamond in my hand clutching it tightly.

I started walking toward my car, at which point I even have the girl who was acting crying. Jessica opened her present, it was two halves of a heart locket. When you pieced them both together they made a full heart. One had a picture of me inside and said "Jessica" on the back. The other had a picture of her and had my name written on the back. Also when you put the two halves together on the bottom of the locket it said "True love forever". That sent her into shock, fear now kicked in she pretended to break up with the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Jo Jo darted out of the doorway to the car,


The MTV PUNK'D crew rushed out. As I was pulling out Aston was standing in front of the car. A bunch of swear words came out of my mouth.

"You've just been punk'd!"

I stopped the car, and walked out to a lawn chair that was sitting on the grass. The actress was apologizing, Jessica found out how much I cared that day.

Rushing over to me she sat on my lap and kissed all over my face. She took her engagement ring back, and slipped it onto her finger. She then proceeded to help me slip mine onto my finger.

"Never again baby, please forgive me!"

She had already slipped on her halve of the heart with my picture in it. I slipped my halve with her picture in it, in a soft tone of voice.

"Happy 7 month anniversary sweetheart" She balled, and stuffed her face into my shoulder.

"Shhh, honey don't cry."

I guess seeing my cry was really hard for her to watch. She finally calmed down, I wiped some of the little bit of mascara that started to run with her tears. I think that was the sexiest part about Jo Jo she only wore a little mascara, and lipstick the rest was her natural beauty and boy was she a knock out. Aston started the camera again and cued me.

"This is Marshel and my wife PUNK'D me".

She kissed me on the cheek leaving a big lipstick kiss mark on it. We weren't married yet, but the big day was coming up this Saturday and that's when the episode was being run.

The camera stopped running, Aston left after shaking my hand. Rick walked over to me, "Welcome to the Brooke family; son". He walked away and into his house,

"Do you like the gift baby?"

Of course I was talking about the lockets.

"There are two halves to a whole heart. When you combine the both you get a full heart".

Yanking me into my car, she laid down in the backseat.

"Yes, I love it. I know I messed up. So I want to make it up to you".

Lifting up her dress she wasn't wearing any panties, her bare ass was staring me back in the face.

"Fuck my ass. If you're going to be my husband I want you to own all of my body parts".

Well wasn't this fun, I opened up the glove department and pulled out a bottle of lube. Lubing up my penis, I slowly pressed the head against her asshole. Spreading her cheeks apart, I slowly eased my penis into her. The head stretching her hole farther. She groaned and closed her eyes, pain rampaged through her body. Finally she got used to the feeling of having me up there, pushing her hips back into my. The sounds of slapping filled the room, my hands gripped onto her hips the pace was picked up a little faster. My fingers found a way to her clit, playfully I messed with it. My penis fully buried into her butt, and that only forced me to drive harder.

Finally I came in her ass, the warm oozing feeling was the final straw in the hat she orgasmed hard. After catching our breaths, we headed back to our place. This was the last night before the wedding. I kissed her and spent the last night cuddled against her body heat.

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