tagCelebritiesGetting a Little Moore

Getting a Little Moore


"Congratulations you are caller number ten!" The DJ said on the air.

"Really?" I said.

"Yes get to be an extra in Julianne Moore's new film. "A Bird in the hand!"

"Oh man that is great!" I almost yelled. The DJ took us off the air and his producer got my name and address.

I would have to go down to the radio station to pick up my vouchers and plane tickets.

I took the next day off and picked up my prize package. I looked at the travel date and told my boss the next day I was taking a vacation in the next couple of weeks.

I went to the airport, checked in my bags and got onto the flight to Hawaii.

I wasn't the only one who had won a chance to be an extra in the movie. About 50 others had been given the chance.

We were herded in a shuttle bus and taken to one of the lesser known hotels on Maui.

"Enjoy your stay!" The production assistant told all of us.

Some of us got acquainted.

Me I was a bit jet lagged and went to take a nap. I guess it was a nap as the room phone rang woke me up.

It was my wake up call. Time to get on the bus and head to the set.

The scene was outside one of the local bakeries and coffee shops. The extras were told by the Assistant Director our directions.

Some of us were sitting in the background. Some standing in the checkout line. I was placed sitting at a table, sipping coffee and reading today newspaper.

I saw Ms Moore and her costar sit down at the table directly across from me. She was seated so she could see me.

She was more stunning in person, then she was on the screen. Her long flowing strawberry blonde hair down halfway to her back. Her porcelain skin shaded by the table's umbrella. Freckles running down her arms.

"Action!" The director said

The scene was stopped a couple of times and the director was giving Ms Moore a bit of a hard time. He was telling her, her motivation was lacking.

I thought his actions were uncalled for and decided I would take a little action. I had nothing to lose anyways. So I stood up with my cup of cold coffee and bumped into the director. The coffee cup poured its contents on his shirt and pants.

"You fucking asshole!" He screamed at me, his face was contorted six ways to Sunday.

"You're fired, get out my sight!" He walked off the set muttering and screaming about god knows what.

The Assistant Director came over and put his arm around my shoulders. "I know it was an accident, but thanks." Maybe we can use you in another scene later when he is cooled off." "Go and get yourself another cup of coffee and stay out of sight for awhile."

I thanked him and went and got another coffee.

As I came out of the store I was approached by a petite brunette.

"Sir Ms Moore has requested that you follow me to her trailer." She said.

I gulped, nodded and followed her to the trailer.

The sign on the door read Ms. Moore. The assistant opened the door and I went in behind her.

We went to the back of the trailer and there sitting on a bed was Julianne Moore in the flesh.

She was talking her cell phone.

"God damn it Irwin, he is such a prick. He says he knows what he wants then when we do it, he says it's not what he wanted."

She looked up at me and held up her index finger.

The assistant excused herself and I heard the trailer door close not long after that.

"Yes I know Irwin he is a good director but he is unbearable." You know I am not one to quit but I will he doesn't stop his bullshit. See what you can do" She said and pushed the off button and closed her cell phone.

"Sorry talking to my agent, seeing what he can do about that asshole." She stood and shook my hand; I took it and shook it back. Her hands where so soft to the touch.

"So was that an accident or did you come to my rescue?" She asked.

"Well it was sort of an accident!" I said and winked.

She laughed "I thought as much, and he fired you, I am so sorry about that."

I went on to explain to her that this was a contest and I couldn't really be fired. I went on babbling as to I had always wanted to meet her since her soap opera days.

"Ah a true fan then."

"I can give you something to remember then, um what is your name anyways?" She asked.

"Mike Flint." I stammered as her hand unzipped my khaki pants and started to stroke my half hard 5 inches

Her pure white hand felt so nice stroking me. I moved my ass up and slide them off. She leaned over and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue snaking over my lips, forcing its way inside my mouth.

"Shit!" I said to myself "I am making out with Julianne "Fucking "Moore."

She stopped and stood up. I looked up at her and she took off her green top and unbuttoned her jeans and removed them. There she was in a white bra and panties. It didn't take her long to remove those either.

You want some Moore?" She asked, as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

She ran her hand over her bare pussy, just a landing strip up above.

I didn't need an invitation to eat. I slid over and started lapping her pussy. She started to moan as my mouth covered her sopping wet pussy.

God she tasted so good. My thumb and forefinger rolled over her clit. She started bucking against my face. She came over my face.

"Wow Ms. Moore you have one juicy pussy!" I said as I looked up at her, my face dripping with her juices.

"Fuck me doggy style!" She commanded.

"What?" I was in a bit of shock

"I said fuck me doggy style!" She said and grabbed my dick and pulled it. "This fucker looks like her need a nice wet pussy, doesn't he?"

I gulped and smiled as she turned over and pushed her ass in the air.

I rammed my rock hard cock deep inside her.

"Shit!" She screamed as I plowed that fertile pussy deep.

I grabbed her thin hips and rammed it further in and she pushed her ass back at me. I was buried to the hilt inside her pussy.

"Pla, Play with my tits!" She moaned.

I reached over and grabbed her tiny tits. I twisted her pencil erasure nipples.

She buried her head in the pillow as I did this.

"FUCK YES!" She screamed into the pillow.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Ms Moore; the director says to get your fat ass on the set." The Assistant Director said. "His words not mine, Ms. Moore.

She signaled me to stop for a moment and I did. "I will be there in a few minutes Henry." She said breathlessly.

"Ok Ms. Moore." Henry said and I heard him walk away.

I whispered "Your ass isn't fat."

She giggle and pushed herself on my dick again. She ground her hips and squeezed her twat against my cock. Milking it, slowly squeezing my cum out and inside her.

Soon I was filling her pussy with my hot load. Oh so deep and it felt so good

Henry was banging on the door once more.

"Ms. Moore please he is yelling for you" He said.

"Tell my god damn husband I will be there when I am good and ready Henry, now get lost!" She screamed.

Yes Ms. Moore." He said.

"The director is yours husband?" I asked her.

"Yup the old ball and chain, sweetie," She told me.

"Wow god thing he doesn't know I am fucking you." I said.

"Oh he knows I fuck around on him." Not even calias works on his limp noodle." She started laughing.

"I need take a shower, baby." She said as she kissed my cheek. "Join me"

I followed her into the shower and we washed each other off. She toweled off and got dressed. She kissed me on the cheek once more.

"Thanks for the good fuck baby." Ms. Moore said as she closed trailer door behind her. I got dressed and followed shortly after.

Mr. Moore, the director filmed the scene we did before the coffee accident. It was to his liking this time.

Ms. Moore walked by me after the scene giggle and groped my ass. After my days were done, I went back home, everyone asked me.

"Did you enjoy your vacation Mike?"

I answered with a sweet sly smile

"Oh yes and Moore!"

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