tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Behind Pt. 04

Getting Behind Pt. 04


"Stand still," Jack demanded, as Sandy heard the door creak closed behind them and the chillingly mournful sound of Abby's muted and frantic cries disappear completely. Now, Sandy could feel the wrist restraints being unclasped behind her. Frightened already and fearing Jack's wrath, Sandy made no effort to move her crossed hands from the supplicant position behind her back. "Good girl," said Jack sardonically. "You learn very fast."

As Jack removed Sandy's blindfold, he continued, "You have done very well this evening and I think you deserve a reward. Would you like that Sandy? Would you like to be rewarded? You may speak."

Sandy was listening to every word Jack said, but she was still dizzy and somewhat disoriented as she tried to adjust to the bright light in the outer chamber. Finally, Sandy spoke in a haltingly cautious voice, "Yes Master."

"What reward would you like," asked Jack, thinking he already knew the answer. "You may speak. Tell me what reward you would like?"

Sandy paused for a moment, not sure what to say. Finally, and quietly, she replied with a one word answer, almost a whisper really, "Monique!"

As they walked across the room and out the door, and up the stairs to the upper hallway, Jack was back to peppering Sandy with questions again. Only this time he was making her describe in intricate detail just what she wanted to do to Monique and to have Monique do to her. A few hours ago, Sandy would have been embarrassed to tears, she knew, but suddenly found herself becoming aroused as she visualized and described how she wanted to fulfill her erotic fantasies with the beautiful young Monique.

As Jack listened to Sandy describe her passionate tryst with Monique he could sense the enthusiasm in her voice. Jack hoped the enthusiasm would be as apparent to Mike when he heard the recording Jack was making on his cell phone...when Larissa played it for him later. Jack wondered it Mike had ever actually tapped into Sandy's latent sexuality...he doubted it.

When they reached the end of the upper corridor, Jack tugged on Sandy's leash once again for her to stop. "There is a washroom through that door. You can freshen up a bit and then join me in the main hall. It is through this door," said Jack as he motioned toward the door on the opposite wall. "You have ten minutes."

With that, Jack unleashed Sandy from the collar and disappeared through the door to the salon as Sandy closed the door to the washroom behind her, happy to have a few moments to herself to collect her thoughts.

What in the world had she gotten herself into, Sandy thought to herself as she bent over the sink, splashing cold water on her face.. And what about that poor woman, Abby. What had frightened her so much? She didn't appear to be easily flap-able, Sandy thought to herself. What could they be doing to her that terrified her so badly?

Sandy quickly decided to put it out of her mind, sensing that it would probably be best if she didn't know. Besides, if all went well, in a few minutes she and Monique would finally be in each other's arms, perhaps back in the dressing room, where they could finish what they had started earlier in the evening. Sandy wondered how much time Jack would allow them. Would he want to watch? Sandy was sure he would, but no matter. God knows, Jack had already watched her cum over and over again.

After using the bidet and washing up a bit more, Sandy freshened up her makeup and made her way to the main salon. As she opened the door, she could see Jack on his perch at the end of the room. Kneeling next to him was Monique, dutifully in the supplicant's position with her head downcast. As she approached, Sandy noticed that everyone else in the room was lounging or sitting on the steps to the lower play area where the over sized mattress was located. It was almost as if they were sitting in a stadium or a theater awaiting a performance. How strange, Sandy thought to herself distractedly as she finally reached Jack and Monique.

Instinctively, almost without thinking, Sandy lowered her head even further and assumed the supplicant position on the opposite side of Jack's chair, as she had earlier in the evening.

"Mistress Monique, the supplicant Sandy would like to offer herself to you. Do you accept her humble offering," asked Jack, loudly enough that everyone in the salon could here.

"Yes Master," replied Monique in a similarly loud voice. "Supplicant...are you prepared to do as your mistress demands?"

Sandy was confused. Mistress? Supplicant? Sandy thought they were going to make love...what was this...

"Supplicant!" shouted Mistress Monique. "I expect you to answer me when I address you. Now answer me...immediately!"

"Yes, yes of course Monique..." Sandy began to say as the riding crop seared into her left buttock, causing her to cry out in surprise and pain.

"You will address me as Mistress," shouted Monique. "How dare you be so familiar!"

Monique had the leash now and clasped it to Sandy's collar as Sandy's mind raced, trying to figure out what was going on. This wasn't at all what she had imagined. As Monique tugged on the collar, she led Sandy toward the pit rather than the door. Sandy's eyes got big as she realized whatever they were going to do, it was going to be in the pit and in front of a large audience.

With eyes downcast, Sandy descended the steps into the pit as the throng of people cleared a temporary path for Monique as she led Sandy down the steps. Once they were on the edge of the large mattress, Monique gave the leash a tug and Sandy knew to stop. Much to Sandy's surprise, Monique not only unclasped the leash, but also removed the collar. As Monique removed the chain mail from Sandy's waist and the other accouterments , she realized she was stark naked in front of the assembled throng and her body flushed bright red in embarrassment.

Sandy knew she dare not move and stood silently as Monique retrieved a bottle of oil next to the mattress and rubbed it into every inch of Sandy's now crimson body, making Sandy's body glisten under the bright multicolored lights that now lit the mattress area. Sandy suddenly realized that the rest of the room was completely dark now and that she and Monique were the sole focus of attention.

"You may disrobe me now, supplicant," said Mistress Monique with a regal flair. "And then you may anoint me with oil as well."

Sandy's heart was racing now that she realized that this was not going to be the intimate lovemaking she had imagined, but a spectacle witnessed by the several dozen people occupying the steps that surrounded her.

As she slowly undressed Monique, she again marveled, and lusted for, the beautiful young woman's exquisite body. Sandy's juices began to flow once again as she used her hands to rub the oil into the soft, smooth and flawless flesh of this nubile young beauty who captivated her. Once she was finished, Monique spoke again, pointing to the center of the mattress. "Crawl to the center and assume the proper position supplicant," demanded Mistress Monique.

"Crawl more slowly, supplicant, so that all may see your beautiful breasts jostle beneath you," said Mistress Monique as she lashed Sandy's right buttock with her riding crop. With each hand or knee movement forward, Sandy received another blow to one of her cheeks and an admonishment to move more slowly and sensually.

Finally at the center of the mattress, Sandy assumed the supplicant's position and crossed her arms behind her back. As Monique moved in front of her, Sandy could see the sex toys arrayed next to them. There were all variety of vibrators and dildos as well as clamps and other sex and bondage paraphernalia. Now Sandy could feel the tongue of the riding crop resting just below her chin as Monique made Sandy sit straight up on her haunches facing her as Monique assumed a similar position facing her.

The riding crop was between Sandy's legs now as Monique pressed the tongue firmly against Sandy's clit, forcing her, willing her, into an upright kneeling position. As Monique sat up to meet her, their well-oiled breasts pushed into each other and slid back and forth as their nipples danced against each other, becoming even more rigid with desire than they had been already.

Monique leaned forward and took Sandy's left nipple in her mouth and sucked hard on it as she licked it with her tongue before biting it hard, sending a jolt of unexpected pain through Sandy's body as she cried out. Immediately, Sandy felt the harsh sting of the riding crop on her right breast. "Not a sound, do you hear?" yelled Monique. "No so much as one sound."

Taking Sandy's other nipple into her mouth, Monique repeated the process and this time Sandy suffered the excruciating pain of having her nipple bit even more harshly without making a sound. Sandy was breathing really hard now, not sure what was going to happen next. Monique now sucked almost all of Sandy's left breast into her mouth and again, bit down hard. And again, Sandy made no noise. Monique did the same to Sandy's other breast and as she leaned back, the swelling and bite marks were visible to everyone in the room.

Next Monique leaned forward and bit each side of Sandy's neck, as though she were a vampire and then finally Sandy's lower and upper lips. Throughout, Sandy made no sound but struggled with her breathing as pain and the anxiety of not knowing what would happen next consumed her as her breasts heaved in and out.

Finally Monique harshly bit Sandy's left earlobe as Sandy jerked in pain before Monique released it and moved to her right ear. This time Monique surprised Sandy by sucking her right earlobe before licking the inside of Sandy's ear with her tongue. As she removed her tongue from Sandy's ear she kissed it and softly whispered so that no one else could hear, "All of this has been a show for the paying customers up until now. From now on, it is all real."

Taking Sandy's face between her hands Monique looked into Sandy's eyes and the same affection, the same lust, was there that Sandy had seen earlier. As Monique drove her tongue into the back of Sandy's mouth she pushed her backwards onto the mattress and as Monique began to explore Sandy's body with her hands, Sandy did the same. Both women were grinding their aching pussies against each other's thighs as they rolled around the mattress, exploring each other's breasts, nipples, pussies and asses with their slickly oiled hands and fingers.

When neither of them could stand it any longer, when they were thoroughly consumed with their animal lust for each other, Monique rolled Sandy onto her back and reversed position, lowering her head between Sandy's sprawled and welcoming legs as she drove her tongue into Sandy's wet and needy pussy.

Sandy's hands were grasping each of Monique's ass cheeks as she drove her fingernails deep into the soft unblemished flesh drawing Monique's young pink pussy toward her waiting tongue. Both women let out an almost simultaneous gasp that was heard by everyone in the now completely silent room as their lust for each other and multiple orgasms consumed them as they rolled around the mattress, locked in each other's embrace, thrashing their quivering asses into each other's tongues, lips and faces.

As they finally broke their embrace, both women were still consumed with lust and Monique reached over and retrieved a double-sided dildo, something that Sandy had never seen before, but quickly became familiar with as Monique inserted an end into each of their pussies as she drew them closer together, rocking the faux cock back and forth as deeply into their pussies as she could drive them with her hand. Sandy was beside herself with lust as she lay back on her back, her breasts flopping wildly as Monique sat astride her with the dildo, driving it hard and deep into each of them.

With her other hand, Monique had the riding crop now and was slapping Sandy's breasts, then stomach, and then the sides of Sandy's ass again and again, as the pleasure and pain drove Sandy wild. Sandy, for her part, had Monique's nipples between her thumbs and index fingers and was pinching and stretching them away from her supple breasts, filling her with exquisite pain as well. Both women were near an orgasm again as Monique pushed the dildo so deep inside each of them that their pussies met and they finally exploded yet again.

Sandy had never been so lust crazed in her life. After multiple orgasm, she still craved more as the women rolled off each other and Monique extracted the dildo from them and tossed it aside. Sensing that Sandy had still not had enough, and certain that she hadn't, Monique rolled Sandy over on her stomach, grasping the side of her ass and pulling her up onto all fours.

Bending down, Monique gently nibbled on the soft skin on either side of Sandy's asshole, making Sandy lurch forward slightly, before driving her tongue deep into Sandy's ass causing her to exhale in a pleasured moan. Sandy spread her knees even wider apart to give Monique deeper access as she rimmed and tongued Sandy's ass, sending new waves of pleasure through her body.

Monique was now massaging Sandy's clit with her right thumb and index fingers as she pinched and pulled hard on Sandy's left nipple, ramping Sandy up toward yet another orgasm. As Sandy's breathing got heavier and heavier Monique removed her tongue from Sandy's ass and straddled her from behind. Now Monique reached over with her left hand to her pile of toys and retrieved a group of small red balls strung together on a piece of slender rope. Gradually, Monique inserted each of the balls into Sandy's ass until only a short length of the rope was left. As Monique inserted each ball, Sandy let out a loud and fresh moan of pleasure.

Monique had continued to massage Sandy's clit with her right thumb and index fingers and now inserted her index and middle finger directly into Sandy's hot slick pussy and began to slowly drive them in and out, making sure to massage Sandy's clit on each backstroke. Gradually, Monique added her fourth and small finger to Sandy's pussy as she stretched Sandy''s pussy as wide as she could with her left hand. Sandy's legs were spread as wide apart as they would go now as Sandy's moans became louder and louder and her breasts swayed back and forth as she pushed back into Monique's probing fingers.

Finally, Monique pressed her thumb together with her other four fingers and slowly drove them all into Sandy's now gaping pussy, all the way up to her second knuckles. After a few more strokes Monique's fingers had disappeared as Sandy's moans became louder and more frantic. Monique continued to push her hand deeper and deeper into Sandy's pussy until she was wrist deep in Sandy's pussy.

"Oh God, Oh God!" cried out Sandy as Monique continued to push and push deeper inside her. "Ohhhh...Aahhhhh...Oh God, Oh God," cried out Sandy once again as Monique closed her first deep inside Sandy's pussy and began to piston thrust her forearm deep inside Sandy, picking up speed with each thrust.

"Oh my God, no, please no, no...Oh God, yes, yessss! Oh God YES! Don't stop. Oh God, harder, HARDER!" cried out Sandy now in utter desperation as Monique thrust her slender forearm into Sandy's pussy, now almost up to her elbow.

"Aahhhhh! Eemmm! Ahhohhh!" cried out Sandy, frantic as the mixture of pleasure and pain and an overwhelming sense of warmth and fullness overwhelmed her and she could no longer form words. Sandy was delirious now and was making loud animal-like noises as Monique pounded her arm into Sandy's pussy at a frenetic pace.

Monique could sense that Sandy was ready to erupt and grabbed the end of the string that was still protruding from Sandy's ass with her left hand and slowly, very slowly, began to pull the balls from Sandy's ass, one at a time. Sandy exploded in orgasm. Her scream of ecstasy was so loud that there was a murmur from her audience, for the first time. Sandy's screams became louder and louder, until the last of the balls were removed from her ass. Sandy was bucking like a bronco against Monique's rapidly thrusting arm just as her orgasm finally crested.

Completely exhausted, Sandy collapsed to the mattress, breathing heavily as Monique removed her arm from Sandy's distended pussy, Sandy's ass continuing to quiver and body shudder softly as her orgasm slowly faded.

"I think that is enough, Mistress Monique," said Jack from the back of the darkened room. "Please take our supplicant to the dressing room and get her cleaned and dressed. We need to get her home for some beauty rest." As Jack uttered the last words he could hear the slight murmur of laughter from the assemblage as they began to move away from the steps, just as the lights came back up.

Monique helped Sandy to her feet and kept her arm wrapped tightly around her waist as Sandy stumbled on wobbly legs toward the main entrance and the dressing room beyond. Watching Sandy disappear through the door with Monique, Jack finally rose from his chair and made his way to the edge of the steps. As he approached, the only other clothed man in the room looked over as he turned off the video camera on his shoulder and placed it on the chaise next to him. Rotating his arm to regain circulation, the man nodded in acknowledgement to Jack.

"Did you get it all?" asked Jack.

"Everything," replied the young man who had been operating the video camera throughout Sandy and Monique's performance. "That was a quad-X performance. Those are two hot ladies."

"Yes indeed," replied Jack. "You have no idea. You shot this digitally didn't you?"

"Yes, of course," said the young man.

"Good then," responded Jack as he began to make his way toward the door. "Upload the file to that FTP site thing and send a link to both Larissa's and my email. Thank you...and goodnight." said Jack abruptly as he disappeared through the door.

Jack made his way directly to the car. While he was waiting for Monique to bring Sandy out, he would give Larissa a call and they could give each other an update. Jack decided to text Larissa first, to make sure she could talk openly. After texting her, Jack's phone rang almost immediately.

"Hello daddy," said Larissa warmly. "How is everything going?"

"Just fine. Just fine. You should be getting an email with the latest video anytime now. Your new protege is quite photogenic. I'm sure you will find the video very useful..and I'm sending you an audio file too," said Jack.

"That's wonderful Daddy," replied Larissa. Mike and Beverly and I are in the limo on the way to the hotel. We finally just landed about fifteen minutes ago. I think we are going to get room service in the suite and then turn in."

"I'm sure you will. I would imagine you'll even get some sleep too...at some point," said Jack wryly.

"Absolutely, daddy," replied Larissa coyly, knowing Mike couldn't hear a word Jack was saying. "If we're not too tired, perhaps we will watch a movie before we go to bed. I'm sure there must be something interesting on pay-per-view. Or maybe we'll hook the laptop up the the TV in the room. I brought my HDMI cable along. I'm sure I must have something worth watching saved on my laptop."

"That's my girl!" laughed Jack. "How is Michael holding up? Do you think he has the stamina to keep up with you and Beverly?"

"Oh, Michael seems very energetic and well prepared," replied Larissa. "I think he is definitely up to the task. Don't you Beverly?"

"Absolutely," shouted Beverly from other other side of Mike into the cell phone as Larissa held it out. "He shows great promise." Beverly didn't have to hear the other end of the conversation to know what Jack and Larissa were really talking about.

"Thank you ladies," Jack heard the guileless Mike say before Larissa returned the cell phone to her ear.

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