tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting Blown in a Theater

Getting Blown in a Theater


As I pulled into the movie theater parking lot I hoped to God that the girl standing by the front door was not my date. Yes, I had met her less than a week before and yes we had spoken on the phone a few times and yes this is the same girl that I had drunken sex with less than a week ago. You maybe asking if you didn't really like Janet why did you agree to go out with her. The best answer I can come up with was that I had my beer goggles on and didn't really remember what she looked like and was hoping that she was some what cute.

I found spot that allowed me to do the walk of shame all the way to the front door. As I was about twenty feet away Janet turned and her face went from a look of boredom to a look of excitement. I swallowed deeply and tried my best to put on a smile of my own. Not really sure what kind of greeting I as going to get I can't say that I was overly surprised when she gave me a big hug. Trying my best to mask my disappointment I returned the hug.

"Hey babe, what's going on? Have you been waiting long?"

In a perky voice "Only about five minutes!" she replied

Trying to be a nice guy I agreed to buy the tickets and the popcorn. Luckily the theater was not that crowded and grabbed seats near the back. Still not too sure on how I felt about Janet I was not all that upset that the theater was not that crowded, that would help reduce the risk of being seen in public by some of my friends. I almost didn't notice that Janet was trying to get my attention but when I looked over she planted a small kiss on my lips.

Paying closer attention to the movie than my company I was startled when I felt a hand brush against my crotch. Glancing at Janet she tried to explain that she was reaching for popcorn but missed the bucket. Having no reason to doubt that answer I went back to watching the movie. Less than five minutes later again I felt a hand at my crotch but this time it wasn't brushing against it, this time her hand stayed there and began to unzip my jeans.

Looking at Janet for an explanation all she did was put her index finger to lips and in a soft barely audible voice said "Shhhhhhhh!"

As one that is not a confrontational person I did as she said and again went back to watching the movie. Being at the back of an empty movie theater Janet placed her coat on the ground and before I knew it she was between my legs with my cock in her mouth. It was easy to tell that Janet was one who knew what to do once she had a cock in her mouth. Taking most of my shaft deep into her mouth and started easing it back out and then on the occasions that she would take the shaft completely out of her mouth she would rub her tongue along the base and the give each testicle a little suck. Putting my cock back into she returned to a quick & deep sucking action and in no time at all I shot my load into her mouth. Returning to her seat I as able to see a little bit of jizz hanging out of the corner of her mouth. Pointing it out she licked it away with her tongue.

Turning to me in an eager voice Janet stated "Blowing you has made me really horny, you want to get out of here?"

"You must be reading my mind!" I stated as I grabbed my jacket and stood up.

Once outside of the dark theater Janet questioned, "Do you know of any place close that we can go to fuck each others brains out?"

In a more questioning tone than a statement I blurted out, "How about the beach?"

"I'm not a big fan of the beach is there any place else?" Janet sadly replied.

"Why don't we just hop in my car? I am sure we can find some place!"

I kind of had my mind set on driving to the local beach and that we find a secluded spot where we could sneak off and exchange bodily fluids with one another. Still extremely horny after the oral gratification Janet had given me I tried to come up with a suggestion on how to get Janet all lathered up as well. Reaching over I placed my hand between her legs and started to rub against her crotch, this must have been a welcome advance because Janet started easing hardly into my hand. Granted it was a little tricky to keep massaging her crotch while trying to drive a standard but I some how found away.

Find the darkest spot in the parking lot I could find I quickly turned the car off but leaving the music on for a little mood music. Janet decided to give me a little peek and loosened her shirt and let her boobs hang out. Reaching behind her back she made my job easier by taking her bra off and throwing it in the back seat. Leaning over we met with a kiss and let our tongues wrestle for a few minutes. Gently squeezing one of her breasts I lifted it making it easier for me to kiss and suckle her nipple. Reclining her seat she grabbed me almost forcing me on to her side of the car.

Fumbling we were able to remove each others jeans. Never giving it much thought but I didn't think it would be possible for me to get laid in my Dodge Daytona but luckily Janet was here to prove me wrong. Changing positions I took the seat and Janet eased her juicy vagina down onto my cock. To anyone outside it would have been abundantly clear what was going on inside by the way the car was rocking and the windows were steamed up. To be honest I could have cared less who knew what was going on. Locked in a deep kiss I pulled Janet close to me as I came. Trying to keep my thrusts up was proving to be difficult with how quickly my cock was turning limp.

Giving a half-hazard attempt to compose ourselves we put back on as much of our clothing as possible. I took my time driving Janet back to her car, once again keeping my hand between her legs. Once back at her car we kissed for another twenty minutes before saying our good-byes. Still not sure what I felt about Janet I knew that I would need to go out with her one more time before I could come to any conclusions.

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