tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Caught Ch. 01

Getting Caught Ch. 01


It was tough being nineteen and starting my first year in college. I had just walked into the house from school when I noticed the note from my mom: ‘Please give this bag to Stacy, she should be over around 4pm to pick it up.’ Stacy was a very beautiful woman who was thirty-five, but could easily pass for a college freshman. I looked at the clock—it was three p.m.—this would give me over an hour to pleasure myself before she arrived. I dashed upstairs to my room, sat on my bed and began to undress myself. I laid down on the bed before fiddling with my nipples that became ferociously hard almost instantly. After a minute or so I crawled my fingers down over my body and started massaging my pussy. It was becoming wet rapidly. After getting my pussy wet I reached for my much-loved dildo, and started fucking my wet pussy. I was so near to coming—I was groaning rather hotly—when suddenly I heard Stacy clear her throat.

I tried to cover myself up, but it was too late. ‘Stacy, please don’t tell my mom—she’d be so upset her going to church and all—she wouldn’t understand what a young girl like me would be doing this—she’d think it a sin!’ I begged Stacy. Stacy just smiled when she said it would cost me if I wanted her not to say anything to my mom. I pleaded with her some more and told her I would do anything she wanted. She repeated ‘anything’ while her grin began to broaden. She strolled over to my bed and halted in front of me—her pussy was a few centimetres from my face. She asked shrewdly: ‘ever been with a woman before?’

‘No way! I’d never do that—never!’ I hastily retorted.

‘Too bad. I guess I will call your mother now and let you face her wrath.’ She said looking somewhat disappointed. I fell to my knees and appealed to Stacy not to tell my mom—I was quite hysterical, but wouldn’t you be?

Stacy turned round and pulled slowly down her skirt. Before me was a pair of pink satin panties. I didn't know what to do—I hesitated—but Stacy did: she slid off her panties. I got my first look at another woman’s pussy. It was only centimetres from my face.Then Stacy reached down, grabbed my hair, and forcing my mouth onto her pussy. Her pussy was trimmed, and you could tell she spent plenty of time making it look good. I couldn’t believe my ears when she commanded me to lick her pussy. She called me a slut! I stuck out my tongue and unhurriedly licked her pussy. It tasted rather peculiar at first. But after a while—it was truly wonderful. Stacy spread open her lips with her eager fingers so that I had better access to her hard clit.

‘Good little slut… lick my pussy… and you better make me come.’ She barked. I could only moan as I licked her pussy quicker and quicker as she moved her hips and forced my face tighter onto her wet twat—deep into her pussy. Her hips moved faster as she let out a loud moan, and I tasted her come. I was still in the afterglow of what had happened when she grabbed my hair and forced me onto the bed and ordered my get on all fours. I felt the stinging slap on my ass and screamed. She proceeded to slap my ass until it was bright red.

‘I want that dildo in your mouth, slut’, she once again hollered, ‘so I don’t have to hear you.’ I put the dildo into my mouth whilst she instructed: ‘suck it slut’. As I was sucking the dildo I felt her fingers in my pussy, ‘so nice and tight’ she commented. I was already close to coming because of what I started, but I was in for the shock on my life. She reached into the bag and pulled out a strap-on and weirdly said: ‘take it all just like mommy.’

I was stunned by what she said, but it felt too good. She then reached round and pinched my nipples hard. As she did that, I came so hard I almost fainted. I felt her hand grab my hair as she ordered my to clean off her cock. I took it immediately into my mouth and sucked it clean. As Stacy got up she slapped my ass and told me to be at her house tomorrow at four p.m. sharp or else she’ll tell ‘mommy’ about ‘our secret’. I couldn't say a word as she picked up her clothes and left me in shock.

‘Did you hear what I said?’ Stacy asked as she left my room.

‘Yes Stacy I heard you very clear.’

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