tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Caught Ch. 03

Getting Caught Ch. 03


After I hung up with my Mother I couldn’t find mistress anywhere, so I found a room with a nice bed, and went to sleep. I was awakened the next morning with mistress between my legs eating my pussy. I was so close to cumming, but I was not sure if mistress would allow me the pleasure.

A few seconds later she asked me if I was going to cum, and I told her I was very close. At that moment she stopped, and straddled over my face, and I thought she was going to let me lick her pussy. I was so wrong and I didn’t think I heard her right when she said, “Enjoy my piss slut.” I was covered with mistress’ piss, and didn’t know what to do, and I think she was looking for a reaction. I just lay there stunned until she spoke, and she said “Lick my pussy clean slut.”

When I didn’t respond she grabbed my hair and forced my face into her pussy, and I started to lick her like there was no tomorrow. After she came she pinched my nipples and said “Good little slut” and left.

I was lying on the bed stunned, and wasn’t sure how this new relationship was going to work. A couple of minutes passed by, and Mistress returned and instructed me to shower and wear the outfit in the bathroom as I had a job to do that afternoon. I stood up and as I walked pass Mistress she playfully swatted my ass.

I went into the bathroom started the water, and looked at my outfit, it was a very revealing, leather. I showered then proceeded to put on my outfit. My breasts were exposed, and it was a thong that rode in between my ass cheeks. I have to say I looked great in it, and then I headed downstairs to see what job I was to do for mistress.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw thirteen ladies in Mistress’ house talking and laughing it was a party of some sort. I found Mistress in the kitchen and asked her what I needed to do to help her.

“Grab that tray of drinks and serve them to my guests, and if asked serve yourself to my guests.” Mistress told me.

I didn’t move at first but Mistress snapped me out of it when she asked “Is there a problem?”

“No Ma’am!” I replied, and grabbed the tray and quickly went into the living room to serve the guests.

As I moved through the guests I was being groped by all of them I couldn’t believe it, but what happened next was even more shocking. I was grabbed from behind as someone took the tray from my hands as I was turned around I was met with a forceful kiss on the lips and the other woman’s tongue forced it’s way into my throat. After the kiss she said “Upstairs slut, I need my pussy serviced.”

I went upstairs and followed her into a bedroom and she was much more forceful than Mistress. As soon as I walked inside I was forced against the wall with another kiss and a hard nipple pinch. The woman never let go of my nipple as she forced me to my knees. She was wearing a dress, which made it easy for me to access an already wet pussy. I started to lick her pussy as she ground her hips on my face forcing my head against the wall. I knew she would be coming soon, so I licked her pussy faster and her hips moved faster until her knees buckled and she screamed “I’m cumming.”

The woman quickly grabbed my hair and forced me onto the bed, but just then another lady walked in with a smile on her face. The new lady walked in and immediately stood over me offering me her pussy. I went after it hungrily and was hoping someone would start on my wet pussy. I was licking her pussy, but all of a sudden she was pulled away from me, and a 9 inch dildo replaced her pussy. I was told “Suck my cock bitch or else.”

I took the large cock into my mouth and felt my outfit being torn from my body. I was grabbed by my hair and forced onto my stomach and when I looked around at least five women or more surrounded me. It was like I was getting gang raped, but by women I was hoping Mistress would save me from these women. I was trying to get up when I felt it enter me all 9 inches of the dildo it was part of a strap on, and it was pounding in and out of my pussy. My head was lifted up and another pussy was offered to me I began I eagerly started licking it in hopes it would stifle my moans. I felt someone spreading my ass cheeks and then I felt a tongue running up and down ass and plunging in and out of my ass. The pussy was replaced by another and my mouth was getting tired along with my pussy from getting pounded I was going to cum and soon my body began to tremble and then I came, it felt so good to finally cum. All I could hear was “Good slut.”

Then it happened someone placed their ass over my face, and I was told “Eat my ass now bitch or else.”

I didn’t know what to do I started to place my tongue in her ass, but she turned around and said, “Oh you’re too good to eat my ass bitch?”

“No I’m not. I’m sorry please let me serve you Ma’am.” I said. With that she straddled my head and pissed all over my face. I tried not to swallow but I did get some in my mouth and I could hear the other ladies laughing at me.

The woman then grabbed my hair and said, ‘Eat my pussy clean bitch!”

I didn’t hesitate as I licked her pussy fast and hard hoping to make her cum. I was awarded a few minutes later with her sweet nectar all over my tongue.

After that I lost how many pussy I had eaten or how many times I came or how many times a dildo went in and out of my pussy. I fell asleep. A short time later, someone grabbed my hair and awakened me. When I opened my eyes, I saw it was Mistress.

“You bitch!” she screamed. As I scrambled to get to my feet she just push me back on the bed. “How dare you sleep when I asked you to serve my guests? I have never been so embarrassed in my life!”

“Mistress I’m sorry I was serving them . . .” before I could finish I felt a slap across my face.

“If you ever talk back to me it will be worse and you will make this up not only to me but also to all of my guests.”

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