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Getting Even


When I found out that Stanley had fucked my wife, Lee, it kinda pissed me off!

Stanley and I work together at a local Massage Therapy College. He is about 40 or so, and I never really paid much attention to him.

I never knew, it happened at the School picnic several years ago. I never would have known, except I have lately been doing quite a bit of messing around with the ladies.

Lee and I have an open kind of relationship, but human emotions and all that get in there anyway, I have come to realize.

So when Lee found out about Shannon, the lady who teased me into hunting her down by playing games with my computor, I guess it was just too much. Shannon and I had rolled aound with each other for most of a full week, it was fun, to be honest. But when I told Lee, who was home for just the weekend, she showed obvious displeasure.

Then when I asked her to do some writing, she used the Lee's story, chapter 7 story to poke me a little. I hounded her trying to make sure the story was true, thinking she was just trying to get my goat. She mentioned a couple of things about him that I knew to be true, we sometimes are in the shower at the college together.

I know I felt a full flush when I realized it was no story, she did it! She wasn't making any bones about the fact that she liked it, too!

So for some crazy reason, I was pissed off at Stanley. For one thing, fucking another man's wife without permission is a no-no, dammit! Oh, all right, I do it all the time, but that is different, that is me!

So I can be an asshole, so what...dang..!

Just one thing to do, I would just have to figure out how to screw Stanley's wife, that would do it, by golly!

Minor little problem, I had never met her, and had no idea what she looked like, or how to get to her!

So I snooped. The employee files are real handy, and I have the password. I would get hung in the sun as a warning if the boss ever found out, but I wasn't about to tell him.

I pulled up Stanley's file, giggling a bit when I spotted the two "confidential" complaints on his record, complete with notations that he was told to be "more careful" in the future. Both were from female students who had complained that he had "touched" them!

Hell, he is an instructor, working on nude bodies all day long, what do they expect? Still it tickled me, I knew I had no complaints at all!

It just took me a minute to get his address, phone number, his wife's name, Melissa, all the details..heehee, time to go to work!

I drove by their house on the way home a few times, hoping to get a glimpse, no luck. But I did notice that Stanley's car wasn't there. Hmmmm....I wondered, "Where does Stanley go after work if not home?"

So I followed him one night, keeping a discreet distance. He pulled up to an apartment building and went in. I sat and waited, about 90 minutes later, he came out, and went home.

I went back home and started searching addresses, on a hunch, I checked the local Massage therapists.

Bingo! One I had heard of, Daria, lived and worked out of that building. She was known as a local "Hand job" artist, I had never been to see her.

I called her up and made an appointment. Daria turned out to be a cute little brunette about 35 or so. As we went through the session, I dropped the line that I had overheard "My friend, Stanley" talking about her, and decided to give her a try. She smiled, and mentioned that Stanley came to see her twice a week. As she finished up the massage session, she placed her hand on my upper thigh, letting her fingertips brush my balls, and asked me if I needed anything else?

I told her no, then handed her one of my cards, she looked at it and grinned at me, I told her to drop by for a freebie some day. What the hell, she was kind of cute!

A couple days later, I swiped some tests off Stanley's desk, and followed him over to Daria's studio. As soon as he went in, I headed off towards his house.

Knocking on the door, a chubby little lady answered, she was about 5' tall, and a good 15 pounds extra on her frame.

I asked if she was Melissa, she smiled and said yes. I told her some of Stanley's documents ended up on my desk by "accident". She said that Stanley was working his evening class, but she would give them to him.

I smiled and handed her my card, and turned to leave. She looked at it, and said, "Ted?" I stopped and turned, she looked at me and said, "I have heard of you!" Then she closed the door.

I drove on home, preparing for step 2. When I was up at Daria's, I had grabbed a handful of her business cards.

The next day, as I was walking by the hooks where staff hung their coats and cases, I slipped one in his coat pocket. I had written, "Full service, $100!" on the back....Now one thing I do know, men seldom check their coat pockets, women do when they get them ready for laundry.

I had no idea if it would work, but I made up a nice flyer offering free massage as a promotion, and dropped it in the mail to her.

I was now 3 full weeks into the process, but I knew I needed more. So I staked out their house for a week or so, a couple hours each night. Wednesday night rolled up, and here came Melissa out the door carrying what looked to be a bowling bag! I knew that the nearest bowling alley was just 10 blocks away, so I waited, then drove over there.

I walked in, it was clearly ladie's night, there was fat little old ladies everywhere! I ordered a cup of coffee at the bar, and walked over and sat down.

I noticed Melissa look at me a couple of times, I just paid no attention. Finally she walked up and said, "Aren't you Ted, from the school?"

I gave her my best smile, and said, "Hi, Melissa, Nice to see you here!" She beamed at me remembering her name, we chatted a bit about bowling. Then she mentioned that she got one of my flyers. I told her I was running a promotion for new clients. She gave me a sweet look and said she was thinking about giving it a try.

I know an opening when I see it, so I told her how about Tuesday next week? I knew Stanley spent 90 minutes at Daria's every Tuesday evening, so I told her, I get off early that day, I can come by at 3.

She hesitated, then went, "Sure!" and went back to her game.

I knew I would have until 6:30 before Stanley could get home, I was in!

I made arrangements to cover my classes for the next Tuesday afternoon, and at 3:00 exactly, I rang the doorbell.

Melissa answered, smiled and led me into what was a spare bedroom. It was a bit small, so I moved some of the furnishings around, and set up my table.

Melissa came in wearing a white robe, I handed her a full drape, and told her to make herself comfortable while I went to wash up.

I gave her about 3 minutes, then knocked and asked if she was ready. "Yes" her quiet voice answered.

She was lying face down, the drape over her entire body. I just started in like I always do, asking her the usual simple questions about aches and pains. She didn't have any, and her replies were quickly becoming murmers as I worked on her feet.

I then proceeded to her calves, using my best "soft" techniques, then I slipped the drape aside and bared her left buttock. There was no resistance, so I kneaded her glutes out, and then worked on the other side, being careful to tuck the drape in between her legs.

I then worked on her back, letting my fingertips brush the sides of her breasts, and was rewarded with a tiny gasp. I had to slow myself down several times, as I realized I was rushing a bit.

Finally, I asked her to turn over, with the usual question, "Are you bashful about your breasts?" She hesitated, "damn" I thought, but I slipped a pillowcase over her bosom and pulled the drape out from underneath. I could see her nipples were erect through the thin pillowcase, but I went carefully, avoiding them. That seemed to firm them up even more.

I looked her up and down, not bad at all, pretty woman, just a bit chubby.

Then she surprised me, she asked me what "full service" meant? I knew right then she had seen the card. I answered simply, that it was a term usually meaning that men clients got sexual relief as part of the session.

She bit her lip at that, but said nothing. Then she asked me if I had night classes, I lied and told her the school didn't offer them. I felt her go tense slightly at that, but I just continued working on her stomach. I let the drape slip down, a wisp of the top of her pubic hair was showing now.

Things were quiet for awhile, I was beginning to think I had swung and missed. But as I was working on the front of her right leg, I felt the unmistakable movement as she shifted her legs open a bit.

I smiled and asked her if she was comfortable with what I was doing, she said "Yes". So I told her to let me know if I did anything she was uncomfortable with. There was no response, so I let my fingertips slip up and touch her pubic hair for an instant. She simply shifted and opened her legs a bit more, a direct invitation, so I repeated the motion. I felt the trace of moisture on my fingers, so I pressed up and against her gently. She just let her back arch, and blurted out, "I didn't expect this!"

I reached up and grasped the side of the breast drape, and asked, "May I?" She nodded, her teeth nipping at her lower lip again. I slipped the drape down and off. Her bare breasts sprang free, the nipples were large, the very tips like little buttons, up and erect. The flesh around her nipples were all bumpy, the lady was ready.

At the same time, I had taken the liberty to slip the end of one finger inside her, now I pressed in two. She just opened her legs wider.

Soon I was masturbating her furiously, her head was swinging back and forth. I then leaned forwards and pressed my mouth against her, getting a long "OHHH God!" for a response.

I licked at her, up and down, side to side, then I reached up and ran my oily thumb right over her rectum. That did it, she was off like a firecracker.

Her legs were completely open now, I was licking her to another full orgasm. I reached down and tripped the catch on my jeans, tugged at my shirt, popping the snaps aside. She opened her eyes, looked at me for a second, then actually scooted towards me a foot or so.

I just slid up on the table, placed myself at her opening and pushed. She groaned as I went in, "It's been so long!" Then she was thrashing at me, trying to get more of me inside her.

"So Stanley hasn't been taking care of the home front?" I thought, as I pounded away at her, revelling in my success.

It wasn't long before I was off, I actually got dizzy from the strength of it. We lay together for a couple of minutes, I finally withdrew.

She lay there and watched me, with an odd look on her face. "You are the first man other than Stanley" she said.

I suddenly had a guilty feeling. "Do you regret it?" I asked her simply.

"No, will you do it again?" she asked.

I looked at her, naked, lying there on her back.

I suddenly felt the beginnings of another erection. I glanced at my watch, it was almost 5:00. Stanley would have his dick in Daria's hands in just a few minutes, we had time.

"Sure!" I said, and reached for her...

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by Anonymous11/08/17

Too many names, too many people, too much bullshit. I just couldn’t keep track of it all the. After a point, I really didn’t care any more. 1 star. d

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