tagMatureGetting Laid The Mature Way Ch. 02

Getting Laid The Mature Way Ch. 02


One day just after lunch Rosie sought me up. She looked angry but also upset and hadn't come to be caressed. She stood a little away from me.

"Will you do something for me, please?" she begging. "Those girls are nagging at me all the time when Madame doesn't hear. They call me an old frump, that I can't get a man, that I don't get laid, that I don't get my pussy filled with cock and a lot of filthy names. They brag about their young men and how thoroughly they get fucked. I bet they know nothing about fucking from the way especially Gunilla brags about her boyfriend´s big cock. Big cock, my ass. It´s the cockmanship that counts just as I have taught you. You don´t have a big cock, well it´s good sized don´t get me wrong, but you are very good in using it. I don´t give a shit for her big cock." She stopped the rapid flow of words. She looked really upset.

"I want to show these bitches. I want them to know how well you are fucking me, that you really like to fill my pussy with your precious young cock, I want to silence them once and for all. Please, help me do that, please." She looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Well . . . yes . . . of course. But how? . . . I mean you can't just ask then to come and watch, can you?"

"No, of course not. But I have a plan. I got the idea from what we did the other day. I want to be caught in the act so to speak. I don´t want it to look as something planned. I want it to look as if we grabbed an opportunity to have some fun and got caught red handed. Please help me, please Eric." Her eyes were now beaming.

"Yes of course. What do you want me to do, except fucking you," I said laughingly.

She told me. It sounded like an exciting adventure I thought.

When I quit working for the day I sneaked down to the bathing place. I had seen Rosie go there a few minutes earlier. She was already in the nude looking excited. She helped me undress and knelt before me to suck me up. It was easy to get me hard. The whole thing had already turned me on.

"Nice, very nice," she said, inspecting my very erect cock. "Now hide at the entrance and look out for the girls. I know they will come shortly. They have been talking all afternoon how lovely it will be to take a swim after work. They have done it all week which gave me the idea."

I stood at the entrance hidden behind some bushes. I could see about thirty yards of the path and would have plenty of time to withdraw when the maids came. We didn't have to wait for long. I heard them before I saw them and quickly joined Rosie on the sun deck. She went down on all fours facing the entrance but for once she didn't lower her head. Instead she held it up defiantly.

"Mount me, mount me now. Be quick," she whispered looking back at me with a sly grin on her face. "We will show them, won't we?"

I mounted her quickly as she had asked. She was very excited I could tell from the easiness with which I slid into her more than ready pussy. She squirmed around a little to get my cock in the right angle as was her habit and then stopped us until we heard two maids coming. She wriggled her ass to get me going and cried out when I started to bang into her. It was clear that she cried out for the audience. After a few hard thrusts each of which made her cry out the two maids came into view. They stopped dead when they saw us and their jaws dropped. I too froze which would be the normal reaction when being caught in the act. We looked at each other for quite a while until they started to giggle.

"Come on Eric. Don't bother about those bitches, they can watch if they like. I don't care. Maybe we can teach them a thing or two." Rosie wriggled her ass vigorously to make me start banging again. The maids giggled even more but I saw that they were impressed and maybe envied Rosie's nerve and casualness. They turned away when Rosie cried out acknowledging my hard thrust into her. I fucked Rosie and got small glimpses when they undressed. Not that they were especially cautious but the view through the entrance to the sun deck was limited. But my cock hardened when I caught glimpses of nude flesh.

Rosie noticed too and cried out to get some attention. She fucked for the audience, that was for sure. She looked at me over her shoulder.

"I showed them, didn't I," she whispered triumphantly. "Now I want you to pump me very slowly. I want this to go on forever. I want to show the bitches how a real woman fucks."

She lowered her head and cried out for the sake of the maids. I slowed down taking my time pulling out until my cock nearly left her pussy and then pushed inwards just as slowly. But the last inch I forcefully shoved into her making her grunt or cry out. We kept fucking like that while we heard the girls splash and play in the water. I looked over the planking and got glimpses of swinging breasts in small bikini tops. It was a turn on to fuck Rosie and watching the maids at the same time. But I tried not to get carried away. Rosie wanted revenge and I was on her side. So I kept pumping her steadily in a slow pace and liked it.

Rosie was very noisy, much more than she had ever been before. She moaned, grunted and cried out all the time. But suddenly I heard that her noises were for real. A mighty orgasm built up inside her and she came screamingly. I saw the maids freeze standing in shallow water and then they looked at each other giggling. But there was awe on their faces. I leaned down and whispering told Rosie who got very pleased.

She came once more screaming highly. The orgasm wasn't faked but the scream was a bit exaggerated.

We had been fucking slowly for a very long time when I felt that I couldn't hold back any more. I grabbed Rosie's hips harder and shortened my thrusts. Rosie looked over her shoulder and smiled. I took that as a go ahead and all my senses concentrated on my rising pleasure. When I came Rosie was just behind. My deep grunts and Rosie's high pitch scream mixed into a real concert. I looked up and suddenly saw the maids standing in full view at the entrance watching with awe on their faces. Hands were cupping breasts and caressing mounds and perhaps even deeper down.

When I was drained and my cock started to soften Belinda who stood in front suddenly locked eyes with me. I saw raw lust in her eyes. She smiled lustfully and wet her lips. Her hand moved over her protruding mound and I noticed a very visible camel toe through the panties. It was a very sexy moment looking at her lust filled body while being buried deep in Rosie.

At that very moment Rosie's pussy squeezed my cock and rippled along it trying to keep me in place. Suddenly the blood flow changed direction. Instead of leaving my cock making it soft the blood rushed back in and made it harden. Rosie cried out in surprise and her pussy muscles increased the massage of my cock making it fully hard again.

Belinda looked puzzled at us not understanding what was going on. But when I started to fuck Rosie showing that my cock was hard enough again she understood. Surprise, doubt and astonishment showed on her face in rapid order.

Rosie suddenly wriggled free of me and rose. She pulled me too up on my feet. She put one hand on her hip, the other stroked my cock to maintain the erection.

"Well girls, I hope you liked what you saw. Now you know what a real woman can do with a young cock. If you want to watch some more, be my guest. I will take a ride on this one," she said sternly looking straight at the maids and showing my cock.

The three women looked at each other for a little while. Then suddenly Belinda started to laugh heartily. Gunilla followed her example and then Rosie couldn't keep her straight face. She started to laugh too. The three of them got a very good laugh which seemed to clear the air. I looked at the maids taking in their bodies in the skimpy bikinis. Before I had only seen them in their maid´s uniforms which were rather strict.

They were both strongly built with well muscled thighs and asses, broad shoulders and slim hips. But big firm breasts and protruding mounds changed the not very womanly figures into very female looks. The bikini bottoms were small and narrow and they hadn´t bother to shave the bikini line. Plenty of curls showed on both sides of the panties revealing rich growths, one black, the other brown covering thick Venus mounds. I suddenly wondered what it would feel like to fuck such a strongly built woman. That thought made my cock to twitch in Rosie's hand.

"Oh my goodness, what a laugh. But now I must take this ride while the opportunity is still there," Rosie said and pushed me down on my back. For once she obviously wanted to be on top. Everything to impress on the maids.

But then I had no time for thoughts. Rosie straddled me and sat still for a little while. The sun filtered through her rich pubic hair making it sparkle in red. She sank down slowly impaling herself on my hard cock. My come in her pussy made it very slick but she took it slowly anyway. Her body shielded the entrance so I didn't know if the maids were still there watching. Then she surprised me again. She started to ride me with skill and finesse and a lot of variations. She had never before showed such skill in this position. It didn't take long before she screamed and shuddered but she hardly stopped. But there was a brief pause when I heard moans that I didn't recognize. I got a brief glimpse between Rosie's legs on her first up bound stroke. The two maids were indeed watching, frantically caressing their mounds. Their moans soon mixed with Rosie's and when she came again I heard them cry out too. Then it got totally quiet for a moment and then Rosie broke into laughter, a very satisfied and relived laughter. The girls followed hesitantly at first but then joined in fully.

I felt left out and bucked under Rosie and squeezed her breasts to get her going again.

"Yes, yes my lovely stud. I know you want to get fucked. Just give me a minute and I'll give you my best ride, I promise," Rosie said laughingly. "Watch this, girls," she said and broke into heavy laughter again.

Then she took me on a ride. She moved forcefully up and down my shaft with twists and screwing motions. She suddenly set up an incredible pace, hadn't her pussy been so well lubricated my cock would have become glowing red from the friction. Suddenly she sat down hard and set her pussy muscles in motion. It felt heavenly and she quickly brought me towards release. But just before I was there she suddenly stopped and sat motionless. I looked up and saw a broad grin spread on her face, a grin full of lust.

"Liked that, didn't you? Ready to go? Watch it girls." She panted and then started thrusting again but this time very slowly. But her pussy muscles worked overtime giving my cock a marvelous time. It didn't take long before I was ready to burst again and this time Rosie didn't stop. With a few deliberate contractions of her pussy she started my geyser and when my come flowed into her pussy she started screaming. Her body tensed and then shuddered in the by now familiar pattern. But she wasn't exhausted like she ought to be. No, she sat straight up with a big contented smile on her face.

"I showed them, didn't I? I showed these bitches that I know how to fuck. I showed them what I can do with my pussy, didn't I? You liked it too, didn't you? There are reasons why I don't like to be on top but I sure know how to ride a cock." She chatted on like that being very proud and satisfied. All the time her pussy muscles actively worked on my cock trying to keep it hard.

Finally she rose and proudly strutted around the bathing place. The girls were gone, I didn't know how long they had stayed but from Rosie's behavior I guessed that they had watched the full show.

I got the night off.

The next afternoon Belinda sought for me when she was out to gather flowers to put in vases.

"It was quite impressive yesterday," she said without preamble. "Is it always like that, I mean that you can do it immediately again? I . . . well, I haven't experienced that." Her cheeks flushed.

"Thank you. Yes Rosie really knows how to fuck. And well, it depends on the woman and Rosie is very good," I said giving Rosie the credit. She was worth it.

"Oh, well, I think we have misinterpreted her. Have you been fucking her for long?" She asked.

"Yes, nearly all summer," I said. She considered that for a while then suddenly went away.

That night Rosie was very happy. She was already naked when I came to her room.

"It worked, it really worked," she exclaimed when I leaned over her and kissed her boobs. "The bitches have been much more respectful all day. Belinda even gave me a compliment. Oh, I am so happy that I got the nerve to do it. Thank you for your excellent performance. That you didn't get soft in between was very impressive, they talked about it."

She pulled me outside and was very playful laughing a lot. Suddenly she was totally uninhibited moving around outside the manor house and wanted to be taken on the terrace leaning over a chair. Again I thought that I saw a shadow inside the open doors.

The following afternoon Belinda came to see me just as I was about to call it a day.

"I need help," she said without preamble.

"Yes of course. What the house wants should be delivered I have been told," I said lightly. "What can I do for you?"

"Excellent. Just follow and I'll show you," she said with a bright smile.

"Oh, well, don't I need to bring some tools or something," I asked.

"No need for that. You have got what's needed. And I have the necessary," she said grinning over her shoulder.

She led me down the garden to a horseshoe shaped lilac arbor and went in through the narrow opening. The arbor was seldom used but I kept it tidy. I followed her inside not having a clue what needed fixing. I had attended it just a couple of days earlier.

When I came inside she had turned and stood with her feet a little apart and firmly planted on the ground.

"What's the problem in here? Everything seems to be in order. Well, the grass needs cutting but that's on the list for tomorrow. And I need a mover for that, don't I?" I said puzzled.

She put her hands on her hips and looked sternly at me.

"Nothing of that kind is why I brought you here," she started out sternly but then suddenly hesitated. "I . . . well . . . I want you to fuck me," she blurted out. "Fuck me or I will let Madame know that you are fucking Rosie," she added bleakly.

I watched her for a little while seeing how the stern look went away and was replaced by a vulnerable look.

"But what about your boyfriend? I don't want any trouble with him." I asked wanting time to think.

"I no longer have a boy friend. When he started to beat me I told him to leave and never come back. Well, I gave him a second chance, didn't I? But when he beat me a second time it was one too much. I won't allow men to beat me. Never. So how will it be? Shall I tell Madame?"

"Oh, there is no need for threats," I said lightly. "I'll be happy to fuck you if that's what you want. Everything the house wants . . . you know. But even if I am off duty now I'll be happy to fuck you. You looked very sexy the other day I must say. So just tell me where and when."

"Oh, you will? Well . . . oh my goodness," she said, taken off guard with my immediate positive response. "Well, what about right here and now. I am off duty as well."

She moved close to me and I took her in my arms. I was astonished over my blunt answer. I had obviously become much more self confident than I had known myself.

Belinda melted into my arms and I started to caress her. Her maid's uniform was rather strict and not very revealing and I started to unbutton it.

"Wait," she said. "I don't want it to be soiled or wrinkled. I'll take it off myself. Stand back and watch if you like. And take your shorts off," she giggled.

I was out of my shorts in no time and watched as Belinda carefully unbuttoned the uniform and took it off. She folded it neatly on a chair and stood before me in skimpy bra and knickers.

"Help me with these," she said seductively and turned her back to me. I unclasped her bra and cupped her breasts when the bra slipped down her arms. I gave her breasts a good working over which made her moan and she grunted when I tweaked the nipples that grew from my treatment. Then I remember what she had said and caressed my way down over her hips and belly. She was helpful when I pushed the knickers down and suddenly she was stark naked in my arms. I pulled her close and she made sure that my hard cock fitted between her thighs. She pulled my arms around her putting my hands on her breasts.

We stood like that for quite a time. I caressed her entire body standing behind her and she moved her legs up and down kneading my cock between her soft upper thighs. I felt how her slit got moist then wet and slippery. Now and then she also moved back and forth making my cock slide through her slit and I felt the clit grow and get hard. She grunted when my cock head slid over the clit.

Suddenly she freed herself and went down on all fours.

"Take me now. Take me like you took Rosie the other day. Do me as you did her, slow with long hard thrusts. Please, it looked so lovely. Come and fuck me," she begged and called.

She looked lovely down on all fours with her round firm ass towards me. But unlike Rosie she didn't put her head down. No, she held it high and stood sway-backed.

I knelt behind her and my cock nosed her slit exploring its folds and wrinkles. I was just about to push inside when she cried out and stumbled up on her feet.

"For heaven´s sake, wait. I can't let you in barebacked. We need protection. I am very fertile these days." She went to her dress and took a package from her pocket. She quickly unwrapped what I understood was a condom and expertly put it on my erect cock giving it a lick and a suck in the fly. As soon as she had withdrawn from me she was back in position on all fours pushing her ass backwards. Her hand came out between her open thighs ready to direct my cock. I moved forward and was quickly steered to the already slightly open entrance ready to receive me. I sank in to the hilt.

Belinda cried out of pleasure when I made an extra push to really bottom out in her. Then she met my thrusts firmly when I did as she had asked. I fucked her with long slow strokes adding extra force on the last forward inch. She didn't cry out much but panted hard. Suddenly I felt her pussy contract around my cock and then she cried out once and her body tensed and got even more sway-backed. I kept still buried deep in her pulsating pussy.

After a while she relaxed and smiled over her shoulder.

"Lovely, just lovely," she said grinning. "You can do more, can't you? Yes, I feel that you can. Harder this time please." She rocked her ass wanting us to get started again.

And fucked her I did. With hard thrusts until she came again tensing and crying out only once. I gave her a short break before starting again. This time I fucked mostly for my own pleasure but she seemed to like it too. She came moments before I started to deliver my seed in her. It felt different coming in a condom.

Well, it all felt different compared with Rosie. The way they moved, how they met my thrusts, the feeling in their pussies, the way the pussies accommodated my cock. All felt different, no one was better, they were just different. One thing separated them though. Rosie seemed to have more control of her pussy muscles using them to vary the pressure around my cock. And she let them ripple along the shaft and a lot more things when I thought about it. Well, maybe Belinda could do that as well, I couldn't judge from just one fuck could I? After all, I had limited experience with women. Belinda was only the second that I had fucked properly.

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