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Getting Laurie


Chapter 1

One of the advantages of taking your child to school each morning is that, most of the other parents taking their children to school each morning are of the female persuasion.

In all honesty, most of the mothers bringing their kids were no longer attractive, or perhaps were never attractive.

But there were exceptions. In my own child's class, there were 6 or so moms that were relatively hot – 3 of which were seriously hot.

One of the three was Laurie.

Laurie lived with her husband and 3 young children just a block from us. I had chatted with her husband on several occasions on the sidewalk, but conversations with Laurie were short and polite. Too short for my liking.

She seemed seriously lost in her own world as a mother. I would guess she had lost contact with her own sexuality. For though she was remarkably attractive and slim, and usually well dressed, there was never any hint of sexiness in her. When she dressed up she was elegant, but not sexy. Her skirts went to her knees. When she dressed down it was in baggy jeans or long baggy shorts.

I never saw her wear anything form-fitting or revealing. She was a mother, but not someone's sex partner. It was a pity. I would have loved to see her legs. I would have loved to see her in a tight t-shirt.

Still – there was no doubt in my mind that she was a sexy attractive girl with a hot body. You couldn't hide this.

I would see her most every morning as she brought her children to school.

I attempted numerous conversations, even offered her a lift back home on a cold, rainy day. But I had no success. With me her conversations were short and polite – perhaps even icy polite. She preferred to talk to the other mothers about mother-related things.

Where possible I tried to listen to her conversations without giving the appearance of intruding. I was trying to find out anything I could about her.

I learned she worked part time, but couldn't find out where, and couldn't have a conversation with her that led to anything else that I could find out.

Yet I knew from quite early on that I was, in my own way, pursuing her, solely for the purposes of bedding her.

And then opportunity struck.

One day, Laurie made an off-hand comment to a group of us standing at the side of the school playground, that she and her husband were dying to get away on a vacation, but with the three kids it was just way too expensive.

As it turns out I'm a silent partner in a travel agency!

I interrupted her and told her she was talking to the right person!

Her interest in me perked up. She jokingly asked me if I had any free trips to give away. I told her only my wife gets free trips from me, but that I might be able to help her a bit, depending on where they wanted to go.

Then I made a quick decision – I told her I just wanted to play with my kid for a couple of minutes, but after we could grab a cup of coffee somewhere and she could tell me what she was looking for.

It was the right card to play. She agreed. This would give me access to her and her attention on me without other mothers around.

The coffee shop was 6 blocks away and a ride in my car had us sipping coffee ten minutes later. I was sorely tempted to make a major move on her – like grab her ass as she was getting in the car or kiss her on the mouth or put my hand on her jean covered leg – but I had absolutely no doubt that any such contact would be my last with her. I knew I must think strategically. I wanted more than a grab or a kiss. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to cum in her.

Over coffee she told me the long version of what she had complained about. The trip she wanted was going to cost them way more than they could afford. I asked her what she could afford – and it was only about half of the actual cost. Even if I gave a trip to her at my cost, she still wouldn't be able to afford it.

I was kind of amazed that she was clearly only thinking about herself, and clearly had no clue that I was lusting for her.

She asked me what she should do. I smiled. She recognized how she had sounded with that and immediately said that she didn't mean it the way it sounded. She said she could never do anything behind her husband's back.

Sensing that whatever window had opened was now closing I told her I certainly wouldn't expect anything like that. I told her I just wanted to see if I could help – and that I wasn't trying to get her into bed. I pointed out that we were talking about several thousand dollars here and though I thought she was a very attracted young woman, it would be a lot to pay just to get a girl in bed!

So now I was in a quandary. I'm telling her I wouldn't pay that much to get her in bed while I'm trying to figure out how to get her in bed.

It was hard to think clearly. I wanted to take this girl, buy her some slutty clothing, then take her to a hotel room for an afternoon.

I decided to gamble and move the conversation back towards sex, realizing that she might just get offended and get up and leave.

I gave her a proposal. I told her I liked her, would like to help her out, but that she was basically asking me to pay for their trip. I told her I wanted something back for that.

I told her I enjoyed her company and told her I'd like to take her out to lunch a few times. We'd set a value to such lunches and I'd deduct that from the cost of her trip.

She seemed surprised. And then she surprised me. She asked me how many lunches it would take to get the trip down to the price that she wanted.

I hadn't thought this out yet. I stalled.

I had to do some quick thinking. If I gave these lunches a high value, I'd have little chance of success in achieving my ultimate goal – having her for lunch.

So I told her it would actually take many lunches, but it would all depend. I gave her an offer. I'd give her anywhere from $50 to $200 per lunch.

Laurie asked me what would make one lunch go for $50 when another went for $200. Again, thinking on my feet, I responded that $50 was for a basic lunch, that she could get more depending on a) if I liked what she was wearing, b) how much I enjoyed it, and c) if that lunch was actually dinner instead.

She got suspicious of this, and told me she would never cheat on her husband. I quickly replied that I didn't want her to cheat either, but that if I was really giving her this discount I should at least be able to have some fun and make her sweat a bit.

She asked me if my wife would know about it, and I told her to ask me at lunch.

To my surprise she said "okay", and added "but just understand this is just lunch and nothing more".

She asked me when and we agreed on lunch the next day. I told her to expect it to go on for a couple of hours – it wouldn't be fast food. She asked me if I was serious about giving her more of a discount depending on what she wore and I said I was. She inquired as to what outfits would get her the best return. I told her it had to be sexy – and gave my short list – very tight jeans or short tight mini-skirt, with a tight top. She rolled her eyes. I asked her if she had a problem with that and she replied that she wasn't a hooker, but thought she could dig up a pair of jeans that were tighter than the pair she was wearing.

We made arrangements as to where to meet the next day and then I drove her home.

Chapter 2

It was a glorious sunny but cold day. We had arranged to meet at a nearby shopping mall as she didn't want to be seen getting into my car from her house.

Laurie was standing there exactly as I expected her to be. This girl was hot in baggy Mom clothes. But she was so much hotter yet in a pair of relatively tight jeans, shirt, and black leather jacket. She had put effort into making her appearance even sexier. I noticed lipstick on her. She wasn't smiling.

In the car I told her she looked sexy. She reminded me this was just going to be a lunch. I told her I'm allowed to talk during lunch. She was pretty quiet.

At lunch I tried to compliment her again, but she ended the conversation and told me she realized that for what I was giving her for the lunch it could take 40 or more lunches before she would get her trip for the price she wanted and that could take months and she didn't want to wait months. She was thinking she would give up on the whole thing.

She looked like she might be ready to walk out of the restaurant before we had eaten. So I told her that before lunch was over I would make another proposal to her that would address her concerns – but I asked that until then that she just give me the "lunch experience" that I've wanted. If she didn't like what I proposed, I told her that it would be okay – she was welcome to stop this thing whenever she wanted.

She breathed easier.

I went back to complimenting her. I told her that she seemed like a good mother to her kids, but that I thought it was a shame she didn't wear those jeans more often. She accepted the compliment this time with a smile. I told her that regardless of our lunch deal, I hoped when I would see her at the school, she'd dress a little sexier, because she must now realize that I will be checking her out.

We chatted more. I continually steered the conversation toward sex. I told her if I were her husband, she'd only be allowed to wear sexy outfits. I got the feeling this was the first time in a long time that someone had talked sex with this girl. And I got the suspicion (or maybe it was a hope!) that a little bit of her liked the conversation.

We talked about the next lunch. I asked her to wear a mini-skirt. She said she really didn't own any. I asked her if she was really against wearing mini-skirts and she said "no – she just never had a reason to own one".

I told her that I'd really like to see her in a mini-skirt, and I offered to take her shopping and buy her one. I was pleased when she agreed. She warned me again that I was getting nothing more than these lunches, and she warned me that she was thinking still of stopping them as it would take too long to achieve her goal.

I said I understood and then made my next-stage proposal to her.

I told her I'd like to photograph her.

She immediately said she'd never pose nude – that it was impossible.

I quickly sidestepped this, by telling her I wanted to photograph her clothes on – that I just wanted to photograph her in sexy poses wearing sexy outfits. I told her I'd give a much greater discount toward her trip this way. I told her that 5 such sessions after a lunch, would give her the trip she wanted.

She bit her lip, paused, and then said okay.

I told her that I'd want to photograph her in 4 or 5 very sexy outfits – and then I told her what they'd be; tight jeans and a tight belly button revealing t shirt, tight mini skirt and blouse, tight short shorts and tank top outfit, bikini, and a skimpy lingerie outfit. And then I told her I wanted to take pictures of her stripping to her underwear – but I wouldn't ask for any nudes.

She paused again. She said she didn't have many of these clothing items. I told her we could buy them now.

She looked down to the ground as if gather her thoughts, then agreed, but said she'd only be willing to do it once – she'd bring all these outfits the one time. I decided to negotiate and insisted on 4 sessions. I pointed out that thousands of dollars for just once session wasn't reasonable. Again she agreed!

We went shopping. I knew exactly where to go. The one thing you can count on is that if you want to find slutty clothing for a girl, you go to wear the older teenagers shop. We hit the shopping mall and the jeans store there. An hour later we were leaving and she was feeling very sheepish saying "she felt like a whore".

Chapter 3

Now you have to understand, I really didn't wish Laurie any harm. But I was absolutely single-minded with my thoughts toward her. I wanted to fuck the daylights out of her. I fully realized her reluctance to be unfaithful. I'm not stupid enough to think she was attracted to me. I would not harm her. I would not rape her. But I was willing to do just about anything else to persuade her, however reluctantly, to give in to my needs.

We met again. She was wearing the mini-skirt I had bought, but her overcoat was covering it in the car. I asked her if she was hungry. She said she wasn't. She was too nervous.

I told her it might be better if we got this over with quickly the first time – I would take my pictures first, then we could have lunch. She agreed. I told her we'd go over to a hotel, where things would be anonymous. While I was driving I asked her to unbutton her coat so that I could see her legs. She complied.

I could tell she was nervous. She was now acutely aware of my lust and she didn't trust me, even though, as far as she knew I hadn't lied to her.

She complained again that she felt like she was turning into a whore.

I told her first, that if she really felt no good about it I'd turn the car around, and then second, that sexuality was a good thing not bad. I told her whores have sex for money, and that she'd just be posing at least with some clothes on – and she was doing it at least partly for her family. I told her she was a very sexy girl, that there were very few girls who could wear such outfits and she should be glad she had the body to wear them.

It seemed an eternity getting to the hotel and checking in. But it happened.

It felt surreal. I had Laurie alone in a hotel suite in a slutty outfit. To make her feel at ease I told her she could stop at any time.

I admit part of me wanted to jump her immediately, regardless if she were willing. But I reasoned that I could do so at any time, so there was no need to rush.

I began taking pictures. In a chair, legs slightly apart, knee raised a bit, draped over the chair, from behind, both knees up, on her knees – picture after picture. She became more at ease.

Then blouse a bit unbuttoned, bra peaking out, seated with legs raised, and then a flash of her panties. Eventually the blouse was unbuttoned. She was awesome. She was still uncomfortable in showing me what she was showing me, but she had an absolutely awesome body. Her husband was a lucky, but stupid, guy.

My blood was boiling. I knew I couldn't let her leave the room without pumping my sperm into her. I was hoping I'd get a sign from her, but none were forthcoming.

Then I was hit by one last great idea.

I told her for the remaining pictures I wanted to take them of her in just her bra and panties. She was reluctant to take her clothes completely off and we debated it. I won when I reminded her that the next time she was to be in a bikini – so what was the difference.

Seeing her almost naked took my breath away. She knew how aroused I was and her discomfort was evident. I took a few pictures as I allowed the view to soak into my brain. Her legs were amazing – long with slender thighs. Flat stomach – how could three babies have been stored there? Perfect round butt. Breasts slightly small, but perfectly shaped. Longish blonde hair. Gorgeous face.

I told her to face the other way so I could take some pictures of her behind. As she turned, I gathered up her skirt, coat, shirt and purse raced to the door and told her I'd be back. All I heard was "wait .....".

I raced to my car and put them in my trunk.

When I got back to the room, the look of great alarm was on Laurie's face. He eyes were wide. She asked me what I was doing.

I told her that she was just absolutely too attractive, that I couldn't take it any more. Our agreement was that she could keep her underwear on for the pictures. But I told her that I absolutely just had to see her nude. I'd kill myself if I didn't take advantage of the situation and see her nude.

She pleaded with me. She said she couldn't do it. I told her that was fine, but I wasn't giving her stuff back. She'd have to call her husband or somebody to pick her up from a hotel room in her underwear and explain to him what she was doing there.

She begged. And yes, she cried. I told her I'm sorry but I know what I want and I had to see her nude. I told her if I had to go soon, and was prepared to leave her there if she didn't comply.

She sobbed. She said I was evil. I said, not really, just very horny. I told her she was a very sexy girl, and that I could only think of her, and that I was desperate, not evil.

Laurie was beaten. As tears rolled onto her cheeks she reached back to undo her bra. I was sitting on a couch and she was sitting on the end of the bed. Fighting back the urge to jump on top of her, I told her to stand and remove her panties.

There she was. Standing, looking to the ground, completely naked. I told her to sit down beside me. She complied, even though mentally she was sinking into some kind of cocoon.

I put my hand on the softness of her shoulder and told her to look at me. I kissed her on the mouth. She resisted.

I told her that she must know by now that "this" is going to happen. She looked in my eyes but said nothing. I kissed her on the mouth again. This time she did not resist. I told her to open her mouth and she complied.

I talked sex to her as my hands roamed over her body. I told her over the next 2 hours, that she belonged to me and only me. My hands fondled her breasts. And then I lowered my hand to between her legs. She offered no resistance. With two fingers I spread her vaginal lips and with another I pressed down on her clitoris. I kept my tongue in her mouth and my finger on her clit.

I'd be lying if I told you she responded to me sexually. But I can say she did seem to ease up.

Eventually I stood up and began to unbutton my shirt. I told her to undo my pants. Instead she did nothing. I reminded her where her clothes were and reluctantly she raised her hands to the front of my pants. I grabbed one of her wrists and pressed her hand against the bulge in my pants. I told her to feel me up. When I released her wrist her hand remained as the other undid my pants.

I dropped my pants then my underwear. Her face was about 4 inches from my erect cock. I told her to kiss it.

Her eyes welled up. And then she put her lips on my cock. I told her to lick it and she did. I told her to take it in her mouth and suck – and she did.

I then picked her up and took her to the bed. I began kissing her mouth, then sucking on her breasts. I moved my tongue down her body until it reached her clitoris. She was nervous, anxious and dry. I went down on her for about 5 minutes. I knew that penetration would be so much easier for her wet – even if the wetness was my saliva.

She tasted good, but I needed sex.

I moved up again between her legs and positioned my cock at her entrance, moving my cockhead back and forth, pressing it against her opening, then pressing it against her clitoris.

I slipped the cockhead into her and held it there. I told her she was about to be fucked by a real man and that I owned her. I lowered my mouth to hers and she accepted my tongue. I pushed my cockhead further into her.

I told her how good she felt. I told her she was my personal fuck toy. I began thrusting into her exactly in the way I had been dreaming.

I kissed her again, and this time to my surprise she kissed back. I said, "that's it honey, I knew you'd like it". My comments must have stung a bit, but the next kiss she was still kissing back.

I continued to pick up the pace, thrusting as hard as I could. I began nibbling on her neck and ear, and whispered to her that I wanted to see her cum. I heard a quiet but audible groan.

I told her she was getting wetter and that she should admit she was turned on. Her face was getting red. I commented on her wetness again, taunting her with her own uwanted sexual responsiveness.

And then it happened. First, Laurie's legs tightened around me, then her arms wrapped around my back. She humped back at me times meeting my thrust and then she collapsed and groaned "Oh god". I needed nothing further and emptied my sperm and semen into her.

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