tagInterracial LoveGetting Lucky Ch. 05

Getting Lucky Ch. 05


When she woke later that morning, Sean had already left. The clock flashed nine o'clock. The aroma of coffee wafted through her apartment. She rose from her bed and padded to the kitchen. There was a plate of cranberry orange muffins next to the coffee machine. Nina picked up the note next to the plate.

A peace offering. Dinner tonight?

Nina was startled when the phone rang.


"Rani, you never call anymore!"

Nina smiled. "Hey Mom."

Anita Gill chuckled, her raspy laugh washing over Nina like warm sunshine. "Hello, baby. How have you been? Your father and I were worried about you."

"I'm fine, Mommy. You and Daddy don't need to worry."

"It's our job, Rani. How's Sean doing?"

"He's fine, completely recovered from his injuries." Nina remembered her mother didn't know about the Delia situation. She figured she would leave it out.

"That's good. Daddy and I were worried."

"How is Daddy anyway?"

"Oh you know him, work as usual. The other day he had a set of triplets in the office. Apparently they had fallen off their trampoline. All three, eight stitches apiece. Imagine that."

Nina laughed. Kartar Gill was a pediatrician in a small town right outside the City. "Sounds like a rough time. Where is he right now?"

"Golfing with Mr. Greenbaum. He should be back within the hour. The reason I was calling, I want you and Sean to come home for dinner this weekend."

"Oh," Nina started. She wasn't sure the outcome of their talk and didn't want to jump to conclusion. "Mom, I don't know if..."

"Rani," her mother began, using her childhood nickname. "I know things are shaky, but I think it will do you good to come home."

"How did you know?" She could almost hear the smile in her mother's voice. "I just know my daughter well. Come home, Rani. Daddy and I would love to see you."

Nina sighed. "Okay, Mom. Tell Dad I'll be there. I just have to take care of some things, alright?"

"No problem. You know the place. Seven o'clock, Nina. I have to go. My herbs need watering. I love you."

"Love you too, Mom."

She heaved a sigh as she hung up the phone. It was now more important than ever she talk with Delia. It was the only way to clear her conscience and fully let the bullshit go.


Four hours later, Nina was sitting nervously in a café downtown. Her yellow stiletto heel tapped out a statacco beat on the floor. She smoothed down her outfit and wondered if she was wearing the right thing. She had had a presentation to give at work, and had taken her lunch hour a little later than usual to accommodate meeting Delia.

She wondered if she was a little overdressed. Her tailored dark charcoal pants were starched and sleek. She wore a short sleeved silk tuxedo shirt of the deepest blue. Nina shrugged her matching blazer off and settled it on the chair next to her.

She tried to sip the ice water she ordered, but the cold liquid settled in her stomach like a block of ice. Get a hold of yourself girl, she thought. Nina was about to shred the napkin in front of her when she heard someone clear their throat.

"Nina?" She looked up to see Delia looking tentatively at her.

Nina started to rise, when Delia stopped her. "There's no need," she said. Delia sat down in the chair opposite her.

"I'm glad you could make it," she said, her voice nearly going into a whisper. She took a sip of water to clear her throat.

"Yeah, I was a little surprised when Maggie called and told me you wanted to meet up." Delia glanced around the café. "Do you mind if I order a drink? It's been the week from hell and I need to celebrate the weekend."

Nina shook her head. "No, by all means."

The waiter returned to their table and Delia ordered cranberry and vodka, easy on the cranberry. She smiled at Nina, who returned it. Maybe this won't be so bad, she thought.

Nina waited politely as the waiter returned with Delia's drink. After she had taken a couple of sips, she spoke finally.

"Did Maggie tell you why we needed to talk?" she asked.

"No, she just said it was important. But I figured you'd be in touch at some point."


"Yes. I know if the shoe was on the other foot, I'd want to meet the best friend my guy never told me about."

Nina could feel her uneasiness ebb away. "He talked about me?"

Delia nodded. "He'd mentioned you a couple of times when we talked. Said you were something special."

Nina noticed that she was very beautiful. Her skin was smooth and pale; her blue eyes were vibrant and sparkled. Her hair was still pin-straight, the bangs giving her a youthful look. She barely had makeup on, just a touch of mascara and colored lip gloss. She was wearing black dress pants and turquoise ballet flats that matched her turquoise sweater and fitted black blazer. Nina wondered how Sean was able to resist temptation growing up with such a gorgeous girl for a best friend.

"He didn't tell me about you."

"No, I don't suppose he did. He probably had his reasons, Nina. I don't think he was trying to intentionally hide anything from you. It's just...Sean has some issues when it comes to trust. His guard is always up."

"Was he always like that?"

"No, not always," Delia said, taking another healthy sip of her drink. "I think it stemmed from the stuff with his father. He told you about that?"

"Yeah. It must have been tough."

"It was; for everyone involved. His father, he was always so stressed. He took his frustrations out on Sean. He's not a bad guy, just really messed up."

"Does Sean ever talk to him?"

"I'm not sure. The last time must have been nearly three years ago. I know his dad has been trying to reconnect with him. That's definitely going to take some time."

Nina was quiet. There was so much about Sean's life she didn't know. It made her feel like she was losing her grip.

"I feel like I know so little about someone I love."

Delia looked at her. "You can only know what people choose to give away. Forcing someone to reveal themselves to you never works. It just makes them resent you for trying so hard."

Nina nodded. "That seems fair. I guess it never bothered me before because I didn't think things would ever go this far. It's been awhile since..."

"Since love?" Delia finished. "Join the club, girl."

Nina smiled. The verdict was still out, but there was a tiny part of her that liked the sharp-witted brunette. "Delia forgive me for being too forward, but why did you marry him?"

"Well, my mother..."

"I know about all that," she interrupted. "I meant why, really?"

Delia was thoughtful. "I was scared. I had been dating a guy who was more concerned about the size of his muscles and his modeling career than working on our issues. When I told him I was pregnant, I thought he'd be happy but apparently that joke was on me. I was hurt; my mother was dying, there wasn't a thing I could do about it, and here I was pregnant and alone. So I turned to Sean. He was supportive and understanding. He knew the situation with my mother and stepped up without question.

Do you know how hard it is to ask someone to do something like that for you? Even if you are best friends, marrying someone shouldn't be taken lightly. See, that's the thing about Sean. I didn't even have to ask. He just did it. That's the kind of guy he is."

Nina knew what she was talking about. Sean was truly a stand-up guy. She could understand why the girl married him. "So, why did you guys divorce? If you loved him, why not stay married?"

"Sean and I loved each other very much. But it wasn't that kind of love. It was friendship love. The stuff we went through growing up bonded us deeper than sex or anything like that. It wasn't fair to him, denying his happiness for convenience. I loved and respected him far too much. Losing my baby caused imaginable pain, but I knew staying married to Sean when we didn't love each other was going to end badly. I couldn't lose the last family member I had left. So we divorced. It was completely finalized last month."

"Wow. I apologize if this situation has brought up old feelings."

Delia reached out and patted her hand across the table. "Nina, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for."

"But, if I had just stayed and listened..."

"You would have been a fool. I'm lucky you didn't sock me in the jaw."

They both laughed. "I can see why he loves you so much," Nina said.

"I was just thinking the same thing."


There was a swing in her step as she bounded out of the elevator to her apartment. Letting herself in, she tossed the keys and her briefcase happily on the sofa.

Sighing, she eased herself into the plush charcoal-colored sofa, the soft suede cupping her body in comfort.

Things with Delia had gone well. After the initial tension, talking things out eventually became easier. Nina let her guard down and discovered the woman was the real deal. Apparently another reason for their hasty divorce was that Delia had met another man. He was a rival buyer from another company who tried to steal Delia's client. Delia later explained it as "Love at first 'fuck you'". The girl was a real firecracker and a real friend to Sean.

Nina jumped slightly at the knock on the door. "Who is it?" she called out.

"The police. Open up."

She laughed at the familiar baritone of Sean's voice.

Getting up, she walked to the door. She smiled. He was still dressed in his work clothes, the French blue of his dress shirt playing nicely against his auburn hair. He wore a silk tie a shade or two darker than the shirt and black slacks with shiny black shoes. His familiar Calvin Klein scent wrapping her in comfort. He was leaning against the doorjamb, a sexy grin tugging at his lips.

"Well aren't you dressed up?"

Sean smiled. "Yeah. Thought we could have some dinner."

"You're in a good mood."

"I am. The guy that shot me? Well, he won't be walking anytime soon. The DA charged him with attempted manslaughter. Funny thing is, the guy still agreed to testify. Apparently there is such a thing as an honest mobster."

Nina grinned. "Sean, that's awesome. I know you'll be glad when this is all over."

He nodded. "Most definitely. Now, let's celebrate."

"Okay, I'll go get my coat..."

"No need. We're hanging out here tonight." He moved to step into the apartment. Nina realized he had a large paper bag hidden behind him.

"Sean, what's that?"

"This?" he indicated innocently to the bag. "Oh this. It's just a little something-something. I figured I'd cook for you."

"Really? What are you making?"

"It's a surprise, girl." He walked towards the kitchen. "Now come in here and keep me company while I fix us something spectacular."

Sean rested the bag on the dark granite countertop. Reaching in, he began to remove assorted items.

"What exactly do you have up your sleeve?"

"What do you not understand by surprise?" his eyes twinkled.

"Okay," she said. "I'll back off. So, anything else interesting happened at work?"

"Not really," Sean replied. He unbuttoned his shirt and placed it gently on the stool next to her. Nina admired his lean muscular form. He had on a white undershirt that showed off his toned arms. He was so ridiculously fine. She could feel her heart pounding. It had been so long since she felt his touch.

She was listening to him but not really. As she watched his mouth move, his sensuous lips curving over every syllable, she imagined those same lips wrapped around her nipples, bringing her immense pleasure. Nina felt that familiar heated sensation sweep over her body.

"Babe, you okay?" she looked up to see Sean grinning slyly at her.

"Uh, I'm fine. You were saying?"

"Never mind, it wasn't that important. So, how was your day? Anything interesting happen?"

Nina watched as he made quick work of chicken breasts, slicing them vertically before putting a healthy amount of various seasonings on them and tossing them into a sizzling pan with a hint of olive oil.

"Uh, you could say that. I spoke to Delia." She noticed his finger nearly slipped while chopping up the multi-colored peppers. He was silent as he finished chopping. When he threw the vegetables into the pan, he turned around.

"Should I be afraid you're going to hit me?"

Nina grinned. "Not likely. We just talked. She's nice."

Sean looked relieved. "Yeah she is. I'm guessing my mother had something to do with this?"

"She's kind of amazing like that."

"So I hear." He filled a pot with water before setting it on the burner next to the pan.

"You're the king of multi-tasking," Nina remarked. He was opening a jar of Alfredo sauce with one hand while stirring the chicken and vegetables with the other.

"Yeah, I'm kind of amazing like that," he said. "So, what did you gals talk about?"

"You, of course."

"Talking shit about me now, Gill?"

"You know it, baby." She watched as he drained the chicken and vegetables before adding the Alfredo to the mix. As the water in the pot began to boil, he opened the bag of fresh green penne pasta.

Sean laughed at the astonished look on her face. "You know how much I like my colors," he said, a wicked grin on his face. "Speaking of, I nearly forgot to freeze the dessert." He reached into the bag once more and pulled out a quart of something. "Fresh chocolate gelato," he said as he put the tub in the freezer.

"You just think of everything, don't you?"

"I aim to please, love. He drained the pasta quickly and moved the pan of Alfredo from the burner. Nina couldn't help but watch him; the way he moved, he was so sure of his steps. She felt her breath quicken and her body heat once again. Watching him cook was turning her on in the worst way. "Sean," she whispered, her voice hoarse.

"Babe?" he replied. He was busy getting plates from the cabinet. The way he reached up, his arms outstretched, the chords of muscles flexed slightly made her head dizzy. Calm down girl, she thought to herself. She was acting like a high-school girl with a crush.

Sean was watching her from the corner of his eye. She was giving him an almost primal look. He felt compelled to up the ante. Picking up a stray pepper, he dipped it into the sauce. "Open up for me Pretty," he said. He watched her take the vibrant slice into her mouth and nearly moan from the taste.

"God, that's so good." She didn't know whether she was talking about the sauce or Sean's fingers stroking her lips.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

She nodded. "Yeah."

"You want more?" He noticed there was a spot of sauce on her lower lip. Before she could wipe it off, he leaned across the counter and gently ran his tongue on her lips. She pulled him closer to her, allowing her lips to part and give his tongue access.

"Sean please," she whimpered. Her entire being was ignited. She craved his hands, wanting them everywhere on her body.

"You want more?" he whispered again.

"You know I do." Grabbing his hands, she walked him down to the bedroom.

"The food?"

Nina smiled as she unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it to the floor. "Are you really going to ask about that?"

Sean grinned. "I'm just saying." He undid his pants and stepped out from the pool at his feet. "Come here," he said. Pulling her close, he kissed her shoulder blade softly, inhaling the scent he'd grown to adore. "God, you feel so good," he murmured. His fingers nimbly unbuttoned her pants and slid the material down her slim hips.

Kneeling down, he kissed her thighs. Sean lifted a slender brown leg over his shoulder and nuzzled his face into her panty-clad crotch, making her moan. When he pushed her lacy black briefs to one side and pushed a finger into her warmth, she cried out. Her hands rested on his shoulders to regain her balance.

Sean kissed the inside of her thighs, running his tongue lightly over her soft skin. His finger moved lazily in and out of her. Nina's breathing turned from breathy moans into sharp gasps when his tongue brushed her clit.

"Sean," she moaned. She wasn't sure what she wanted him to do, but she knew stopping was not an option. Her essence coated his face as his tongue continued to suck on her clit. Sean wrapped an arm around her waist for support and her hips began to dance wildly.

His eyes went upward to admire the sight before him. Her eyes closed, her mouth open with the softest whisper of his name escaping every so often. One hand was weaving its way through her hair, while the other unhooked her bra to free her chocolate globes.

Sean didn't think there was any sight more beautiful. Rising to his feet, he kissed her softly, kneading her ass cheeks in his hands. When he lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around his trim waist as he walked them to the bed.

Nina bit his earlobe softly as her back rested against the mattress. "Take me Sean," she whispered.

Rising to his knees, he removed his shirt and tossed it to the side. Looking down at the beauty beneath him, Sean felt a pang in his heart that was almost too much to bear. He leaned forward to kiss her softly as he slowly slid into her moist core, making them both cry out.

Nina arched her back, her dark nipples peaked stiffly upward. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled him deeper into her. Sean kissed her hard once more, rolling her nipples between his fingers. "How does it feel, Pretty?" he whispered in her ear. He pulled out slowly, waiting a beat before ramming his length back into her. Nina moaned and lifted up to grab his face in a kiss.

"Like heaven," she breathed. She grinded her hips, the friction from the new position caused her body to shiver slightly. Nina wrapped her arms around his neck and concentrated on his face. Sean's eyes were closed as his cock continued to move in and out of her.

She kissed his eyelids. "Look at me Sean," she whispered. Her heart rate sped up when he opened his beautiful eyes, the green and blue, and focused on her. "I love you," she said, as her hips picked up their pace, rocking harder onto his throbbing member.

Sean stared back into her eyes, bright and shining with a hint of tears. "I love you," he said hoarsely. With his hand, he pulled her lips to his as they both exploded into orbit. Her scream of pleasure mixed with his as their bodies went over the edge. Nina felt her legs shake and shudder. She held onto Sean as they continued to ride out their orgasm.

He fell back on the bed, taking her with him. His cock was deflating, yet he didn't want to leave the warmth of her pussy. "Wow," he breathed.

"Yeah," she said quietly. "My sentiments exactly."


"You sure I look okay?" He had been asking her that same question for the past twenty minutes and each time she responded accordingly.

"You look great."

Sean tugged at the collar of his navy and celery striped button down. He was never a guy insecure about his clothes, but he knew this meeting with Nina parents was important. It was the first time he'd be meeting them and wanted to make a good impression. Sean opted for the casual yet devilishly handsome look: nice shirt and clean jeans with a pair of black boots.

"Thanks, Neens. You look good too." He checked out her simple snow white tunic sweater similar to that green one he liked so much. Her light jeans and designer sneakers made her look like a million bucks.

Nina smiled. "Don't be so nervous. My parents are going to love you." She pulled the car into the driveway of her parents' three-story brick house.

"Yeah, well at least when you met my mother I was unconscious. I don't have that luxury again."

"You're ridiculous," she said, cracking a smile. "Come on, they're probably watching us from the window."

As they walked up the cobblestone path, Sean took in the house and its surroundings. It was in a relatively quiet neighborhood, full of tree-lined sidewalks and well-manicured lawns. The Gill house was no exception. The house itself was beautifully kept. The front door was flanked by verdant shrubbery on each side. There were flowers everywhere: marigolds, daisies, and winter roses.

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