Getting Mom Interested Ch. 01


"Make Mom cum Tommy," Becky said, over and over as she pinched her mother's nipples.

"Ohhh!!! God.. Ohhh!!!" Cathy cried as she gyrated her clit against me. Her cunt squeezed tightly onto my cock, and her fingers dug into my flesh. I watched her body stiffen, and her face went red as her mouth opened and nothing came out. Then it happened. Her body quaked all over, and her eyes closed tightly with her orgasm.

"AWWWWWW!!!!!!" Cathy screamed loudly, her body convulsing with pleasure. The neighbors had to have heard her. Her screams went on and on before she finally collapsed on top of me. I could hear her panting, and I closed my arms around her. Her breathing was fast and heavy.

"My god! Tommy, I've never cum that hard before." Cathy said.

I felt Becky rubbing her mother's back as her hand grazed my arm.

"I told you. You needed a good fuck. Didn't I Mom?"

"Yess...hah..hah.. Yes you did honey, and you were exactly right."

"Now let me have some of that cock before we tire him out," Becky said as her mom eased herself off my pole.

We then fucked and fucked, until it was 4 a.m. The three of us were in every position we could think of - Becky and I, Cathy and I, all three of us, and both of them on each other. My dick got raw, but I kept fucking. I couldn't get enough of them. By 5 o'clock in the morning, I dragged my tired ass home. My dick was so sore I suffered with every step from my briefs rubbing against the wounded flesh. I couldn't wait to strip naked and air my dick with relief.

I walked in my house and there was Mom sitting on the couch. "Mom, what are you doing? I told you not to wait up for me."

"I couldn't sleep, and then I got worried. Do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah I do, and I'm beat. I want to go to sleep. Can you please just let me crash and we'll talk about this in the morning?"

"It is the morning," she said. "What does Becky's mother think about your being over there so late?"

"Mom, I was with both of them until just a little while ago."

"Doing what?"

.... .... .... Oh crap. I thought.

"We played cards. Becky thought it would help her mom forget about her problems." I said, hoping she bought the bullshit I was throwing.

"Well, just go to your room and get to sleep. Your father will be up soon, and he wouldn't like knowing you were out this late either."

"But Mom, did you get any sleep?"

Mom didn't answer. She just headed to the stairs. About midway, up she stopped and turned, "I'm going to bed with your father. Please turn off the lights before you come up."

"Okay Mom." I said as she left.

I couldn't remember when Mom had been this mad at me. I felt bad about it, but I sure wouldn't have changed anything before hand. I turned off all the lights and went to my room. I closed my door and stripped naked, slipping into bed and tossing the covers aside.

It didn't take long before I felt myself slipping away. Then, I heard my Dad snoring. I felt sorry again for Mom, but I was so exhausted it was short lived.

When I woke up, my clock said noon. My dick was still sore, so I just put on a pair of sweats without any briefs. I went downstairs, and Dad was out raking leaves. He was doing the job I was supposed to be doing.

I went into the kitchen and Mom was doing dishes. "Hey Mom." I said. "I'm sorry about last night. I promise it won't happen again."

Mom just washed the dishes and acted like I wasn't there. I went to the back door to take over raking, and Mom spoke. "I told your father you came home feeling sick, and to let you sleep in this morning."

"Thanks Mom. I owe you one." I said. "And I am very sorry."

"Just try and remember that we still worry about you. Well, at least I do." Mom said.

"I know." I replied, as I walked behind her and gave her a hug.

"And I'm going to hold you to owing me." Mom said.

I broke my embrace and went out to rake the leaves.

"Feeling better?" Dad asked

"Much. I must have picked up a bug."

I took the rake from him and finished the job.

I again spent the next weekend over Becky's, and again, we had our little three way fun.

As Cathy left us to take a shower, I had a chance to talk to Becky. I felt after all we've done together I shouldn't keep any secrets from her. "Becky I have something to tell you."

"What's up Tommy?"

"Well I should have told you when it first happened, but I was afraid what you might have thought."

"The first night we watched the porno movies, my mom was there watching us."

"No way! Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was afraid you would leave at first, and then I was afraid what you might think of me afterwards."

"Tommy, that's so fucking hot."

"There's more. I watched her masturbate when we watched the incest video."

"Oh My God!" Becky said. "My pussy is getting wet thinking your mom came watching that."

Then her eyes widened, "Your mother watched us fuck!"

"Umm..Yea she did."

"Tommy, I'm so hot right now I can't stand it." she said and dove for my cock. She fucked my brains out once more.

I heard her mom coming out of the shower, and had to break free from Becky before she wanted to fuck again.

"Becky, I have to go. I promised Mom I wouldn't be out as late as last weekend."

"Tommy you have to fuck her."

"What?! No! ... Mom's just misguided right now. Dad has been stressed, and isn't sleeping and...well."

I gave her the whole lowdown on what has been happening.

"Tommy your Mom is horny and needs a good fuck. If you want to keep your family happy, give your Mom what she needs."

"Becky, I have to go. I'll talk to you on the phone tomorrow."

"Okay, but think about what I said."

I left and hurried home. Again, Mom was on the couch in her robe, but seemed happy that I was home.

"Hi Mom, couldn't sleep again?"

"No. Your Dad is waking the dead up there."

I didn't ask if she was going upstairs or not. I just headed for the couch and began to take my shirt off.

Mom didn't turn away this time. I don't know why. Maybe it was what Becky said, or something else, but I just slipped my jeans down and watched my mother's face. Her eyes looked straight at my cock as it bulged under my briefs. I acted like this was a common thing to do, and laid down on the couch. Mom again positioned herself in front of me and laid her head on the pillow. I felt her shuffling her body back closer to me until we where spooned tightly to each other. My arm wrapped over Mom and snuggled in under her breasts. I could feel her soft globes resting against my arm.

"Good night Mom."

"Good night honey." I heard Mom say as she grabbed my arm with hers and pulled me tight. Her ass pushed back, and I felt my dick push against her crack. My dick jumped as it connected with Mom's ass. I was getting excited by my own mother, and this was different than before. This was more than just me watching. Touching was involved, and I was getting very aroused by it. My cock grew harder, and more of it came in contact with Mom's ass. I then felt Mom move slightly, and her ass slipped along my dick. She began to breath more slowly again, and her movements finally stopped. I began to relax as I felt our bodies clinging together and finally faded off to sleep myself.

Morning came and Mom was gone. I got up and threw my pants on, folded the blanket and headed to my room to change. As I opened my door, I could hear the water running in my shower. Mom's robe was tossed out on my bed. Mom was using my shower instead of hers. I crept into my room to quickly change clothes. The door was open to the bathroom, and Mom's silhouette showed clearly in the daylight. I quietly opened my dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of jeans out a long with a new tee.

I kept glancing at the image of my mother's body as she washed. Then it happened again. Mom's hand was between her legs. I watched as she braced herself with the other hand and feverishly worked on her pussy. I heard the echoing moans coming from the shower as Mom climaxed. My dick was hard again, but I had to leave before she knew I seen her. As quietly as I could, I slipped out of my room and back down the stairs.

About 10 minutes later Mom came down stairs. I didn't think about Mom noticing me with new clothes on until I saw her face turn pale as she looked at me. "When did you change clothes?" she said.

"I..had these downstairs already." I said.

I could tell she knew I was lying, but she let it go.

Dad then came downstairs and gave Mom a good morning kiss.

"You took a shower?" he said.

"Yes, in Tommy's room."

"You slept there again last night."

"Yes." Mom said, as she glanced my way.

Mom was lying to Dad. She hadn't told him she can't sleep alone.

After breakfast I gave Becky a call, and told her what had happened last night and this morning with Mom.

"Tommy, I'm telling you, your mom needs a good stiff cock in her."

"Becky, I can't." I said.

She finally dropped the subject, and we talked about the next weekend. Her mom was going clubbing with some friends and wouldn't be home until late that night. She wanted to watch some porn again. Since all this had happened after we started watching smut with each other, I whole heartedly agreed. I again looked forward to next Friday, but I was to have a surprise before then.

Wednesday night as I slept, I was awakened by a hand touching my shoulder. It was Mom. I reached for my light on the night table and cracked my eyes open, trying to focus. As my mother's body became clearer, I was shocked by her appearance. Mom didn't have her robe on. Instead she wore a black teddy. Her breasts were halfway out, and I could see almost to her mound.

"What.. What's going on Mom." I said as I felt my dick begin to swell under the sheets.

"Your Dad took a pill tonight, and I wanted to know if I could lay here with you."

"Slide in Mom," I said as I laid the covers back for her.

Mom's eyes grew wide, and I heard her gasp. In my half asleep state, I had completely forgotten I was naked.

"Oh..Shit! I'm sorry Mom." I said, but the damage was done. Not only was I naked, I was hard, and Mom got an eye full of her son's swollen dick.

"Let me throw on a pair of sweats. Just toss me a pair from my dresser."

Mom never moved. She just stood there. Then she slowly turned out the light, and I felt her move under the covers.

"It's okay Tommy, I'm your mother. I've seen you naked before. Let's just get some sleep."

Mom scooted over to me on her side, and again we spooned. But the light material from her teddy and my nakedness had an erotic feel to it. My hard dick pushed into Mom's crack, and the feeling was intensified by the silky material. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I could hear my breath quicken. I again put my arm over Mom and rested it below her breast. My arm connected with the underside of her soft melons. Her breath became more pronounced as we lay there, and I pulled her tightly to me and squeezed her in my arms. I felt my dick nudge between my mother's ass cheeks, and Mom lightly exhaled whimper.

"Good night Mom." I said as I moved forward and kissed her cheek.

"Good night honey." Mom replied, as her hand again held mine tightly to her.

This time, when I felt Mom shift her ass, I also moved my hips. My dick was mashed tightly against her crack. Every slight move excited me more. Mom's breath became louder and I could hear softly moaning.

My own breathing grew faster as my lust grew. Then, Mom grabbed my arm and moved it slowly while she pushed herself back against my cock. I grew more and more excited as my arm moved down my mother's body, inching down to her waist, over her stomach before she stopped.

Mom rested her hand on top of mine as her breathing went faster and faster. I felt the heat building between us, and I leaned forward, lightly kissing Mom's neck.

"Ohhh," I heard her softly moan.

"I love you Mom," I said, as I pushed my hips forward, grinding my cock deeper between Mom cheeks.

Her hand again moved my hand lower and lower, down over her belly untiI I could feel the bone on her mound. Mom then pushed my hand hard into her mound, forcing my hand between her legs as she tightened them around it.

"Ohhh...." Mom said. She moved my hand to and fro across the light fabric that covered her pussy. I scrunched up the material of the teddy until my hand was able to feel her silky panties. I reached down until I found the elastic material. Wiggling my finger under the waist band, I slithered my hand in. I moved my hand deeper into her panties, and my fingers felt the heat pouring from my mother's pussy as they inched closer to their goal.

I felt Mom's hand reach back and grab my rod. She stroked my pole up and down, and I was excited beyond belief. My mind spun with lust as I found myself wanting my own mother.

"Oh Mom." I said, as my fingers touched her folds.

Mom's hand stopped! Her body stiffened.

"Oh God! No!" Mom yelled, as she quickly let go of my swollen dick and leapt out of bed.

I tried to say something to her, but in a flash she was gone.

What the hell just happened? I thought.

I lay in bed the rest of the night contemplating the turn of advents and wound up jerking off to the image of me fucking Mom.

Morning came, and Mom never left her room. Dad was just leaving for work, and I had to run to class.

I called Becky and told her what had happened with Mom. I think she was playing with her pussy as I explained it to her.

That night at diner Mom acted like nothing happened - as if all was ok. When Dad left to watch a ball game on TV, I had my chance to feel Mom out.

"Everything okay Mom?"

"Yes, fine honey."

I left it alone. If Mom wanted not to talk about what happened, I wasn't going to push her. The rest of the week was normal. Mom never ventured into my room.

Friday night came, and I could tell Becky was scheming something. I didn't have a clue as to what. We had a very pleasant evening with my parents. Instead of the usual, Mom suggested we play cards, and we played hearts. Becky and I teamed up against Dad and Mom, and by the end of the night they had won most of the hands. Dad was the first to say goodnight and acknowledge how much fun he had. Mom followed suit, leaving Becky and I alone again downstairs.

We sat on the couch and Becky went for the TV remote. She scrolled through the channels until she found an erotic thriller. We settled in and watched about half of it before Becky asked me to setup the laptop for some more interesting videos.

I reached under the coach to get the laptop, but it wasn't there. Someone had moved it from its hiding place. "Becky, my laptop is missing. Mom must have moved it."

"Well that's okay. I guess it's getting kind of late. Maybe we should just call it a night."

... ... ... What the hell is she up to? I thought.

"Okay. I'll walk you home." I said

We walked holding hands half way to her house she stopped.

"Let's go back to your house."

"Why? Did you forget something?"

"No I just want to see if I'm right about something." I wasn't sure what she was talking about until I was about to open the door.

"If your mom is downstairs, I want you to just follow my lead." Becky whispered.

We made our way to the family room and sure enough as we peeked in, Mom was there wearing her red robe. Becky quickly put her arm around my waist and acted like he had trouble standing on her right foot. I immediately grabbed her by the waist and helped support her as we walked into the family room.

"Oh hi Becky I thought Tom was walking you home."

"Yea we were. But then I twisted my ankle, and we came back here.

Mom got up and gave me a hand helping Becky to the sofa.

"Ouch!" Becky said as she sat down.

"I'll get some ice." Mom said leaving for the kitchen

"What are you up to Becky?"

"Shhh...Just play along."

Mom came back with some ice wrapped in a hand towel and sat next to Becky. She picked up her foot and placed it on her lap while she applied the ice to her ankle.

"Oh... I think I sprained it good. Tommy, can you sit next to me so I don't have to lean back?"

I sat next to Becky and twisted my body so she could rest back against my chest. Becky placed her hand on my thigh and eased herself into me. Mom kept Becky's foot in her lap as she also sat back on the sofa.

I reached for the remote and flicked the TV on. I wound up changing channel after channel. All that was on was info commercials. Finally, I found a movie on the premium channel and left that on until it showed two girls kissing and undressing themselves.

"Oh" I said. "I'll find something else."

Becky grabbed my hand.

"Leave it on for a minute or two. This is getting interesting."

I looked at Mom, and she didn't say anything. As a matter of fact she was watching the screen very closely. My little vixen was scheming something. As we watched the TV, I felt her hand move up my thigh and inch closer to my dick. My dick jumped as her hand brushed my crotch. I looked back at Mom, but she was engrossed in the movie. The two girls were now licking and rubbing their breasts.

I lowered my eyes down to Beck's foot, and softly gasped as I could see Becky had maneuvered her foot into my mother's crotch. She was brushing against it with her heel. Slowly, Becky rubbed on my mother. As she did, her foot was gradually parting Mom's robe. Mom's mouth was open and her eyes closed as Becky's foot applied more and more pressure between her legs.

My cock was hard as a rock when Becky suddenly stopped. She moved her hand from my pants and tried to ease herself up. "Tommy said you've been having trouble sleeping when your husband takes sleeping pills."

"Huh?... Oh yes. It's terrible."

"Has anyone ever given you a back massage to help you relax? I bet you'd sleep well then. Here, let me give you a quick backrub and see if that helps you."

"Thank you Becky, but..." was all Mom could say before Becky was propped behind her with her legs spread.

"Tommy, sit closer to your mom and rub her fingers while I work on her back."

I moved closer and did just that. I placed Mom's hand on my thigh as I rubbed her fingers between my hands. I looked back and forth from Mom to Becky to the TV. Mom wasn't watching TV anymore. Her eyes where tightly closed as Becky kneaded her shoulders. Becky looked at me and smiled.

I watched as she began to move her hands, first to Mom's shoulder blades and then down her arms. Up and down, up and down, ever so slowly Becky eased my mother back until she was pressed against her chest. Becky moved her hands to the fronts of Mom's arms and up to her collar bone. Moving Mom's hair to one side, Becky leaned in and lightly blew on her neck. I heard a soft moan leave Mom's lips.

Mom began to clutch her hand as I massaged it. Becky kept her left hand massaging Mom while she moved her right hand down to my zipper. Quietly she eased it down. I felt my blood rush as Becky toyed around and freed my cock. I was engrossed so much at what Becky's right hand was doing I didn't pay attention to her left. Becky had it down under Mom's robe and was massaging her breasts.

Mom was breathing hard, and she grabbed my hand tightly. Becky pulled at my arm, moving it closer and closer towards my crotch. Her left hand parted Mom's robe and I was surprised. Mom had nothing on under the robe. Her soft globes gleamed at me as Becky toyed with her nipples. Mom's nipples became hard, and her mouth opened more as Becky skillfully rolled them between her fingers.

Becky leaned in and kissed Mom's neck. I heard a louder "Ohh" come from my Mom. Wasting no time, Becky slowly lowered her left hand down Mom's body as she kissed and sucked on her neck. As her hand reached between my mother's legs, her right hand took hold of Mother's hand and placed it on my cock.

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