tagText With AudioGetting My Ass Reamed

Getting My Ass Reamed


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Oh my you have such a big cock. Mmmmm it looks so tasty. I just love watching you stroke it. Here let me get these clothes off and join you. Look what watching you stroke that hard pole had done to me! I am already stiff and throbbing. Let's watch each other and stroke together.

I love the way you grip your thick cock. I am so hard from just watching you slide your hand up and down, up and down. I am following your strokes now in perfect time. My hand is moving nice and slow as I slide it up and down, I am mirroring your sexy movements.

I bet you have a lot of cum for me today, don't ya. Mmmm but where do you want to leave it? Yes that is the question. You want to spray all that hot sticky cum on my chest and watch me play with it between my fingers? Oh I would like that! It would feel so warm and sticky.

Maybe you want to squirt it down my throat. Have me suck your thick hot pole till you can't take it anymore. Then you can blast your hot juice down my hungry throat. I would so savor your taste. But no that isn't what you want is it? Maybe you want me to slurp your cock till you spew all over my face. Do you want your gooey seed all in my eyes, covering my face, all in my hair and dripping off my chin? It would so make me look like the dirty slut I am! No, not that either?

I got it! Now I know what you want. You want me on my knees so you can come in from behind and stick your thick cock right up my tight ass! Oh God yes, your hot shaft sliding deep inside my taut shithole. Mmmm my ass would feel every inch of you as you bury your hot throbbing rod.

Oh you are so deep in my bowels now. My ass is so tight around you I can feel every pulsating vein. My God when you pull it out it makes me feel so empty. I am thrusting my ass back so you can fill me again and again.

Oh god yes fuck my tight ass! I can really feel you now. You are going so fast. Oh god it is getting so hot in my ass. So hard, yes, so hot, I love your cock in me. That's it, that's it fuck me, yes fuck me! Keep ramming that huge pole deep in me. Feel how my sphincter is gripping your dick. I bet it feels so tight for you. My ass is working your prick like it is a whole bunch of fingers.

Oh my you are reaching around me now as you keep slamming into me. That's it baby grip my rock hard rod as you fuck me deeper and deeper. Your hand feels so good wrapped around my thick shaft.

Stroke it baby fuck me. Yes stroke my cock as you fuck me faster...Oh god my balls are starting to tighten up. Oh you better stop baby I don't want to cum yet! I think it is my turn to feel your tight ass! Here lay on your back.

Yes I want to look at your face as a push my cock into your shithole. My god you are sooo tight! Jesus you feel like a virgin. Oh shit I am not going to last much longer. Yes fucking you harder now...yes...yes so hard...so fast! Your ass is so hot; it is squeezing my cock like a fleshy vice. Yes, yes, I am going to cum soon! Her I cum! Yes baby cumming so hard, right up your tight ass! YESSSSSSSSSS!!

Oh yes baby it felt so good cumming up your ass. Here let me lay back this time. Mmmm I can feel every inch of you as it splits my ass. Oh shit I am hard again already; your cock so tight in me is making me so hard again. Mmmm I am gonna stroke myself as you fuck me. Yes baby ... just like that...fuck my ass so hard...so deep...God yes! Fuck me stud...tear me a new asshole...God I am so close to cumming again...yes baby I can feel you are close too. That's it shoot all your cum deep inside me! Yes...yes...Oh god yes I am cummmmmiiinnnggg!!!

Yes stud that was the best ass reaming I have ever had! Anytime you want to drill my shithole again just call...you got my number!

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