Getting Naked


She was telling us about a vacation they went on the year after they were married to a resort in the islands. A resort with a nude beach. I put my hand on hubby's crotch and felt his half hard erection.

"Seems he sure likes the idea of seeing you nude." I said.

She said her guy had often thought and talked about me and seeing me nude. He was staring at my chest.

I said. "Oh really, how flattering."

I glanced down and noticed quite a tent forming in his loose shorts.

Hubby, still not taking his eyes off her, said; "He would love what he would see. It would probably make him drool".

His gaze moved up and down my body as he gave a mock wipe of his chin and said, "I think I already am".

Let me tell you about the four of us. 'She' is Sue, and her husband of six years is Tony. He is an account exec for a marketing firm, and she works in the billing office of a hospital. They live next door to us and like us have no children. Sue is 30, tall with short blonde hair, a slim runner's body with great legs and butt, a smallish but perky chest. Tony is 31, not much taller than Sue, light sandy hair cut short, and the body of a guy who works out a lot. Solid, well built, lots of muscle.

My hubby is Don, 35, a manager of an electronics store. Well over six feet tall, thin but not skinny, dark hair that he keeps rather long and large hands with long fingers. I am Cindy, 33; I run a bookkeeping service out of our home. I am petite (short), with raven black hair down to the middle of my back, and a chest that seems to be the first thing people notice about me. Don and I have been married for twelve years and we met Sue and Tony when they moved in a year ago. We hit it off right away and became fast friends. Everyone else in the neighborhood is either 20 years older than us, or has a bunch of kids who take up their time and conversations.

So, back to Friday night as we sat around our table, chatting and having a couple drinks.

Don said to Tony, "Cindy will show you hers if you show her yours".

I tore my gaze from Tony's crotch to stare at my hubby in shock. He looked at me and said "You know he wants to see and we all saw how interested you were in that bulge he's sporting". I blushed. Everybody was looking at me with evil grins and I knew that I was busted and couldn't deny it.

"Well, that doesn't mean that I am ready to whip these puppies out and put them on display", I said.

"Cindy, you are so turned on at the thought of showing Tony your tits that your nipples are practically ripping through your top", Don informed everyone.

I looked down and damn if my body wasn't betraying me. I looked at Tony and I swear I saw a slight trickle of drool at the corner of his mouth as he stared at my chest.

"Fine," I said. "But Tony has to show first."

I was sure he would back down from having to strip in front of all of us. Then again, who was I kidding? This was Tony I was talking about. The words were hardly out of my mouth and he was standing up and undoing his belt. Before anyone could say a word, his shorts and briefs were around his ankles and his fully hard dick was pointing out and aiming up right at my gaze.

I admit, it had been a very long time since I had seen a real live penis, other than my husband's, up close like that. Tony's wasn't nearly as long as Don's, but OMG was it thick! There was the sound of a gasp and I realized to my shock that it came from me. I hoped it wasn't as loud as it seemed, but when I looked at Don and Sue and saw the expressions on their faces, I knew everybody heard it.

Tony said, "I do believe it is your turn Cindy."

I looked to Don, but he was just smiling like a crazy man and nodding his head. Sue was just giggling so I knew she would be no help. Fact is, at that moment I was quite aroused and actually wanted to show my tits to Tony.

I stood up and pulled my top over my head, leaving me in my thin pale blue bra. My hard nipples were clearly evident poking out through the sheer material. I looked at Tony and his mouth was slightly open and his eyes were glued to my chest, which sent a tingle through my body. I reached behind my back, which of course pushed my chest out further, and undid the clasp. I didn't dally or tease, I just let my bra fall to the table, exposing my naked tits to another man for the first time in ages.

"Oh my, they are beautiful," Tony said. With a quick glance at his wife he added, "Sorry honey, but..."

"No need" Sue broke in, "I completely agree. I'm jealous."

Now everyone was staring at my chest and I could feel my skin was flushed with a little embarrassment and a lot of arousal. My nipples were sticking out as hard as I could remember them ever being. I realized that I was loving this!

My eyes again went to Tony's cock and I swear I saw it twitching. It also looked like it had gotten bigger. I marveled at the thickness of his erection. I found myself wondering if I could get my hand around it and what it would feel like. I then shocked myself when the thought popped into my head, "Would it fit in my mouth?"

Just then Don spoke up.

"Well Sue, don't I get to see what all those people saw on that beach? Let's see your tits."

I looked first at Don, then Sue. They both had a look about them that told me they were feeling the moment also.

Tony said, "Yeah, go ahead Sue. Give Don a real treat."

With a "Well damn" Sue stood and pulled her top off over her head. She was not wearing a bra. Her perfect b-size tits were topped with nipples that stuck out a half inch or more.

"Yummm," was all Don said.

Sue blushed, then looked down at her chest and then at mine. I said to Sue, "No girl, Don actually likes yours more than mine, believe me."

Tony piped up, "Fuck, I'll trade with him anytime." He immediately turned red, both for his language and realizing he might have made both Sue and Don angry.

He didn't have to worry as both of them just laughed at his remark. I felt remarkably turned on by the fact that he wanted to get his hands on my tits so bad.

It surprised us all when Tony added, "Don't stop now Sue, show him everything."

Sue hesitated for only a moment before grabbing the waistband of her shorts and pushing them down over her hips. They dropped to the floor, leaving her in only a sheer pink pair of panties. She was looking directly at Don as she pushed them down also. She was bald as a babies behind!

"Damn!" That was Don's reaction. I knew what he would be asking me to do in the very near future.

"OK, one of us is way overdressed," Sue said, looking at Don.

Funny, Don never even glanced at me to see if I was okay with it. He got up, pulled his shirt off and dropped his shorts and briefs before you could blink an eye.

Now that both these men's hard cocks were on display, one could see that Tony's was much thicker, but Don's was at least two or three inches longer. Sue apparently noticed as her eyes were about to pop from her head as she looked at Don's hard-on.

Tony pulled his shirt off and then everybody was looking at me. I realized I was the only one still with something on, my shorts and panties. There was never a doubt, I knew I wanted to be naked in front of everyone. Especially Tony. I was much slower in removing my last items of clothing, almost like a strip-tease I guess. Everyone seemed to love it, I know I did.

So here we stood. Four friends, completely naked, looking each other up and down. I wondered if they all were as aroused as I was. I knew that I was very, very wet and was not sure my moisture wouldn't start running down my legs any minute. The state of the guy's dicks made it obvious how they were feeling.

I noticed Tony leaning slightly towards me, his mouth beginning to follow his eyes towards my chest. When I felt the urge to reach out and grasp his fat cock with my hand, I knew we had to put the brakes on.

"You guys can let yourselves out or use the spare bedroom or whatever," I said. "But I am taking my husband to bed because I need to get laid and I mean right now."

With that I took hold of Don's raging hard-on and led him down the hall and into our bedroom. I didn't bother to close the door, probably on purpose. I pushed him down on the bed on his back and straddled him. I took hold of his cock and positioned myself right over it. I lowered myself onto it and as wet as I was it slid easily all the way in. I closed my eyes and started riding him like a wild woman. Don tried to hold onto my tits but couldn't, so he grabbed my hips and just hung on. I will admit that at that moment I was imagining it was Tony under me, thinking about how his fat cock would feel stretching me like I'd never been before.

I vaguely heard Sue's voice from the door say, "Ride him girl, ride him good." I guessed they decided to use the spare bedroom. I was so worked up that it didn't take long before I exploded. I had not cum so hard in a long time. I didn't even have time to catch my breath when Don threw me over onto my back. He grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs up until they were almost touching my chest. He slammed his cock back into me and it felt like it reached half way up inside my body. God I love how he can touch me so deep. All thoughts of Tony were gone. This was my man, my love, the only one I wanted between my legs. He was not being gentle, but pounding me like there was no tomorrow. We were not making love then, it was wild animal lust. Pure fucking!

We were soon both sweating and panting. As I felt another orgasm approach, I felt Don swell inside me and he started grunting. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me with all my might. I felt his first stream of hot cum shoot deep within me and then I lost it. My orgasm was so intense I thought I might pass out. It was wonderful. Don was still moving inside me although I'm sure he had finished shooting his load. We stopped and just looked at each other. No words were said or needed.

The loud sounds coming from the guest room told us that Tony and Sue were still at it and having a good old time. I wondered to myself if Sue was thinking about Don's long dick while having her husband in her.

When things got quiet over there I untangled myself from my husband and got up. I walked out of the bedroom, still naked, and over to the open door of the guest room. I again felt the tingle of arousal as I looked in at our friends, naked and in each other's arms, his cock still inside her.

"Would anybody like some coffee?" I asked.

"That would be great." Sue answered. "Would you bring us our clothes so we can get dressed?"

I flashed them a big smile and said, "Not a chance!"

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