tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting One Past The Goalie

Getting One Past The Goalie


This is as much a confession as it is a story, and one that I feel compelled to tell as I look forward to the birth of my first child. My wife, a willowy dark skinned beauty I had the pleasure to woo and win a few years ago, has no idea that the current state she finds herself in is the result of a cunning and uncouth deception.

At first, Linda was enthusiastic about the idea of starting a family. After we got married, however, she began to hedge on this point. She was still young, she said, and wanted to enjoy herself for a while longer and pursue her goals. This was all well and good, but after she finished college, she ceased to do very much of anything. On the days she wasn't lounging around the house, she was off on an extended shopping trip.

I never thought of Linda as a trophy wife, as beautiful as she was, because I knew she was capable of so much more. What she needed was a dose of discipline and responsibility –exactly what having a baby would bring. Unfortunately, Linda was not interested in taking that step, and all of our lovemaking was done with protection. If she was on the pill, it might have been a simple matter to switch them out with a placebo, but since Linda smoked, that wasn't the case. Instead, we always used condoms and her trusty diaphragm. That ritual too was something I'd quickly grown tired of, but if I ever wanted to get any, it was her way or no way.

So, this was the state of things until a number of months ago. I can recall that night very vividly. The moonlight was very bright, streaming in through our thinly curtained windows, making it hard for me to fall asleep. This was not a problem for Linda, who could nod off at the drop of a hat, and often snored in the most unladylike fashion. I was about to give up on the idea of sleep entirely, but was too tired to get out of bed, leaving me in a state of drowsy limbo.

I looked over at my wife, who had her back to me, the sheets partly pulled down from her shoulders. Whatever faults she might have, she was an uncommonly attractive woman, even from this angle. I brushed back some of her hair, affectionately stroking the warm skin of her neck with my fingertips. I went to pull the covers back into place, but as I lifted the sheets, a rather unexpected sight met my eyes. Linda's slip had, at some point in the night, been trussed up so that it bunched all around her waist, leaving her entirely naked from there down.

As often as I've seen my wife in the nude, it could never be enough, and I remained like that for a long while, studying every curve of her gorgeous bare flanks. Turning down the sheets, I gingerly trailed my fingers along her hip and down over her smooth ass cheeks. As if to further entice me, her legs happened to be slightly apart, revealing the slit of her cunt. My prick quickly engorged with excitement as I moved my hand to the juncture of her thighs, probing through her sparse pubic hair to touch the inner lips. Linda didn't react at all to my nocturnal molestation, even as I audaciously pressed down a little harder.

I observed the slow rise and fall of her chest, listening to her calm passive breathing as I continued to feel all around her pussy. For myself, my breath had definitely become more labored with my arousal, unconsciously pressing closer to her body. Under normal circumstances, I might have shaken her awake to see if she was up for a little late night lovemaking. Instead, I found that I was incredibly turned on by the illicit nature of what I was doing, that I could take such liberties with her body while she was completely unaware.

Licking my two fingers, I got them thoroughly wet before replacing them between her thighs –only this time, pushing them down into the entrance of her vagina. My erection jumped in sympathetic spasm as I thrust down to the second knuckle, reveling in the sensations.

It was pretty much at that exact moment when the idea struck me full force. It wasn't a plan I'd normally have thought feasible, but as I sunk my two digits deep within her humid cunt, it no longer seemed outrageous to imagine getting my cock in there too. Bare and unprotected, no barrier at all to protect her womb, I could finally force my young wife to fulfill her duty by ejaculating my seed inside her as she blithely dreamed away.

By now, my prick was rock hard and eager to get a head start, but I knew this would take some preparation first. For one, a bit of saliva wasn't going to be enough for lubrication, and the KY we normally used would be too chilly on her skin not to wake her up instantly. I'd have to remember to keep a bottle of Linda's baby oil by the bedside the next night. For now, with my fingers gently pushing and probing the soft interior of her vagina, I could only torture myself with the fantasy of what I intended to do. Leaning closer, the head of my cock brushed against the exquisitely smooth surface of her ass, begging for even greater contact. I had half a mind to forgo precaution and simply take her there and then, but I didn't want to risk ruining things by acting too rashly, even in the heat of passion.

I withdrew my fingers, sniffing them to take in the musk of her most intimate parts before forcing myself to roll over. I was so consumed with thoughts of my plan that sleep was nearly impossible, and my penis repeatedly rose to full hardness every time I imagined thrusting inside her, condom be damned. It would probably have been an easier night if I simply gave in to temptation and given myself relief with my hand, but I determined that from now on, I would save my precious sperm for the real purpose they were made.

The next day, I hadn't forgotten about my plans at all, and I'm sure Linda was more than puzzled by the clever smile I flashed her way nearly every time I looked at her.

"You're happy about something, and I'll be damned if I know what it is," she remarked over dinner.

"I'm just glad to be here with you," I said coyly, glancing at her cleavage and imaging her breasts growing full over the coming months as she carried our impending child. Such a flawless body, I don't doubt she'd hate what the stretch marks would come to do to her skin. Personally, I believed a few blemishes on her beauty would give her an appropriate sense of humility, as would the duties of a mother.

As we hugged and kissed before bed, she in her usual silk slip and I in my bathrobe, she could feel the length of my erection press against her.

"Not tonight, all right," she begged off, stepping back.

"That's fine," I smiled, slipping off my robe and getting into bed next to her.

Before switching off the bedside lamp, I checked to make sure I had that slender bottle of baby oil within easy reach for later.

I didn't get a lot of sleep the previous night, so despite my excitement I ended up falling asleep pretty quickly. When I opened my eyes again, it was to the very gentle beeping of my digital alarm, set to the lowest volume. It was two thirty in the morning, and as I expected, Linda was completely asleep, her lips partly open and leaking just a trace of drool onto the pillow.

Like before, she was lying on her side, her back facing me. Sadly, her silk slip hadn't rode up as invitingly as last night, and her legs were close together, as if unconsciously anticipating tonight's assault. None of these details were enough to put me off. Having pulled down the bed sheets completely, I shuffled a little closer, taking hold of the hem of her slip. I easily worked the slick material up and around the curve of her hips, and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I ogled the smooth teardrop shape of her bare ass. My cock grew hard in mere moments. Taking tender care, I lifted her knee and moved it forward, scissoring her legs to expose the full shape of her plump labia.

My mouth went dry a bit as I reached over for the bottle of oil and popped the lid. I poured a generous amount onto the full stand of my prick, stroking it as I did so. I couldn't resist masturbating myself a short while, feeling my balls grow tight, ever eager to expel their contents. The scent of the baby oil was now strong in the air, and while it wasn't a very erotic odor, it did bring home just exactly what outcome I had in mind for this venture. My fingers slick with the well-warmed oil, I finally abandoned my solo pleasure and reached over to feel the loose skin of Linda's cuntal lips. I kept an eye on Linda's placid face, but she gave no sign of any awareness even as I moved two then three fingers well up into her tender vagina, making it moist with the left over baby oil.

By now I was more than ready, the first pearl of pre-cum a visible testament to my arousal. My elbow digging into the mattress, I supported my entire weight on that one arm as I leaned into her body, not daring to touch, but using my free hand to level my rigid cock to the opening of her intimate slit. The moment my glans touched her labia, I took a deep breath and held it, every muscle taut as I pushed my hips just that much more to push between her inner lips. There was no resistance at all as the head of my prick sunk into the hole of her cunt, and only after I entered to the first inch or so did I finally let out a ragged breath.

I was nearly dizzy with excitement and the effort of keeping my body from collapsing on top of her. I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around her torso and fuck her hard, right to the hilt, but I kept myself in check. At this moment, the only contact between the two of us was my cock sunk well within her vagina. It was an exquisite feeling, and I realized I couldn't even remember when was the last time I'd been able to do this without a barrier of latex diffusing the sensations. I made a fist of my free hand, closing my eyes as I thrust myself a little bit further within, the smooth round flesh of her buttocks now just barely touching my hips. In this position, I wouldn't be able to get my entire length inside her, but for what I wanted to do I didn't have to. In my minds eye, I pictured the tapered point of my cock head pointing like an arrow towards the round target of her cervix. For the first time in a very long age, there no artificial barriers to the sacred space of her womb.

I dared not to move too much, but the baby oil, while making this penetration easy, also reduced the amount of friction I could feel. Rocking back and forth, I became more and more desperate to feel that moment of bliss and reach the point of ejaculation, but even as I felt more pre-cum run through my shaft, it felt torturously elusive. My arm was getting stiff and sore, and my legs threatened to give out at any second. But it felt so fucking good. I concentrated on the feeling of my glans rubbing and stroking the soft flesh of her insides, putting everything else out of my mind. Instead of willing myself to cum, I simply let myself live in the moment of this violation. I looked down at Linda's sleeping face, almost certain that her mouth had opened a little bit more, that her breathing had become nearly as excited as my own.

Then, it finally happened. Frozen still, I jammed myself as deeply as I dare, that little tick deep inside tripping over that let me know mere milliseconds before the event that my semen was coming and nothing could stop it now. My climax came over me hard and strong, threatening to drop me to the bed, even as my jets of semen burst forth to coat the insides of her cunt. I gasped brokenly; riding every wave and not letting myself fall until the last drop of my semen had emptied into her womb.

Rolling onto my back, I was finally able to let myself relax, trying to regain my breath. I had no idea until that moment how soaked in sweat I had become. My cock, moist and sated, slowly deflated on my stomach, it's biological purpose finally realized. Looking over at Linda's soiled pussy, I imagined my sperm now floating around in there, and wondered if I would get lucky.

Perhaps I did, or maybe it was one of the several other times that month I was able to copulate with my sleeping spouse. I have to say, the look of shock and surprise on her face when she got the blood test results back was enough to nearly make me laugh.

"I guess it was just meant to be," I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"But, how..."

And now that I look at Linda with her roundly distended stomach, I think what a wonderful family we will soon have together. I dare say, I might be something of a rascal, but I'm sure it will all be for the best. I think the fact that Linda was able to give up smoking for the sake of the baby only proves my instincts were right.

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