tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 05

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 05


After the Slayer left, Kiara and Spike stood staring at each other.

Even from thirty feet away Kiara could sense the rage boiling off the Vampire. Only the fact that she knew he wouldn't ever really hurt her, at least not much, kept her from fainting or at least trying to bolt for some dubious safety.

"Uh Spike...er, that's really the first time Buffy and I have ever had a hard time with..."

"And it was almost the last time, for you at least." Spike drawled in that oh so terrifying flat voice.

"Really, I was just about to..."

"Home. Go."

They threaded their way through the cemetery towards Spike's tomb. Spike was hanging back as if he thought he might grab her by the throat if he got within touching distance.

Kiara just knew Spike was thinking up diabolical ways to punish her for putting her life in danger and tried to work up some indignation. "I mean it's my fucking life!" She mumbled to herself, forgetting for a moment how acute a Vampire's sense of hearing was.

"Actually, pet, it's my life. Buffy gave you to me, remember, pacts and promises?"

Then they were at Spike's tomb. He wrenched the door open and shoved Kiara through the doorway.

"Get your ass downstairs." He growled, crossing over to where he kept his booze. "And Kiara?" When she turned back he was guzzling deeply from a dusty bottle of Rum. "Get your clothes off-unless you want me to rip them off."

"Yes Spike." She murmured obediently, turning away to hide her smile. So he wanted to fuck her? That was always a pleasure. Even when it did involve pain.

If she'd have seen Spike's smile she would have tried desperately to reach those doors. Impossible and hopelessly not gonna happen as the attempt would have proved. Anything to escape what she would have seen in that smile. A smile he wouldn't have bothered to try and disguise if she had looked back at him. She just didn't. And so she didn't see that Spike was still furiously angry.

He was in a rage that she had almost gotten herself killed tonight. And half homicidal, hotly resenting the way he had felt when he'd seen her get punched and go down. He hated the feeling of fear that had sent him racing faster then ever in all his life, or unlife, to protect Kiara.

The Slayer thing had nearly sent him out to take a walk in the sun more times then he could stomach honestly admitting. He was not in love. He would never fall in love again. The Hounds of Hell could come and tear him apart and then piss on the bloody raw bits before he'd fall for a fucking pseudo Slayer!

So this wasn't fucking love, he snarled to himself. It was just that she was his little slave, and he'd always been very possessive about his belongings. Besides, she had the hottest, tightest, wettest little pussy he'd ever fucked into. And when she wrapped those pouting full lips around his cock...

"Aurgh!" Spike snarled, tilting his head back he gulped down the remaining few inches of rum, then turned and fired the empty bottle at a mirror he'd always hated.

Downstairs, slipping off the last of her clothes, Kiara heard the explosion and shivered. Spike was really, really pissed. And Kiara was starting to get a little scared.

Upstairs Spike grabbed himself a new bottle, and cursing, yanked at the waist band of his painted on jeans. Thinking about the fucking and the sucking had given him a hard on the Vampire could have used to pound holes through cement.

Maybe he'd pound her first, he thought with a savage, feral smile.

Yeah, that was a bloody good idea. Just grab her, spread her, and ram his aching cock balls deep up that delicious cunny.

Fuck her hard and deep and cum fast. Leave her aching. Better yet, just make her suck him off.

Because the Big Bad had a plan. And by the time he was finished with her, she would never, ever dare to put herself into that sort of danger again! Yeah, he'd keep his little witch bitch safe and sound. Even if it took half killing her himself!

And he damn well wasn't gonna do it with a raging hard on that was causing him exquisite agony every time he moved!

Kiara helped him make up his mind on the fuck or suck issue.

It felt like she had pulled half the muscles in her body when she went down under that pack of disgustingly skanky newby Vamps, and she was trying to work a few of the kinks out of her body when Spike glided silently into the room.

So she was standing there with her legs nicely parted and her back to the door as he came in. And then she suddenly bent at the waist to touch her palms to the floor. While standing there totally nude.

Oh bloody fucking hell, Spike roared to himself. In two strides he was on top of her and tearing his fly open. He grabbed her by the hips and slammed his cock in to her balls deep on the first lunge.

Kiara would have fallen forward onto her nose if not for the hands holding her up. When she tried to straighten he pushed her back down.

"Stay there!" He hissed. "This won't take long!" Minutes later he was exploding, his cock pumping her full of icy seed.

He pulled out abruptly without bothering to tuck himself back in and grabbed her arm.

"Come here." He growled, pulling her out of the main room and down a dusty hall way.

There was a door at the end of that hall way. He pulled a key out of his pocket, unlocked the door, and shoved her into the room.

It was the purest, darkest, most engulfing blackness Kiara had ever encountered. She couldn't even see her hand in front of her face. Just felt it when she finally bumped her nose on her palm.

She knew Spike could see with his Vampire eyes. She could hear him moving around. Then the click of a lighter, and a small lantern flared to life in a distant corner.

Kiara didn't like this place. Even in the ebony darkness she sensed that it was a bad place. She knew that evil things had been done here. This room had seen rivers of blood spilled. Heard bone after bone after bone break and shatter. This room had sucked in countless souls as they died in their unspeakable agony.

"Spike, what...why..." She whimpered. "Please, I don't like it here. I don't want to be here. Please, can we go!" She gasped as he turned from lighting another lantern.

He had his game face on.

"Haven't been here for a few years." He murmured softly, walking around the room idly touching shapes and objects she could barely see in the gloom.

"This is where Dru and the Big Bad used to play. With each other...and, guests."

And that's when Kiara realized that the room she was standing in was a torture chamber.

"Oh my God." She moaned .

"Don't think you'll find him here, luv." Spike whispered softly, almost gently.

Kiara flung herself at the door.

Spike just stood, knowing the door was locked.

Kiara fought with the door, then gave up and leaned her head against it.

"Please Spike, don't do this. Let me out of here."

"They all pleaded, pet. But Dru and I had no mercy. We loved their pain. We bathed in their blood. After all, they were only weak, worthless, pathetic humans."

She could sense Spike moving towards her through the inky darkness.

"I'm not gonna hurt you kitten...much." He amended with a wicked chuckle. "But we got a problem here, little girl. You're playing stupid with your life. And I don't like it. I didn't like the way it felt to watch you go down under that mass of punk assed baby Vamps. And I'm gonna make damn sure that I never have to see or feel that way again pet. When we're done here, you'll weigh your options and intended actions much more carefully before leaping into the fray."

"I don't mind that you help the Slayer. I know that you love it, that you need to do it. I'm glad you're her friend. Buffy needs a good friend. The Scoobies are all busy with their own lives. It's not like it was back at the start when she was the center, the universe they all revolved around. She's lonely, and too often alone. It makes her very reckless and stupid at times."

"But I think the two of you have been forgetting who I am. I'm the Bid Bad, William the Bloody. I got the name Spike for a reason pet. I don't kill my lovely little Happy Meals anymore simply because of one thing. Buffy would have to try and stake me. And then I'd be forced to have to try and kill her. And neither of us want to go that road."

"But the thing you need to remember is that I am evil. I am a Vampire. I have no soul. I have no conscience. I kill not just because or when I have to, but because I want to. It's what we do. And I like it. Tearing open an enemies throat, ripping his still beating heart out, oh I enjoy that. And I'm very, very good at it."

"I will promise you this Kiara. As long as you never align yourself with my enemies or try and stake me yourself, then you will stay safe even around my evil side. And I will protect you from any one or any thing that would try to hurt you."

"But I'm not human luv. I don't play by their rules. Hell, beyond Buffy's rule of no killing the Happy Meals I don't play by any rules. I just do what I want, when I want. That's the thing I love about being a Vampire!"

"You need to realize that I'm not some nice boy you bring home to mommy and daddy." He smirked nastily. "I might just eat them, they play too many twenty-one questions with me."

"I think you've been hearing too many stories from Buffy about that meek, neutered Vamp who helped Buffy out night after night like a whipped, good little boy. Don't have that chip in my head now days, thanks to Glory. I can hurt pet. I can rend and tear. Hell I can kill anything I'm big enough to take out! The Big Bad is back little girl. And I think you need an introduction."

Suddenly Kiara was furious with Spike. He was deliberately trying to terrify her. And apparently he meant to hurt her. Even if, as he said...not much.

Well fuck that shit! Two could play his nasty game. She'd never be able to scare him the way he was doing to her, but Vampire or not, she could damn straight hurt him!

Without warning she lashed out with her right foot, kicking backwards with all the force she could pull from her young, strong, trained body, slamming her heel viciously into Spike's belly.

It was a good, fierce blow and it connected dead on.

She swirled her body around , her left foot coming up to nail him in the head.

She knocked him back a dozen feet and settled into a wary, defensive stance. She was too smart to try and follow up on those first two strikes because she knew he'd recover and be back on his game before she could get over to him.

He straightened up laughing, swiped some blood away from his nose and grinned at her avidly. "Oh this is gonna be so much fun! Didn't realize that you liked to play rough lover! Should have told me. I've been holding so much back!"

Oh Lordy Lord Kiara moaned to herself. What the fuck had she just set in motion! Underneath her fear though, was a twisted, nasty demented little bud of tight, hot excitement.

Kiara had never dated much. Most boys were a little put off by the fact that she could wipe the floor with them. And she had no interest in the ones that wanted her to dominate them.

She would never, ever be able to dominate Spike.

"You do realize that you can't win?" Spike purred tauntingly, stalking towards her with game face on. "Just be a good little girl and do what I say."

"In your dreams!" She spat, her body tingling, waiting. "I know I can't win but I'm sure as hell gonna hurt you some before you do!"

Spike grinned at her. "I like being hurt. I was with Dru for over a century. Pain makes me hot. You know I love it when you use your teeth when you suck my co...oof!"

He'd suddenly rushed her but Kiara kicked him savagely in the teeth and ducked away.

They circled the room. Every once in a while Spike would lunge at her and Kiara would kick or punch him away. He never once retaliated. Kiara had an idea that was simply because he was saving it all for when he stopped having fun and decided it was time to move on to "punishing" her.

Her eyes darted around taking in all the bizarre objects of torture the room held. Her mind wondering what exactly Spike had in mind. She caught sight of an Iron Maiden and winced.

"Nah, not that one." Spike demurred. "It would poke too many holes in you."

Kiara squeaked. She'd allowed herself to get distracted and he was almost on top of her.

"I'm more then content to just keep on poking those luscious holes you already have." He added with a lewd, crude leer.

"Pervert!" Kiara yelped, doing a forward dive and somersaulting between his legs. She kicked him in the balls for good measure with both bare feet then came up out of the tight roll and darted to put the solid bulk of the massive horizontal rack between them.

Spike straightened and snarled at her. "Starting to have a bit too much fun here, aren't you pet. I think it's my turn now!"

And moving with preternatural Vampire speed he leaped onto and off the old rack, landing in front of her.

He grabbed her and slung her around and a second later was bending her over a waist high bench, locking her wrists in place and pulling her legs far apart and securing her by the ankles as well.

"There we go pet. Now not a word, or I'll have to gag you as well. Of course you can scream if you feel the need." He gave a nasty laugh and ran his hands over her twitching body.

"This is a whipping post luv. But don't worry. I'll be very careful not to leave any scars. You have such beautiful skin it would be a shame to mar it."

He walked around to the front of her and moved over to a shelf that held a generous selection of nasty looking implements intended for the cause of pain and punishment.

There were whips curled up there of all types. She saw something she thought was a cat-of-nine-tails, a rattan cane, a ruler, paddles, even a set of wooden backed hair brushes. She wished she could laugh at the thought of being "punished" as her father had done a rare time or two when she was young. But there was nothing remotely amusing about watching Spike's hands fondling the various objects. Watching him pick up one or the other in consideration before setting it back down. Kiara's heart nearly stopped when he picked up something that he didn't put back.

She thought it was something called a quirt...and she did not like the idea of him using it on her!

"Always liked this little honey." Spike purred. "Used right it stings like a bitch but doesn't draw blood. Of course, you can also use it to rip flesh into crimson shreds if that's your preference."

He moved back towards Kiara, circling her body and teasingly stroking it with the quirt.

"Don't you dare do this to me Spike!" Kiara hissed, trying to sound fierce. "I swear I'll hate you!"

Spike shrugged callously. "Hate, love...what's the difference? What does any of it matter. It's one and the same. It all just ends eventually."

Suddenly Kiara wanted to cry. If that was the way that he felt then why were they even bothering to have-well whatever the hell it was that they had? She wasn't stupid. Obviously this wasn't going to be a forever thing. Spike could potentially live forever. She wouldn't. But to hear him spell it out so hard and cold hurt. And it hurt bad.

Instead of crying she cursed at him. "The second you free me I'll be out of here. I'll never even look at you again!"

Spike laughed mockingly. "Then maybe I should just never let you go. Keep you here locked up always available to me?"

"Buffy would figure out where I was and come save me!"

"I'll kill her if she tried!" Spike snarled savagely.

They stared at each other. Kiara's eyes were stunned, scared, and confused. Spike's eyes were filled with possessive anger and cloudy with emotions he refused to acknowledge.

"Enough." He suddenly rasped. There was the hiss of displaced air and then that vicious little quirt was tracing a line of molten, liquid fire across Kiara's bare bottom.

She gasped, sucking in hard, nearly choking on the pain, but refused to scream.

Fucking idiot, she berated herself. Just how stupid is it to piss off the Vamp with the nasty little whip? Oh you do moron with blinding talent, she berated herself, jolting as the quirt struck her tensed cheeks again.

She didn't count them, but she thought he gave her at least twenty stinging blows to her ass and thighs.

She never screamed for him. She vented the pain by shrieking obscenities the entire time.

Finally, he tossed the quirt over her head to land untidily back on the shelf and Kiara desperately hoped that meant he was done.

H slid his cold hands teasingly over the aching globes of Kiara's flaming ass. "Had enough yet?"

Kiara erupted . "You fucking rotten dirty son of a bitch bas..."

He clamped a hand over her mouth.

"Naughty, naughty...such language pet! I guess we're not done yet. Well, I've always been a bit of a hands on sort of Vamp..." And with that his palm came down to savagely connect with Kiara's already throbbing butt.

Kiara screamed through his fingers in total, almost mindless rage and bucked violently in her restraints.

But she couldn't get away. All she could do was thrash uselessly as Spike spanked her harder and harder with one hand while the other hand wandered up and down her body and fondled her with lewd depravity.

I'm being beaten while getting molested her mind shrieked at her in fierce outrage.

"I'm gonna kill you Spike! So help me God I'm gonna fucking kill you!" Kiara howled.

Spike laughed and stopped slamming her ass long enough to lean down to kiss her neck. "I know you want to baby. You just have to learn to stop being so bloody reckless."

"Ever thought of just asking me to be more careful, you psychotic fuck?" Kiara spat.

Spike laughed softly. "This way's better. You'll never forget the lesson."

"And I'll never forgive you for it either!" Kiara vowed.

Spike moved into view in front of her. "But you'll watch yourself, and stay safe. That's good enough for me."

He leaned in, to kiss Kiara harshly, then licked away the tears of pain and rage.

His tongue laved up and down, over her cheeks, down her neck, behind her ears.

"I'm so fucking hard pet. I'm a bad, bad man. I'm gonna fuck you now."

Kiara flung her body against the restraints. "Don't you fucking dare you son of a bitch! No way in hell do I wanna...."

And he silenced her with the gag he'd threatened her with earlier.

She assumed he would just slam his cock into her. But he folded with that amazing Vanpire grace to crouch between her thighs.

Oh no! She yelped into the damn gag. Hell no! No, no, no...she squealed into the gag when he suddenly lunged like a viper and latched onto her swollen clit.

She didn't have much room to wriggle or thrash as it was, the way she was bound, but he gripped her ass with both hands and held her in place.

He sucked her clit in hard, flicking his tongue against it and biting.

Kiara tried to decide if it was more pain, or just pleasure, and then he released her and shoved his tongue deep into her pussy.

Oh gods, no doubts there. That was pleasure.

His tongue licked and laved and probed, joined by two talented fingers that pushed up, in,curled, and found her sweet spot.

Kiara whimpered into the gag, her hips pushing the little bit that they could against his mouth, taking those talented fingers.

Oh you fucking bastard, she moaned silently...and then she was exploding, erupting, cumming, giving him her sweet sugar juice and he was lapping it up.

Her pussy was still pulsing hard, empty and aching, when he straightened with the type of fluid, boneless grace that only a Vampire could ever manage, and then his hard, thick cock was ramming itself through the convulsing walls of her cunt, burying the full length, only to pull out and ram back in.

Kiara nearly chewed her gag to bits while Spike hammered in and out of her. She never stopped cumming the entire time he fucked her in search of his own release.

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