tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 09

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 09


Spike and Kiara rested against each other, both gasping for breath. Kiarra with a human's real need, Spike with that enduringly charming tendency to hold onto so many aspects of humanity.

Buffy had mentioned casually that Spike was actually the only Vampire she'd even seen eat anything other then blood. Quite a bunch of them seemed to hit the booze rather enthusiastically, but not even Angel ate food, and he was about as human of a Vampire as any other but Spike.

Then Kiarra and Buffy had spent an hour or two wondering why that was. To them it seemed NEVER eating would eventually draw a bit of suspicious curiosity from even the dimmest human.

They eventually decided that Buffy was probably correct with her observation that the run of the mill Vamp rarely courted a victim, just came upon some random moron wandering where and when the sane knew not to. The whole not eating question really didn't have time to come up in the usual ten second "relationship" a typical Vamp had with its dinner.

She'd gone on to mention that Master Vampires seemed a bit different in that aspect and seemed to enjoy finding a certain type of victim and stalking and then cultivating their prey-until the inevitable boredom factor ended the one sided game. Kiarra had steered the conversation away from that subject as speedily as she politely could. She'd known uneasily, with that twitch of guilt that often overcame her, that Buffy's knowledge of that particular fact came from studying about the early days of Angel, Darcilla, Dru and Spike. And Kiarra really hated going there.

She knew that Spike wasn't killing humans anymore. But Kiarra wasn't one for sugar coated shit. She didn't lie to others. And she didn't lie to herself.

Spike didn't kill, other then where he was pointed by Buffy or Giles, or some random baddy jumping him, mainly because he knew if he did, it would end with either his death, or Buffy's. He didn't want to go either route.

Kiara rather thought that at least lately, there was one other factor that kept him from killing humans.

And that factor was Kiara herself.

Spike knew what it would do if he killed a human. It would hurt her in a way she'd never recover from. It would force Kiara to make herself "hate" Spike and join with Buffy in trying to end his Immortal days. They both knew that if that happened, Spike would finally die...for always. He would not be able to hurt Kiara, and being so distracted by trying to both avoid that, and avoid Kiara's stake, would be easy meat for Buffy.

She had talked about her fears and worries and guilt's one slightly drunken girl's night in with Buffy, Willow, and Tara. Telling her friends how the thought that she might have to one day help Buffy kill Spike was nearly making her insane she had collapsed into a curled up sobbing heap. Tara had dropped down beside her to pull her distraught friend into a gentle, rocking embrace. Buffy, the Chosen One and the Warrior, feeling thoughts uncomfortably, if much paler, similar had hovered over the pair ineffectively, awkwardly patting Kiara's shoulder.

Then Willow kneeled in front of the miserable, sodden Kiara, and hands soft on either cheek, raised her face.

"But Kiara, don't you see? Spike loves you, even if he won't say the words. You are a better leash around his monster then the Initiative's chip could ever have been. He'd kill himself, rather then put you in a position to have to help kill him. Spike is a Master Vampire. Do you think anything could make him do something he has decided that he won't?"

That had helped. Kiara still dealt with the knowledge of what her lover had once been, once done.

He did much that was good today. Had even helped save the world at least once.

In the end it came down to the fact that she loved him. She knew what he had done couldn't be forgiven. But humans were allowed to do evil, and then given God's grace if they turned their lives around and served good. It didn't forgive what they had done...but the scales and the scores and balancing or not, confusing in judging a human could not even apply to a Master Vampire.

So Kiara finally just decided to keep loving Spike. She didn't really think she could stop anyhow. She would just continue to be his moral chip as long as she could.

And refused to think about what would happen when she was gone...

All of those thoughts and worries were far from Kiara's mind as she lay lazily relaxed, sprawled upon her lover in almost complete contentment.

The top of her head hurt a little. She certainly hadn't even noticed it when Spike had been ravaging her so fiercely after she had teased him into his loss of Vampire cool. She did a bit now.

And then there was that whole slam, bam, thank you Ma'am aspect of the fuck just finished. Spike and Kiara often had those . Both delighted in teasing the other into a frenzy of lust and need-usually in times or places where the tormented partner had to suffer hours of teasing with no societal correct way of getting some. Kiara was amazed they hadn't yet been hauled off to jail, considering some of the places the teased partner had found the aloneness needed to "retaliate".

Kiara would usually try to restrain herself to wait to get back to Spike's crypt, or at least the back seat of his car. When Spike was the teased one, Kiara tended to find her panties being ripped off and Spike slamming his cock into her almost before whichever combination of Buffy or the Scoobies they'd been with had turned the corner.

Kiara wished God's protection upon any cop or citizen that wandered upon them and tried to dissuade Spike's rutting.

Of course, Kiara maybe was a bit more patient in the getting to somewhere. But Spike had a new wardrobe lately, which Kiara had enjoyed helping him pick out. Because when they got somewhere safe, she tended to literally rip his clothes off.

So they had a lotta fast, five, ten minute first fucks. But Kiara was young and healthy and very into sex with her sexy lover. And Spike was a Vampire. Ten minutes after that kinda quickie, one or the other always started up round two.

Kiara was thinking it would be her this time. She still ached and throbbed. Even though she'd had an explosive, wild cum, she was still twitching and shivering inside as if she was caught on that rising cusp of a really hard, really good orgasm. But before she could start anything, Spike twisted and rolled her beneath him, his cool fingers cradling her face and his ice blue eyes pinning her.

"Kia." He whispered. "I mean it. I wanted to kill that boy. Even knowing he was just a little puissant puppy. I wanted to rip his throat out and watch him bleed out at my feet for the sin of the thoughts I know he was having about you. If he had touched you, if I'd had to smell him on you, I don't know if I could have stopped myself from doing it."

He dropped his head, kissing her throat, licking a long line of wet heat up her throat to end with a gentle nip to her ear lobe.

"I know you felt the same way regarding that red-haired wench-considering Buffy said you wanted her to stake the bint. So I'm thinking pet, just maybe, for the sake of the innocent, that neither one of us ought to play these make the other jealous games. We keep that shit up, someone's gonna die and there's gonna be a world of trouble."

"Innocent, hah! That bitch was as innocent as the whore of Babylon!" Kiara sneered. "Oh." She sobered as the words he'd spoken pushed into her jealous, tipsy mind.

"What are you saying Spike?" She whispered.

"Fucked if I know...not some bloody poof declaration of undying love." He was quick to belligerently add. "Just...keep the fucking puppies from sniffing at your skirts when I'm around!" He ended with a fierce growl.

Kiara stared up at her tight lipped, glowering Vamp. No, it wasn't a declaration of love. After Dru, and then Buffy, Kiara honestly didn't expect that Spike would ever tell another woman that he loved her. It was more of a trying to be casual, this doesn't really mean that much declaration that I'm yours, you're mine...and what does love have to do with it, damn it!

"And you'll do the same? Keep the sluts from stinking up your leather?" Kiara questioned.

Spike shrugged, making Kiara shiver. "Sure, you satisfy those needs."

Kiara couldn't help but laugh. Gods, he was such a self protecting bastard lately. Of course, who could really blame him?

"Such a romantic baby." Kiara mocked, giggling. "So then, what...we're boyfriend and girlfriend now?"

"Bloody hell woman! Don't go all high school on me! You're not getting my skull ring and I don't have a fucking letter jacket!"

Kiara smirked at her growling lover. "Don't want your skull ring lover, damn thing's ugly as sin." She smiled saccharine sweet at him. "And I got my own letter jacket in tenth grade, in the fall, for soccer. Got a letter every tri, in three different sports, all three grades of high school." She couldn't hold in the laughter when he gaped at her, and shrugged casually. "What can I say, tomboy's are usually good at sports."

"Bitch." He whined, dropping his head to gently gnaw the area between her shoulder and neck. "Witch bitch." He corrected absently, as always instantly intoxicated by the taste of her skin.

What was it with this one? He didn't even need the taste of her blood to set him on fire. Just kissing or licking her flesh, the tang exploded on his super sensitive tongue. He loved the taste of her skin, could spend hot California hours chasing down and licking up minute drops of her sweat, feeling them burst on his tongue. This woman made him wild!

"Baby?" His woman purred, and the husky, sultry tone to that single word hardened him instantly.

"What?" He groaned, unable to resist grinding against her and dragging his still blunted teeth harder against the soft skin of the throat she bared to him willingly.

"We don't go back soon...they'll come looking for us." Kiara whispered. "But lover..." She twined her long legs around him shamelessly, arching her lower body against him to rub her wet pussy against the hard flesh resting there, swollen and ready. "I need it, I need you. Baby, I need to cum again. It hurts..." Kiara whimpered softly. And then she did it, sunk her blunt, tender little baby human teeth deep into his shoulder!

Spike reared up and roared, nearly loud enough to shatter every car window in the parking lot, then dropped down, as unerring as a bolt sent off by a Master archer, to sink his cock into the wet, aching cunt waiting him, as well as his fangs into the throat left so open for him.

Kiara screeched so loud Spike expected all four of the doors to fly open with would be Sir Galahads. At that moment, as deep as he was into his wild little witch, mindless and wide open to his Vampire, every single "hero" would have died. His Vampire considered Kiara to belong to both man and monster totally. Any attempt to touch her would invoke brutal bloodshed!

He vaguely realized he would have to solve that issue somehow. He couldn't count on a get outta being staked card from Buffy by insisting he was so lost in fucking Kiara that he didn't realize his Vampire self had decided it's mate was in danger.

Then he forgot about all that when Kiara jerked her teeth out of his shoulder and dragged his mouth to hers.

"Mine!" She reminded him fiercely, kissing him with biting, brutal, bloody passion.

"Mine." He snarled in possessive agreement, licking his blood from her lips and mouth, tongue sweeping between her lips to chase every drop. When he had every bit, he sliced his fangs viper quick into the luscious lips attacking his, then pounced on the ruby drops that welled free. He sucked that liquid drug deep and hard, his hips pumping hard into the welcoming thighs that arched eagerly to welcome him deeper.

Kiara was wrapped around him, arms, legs, and wet, clutching pussy.

Spike's mouth was covering her lips with bruising force, to swallow any more shrieks.

Their loving was fast and furious this time again, both aware of friends that might come looking, worried about those things that go bump in the night coming upon loved ones...

So Kiara and Spike bit, licked, kissed, sucked and fucked each other hard, neither with the time or the desire or the need to be gentle.

They fucked like two well matched, if not fully equal, savage, beautiful, mated animals. Giving each to the other the perfect mix of pain and pleasure.

Spike held back as long as he could, while thinking about well meaning friends. But the moment came quickly when the Vampire had to give way to the "man" and he spilled his chill seed deep as Kiara shuddered and clenched around his pulsing shaft.

They rested as long as Kiara needed, as long as they dared. Then Kiara slipped free, with a little wanting more whimper, and straightened her dress and hair as Spike did somewhat the same.

"Come on Spike. We gotta go back in. I'm thirsty, and I wanna dance some more!"

"I am not dancing to anymore Ricky Martin!" Spike snarled, scrambling out of the car after Kiara. "And if you get to the puking stage you're taking a cab home! I'm not having you throw up in my car!"

"Oh stuff it Spike!"

"I just did baby, I just did!"


Some readers know that I've recently moved, and have all these boxes I've had to leave til last, cuz when I try to unpack them, I end up reading all my old writings. I found the second draft of the Kiara/Bane When Night Comes In series...forgot she threw a pudding in the face of Bane's second. Girl did still know when to run like hell though!

So now basically, I have the Spik(ed) and When Night Comes In series...and about 20 other new lil bits I have unearthed that I think I can write up much better.

No more unpacking writings though, two boxes did enough damage, lol. And I honestly trashed two thirds of what I unearthed.

Between things I think up during the mind not needed parts of my job at a publishing company, and the possible/potentials from my lil Pandora boxes, guessing I'll be around for a bit.

And P.S. Not dropping the Spik(ed) series quite yet. I have been given some great ideas from readers. Just a note, love hearing what readers would like to see happen.

More soon...of something!

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