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Getting the Weather Up Close


This is a fantasy of mine. This lady has just begun working at a local television station and just something about her I find hot and totally irresistible. I know most of you think this section is for the famous, but the lady involved is a local celebrity so I put this story here. If the gods were willing and my luck was great maybe this would happen. Hope you enjoy and all comments are welcome.


The first time I saw Jennifer was when she filled in for the usual weatherman one morning several months ago. Jennifer was introduced to the television audience as the new assistant and would be filling in for the usual weather guy whenever he couldn't be there.

Now a little about Jennifer, she is in her early to mid 20's, blonde shoulder length hair that curled a little at the ends. Now her height I couldn't tell, I would guess her at 5'8" or so. Jennifer is blessed with dark eyes that totally shine and stand out from her light complexion. Now she isn't a skinny-minnie by any means, this girl has curves and man what curves. I would guess her bra size at a large B or perfect C. She usually wears skirt suits so her ass really didn't show. Her legs were the things that drew me to her, long and perfectly shaped. Standing at the weather board her skirts reach her knees, but when she sits they ride up just the right amount, sitting her knees aren't covered and the back of her skirt rides up to the middle of her sexy thighs. Her sexiest moment is when she combines the skirt with over the calf boots, WOW what a woman!! I don't know if she draws me because the boots give her a definite dominate look or just because she looks like the girl next door, Either way this woman has my heart!!

I hit the channels web site and found out that she was raised 20 miles from me, but attended a college that was about 30 miles away. When I was younger I frequented that college town and went to several of the bars there, wish she had been there then, know that I would have talked to her, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

I searched for a chance to meet this woman of my fantasy, hoping that I could talk to her. I went to every food, blood or clothing drive the station held, hoping to meet her. I did get to see her a couple times but never had the chance to talk to her. Finally all my dedication was rewarded and I finally got to talk to my dream girl at a clothing drive. It was the holiday season and the station was holding a clothing drive for the local shelters. I had brought some old clothes of mine and luckily Jennifer was working the line then. She smiled at me when I handed her the bag of clothes and thanked me. Electricity surged through my body when her hand brushed mine. I smiled and think I even blushed a little. Jennifer smiled back at me and asked if she had seen me before. I told her that I believe in supporting the area and had been to a couple blood drives the station held as well as had brought some food to the latest food drive.

Jennifer smiled and told me that she remembered seeing me before. She then asked me where I lived and she was surprised how close to her own home it was. We chatted for a few minutes and people started backing up behind me, wanting to donate their clothes. I started to move along when Jennifer grabbed my hand and told me to hang around; her turn at the clothing drive was almost over. I nodded at her and moved toward the door, I needed a smoke to calm my nerves. I stood outside and smoked a couple cigarettes waiting for Jennifer to get done at the table.

I was beginning to light another smoke, when Jennifer walked out. It was kind of cold that evening and she was dressed in a long coat covering her shapely legs but then I noticed she was wearing her sexy boots. Jennifer walked over to me and took the smoke in her hand, brought it to her lips and took a long drag. She handed the cigarette back to me and thanked me for the drag, she then told me that she enjoyed smoking but due to her newfound fame she couldn't smoke as much as she liked. I nodded and told her I could believe that, she was a role model now and needed to set a good example. She laughed and nodded, winking as she added, "right, a role model." I took this as a good sign and finally worked up the courage to ask her if she would like to join me for a drink around the corner.

Jennifer thought about it and told me that she couldn't that night, she had to work the next morning but after that she would love to join me for a drink sometime. I mentioned that I would be back in town the next evening and asked her if she would like to meet for dinner and drinks. She looked at me thoughtfully and agreed to meet me the next evening at a local Mexican restaurant. We parted ways and I wondered if my fantasies with this sexy woman would come true. As I walked away, Jennifer told me to make sure I watch the weather the next morning; I nodded, smiled and continued walking to my car.

I awoke early the next morning and quickly turned the television to her channel. I had to wait for the weather but was rewarded by the sight of what had to be her sexiest outfit. She was wearing a sweater, cut low enough to show a little cleavage, tighter then normal and a skirt that was a little shorter then her normal style. To top it all off, she was wearing her thigh high boots and they had a 3 inch heel. My cock began to expand almost immediately from the sight of her and I wondered if she was wearing her own clothes or clothes that the station provided. I hoped the outfit was hers but knew that just as easily they could be the stations property and not to be worn home.

I sat there the rest of the morning and watched her every move, it seemed her skirt rose higher every time she sat and the guy co-hosting seemed at a loss for words a couple times. Her legs looked hotter and hotter every time she sat and crossed them, her boots coming almost to her knees, a definitely sexy look. 9 am rolled around and it was time for the local news to end its morning run and let the network take over the programming. The whole news team usually says good-bye and wishes everyone a great day. I swore I saw Jennifer wink when the camera was on her the last time.

The rest of the day I kept myself busy with things around the house, ok I tried to, several times I got online and hit the web site, just to get a look at Jennifer's pretty face. My mind was running wild thinking what I would do to this blonde beauty if the chance presented itself. Around 4 that afternoon I checked out her picture again then jumped in the shower and fantasized a little about her. My cock was reaching new heights but I fought off stroking it, I hadn't played with my cock in several weeks and knew I had a huge load built up and wanted so much to place it in my fantasy girl's mouth.

My cock was leading the way as I got out of the shower and finished getting ready. I swear I had to stand further from the bathroom counter then ever before due to my hard cock getting in the way, to be blunt I had a hard on that wouldn't quit. I walked to my room and got dressed, pulling up my silky briefs and trying to hold my cock down to contain it. I pulled on a nice pair of dress pants and pulled a sweater over my head. I brushed my teeth quickly and splashed some cologne on my face, I even dabbed a little on my crotch, I wanted to make sure I was ready if the evening went right.

I arrived at the restaurant a little early and waited at the bar for Jennifer to arrive. I was on my second beer when she walked in the door. Jennifer was wearing the same long coat as the night before but I almost fell off my barstool when she took it off to hang it up. She was wearing the same sweater, but more cleavage showed then this morning, she had also swapped her skirt for one that stopped at mid-thigh. She still wore those damn boots and my cock began to try to rip through the fabric containing it.

Jennifer looked around and seeing me, waved and walked over to me. She stood beside me at the bar and planted a kiss on my cheek. I smiled and told her she looked lovely, and smelled wonderful as I leaned in for a deep whiff of her perfume. Jennifer smiled back and leaned in closer, took a deep breath, smiled and told me I smelled wonderful as well. She stroked my arm briefly then dropped her hand to my thigh and squeezed my leg. My cock jumped and swelled even more then before.

Jennifer's mouth opened a little in a gasp as she felt my meat and rubbed my cock lightly through my pants. That was all it took and she knew it, I was hers if she wanted, to be used any way she desired. Jennifer leaned in again and whispered in my ear that we should get a table and eat, then asked if I would drive her home. I nodded and told her anything you want. Jennifer smiled at me and took my hand as the waiter led us to the table.

The meal couldn't get started soon enough. I asked the waiter for a table out of the way and he came through, placing us in a dimly lit corner, far from the door. They brought our drinks and we made small talk reading the menus. Jennifer moved her chair over close to me and placed her hand again on my trembling leg. My cock had begun to deflate a little but her touch quickly brought it back to life, it was soon twitching to her touch. I looked at her with desire in my eyes and leaned in for a kiss.

Jennifer responded and turned toward me. We kissed lightly at first, just exploring, then our tongues began to explore each other's mouths. As we kissed deeper and hungrier Jennifer squeezed my cock over and over, staking her claim to my meat. My hand that before had rested on her shoulder slipped slightly until I could thumb her nipple through her sweater. I could feel the bud growing and stiffening from my touch. Jennifer moaned softly into my mouth and gave my cock another gentle squeeze.

The waiter, clearing his throat broke our embrace, we both looked around sheepishly and felt at ease when we noticed that no one else was looking in our direction. He sarcastically asked if we knew what we wanted of needed more time. We both blushed and ordered quickly, I ordered the special and Jennifer ordered a combo platter. The waiter left and we resumed talking. Jennifer asked if I liked her outfit and I told her it was wonderful, and how sexy she looked. She told me that she had worn the push-up bra to work but the manager made her change it because it showed too much cleavage. I replied by shaking my head and told her he was wrong, it didn't show too much, it showed just the right amount.

Jennifer smiled and lowered her head, replacing her hand on my crotch. I flexed my cock and Jennifer rubbed it a little harder. The waiter brought our food and we took our time enjoying eating, sharing our meals with each other. After about an hour we were finished, the waiter brought the bill, I paid it and left a generous tip. Jennifer told me that I left too much but I told her that I like to show it when I really appreciate something. We got up and I helped her into her coat, I then took the lead and walked her to my car, opening the door for her. Jennifer got in and slid across the bench seat until she was sitting in the middle. I walked around the car and found she had reached out and opened my door for me. I slid in next to Jennifer, opened her coat slightly and placed my hand on her bare thigh. Jennifer placed her hand again on my leg and held my cock tighter then before. She gave me directions to her place and we left the restaurant. Her place was about 30 minutes away and we talked and kissed alone the way. Only ten minutes into our journey I had to ask her not to kiss me, her kisses were too distracting.

Jennifer started to pout then got an evil look on her face, she told me to lean back as her hand deftly worked the zipper and button on my pants, in no time her hand was inside my pants and she was stroking my cock through my silky bikinis. A moan escaped my lips and Jennifer said that's ok, this is better then kissing anyway. I was trying hard to concentrate on the road ahead but couldn't help moaning each time Jennifer rubbed my cock. I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me and in one quick motion pulled my cock free from its prison.

Her eyes glazed over and she leaned down and licked at my swollen cock head, I moaned again and Jennifer laughed gently and took my meat into her wet throat. She began to suck my cock like a cheap hooker, taking most of my shaft into her wet mouth, then sliding back to the top and playing with the head of my meat. She was soon deep throating my cock and I couldn't help but to place my hand on the back of her head and move her mouth up and down my cock. Jennifer stopped briefly, knowing my cum was fast approaching, looked in my eyes, smiled then winked at me and took whole cock deep into her wet mouth. My cock hit the back of her throat and my cum rushed to the tip, filling her mouth to capacity. Jennifer tried to swallow it all but couldn't and some leaked out of the corner of her mouth and ran down her chin.

My climax finally subsided and Jennifer sat back upright in the seat, smiled at me once again and took her finger and wiped the cum from her chin. She then brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it clean.

The rest of the trip was uneventful compared to that, Jennifer was nice enough to help me pull my pants back up and even buttoned them for me. She just sat there beside me and didn't say a word, she didn't have too, her eyes were telling me all I needed to know. She readjusted herself on the seat, allowing her skirt to slip up even higher. I moved my hand to her crotch and was amazed at the heat coming from her mound. Her panties were wet and the aroma she carried was pure sex. I began to rub her pussy lips through the fabric, Jennifer just moaned and threw her head back on the seat and enjoyed the pleasure I was giving her.

We arrived at her door and she opened it and quickly pulled me in behind her. We were on each other like animals. In no time I had her sweater off and she had my shirt unbuttoned and on the floor. Jennifer pulled me toward the bedroom but I stopped her in the living room and kissed her deeply. I told her that I wouldn't last that long, I had to taste her pussy. I brought my hand up along her thigh and touched the thing of my desire. I played with her pussy lips through her panties until I finally could take no more and ripped them from her body. Jennifer had removed her bra and her ample tits swayed in the dim night light. Finally I pushed her back onto the couch and pulled her skirt up allowing me access to her wetness.

She was naked except for the skirt and her nylons and I didn't have time to waste on those. I fell to my knees and moved my mouth quickly to her pussy. I licked at her pussy lips, savoring the taste then slowly moved my attention to her engorged clit. Her clit stood proud and defiant, almost daring me to lick at it. I began by running my tongue against her clit like a cat licking its own fur, long, slow strokes. Jennifer moaned loudly but I didn't care. I continued my onslaught on her clit like a man possessed. Jennifer began begging me to make her cum, exactly my plans. I then began to really work her clit, first flicking my tongue against it then sucking it into my mouth and rolling it between my lips. Jennifer moaned louder and I knew she was close to cumming.

I worked her clitty harder and harder, her legs squeezing around my head, but I didn't slow my assault. Jennifer shrieked once more and juice squirted from her pussy, my dream woman also squirted when she came. She was as sexy as I hoped she would be. I slowed my licking enough for her to come back to earth and licked gently not wanting to miss a drop of her precious liquid. My face was covered by her juices and I finally moved my head from her wonderful pussy. Jennifer grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to her, kissing me deeply, tasting herself from my lips.

We kissed ravenously for several minutes until her hands began to work the button on my pants again. I stood up and in a quick motion pulled my pants and bikinis down, my cock springing free. Jennifer moved in and started to suck my cock again but I had other ideas. I pulled my cock from her and turned her over so she was kneeing on the couch. I moved behind her and in one quick motion slid my meat into her hot wetness. Jennifer gasped as my manhood entered her roughly but soon was begging me to fuck her harder.

I was ready and soon I was fucking her roughly, slapping her ass gently at first then harder, her ass growing redder by the minute. I held her by her sexy hips and plowed my meat stick into her tight wet box. She was moaning more and more, telling me how she wanted me to cum inside her. I fucked her for ten minutes this way, my cock plowing into her without reservation. Sweat was rolling from my brow and landing on her wonderful ass, cooling it from the slaps I was giving her. Jennifer was moaning, I was grunting and our bodies made wonderful noises from the fucking, those were the only sounds coming from the room.

Finally I felt my cum rising from my balls and bellowed I was cumming. Jennifer's pussy tightened around my cock as to say, please shoot your big load in me. I thrust once more into her and my cum erupted. My cock twitched and jerked, unloading a huge amount of cum into her wet pussy. Jennifer moaned once more and her pussy became like a vise, milking my cock for it's cum. I held her for a few minutes, my cock growing limp inside her until it finally came out with a pop. I rolled off her and sat on the couch, trying to catch my breath, Jennifer sat beside me and lowered her pretty head and licked my cock clean. Once she was satisfied with her job, she sat beside me and we kissed deeply again, all the while she was slowly jacking my cock.

To be continued if I get enough positive feedback....

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