tagLoving WivesGetting to Know Amy Better Ch. 04

Getting to Know Amy Better Ch. 04


I got out of my car and went around to open the back doors, where my big beautiful wife Sasha and her high school friend Amy were sitting. We'd just shared an intimate dinner with Amy after seducing her the night before. We were a little concerned about how Amy was going to react to that seduction; after all, she and Sasha had both grown up in the same little redneck town over fifty-five years ago. It turned out we had nothing to fear... Amy had made that abundantly clear when she fingered my wife's shaved pussy to orgasm on the way home.

As I helped Amy out of the car she pulled her blouse open to let me see how hard her nipples had become, then she leaned over to kiss me deeply. After catching my breath a little I went around the car and opened the other door for Sasha. She also opened her blouse to show me her gorgeous tits, and kissed me as I helped her out.

The three of us walked into the house. Once inside Amy pushed me against the wall and kissed me, rubbing my cock through my pants. "I can't wait for you to shave me like Sasha," she said when she broke our kiss. "I want to feel this big cock inside my naked puss!"

Sasha and Amy headed for our bedroom while I went to the bathroom to get some razors, shaving cream, and towels. I also filled a basin with warm water.

When I got to the bedroom Sasha was laying on our bed with her blouse open and her bra off. Amy was on top of her mauling my wife's big, amazing tits. I set the shaving supplies down on our dresser and watched as Amy kissed and licked at one of Sasha's breasts, then the other, then back to the first. After a few minutes she kissed her way down Sasha's belly. Amy pulled my wife's skirt up and started stroking her pussy while she continued to kiss around Sasha's belly, then she moved her lips to the inside of Sasha's thighs. I saw her trace her tongue down one thigh, then move to the other thigh and do the same thing. She repeated this several times, coming closer and closer to Sasha's pussy. Finally, after a moment's pause, Amy settled in between my wife's thighs and started to slowly lap at her outer lips.

I watched Sasha's face as her eyes closed, then opened again. She looked directly at me as her hands moved down to her friend's head. Her fingers started to stroke through Amy's frizzy brown hair. Sasha's mouth opened and she gasped, arching her back and presenting her big tits to the open air. I moved to the side of the bed and started to suck on her nipples, catching them between my teeth and gently pulling as Amy continued to lick and suck between Sasha's legs.

I kissed my way up Sasha's throat and nibbled gently at her ear. My wife was panting now and soft grunts escaped from her lips. "Curtis," she whispered as I kissed around her face and hefted her big breasts, "lift up Amy's skirt and lick her while she makes me cum."

Never one to disappoint me lovely wife I walked around to the foot of the bed and lifted the edge of Amy's skirt. "Ooooooo..." Amy said as she felt the cool air come into contact with her bare thighs and ass. She got up on her knees, opened her legs and arched her back to present her pussy to me. I knelt down and ran my tongue up her hairy slit. "Goddamn," Amy moaned, her voice muffled between Sasha's legs. "I can't wait to feel what that's like with a naked snatch!"

"It's... It's..." Sasha panted, "it's pretty amazing. God that's good, Amy! Put a finger in... gently..." I continued to lick up and down Amy's inner lips as I felt her shift around to slide a finger into my wife. "Gah..." Sasha's breath caught for a moment. "Slow... ly..."

I flattened my tongue as I felt Amy working her finger in and out of my wife's pussy. I ran it up her outer lips and down to her big clit, then back up again. I put my hands on Amy's big ass cheeks and spread them open, then slowly licked around her wrinkled brown asshole. Amy sucked in her breath. "Oh god... Oh Sasha... he's got his tongue in my ass."

Sasha was pulling on her nipples as she looked down at her friend. "Do you like it?"

"Oh... Yes!" Amy moaned. "It feels so dirty!" Sasha started to moan loudly. I kept circling Amy's asshole with my tongue and began to twitch my fingers against her clit as Sasha's orgasm caught fire. My wife's back arched as she moaned loader and louder, then her body began to shake as she clamped her thighs against Amy's head.

As Sasha came down to earth I gave Amy's ass one last lick, then slowly trailed my tongue down her slit.

"God Amy," Sasha said when she'd caught her breath. "That was really your first time? You're a natural!"

Amy crawled up Sasha's body and kissed her, pressing their big tits and bellies together. I watched as their tongues tangled with each other, then Amy rolled over and took Sasha in her arms. Her fingers played in my wife's short silver hair.

"I just thought about what would feel good to me, and I did it. I'm glad you liked it."

"Mmmm... I loved it. Damn..." Sasha closed her eyes, then she opened them, looked at me, and laughed. "Poor Curtis... he looks ready to burst."

Amy looked at the tent in my pants and laughed as well. "Why are you still wearing your clothes, silly? Get those pants off!"

"I'm more than happy to," I said. "But you better get yours off too; we've got some shaving to do, remember?"

"Oh, goody!" Amy shouted, and disentangled herself from Sasha. I went back to the bathroom to refill the basin (the water had cooled while Amy was heating up my wife.) By the time I got back in the bedroom Amy was naked with her legs over the edge of the bed, her big round ass on one of the towels I'd brought in.

I took a moment to savor her big, luscious body with its soft round tits, pillowy belly and big thighs. My wife was savoring it too, slowly tracing her fingers up one side of Amy's body and down the other.

As Sasha continued to caress her friend I settled down on the floor between her thighs. I soaked a washcloth in the basin of water, then slowly rubbed it between her legs.

"Mmmmm..." Amy cooed. "That feels nice and warm." I squeezed some water from the washcloth and got Amy's pussy hair nice and wet. Then I shook the can of shaving cream and applied a liberal dose to her lips. Amy laughed when she felt the jet of cream against her crotch. "God that tickles!" I worked my fingers into the hair on either side of her slit, making sure the shaving cream was evenly distributed. Then I got the razor nice and wet. I paused with the razor dripping on her foamy lips.

"Here we go," I whispered. Amy sighed, and Sasha leaned down to give her a deep kiss.

I put my hand on her belly and pushed slightly to make her vulva more taut, then I slid the razor down the left side of her pussy. A bare trail of skin was left in its wake. I swished the razor around in the basin to the dislodge the hair, then repeated the action to expose another patch of skin.

Amy continued kissing Sasha as I removed more and more of her pubic hair. As I moved my hand from her belly to her thigh, I glanced up and saw Sasha sucking on her friend's breasts.

Amy sighed again. "God, this feels so... indulgent! Just lying here and feeling you work between my legs... The way the razor pulls on my hair as you work it around. I had no idea it would feel like this!"

Sasha chuckled as she licked around Amy's nipple. "It's nice, huh?"

"Yeah... God I wish I could watch you two fuck. I'd love to see Curtis slide that big cock of his inside your bald puss, Sasha."

Sasha chuckled again. "I wish I could show you, honey. I'm just not up to much more than a finger or two these days. We did videotape ourselves a few times, but I don't know where those ended up. Besides... video tapes? I don't even think we have a VCR to play them on any more."

"Actually," I said, moving the razor around the conjunction of Amy's thigh and butt, "they aren't on VHS any more."

Sasha looked up. "What are you talking about, Curtis?"

"I transferred them before I got rid of the VCR," I said as I gently drew the razor from inside Amy's outer labia towards her thigh. "They're on a flash drive now, along with all the pictures."

Amy propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me. "Pictures?" she said excitedly.

I looked at Sasha. She looked at Amy, then nodded to me as her fingers continued to trace widening circles around Amy's breast. "Uh... yeah. I've always loved taking pictures of Sasha, clothed and... not so... clothed." I smiled. "Over the years we've put together quite a collection. I've even posted some online -- "

"With my face obscured, or pixilated," Sasha added.

I smiled. "Right... any way, we used to store them on DVD's. After a while they started to pile up so I put them all on a flash drive... and while I was at it, I converted all the videos we've taken and put those on the drive too."

Both women just lay on the bed looking at me. Sasha had started to pull on her friend's nipple with one hand while pulling her own with the other. "Well," she said, "what are you waiting for? Go get them?"

I laughed. "Sure thing... give me a minute." I wiped my hands and went to our home office. I plugged the flash drive into my laptop and carried it back to the bedroom. As I walked up the hall I heard Sasha say, "It was embarrassing when he first started -- I mean look at this body! I'm no model."

"Fuck you, Sasha," I heard Amy say. "I'd do you. Oh, wait, I guess I already have..."

"Anyway..." Sasha continued as I approached the bedroom, "I realized I was really getting turned on by the end of our little 'photo sessions.' When he started posting them online I got messages from all these men who said they jacked off while looking at me... and for a while there it wasn't him suggesting we take photos. It was me!" They both laughed as I walked back into the room.

"Did they send you their own pictures?" Amy asked.

"Some times I'd get a photo of one of their cocks. One time there was a shot of a guy's cock with a pool of cum on one of my photos."

"Ew!" Amy laughed.

"I know!"

I pulled a chair into the room and sat my laptop next to the bed. I fiddled with the machine for a moment, then a slideshow of photos and movies began to play across the screen. As it ran I settled back between Amy's thighs, and got to work on the other half of her pussy with a fresh razor. As I cleared away the hair from Amy's crotch I smiled at their comments.

"Oh, Sasha," I heard Amy say. "I love that corset! It's beautiful... and your boobs look great in it!"

"That's one of my favorites," Sasha laughed a couple minutes later. "I like how frilly and see-through that teddy is. I even put blush on my nipples so you can see them better through the fabric."

"Oh god," Amy said later. "Look at that vibrator going into your puss! That is so hot..."

I could hear the slideshow shift to one of the movies. I laughed as I heard my own voice say, "Oh yeah... slide them around that pussy. Nice, honey..." The squish squish squish sound of Sasha's fingers could be heard from the computer. Sasha was silent as the movie played, but Amy made soft "oh!" sounds as the camera caught my wife pulling on her inner lips, rubbing her clit, and sliding a buzzing vibrator inside herself.

After that things got quieter in the room, and I could swear the temperature went up a few degrees. I glanced up as I trimmed the hair from the underside of Amy's ass and saw her intently watching another video. This time it was me, pulling my cock. Sasha's voice could be heard in the speakers urging me on. When the jism finally erupted from my dick and all over my belly and hand, I heard Amy whisper, "Fuck! I don't think I've ever seen a man jack off."

Sasha turned to her. "Really? Your ex-husband never jacked off?"

"He probably did," Amy replied, "when he wasn't fucking his bimbos. He never did it in front of me, though."

"Well, you know us men," I said from between Amy's legs. "We're like little monkeys. Give us 15 minutes with nothing to do and we can't keep our hands off it..." Sasha and Amy both laughed.

Sasha stroked Amy's head. "You know how I was telling you before about... my dryness?" Amy nodded. "Well, that's kind of what we do now. Sometimes I'll give Curtis a blow job, and sometimes he'll eat me... but a lot of the time Curtis just masturbates and I kiss him and touch him while he does it."

Amy blinked at her friend. "That... that actually sounds incredibly hot." She looked down at me. "You don't mind doing it in front her, Curtis?"

"No, not really," I said. Amy's pussy was now completely bald. It looked beautiful -- puffy and pale, with her large clitoris standing out proudly from inside the trench between her labia. I picked up a fresh razor to make one last pass for any lingering hairs or stubble. "When we were first married I was a little ashamed about masturbating. I mean, I still did it -- little monkeys, remember? -- but I didn't want Sasha to know about it. I thought she'd be grossed out, or that she'd think she wasn't pleasing me enough."

I felt around Amy's naked pussy, searching for stubble. "As our marriage went on, though, and... her body changed, I started masturbating more."

"Go figure, huh?" Sasha said.

"We finally talked about where things were, sexually... and I realized that what I was doing in private was a way for us to have sex together. Sex that doesn't hurt her like penetration does."

Amy looked at me for a moment. "Do it for me? Play with yourself. I want to see the cum fly out of your dick."

I smiled. "Only if you'll play with yourself while I do it. You've got a brand new bald pussy to touch." I stood up and wiped my hands. Amy gasped and reach down to touch her bare skin.

"Just a second," Sasha said and left the room. She returned with the massage oil I'd used on Amy the previous night. "Put some of this on it, Amy," she said opening the top. She let a few drops fall onto Amy's pussy lips. "It'll feel better if you moisten things up with some oil."

I watched as Amy's fingers rubbed the oil into her puffy lips. She had an entranced look on her face as she re-discovered the landscape of her pussy; she put both hands between her legs and started to rub from her slit out towards her thighs.

I felt Sasha behind me, undoing my pants. "That really turns him on, Amy" Sasha whispered. "He loves to watch me play with myself... sometimes he'll sit there with his cock in his hand, begging me to rub my pussy while he jacks off." Her hand reached into my underwear and pulled out my dick. It was hard as steel, and I could feel it pulse a bit as I watched Amy's fingers slowly trace up and down her labia.

Sasha poured some of the massage oil into her hand, then she rubbed it onto my cock. "You heard the lady, Curtis," she said in my ear. "Rub your dick for her. Splash those big tits with your cum." She lifted my hand onto my cock and started to move it up and down for me. After a moment I took over from her. As my hand felt its way back and forth across my shaft, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off.

Amy turned her head to look at me. Her eyes followed the motion of my hand as I reached down to rub my balls, then feathered my fingertips up the shaft and around the tip of my head. I felt Sasha's nipples pressed against my back as I cradled my dick with my hand and began to pick up speed. Sasha's fingers stroked my chest and toyed with my nipples.

"Wait!" Amy said. She looked up at my face, her hands still between her legs. "I changed my mind... I want to see your cum. But I want to taste it more. Lay down."

I obliged, laying on the bed beside her. Amy rolled onto her side, her big tits brushing against my leg. She took my cock in her hand and pointed it towards her mouth. Her tongue slid out from her lips and slowly licked around the head. "God," she said, "Do you know how long it's been since I had a dick in my mouth?" She ran her tongue down my shaft to my balls, then back up to the head again. Her lips parted and she softly blew against the crown of my cock. I groaned. She giggled, then her mouth opened and she slowly engulfed the head.

Her lips fastened around the "helmet" of my cock and I could feel her tongue swirling around it. Slowly, slowly, she worked her way down. Her tongue kept moving back and forth as she made her way down the shaft, then she slid her mouth back up to the top. I saw her cheeks hollow as she sucked on the head of my cock, then let it pop out of her mouth. I groaned louder.

Sasha laughed. She sat beside me and started to stroke my balls as Amy slid back down my cock with her mouth. Her saliva started to run down my shaft as she bobbed her head up and down. She let the head pop out of her mouth again and she looked me in the eyes. "Pull my hair a little while I suck your cock, Curtis," she said. Then she slid her mouth back down. I looked at Sasha. She looked at me and shrugged, then began to stroke her hand down her friend's back and onto her ass. I ran my fingers through Amy's hair and grasped a handful. She moaned a little as her mouth slid down lower and lower. I gave her hair a little tug, and she groaned deeply around my cock. I looked back at Sasha. She smiled and nodded as her hand started to play between Amy's legs.

I tugged again, a little harder this time. Amy groaned louder, and this time she growled a little. Her mouth went even lower on my cock and I felt myself bump against the back of her throat. Her mouth traveled halfway up my cock, then slid back down again and ended up a little lower. This time I tugged her hair on the way up and she moaned, then slammed her mouth back down towards my pubes. I heard her gag a little as my cock made contact with her throat but she held herself there -- and swallowed.

My cock slipped further down Amy's throat. It was unlike anything I'd ever felt. I looked at Sasha, who was staring at Amy wide-eyed. Amy held me there for a moment, breathing through her nose. Then she started to make little humming sounds with her throat, sending vibrations down my cock.

This was almost more than I could take. I started to groan, and Amy slid back up off my cock. She looked up at me and smiled. "Now you know why they call it a hummer, Champ." She chuckled and looked back at Sasha. "What? You've never done that to him before?"

"No," my wife said. "I could never get him that far back in my throat. I gag too easily."

Amy gave her an evil little smile. "Nice to know I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve. He's really going to like this, then!" She rolled over onto her back and hung her head off the edge of her the bed. "Come on Curtis. Fuck my throat while you watch Sasha eat my bald cunt. I want to feel your balls hit my nose." Her tongue licked around her lips lasciviously as her hands started to caress her big round body. "Come on, stud... fuck my mouth. Just promise me when you're ready to cum you'll pull out so I can catch it in my mouth."

Sasha and I just looked at Amy for a minute, then looked at each other. Sasha sank down to her knees and started to lick at her friend's pussy. "Oh... oh god, Sasha," Amy cried out. "Oh shit, you were right. Oh fuck that feels good... Curtis, get that cock in my mouth right now!"

She opened her mouth wide. I moved forward and she brought her hands to my hips. Amy guided me into her oral cavity inch by inch; in a little, then she held me... another inch, and she held me again. After a few moments I was all the way in her throat. Amy started to tug at my hips, moving my cock in and out. I got the message, and started to gently fuck her throat. She pulled at me, urging me deeper. I started to hunch my back and drill my cock into her as I reached out and grabbed her big tits. I squeezed and pulled them as she started to moan around my dick. I could feel the pressure building in my balls as my fingers and thumbs captured her nipples and pinched. She was breathing hard around my dick, and I saw her hands pulling Sasha's head deeper and deeper into her twat.

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