tagLoving WivesGetting to Know Kaylee Ch. 01

Getting to Know Kaylee Ch. 01

byArt Martin©

"I don't understand you, George! You're a brilliant engineer with a great future. As you're well aware, the powers-that-be want me up at Corporate. Hell, last week I recommended you to take over here for me, but..."

"But what, Ed?" I asked my boss trying my best to hide my growing irritation.

"It's none of my business, but damn it, it is my business!"

"Get to the point, Ed."

"Look, I like you, George. I like you a lot..."

"Get it out."

"It's not your professionalism, your management skills or any thing to do with your job performance. Hell, you may be young, but you're absolutely the best we got."

"So what is it? What's your problem, Ed?"

"You know damned well what it is. It's your private life."

"What about my private life? Just what does that have to do with running this division?"

"Look, over the years I've heard a lot of scuttlebutt and salacious rumors about you and your wife...what you and she do for...how should I put it...entertainment?"

The past weekend had been a major pain-in-the-ass, no, make that a disaster, and now, not surprisingly, it was being thrown in my face. One minute I was poised to leap frog over colleges fifteen years senior to me, and now it looked like I was about to be canned. It sure looked as though I had better polish up my resume.

It's not like I ever tried to hide anything, but I had always thought it best to be at least circumspect, you know, maintain a level of plausible deniability. But now, with my career on the line and with everything very much out in the open, I decided that my best course of action was to be bold. One thing my old man taught me at an early age was that if someone put you into a defensive posture, my best hope for coming out on top was take the initiative away by going on the offense. I had applied that rule to everything I had ever done, and that principal had served me well. It never occurred to me to do otherwise.

"They aren't rumors," I said flatly watching with satisfaction as my fat slob of a boss nearly choked. Actually, Ed had been a great boss. He really wasn't fat, just a little pudgy with a typical middle-aged gut, but I was pissed.

"You mean..."

"Look... how should I put this? My wife... my wife's a slut. A first class slut. A cock-sucking slut of the first order. The girl craves dick, lots and lots of dick. You have a problem with that?"

"Well, I, er, uh... Damn it man, that's just what I mean! How can you let her carry on like that? How can you just... pass her around? If Corporate ever found out... For God's sake man, she's your wife!"

"That's right. She's my wife, my slut wife. Since when is my wife's sex life the business of Corporate?"

"Since I recommended you to take over as Division Manager... Look, I've overlooked all this because, frankly, you're the best man I have. But now... I can't recommend you, and I'll have to explain why."

"Why do you have to explain anything? Why do I have to explain anything? It's my private life."

"No, not anymore, George. Your private life is now very much public knowledge. As long as it was just rumors, I could ignore the sordid stories, but... damn it, George! It's plastered all over the front page of the goddamned newspaper! Look at this! 'SEX RING BUSTED FOR WHITE SLAVERY' What a headline! It goes on, 'George Zinter, Project Manager for Tylock Industries was arrested for prostituting his wife, Kaylee, during a sting operation conducted by local vice police.' Good god, man!"

"Ed, the charges were dropped. No one was ever enslaved! I wasn't prostituting my wife. Hell, she does it for free! I just told the guy..."

"An undercover vice cop?"

"Yeah, well, but I didn't know that at the time. Kaylee wanted me to invite some guys over. Word got around the bar that I was organizing a gangbang. He approached me, said he wanted in. I was asking the guys that I was inviting to bring over some chips and dip... Hell, I didn't know the guy, so I told him to bring over a case of Jack Daniels as the price of admittance."

"Oh, God damn...How could you get yourself in this mess?"

"There isn't any mess. The charges were dismissed."

"And Tylock Industries has a PR disaster on its hands. You think that Corporate will just overlook this?"

"Well, if they have a problem, then, well, um, well,I guess...crap! There's gonna be a problem."

"That's an understatement. I ought to fire you right now, but I can't replace you... Damn!..." Ed fidgeted while he tried to think up a way out of the mess I had gotten myself into. "Look, maybe we can work something out."

"What? Would it help if I brought her over to give you a blowjob?"

"Don't get contrite with me! I'm just trying to understand. Understand how you allowed this to happen. Understand it so that I can put a good spin on it."

"That's easy. I love my wife."

"You love your wife? You call whoring her out every weekend..."

"I don't whore her out. She has needs. Needs that I can't satisfy all by myself."

"She's a nymphomaniac?"

"Oh, I guess you could call her that, but it's not like she's some insanely mad fucking machine. She's just a needy slut."

"That still doesn't explain your behavior. Just how in the hell did all this get started?"

"Well, it started before I ever met her."

"You mean she's always been..."

"A slut? Yeah, I suppose she has. Maybe not in grade school, but ..."

"Go on George. I'm listening."

I could tell by the gleam in his eye that he was indeed listening. He was always a randy old bastard, quick with a dirty joke or a sordid tale. Other than the occasional round of golf or drinks at the his club after work, I'd never really socialized with him, except of course when he occasionally invited Kaylee and me to join his wife, Silvia and him for dinner. I had nothing to lose at this point. So with my career on the line, I told him.

"Kaylee was the first person I met when I first moved here. As I recall, it was a Sunday afternoon. Fresh from receiving my Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from State U, I was to report to my new job here at Tylock Industries first thing Monday morning. In addition to three new suits, some old clothes and my venerable stereo system, my only other possessions were my shaving kit and my immaculate '66 Mustang GT.

I walked into the lobby of the Holiday Inn and gazed into the most incredible blue eyes I'd ever seen. She smiled, that warm bright smile that I love so much. I was dumb struck, and just stared at her. Her long silky black hair, partially obscured one eye. Even in her green coat uniform, she was oozing sex appeal. In her cheery voice she said, "Good afternoon, Sir! Welcome to Holiday Inn. May I be of assistance to you?"

"Uh, uh, yeah. I need a room."

"Smoking or non-smoking."


"Two doubles or a king?"

"Uh, king, if you have one."

"Hmmmm. Yes. It's downstairs, facing the pool."

"That'll be fine."

"Do you want to put it on a credit card?"

"Uh, no...the room's to be taken care of by Tylock Industries."

"Certainly." She looked at her computer screen, then back at me with her beguiling smile. "Are you George Zinter?"

"Yes. I guess I should have said that at first."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Zinter. I'm Kaylee and if I can be of any assistance to you in any way, please don't hesitate to ask."

What I didn't know then, but what I know now is that if had said, 'Yeah, Kaylee, how about giving me a blowjob?' she would have probably escorted me to my room and given me one.

I lingered at the counter, studying the beautiful girl before me. Very petite, she's a knockout. At 5'6" and a hundred pounds soaking wet, her 34C tits and nicely rounded butt really get your attention. She handed me my electronic cardkey and directed me to my room. Inhaling her fragrance, I didn't hear a word she said, just the musical tone of her voice.

"Are you alright, Mr. Zinter?"

With a start I realized that I hadn't understood what she had said. "Uh, yeah, sure..."

"Say, I like your tattoo... Well, enjoy your stay."

Dazed, I wandered back to my car, thankful that she had written the room number on the check-in documents that were somehow in my hand. The room was nice, clean and functional with the requisite air conditioning unit that was so loud that it drowned out the sounds of the 18-wheelers passing by on the highway.

I quickly got settled in. Standing before the wall mirror above the vanity, I flexed my bicep and studied the Greek-key armband I had tattooed during my sophomore year. I remembered what a fit my dad had. But after telling him how my sex life had dramatically changed from getting laid once every other week or so before I got the tattoo, to getting laid, twice a week afterward, he went out and got one too.

"So you like my tattoo?" I said to myself thinking of the pretty girl at the front desk. "Well, I think I like you too."

It was the middle of the afternoon, around three thirty and I had some time to kill. I stripped down to my birthday suit and flopping down, sprawled out on the cool covers of the king-sized bed. Unaccustomed to the great expanse of the bed, I said to the ceiling, "Man, this is great! I'll have to get me one of these."

Finding the remote and after a few initial missteps, I got the hang of the LodgeNet selection process. Soon I had a flick entitled, "Nature's Party Girls", a mindless porno piece with numerous naked babes getting fucked in the outdoors. It was just what I needed for a lazy afternoon with nothing better to do than playing with myself.

I had just shot a big wad all over myself when suddenly, without notice, the door opened. Kaylee looked in and then she knocked. "I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Zinter, but you left your driver's license at the front desk. Please excuse my intrusion." Stepping into my room, her pager rang. "Oh damn," she muttered. Setting the license on the table near the door, she turned and quickly exited. Stunned, I just lay there covered with globs of goo and a wilting cock in my hand.

"Oh geezzzzzz!" I moaned in embarrassment. "She probably thinks I'm a pervert!"

I got up to get some tissues to wipe off the mess, disbelieving what had just transpired. In all the years that I had whacked off at home, in the barn, out in the woods, in the shower, wherever, never had someone discovered me in the act. Now this beautiful babe... "Crap!"

Out of some misguided sense of humility, I slipped back on the sweaty boxers that I had been wearing for the past two days during my cross-country trip to my new job. Unable to undo what had been done, I focused my attention back on Nature's Party Girls. I hadn't missed anything plot wise and was soon marveling at how such a small girl could take two huge dicks at once while perched up in a tree and wondering how much she got paid to do her part. The phone rang.

"Mr. Zinter, this is Kaylee at the front desk," she said in a husky voice. "Please accept my apologies for..."

"That's alright. No apologies needed. I, I was just getting ready to get dressed...I'm sorry that I embarrassed you."

"You didn't embarrass me. I embarrassed you."

"Well I..."

"You're very handsome if I may say so."


"Hey, this is a well kept secret, so don't telling everyonebut most girls like to see a naked hunk just as much as most guys like to see a naked girl."

"Well, uh..."

"I just need to apologize for intruding on your privacy. Please accept my apologies. I shouldn't have barged in on you."

"Okay, and thanks for bringing me my driver's license. I didn't know that I had left it."

"You're welcome, handsome. Byyyyyye." Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

As I sat the receiver down I muttered, "Holy shit! Is it my imagination or did she just come on to me? She likes to see a naked hunk? Oh, baby, I think that can be arranged! God knows, I want to see you babe, naked, up close and personal! Very close. Very personal."

I pondered my options and came up with a plan. Fifteen minutes later, I had showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, put on clean boxers and clean pair of jeans and a wrinkled, but clean shirt and headed for the lobby.

Kaylee was checking in a guest so I looked around at all the tourist-trap brochures until the new guest was checked in and on his merry way. Her back was to me as I approached the counter.

"Ummm, Kaylee, excuse me..."

"Oh, hi Mr. Zinter!" she said with a lilting voice that spoke of innocence.

"George, call me George."

"I'm sorry. That's against hotel policy."


She lowered her head slightly. The effect was of her looking up at me. "I can't call you by your first name. Too forward."

"Forward or not, my name's George."

"Okay, how about Mr. George?" she said with grin.

She was toying with me and I suddenly lost confidence. "Uh, uh I was wondering..."


"I, I was wondering where I might get something good to eat. I've been on the road and I really haven't had a decent meal in days."

"Well, I get off at six and I need to eat too." That was pretty direct.

"Six? Sure!"

"Sure what?" she said in a low voice.

"I can wait until six. Perhaps you can join me?"

"I'd love to," she replied demurely.

At that moment another weary traveler arrived at the Inn and she turned her attention to the older gentleman and his lady companion. I headed back to my room to impatiently wait for six o'clock. As soon as I sat on the bed, the room phone rang.

"Mr. George?" said the now familiar soft feminine voice.


"Meet me at Raphael's on Broadway."

"Raphael's. Where's that?"

"Go north to the third light, that'll be Broadway. Turn left. It's about a half mile down on your right."

"Okay. I'll be there at six."

"I may be a little late."

"I'll wait."

"Okay. Byyyyye." Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I found the appointed restaurant and sat where she could easily see me when she walked in. At six fifteen she walked in, still wearing her work outfit. I noted the time and mused that if she considered fifteen minutes late, she wasn't anything like the women that I was used to dating.

Immediately, I put on the charm, telling her all about me and my new job.

"An engineer? Wow, I bet you're smart."

"Graduated Magnum Cum Laude," I said smugly, glad that I could get that bit of trivia into a conversation without being too much of a boor.

"I'm working on my B.A. over at Polytech," she countered. "I'm working full time and taking as many courses as I can, but still, at this rate it'll take me another three years."

I felt a little badly about all that. I had sailed through undergraduate school. My dad had supported me 100%, and I didn't have the distraction of working while attending school. Then in graduate school, I was on academic scholarship and held a graduate assistantship. I never had to worry about money, ever; I only had to worry about my studies and getting laid regularly. "Must be tough," I said sincerely.

"Well, you gotta do what you gotta do," she said with a smile.

"What are you majoring in?"

"Hotel management."

"Oh, so that's why you're working the front desk?"

"I am an assistant manager," she said with feigned haughtiness.

"Is that what you want to do? Run a motel?"

"No, actually I plan to open an upscale brothel." There was a pregnant pause, then she winked at me and broke into a laugh. She certainly wasn't prudish, nor did she take herself too seriously, both qualities that I liked in people, both male and female.

We flirted for a while and then ordered dinner. She ordered the lobster and bottle of wine. I played it cool even though I was a bit nervous, thinking that such an expensive meal just might not go over very well with my new employer. Oh, well, I'd deal with that later, at the moment I was only concerned with the sexual chemistry brewing between us.

When she asked, "Would you like to go my place?" I wasted no time asking for the check.

"I'm not finished yet," she chided.

"Oh, sorry," I said sheepishly as she put a small bite of lobster to her sultry lips. In growing agony I watched her slowly consume the crustacean, mouthing each piece seductively as I looked on. She tortured me mercilessly, my hard-on threatening to rip through my too-tight jeans.

I followed her to her apartment, a few blocks away. It was a nice two bedroom that she had tastefully furnished. Immaculately clean, it was nothing like the pigsties that I had been living in.

Before I could get my bearings, Kaylee was unbuttoning my shirt. "I like a beautiful man," she purred.

Surprised at just how aggressive she was being, I rather lamely replied, "I like you too." Next thing I knew I was shirtless with my jeans and boxers down around my knees. I thought she would grab my stiff organ, but she stepped back and studied my body.

"You are one good looking guy, Mr. George." she said matter of factly. "You work out. Nice dick. Tell me, do you always masturbate alone or do you like some help?"

"You can help me all you want, baby."

Gently taking my cock in her hand and sinking to her knees, she said, "I'll be glad to." I gasped when she laid a kiss to the hot drooling tip of my vein-bulging rod. "You're so nice and big. I love nice and big," she rasped huskily before she inhaled my 8" salami to the root.

"Oh god damn!" I cursed. Most girls couldn't take that much dick orally all at once, but she had no problem. I felt the breath from her nostrils, tickling my pubes, and then she swallowed. "Oh fuck!" I moaned as her throat contracted around the thick stalk of my hard penis. She pulled off, a little more than halfway. Looking up and meeting me in the eye, she ran the ball of her tongue stud across the sensitive underside of my cock, up to just below the rim of my cock crown. "God damn!" I softly cursed as she took great pleasure in pleasuring me greatly.

Despite having cum earlier in the afternoon, I didn't last very long as she alternately deep throated me and teased the head of my cock with her studded tongue. I was up against the wall, standing on the balls of my feet, my legs bowed and twitching as if I had some sort of nervous disorder. I felt my cock tingling and I fought as best as I could to hold off as long as possible, but she was in complete control. With a grunt, I ejaculated forcefully. As soon as my cock swelled in response to the powerful contraction of my prostate, she pulled my cock from her throat until just the head was between her lips catching my full load in her mouth to savor. Most of girls that I had been with in college were somewhat put off if I came in their mouth. Of those that weren't put off, only half said that they really liked it. The way Kaylee kept sucking me until I was completely limp, left no doubt in my mind that she didn't mind a mouthful of spunk, indeed, she appeared to really like it.

Letting my flaccid noodle slip from between her wonderful lips, she popped up and gave me a spermy kiss on the lips.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred. "You taste delicious, Mr. George."

I tried to take her in my arms, but with a cat-like movement, she twisted away from me with a soft laugh. With her eyes sparkling with amusement, she stood a few feet from me, looking me over.

"Why don't you take your pants off and stay awhile. Maybe we can have some fun."

Maybe have some fun? Fuckin'aye! I kicked away at the jeans and drawers that tangled around my ankles. Much to her entertainment, I wound up ungracefully on the floor on my ass.

"Here let me help you," she laughed as she grabbed the legs of my jeans and pulled them off, leaving me clad only in my sandals. For some reason I felt silly just wearing sandals.

"That's better. I like my men naked and available."

"I like my women naked too," I said while I unbuckled the first sandal.

"Is that so? Just what kind of a girl do you think I am? I hardly know you."

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