tagGroup SexGetting to Know Kaylee Ch. 05

Getting to Know Kaylee Ch. 05

byArt Martin©

"I wouldn't blame you if you had beaten her a pulp. Teach her a lesson."

"Now, Ed. I'm not the sort of guy that uses a woman for a punching bag. I hate bastards like that. But I came close, too close...

"The afternoon dragged by. I didn't get a whole lot done, fretting that I somehow had lost her, but how in the hell could I keep her? I'd never find another girl that was as uninhibited...wanton...and downright sluttish as Kaylee was. I liked that about her, I loved her for it, but it just didn't sit quite right with me that she was doing other guys behind my back. It wasn't the sex. It was the deception. I didn't like that. I didn't like that one whit.

Five rolled around and I considered going over to the Holiday Inn to talk to her, but I knew she wouldn't like that, so I headed for the gym. I needed a hard workout, a workout to exhaustion, and I did my best to do that. Returning to the apartment, I ran into Randy.

"Hey man! What's up?"

"Nothing much," I lied.

"Say, Ramona fixed a lasagna for tonight. Ya wanna join us for dinner?"


"She makes one hell of a lasagna!"

I really didn't feel up to hanging around the apartment alone and I was hungry. Besides, as I said, Ramona is something to behold.

"Uhhh, yeah, sure! What time?"


I looked at my watch; it was already past six thirty. "Seven will be fine, gives me a chance to change."

Randy looked me over. "You're dressed just fine."

The only thing I had on was my faded gym shorts. It felt kind of odd to go to someone's home for dinner just wearing gym shorts, but then I realized I had never seen Randy with a shirt on and I had never seen Ramona in anything but one of her minimalist bikinis. "I still need to get another shower."

"Okay dude, but we dress casually. If we dress at all," he added with a laugh. "Its apartment 247."

I went upstairs, showered, and dressed in some clean gym shorts, a wife-beater shirt and my sandals. Randy greeted me at the door.

"C'mon in man! Leave the frigging shoes," he said pointing to a pile of flip-flops and sneakers by the door, "we don't want a bunch of shit tracked all over the carpet."

He was still in his baggy swimsuit, and not surprisingly barefoot and with no shirt. Ramona was in a bright yellow bikini that I hadn't seen before. The top was just as small as her other outfits but the bottoms were practically nonexistent, just strings, strings that disappeared into her cracks. She too was barefoot, but her ankle and toes where festooned with an assortment of anklets and toe rings.

Randy had the backgammon board already set up and waiting for a contest.

"Honey, bring us a couple of beers!"

Ramona fetched two beers from the fridge and brought them to us.

"Turn around, Honey." She slowly turned to give me a good look at her from all angles.

"Shit!" I muttered.

"Nice, uh? Love that bikini, but she can't wear it outside, at least not around here. Makes ya hard, uh?"

"Yeah, you could say that."

"Hear that Honey. You're making George all hard!" He laughed, handed me one of the dice. "C'mere baby, and give me some good luck."

Ramona stood next to her husband with her back to me while Randy rubbed her exposed buttocks for good luck. We each rolled one die to see who got first roll. Randy won the roll. He slapped her on the butt exclaiming, "Way to go Babe! Now run along woman, you're distracting me!"

With the intensity of a gamer who always played to win, Randy began the game. Thanks to Kaylee, I was pretty much an even match for Randy, a fact that he both relished and loathed, relishing his victories and loathing his losses to me. The guy was intense, talking to the dice, invoking God's help to roll this combo or that, yelling in glee when got his roll, crying in agony when I hit him, and just having a good time.

Every time he had a particularly low chance of making the roll he needed, he'd call Ramona over and rub her ass for good luck. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

We finished the game after he doubled me and I redoubled him, with Randy coming out on top with the help of a few long shot rolls blessed by the incredible buns of his wife. Statistically I should of had him. He shouted and hooted in glee at his victory, knowing full well that he lucked out and next time I would probably whip his ass.

Ramona called us to the table. Randy was right, she made one hell of a lasagna. It had to be the best I ever had. I reluctantly declined a third slice, not the least because if I had accepted, Ramona would have gotten up to get it, and she was something to see in that bikini.

After we helped her clear the table, load the dishwasher and cleanup the kitchen, we all went into the living area. I sat on the sofa while Randy and Ramona stood next to each other, with his arm around her waist.

"George, what I am about to ask ya goes no further than this apartment."

"Uh, sure Randy. Okay."

"I have your word?"


"I can trust ya?"

"My word is my bond."

"Good...Ramona and me, we've talked about this. We like ya. You're fun and Ramona thinks you're a hunk. We don't know your girl friend, but we have heard that she's a cutie."

"Yes, she's cute. I told you that."

"Yeah, but my sources have confirmed that."

"Sources? What sources? What have you heard about her? "

"Never mind about that, but normally we wouldn't have ya over like this without your lady."

"She's working tonight."

"Yeah, we know...listen, what we want to know is...would ya like to join us tonight?"

"Join what?"

"Ya know. Join us in a little three-way sex. Ya know, fuck her."

While that statement sank into my skull, he pulled the two strings to Ramona's top and she let it fall to the floor. Whoa! Standing behind her with his arms wrapped around to her incredible tits, he lewdly tweaked up her nipples with his fingers.

"How about it? Ya wanna to join me in fucking my slut wife? Later ya can return the favor with your slut girlfriend."

I'd had a hard on ever since I walked in the door that night and I needed relief in the worst way. I wasn't about to say no.

"I'd love to fuck her," I answered breathlessly and forgetting about my problems with Kaylee.

Randy untied the two sides of her bottoms. It didn't fall to the floor, but dangled from between her labia like a tassel. Randy then undid the drawstring of his swimming trunks and shucked them, while I still sat, not yet believing what was happening.

Randy was kissing her neck and shoulders while mauling her big mammaries for my benefit. She had her hands reaching back, caressing her husband's head, the effect being that her tits appeared to be even larger. Planting a kiss on her shoulder, he looked at me, they both looked at me, with salacious grins spread across their faces.

Randy nuzzled into Ramona's ear, whispering to her, whispering loud enough for me to hear. "Spread your legs slut. I'm gonna fuck that slut cunt of yours right where I am. Spread'em bitch! Let's show our friend what a nasty slut ya really are."

Ramona spread her long legs apart, planting her feet about two feet apart. Randy reached around, and yanked the hung-up bottoms from the lips her totally bald pussy. Lewdly he rubbed her pussy for a moment to juice it up, then squatting, he directed his cock to his wife's pussy and drove it up into her cunt. While he fucked her from the rear standing, Ramona played with her luscious jugs.

I've watched a lot of porno, but I'd seen nothing that compared to what I was treated to. Like I said, they're exhibitionists and their one-man audience was enjoying every moment of their licentious performance.

Her bare pussy lips flexed in and out with the slow rhythmic motion of his cock sluicing in and out. Randy reached around her hips. With his fingers he spread her open to display her large clit, excited and poking out from it's protective hood. The air filled with a lurid, wet smacking sounds and the unmistakable odor of aroused pussy.

Her stomach muscles began a controlled undulation, making quite clear the real meaning behind the starburst tattooed around her deep navel. It became a pussy, a big hairy pussy that was pulsating with desire, beckoning me to copulate with her. I was almost ready to cum in my shorts.

I wasn't too sure how I would fit in the lurid tableau before me, but I knew one thing, it was time to get naked and press some flesh. With my thick cock jutting forth, I slowly approached them, giving Ramona a good look at the dick that was destined to screw her.

"Look at his dick, slut," her husband hissed. "He's going fuck ya with that dick as soon as I'm done fucking ya. Ya want his dick?


"Ya want him t'fuck ya with that dick?"


"Ya wanna suck that dick?"


Pressing into her, our lips meet in a long protracted kiss. We exchanged globs of saliva while her husband continued his prattle while fucking her. "Ya want his big dick up your ass, slut?"

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned into my mouth in reply.

"Suck her tits George. This god damned slut likes her tits sucked while she's being fucked. Don't ya slut?"


Sounded like a plan to me. Leaning forward, I sucked in one of her incredibly large pink nipples and swirled my tongue around it. I nibbled and gently bit her fat teat, pulling on it with my teeth, releasing it and blowing cool air across it to chill it, and then sucking back into my warm mouth. Ramona groaned in pleasure, stimulated by the pleasure/pain that she was receiving until she had to cover with her hand the now too-sensitive tissue that I had enflamed. I simply moved over and started in on her left tit. Nice thing about women and two tits, when one tit has had enough and is just too sensitive, the other is ready and waiting for a similar treatment.

While I wallowed and played in big-boob-heaven, her husband slowly and lewdly fucked her. My back was beginning to ache from feasting bent over when she finally pushed me away from her now sore left tit. I attempted to suckle the right one again but she pulled my head up to kiss me. Between kisses she whispered, "Rub my cunny. Rub my cunny with your dick Daddy. Rub it and make it feel good."

Now I'd been with a lot of girls, having taken to heart my Dad's advice when I was in high school to "fuck every girl that's willing." But it had always been a one-on-one affair, a girl and me. I'd seen a lot of group fucks on porno flicks, but I'd never experienced any thing like this. Her request to 'rub my cunny Daddy' while her husband was fucking that same cunny didn't make a whole lot of sense until Randy told me to "rub your dick on her clit."

Now rather than leaning forward, I had to lean back and somehow get a least one leg between her legs so that I could poke at her cunt while it was filled with her husband's cock. Fortunately with 8 full inches, I could get in where a shorter man might have had a problem. While Randy spread apart her lips, I got the hang of what they wanted me to do, namely rub the fat head of my cock over her clit while Randy continued to fuck her.

With two dicks and three hands in such close proximity, it was virtually impossible for no male-to-male contact to take place. The first few times that I rubbed my cock against his or brushed my dick across his fingers, I was alarmed, but after a while I just sort of accepted it. Randy sure didn't seem to mind, and as for Ramona, she was lost somewhere in the outer reaches of sexual blissdom.

"Cum on my dick, ya fuckin' slut," Randy hissed. "Squeeze it you fucking whore, squeeze it!"

Suddenly I felt Randy grasp my cock and push it up against his cock. He slipped out and he pushed me in. As I slid in, her pussy clamped down. It seemed to be trying to expel me. Then the vaginal contractions would ease and I slid in deeper only to he stopped by the tightening of her constricting fuck tunnel around my dick.

"Ya like his big dick, slut?"


"Ya like it in ya slutty cock socket?"


"Are ya a slut, baby?"


"Ya momma know what ya do?"


"Does ya daddy know what a slutty girl ya are?"


"Yeah, he knows what slut his baby girl is. Don't he?"


"Does ya daddy like ya slimy pussy?"


"Yeah, that's right, he does. Don't he, slut?"


"Who's ya daddy?"


"Who's ya fuck daddy?"

"You baby, you."

"But ya know ya real daddy wants to fuck ya?"


"That's right slut, every man likes to fuck a whore like you. Ya like your daddy fuckin' ya. Don't ya, slut? Ya like the feel of his big ole dick inside ya. Don't ya?"

"Yesssss. Ohhhhh, fuck me Daddy, fuck me!"

I didn't realize it at the time, but in their world of sexual fantasy mixed with reality, I had been assigned the role of her old man, taking incestuous liberties with his slut daughter. Over time it was a game that we would play quite often, with many variations, sometimes I was her daddy, sometimes I was her Paw-Paw, sometimes I was Bubba, sometimes I was her preacher, sometimes I was her doctor, and sometimes I was big black buck. Whatever, Ramona really got her rocks off on it.

Randy reached between her legs and pushed me by the groin to pull out. As soon as I did, he slid back in. For the next twenty minutes or so, we alternated, each fucking her for a minute or so, before yielding her juicing cunt to the other's cock.

"Ya daddy's gonna cum in your slut cunt, bitch! Your Paw-Paw too. Ya want your own daddy to cum in your pussy?"


"Ya want your old Paw-Paw to cum in your pussy too?"


"Ya nasty, fuckin' whore!"

All this talk about cumming had me cumming and with a fantastic release, I came in Ramona's slut cunt.

"All a slut like you is good for is for fuckin'. Ain't it whore?"


Ramona had been weak kneed for some time as Randy and I took turns. Sandwiched between us, we had been supporting her as we fucked her. Once I pulled out for good and stepped back a little, she sort of flopped forward. I prevented her from falling on her face and held her bent over while her husband pummeled her pussy from behind. There was a bead of sweat along the trace of her spine that tracked across the tasteful tattoo on the small of her back before it disappeared in the cleft between her lovely buns.

With his tongue hanging out of his mouth to one side like some sort of cartoon pervert, Randy was perspiring too as he labored mightily to get his rocks off. Gripping her hips firmly to hold her in place, he slammed into her like a jackhammer causing her beautifully full butt cheeks to quake delightfully with the repeated impacts.

With a grimaced look on his bearded face, he planted himself firmly and deeply, grinding his groin into her buttocks, shouting, "Your Paw-Paw's cumming, ya dirty, fuckin' slut of a whore! I'm cumming! Oh, baby yessss! Squeeze it ya slut bitch! Squeezeeeee, ahhhhhhhh, dammmmmn!"

Releasing his grip on her hips, she just sort of crumpled to floor. His dick springing from her cunt, sending his last good spurt flying through the air to splatter across the back of her legs. Out of breath and panting, he stood over his prostrate wife with his dick still stiff and drooling as it throbbed, looking quite the part of the victorious barbarian.

He looked up at me with a dazed look and said, "Man, that was fuckin' good! I need me a brew." Leaving his fucked out wife lying at my feet, the big brute turned to retrieve two beers, revealing to me for the first time the tattoo of Felix the Cat on one butt cheek and Mickey Mouse on the other.

We stood about, swigging our beers with Ramona swooning on the floor. With his foot, Randy rolled her onto her back, and then with the same foot, spread her legs apart, exposing her aroused pussy. Glistening with sexual secretions, her red inner labia obscenely protruded from between her flushed and somewhat swollen outer lips.

"Look at that slut's sweet pussy. Ever seen anything as pretty as that?"

"No, I suppose, not."

"Your girl have a nice pussy?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Hey, look man, this whore's coming back to life. Tell ya what. How 'bout if we roll the dice to see who gets first dibs on that fresh-baked cream pie?"

Not waiting for my reply, Randy went and retrieved the dice from the backgammon board giving me a moment to think about it. Now, I like eating pussy, even when it's a little ripe, about as well as I like fucking pussy. But licking some other guy's cum from a cunt...Well, during the preceding twenty-four hours I had had some time to think about doing that very thing... when Kaylee got home from work every night. Only difference was I just didn't know it at the time.

Randy handed one of the dice to me. He started shaking his die, chanting, "C'mon six! C'mon six!" I figured that if he was willing to play, he probably wouldn't think of me as being some sort of pervert if I played. Casting his die to the floor, he exclaimed, "Damn! A three! C'mon George, show me what ya got." I began shaking mine and he chanted, "C'mon two! C'mon two!" I threw my die to the floor. "God damn! A four! Ya win, good buddy!"

As I settled in between her legs and got up close to her engorged, dripping pussy, I wasn't so sure about collecting my prize as the winner. But I couldn't just wimp out, not now. If I did, I might not ever get invited back. I looked up at George, his eyes sparkling. I said, "Well, at least I know you." A puzzled look formed on his face. Face first, I dove into her sopping cunt.

It didn't taste bad or at all disgusting. In fact it just tasted like pussy. Of course it tasted like pussy, or at least spermy pussy as I was now use to that taste. Then I realized that, hell I love that taste. Having conquered my initial misgivings, I settled in to enjoy myself with her.

Even though it was on the same basic plan, Ramona's pussy was very different from Kaylee's. Whereas Kaylee is petite, even in the pussy department, Ramona was a relatively big pussyed girl. Her man-in-boat had to be well over an inch long and seemed to rise at least a half inch. Whereas Kaylee had a nubbin, Ramona had a knob, a knob that was easy to suck into my mouth.

While I salivated, licked and explored around her succulent sluice, Randy lay down beside us, head-to-toe with his wife. I felt her leg being manipulated and even though I couldn't see what he was up to, I caught on when she stuck his toe into her mouth. I had never considered toe sucking to be particularly erotic, but the way she mouthed and slobbered over his big toe, I got hard again.

Pressing my fingers into her perineum, between her cunt hole and anus, I attacked her clit with gusto, furiously swiping at it with my tongue at the one o'clock position. The combo had its desired effect and she soon began bucking her hips and squeezing my head with her thighs as the intense orgasm swept over her.

The thigh-grip around my ears eased and having had quite enough for the moment, she pushed my head away from her cunt. I slid up her body and slid my cock back into her welcoming cunt. As I began humping her, Randy pulled his foot from her mouth and sat up.

Even though I knew that Randy is a professional masseur, what happened next surprised me. He began rubbing the back of my legs, then rubbing my butt, and then my back while I screwed his wife. It was really weird because while it was sexual, it really wasn't supposed to be sexual, but then again I wasn't too sure about that either. I didn't know whether to jump up in alarm or just enjoy it. I figured that as long as he was just rubbing and kneading my muscles I'd be okay, but if he got funny and went for my asshole or something, I was prepared to bolt for door.

By the time he was working on my shoulders, I became particularly alarmed because he was kneeling and straddling me as he kneaded and rubbed. Every time I thrust my hips back, my ass would brush against his cock and he was clearly in an aroused state. I was about to tell him to get the hell off when he finished his quick massage and moved off to the side. He put a hand on my hip and pushing, let me know that he wanted me to rollover. I rolled, taking Ramona with me. Randy climbed on top.

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