tagLoving WivesGetting to Know Kaylee Ch. 06

Getting to Know Kaylee Ch. 06

byArt Martin©

Ed Bailey shifted in his chair frowning. "Let me get this straight, George. You caught her red-handed giving some guy a blowjob behind your back, and you apologized to her?"

"Yeah. It was simplest, most direct way to clear the air."

"Clear the air?"

"Yeah. There was no question at all in my mind that we were going to have a different relationship than we had before. Up until then, I thought that I was pretty much using her, but it turned out that she was using me. I hadn't realized it, but actually it had been pretty much her way or the highway. I apologized to put her mind at ease. That way we could get it all out in the open and we could get on with our lives together."

"You lost me George."

"You know, every time I thought of her sucking off that old guy, I'd get hard. I still do. I got a big kick out of watching Randy and Ramona fuck. I had a fantastic time with the Burks and I knew that Kaylee and I could have fantastic times together too.

"Once I had time to really think it through, I realized that I wasn't angry because she was having sex with some other dude. That excited me. Problem was that she had done it behind my back, without my knowledge. I simply decided that if she was having sex with another guy, I wanted to be there. I wanted to be in on her pleasure. Hell, I wanted to see her fucking other guys.

"That night at the Holiday Inn? I brought Randy over to meet her. Fortunately it was a slow night. There was only one customer, but..." "Who's this?" asked Kaylee with surprise as Randy and I approached the front desk. "I thought..."

"Kaylee, this is Randy. He's one of our neighbors. You know, the guy I told you about."

"Which guy?"

"The one with the incredible wife. I told you about her, Ramona. Walks around practically nude at the pool."

"Oh, yeah! Pleased to meet you Randy."

"The pleasure will be mine," he said with a lusty grin.

"Uh, George, I was hoping that we could talk... in private."

"What's to talk about?"

"Well, you know, the other night."

"Oh, yeah. Randy, the other night, I walked in on her sucking off..."

"George! Please!"

"Okay, okay, you tell him."


"Relax. Randy already knows what a slut you are. So's Ramona. You both have a lot in common."

"George, I don't think..."

"Last night I made a deal with Randy. He let me fuck Ramona. Tonight, he gets to fuck you."


"Cut the indignant act, Kaylee. We both know how you are. I understand you now. It's alright, I know that you love cock. So I brought Randy here as a present to you. You're gonna love what he does to you with his cock.

While I walked behind the desk, Randy, as nasty as ever, had unzipped his shorts and had his cock hanging out. Kaylee's eyes seemed to glaze over as if she were in a trance as she studied his growing organ. My hand slid up her skirt and as I had anticipated, she was bare-bottomed underneath.

"She's all wet, Randy," I said bringing up my soaked fingers for his inspection.

"Tell me darling, do you need a good fucking? Of course you do. Now, show me what to do out here and I'll man the front desk while you two go in the office and get aquatinted."

As luck would have it, a traveler arrived looking for accommodations for the night. Randy deftly slipped his stiff pole back into his pants before the man got to the desk.

"Welcome to Holiday Inn, Sir!" I greeted. "How may I be of assistance?"

"Reservations for Tom Collins," said the burly black man with clear and perfect diction.

"Miss Broussard, would you be so kind and take care of this gentleman."

Kaylee went into action and as she did, I observed what she was doing on her computer.

"How many adults?" she asked.

"Just me," said the guest.

"Here it is. King, smoking room, one adult. How do you want to pay for this?"


"Very well, that'll be $85.95."

The black man opened his wallet, pausing a moment as he studied his cash on hand. "Uh, if it's not too much trouble, Miss, I think I'll put it on my credit card.

"No problem sir," she replied cheerily as she reached for his plastic.

A few moments later, she had processed his credit card, coded his room key, and he was on his way.

Confident that I could handle a simple check in, I said to Kaylee, "That's simple enough, I can handle this. Now why don't take a little break with Randy in the office and let him stuff that slut snatch of yours."

"George, I..."

"I'll watch the front desk while you two suck and screw," I reassured her as I led her into the manager's office. Once inside, I made sure that the chime system was on. Tossing a handful of condoms onto the desk, I ordered, "Take your clothes off."

"George, I can't..."

"Goddamnit! I'll take care of the front desk! We want you naked. Now strip!"

Before Kaylee had her top off, Randy was buck-naked, but then again, he only had a pair of shorts and a muscle shirt. I lent a hand and soon I had her sitting up on the desk naked, with her legs spread open.

"Who did you fuck today?" I asked while fingering her wet pussy.

"George, I..."

"Who did you fuck?"

"Just Mr. Lopez."

"Lopez, the motel manager?"


"You fuck him everyday?"

Biting her lower lip, Kaylee nodded her head.

"Hear that Randy, she fucks the motel manager everyday. You fuck that skinny black guy, the night clerk too. Don't you? That's what I thought. Well, from now on, you're going to fuck Randy too, plus anybody else that I want you to fuck."


"I'll be right back," I said, "but there's no need to wait for me."

Stepping out into the lobby, I saw the black man who had just checked in standing at the desk, glowering.

"Yes, sir! Can I help you?"

"Just what do you think you're doing?" he demanded.


"Just because I'm black, you gave me a dirty room?"

"Dirty? I'm so sorry, sir. That room should have been clean. Ummm, let me see if we have another room." I followed the menus and found another king, smoking room. This wasn't as simple as a check in, so I made some notations on a pad so that Kaylee could straighten things out on her computer later. Thankfully, the key card machine was pretty straightforward, just enter the room number, number of days and swipe the card. After a few minutes, the big guy was placated and on his way again.

When I slipped back into the manager's office, Kaylee was still sitting up on the desk, leaning back, resting on her elbows. Randy was grasping her under the knees to hold her open, his bearded face buried between her legs, slurping away at her pussy. It was hard to tell where his bearded face ended and her bushy pubis began. Her legs were quivering and she was tugging at her nipple rings while he ate her out. I could tell by her undulating stomach and her pained expression that she was in the midst of an orgasm.

Kaylee let out a howl. Releasing her tormented teats, she fell back onto the desk panting and tried to twist away from Randy's rapacious tongue.

Randy's head popped up from her snatch, his beard wet with pussy juice also displayed several whitish clots matting his facial hair. Licking his lips, he mimicked one of those forensic smart-asses on Law and Order stating, "I'd say she got fucked no more than two hours ago, without a rubber."

That's when it struck me. I thought back to when I first started fucking her and she pulled the results of her public health STD's report from the manager's desk. The report was in his desk because Lopez was fucking her bare back and wanted to be sure that she was clean.

Randy pulled her off the desk, and sitting in the manager's chair, pulled her to him. Immediately she went down on her knees, kneeling between his out stretched legs. Fondling his cock, Kaylee looked back at me with a questioning look on her face.

"It's alright, darling. I want you to suck him. Hell, I know damned good and well that you want to suck him too. So go on, have some fun."

I stood off to the side of the chair where I could get a good view. Kaylee nuzzled into his crotch, rubbing his dick and his balls all over her face, becoming intoxicated on his funky aroma. It was fascinating to watch her actually get high on the smell of his crotch. Turning her head to the right and with a near-crazed look in her eyes, she looked at me and began slobbering all over Randy's dick. Her eyes were still smiling at me when after a thorough dick licking, his saliva drenched cock slowly slipped between her sultry lips. I nearly came in my shorts.


"Be right back," I muttered as I reluctantly tore myself away from the show.

Out at the front desk were two young teenaged girls, both dressed in bikinis. The older of the two whispered something to the other girl and they both started giggling.

"May I help you?" I said in a near whisper.

"Ummmm, do you have change for the coke machine," asked the older girl holding up a ten-dollar bill, while her companion surreptitiously peeked over the counter.

"Uh, sure, let me see," I said as I tried to figure out how to open the cash drawer. After what seemed like forever, I managed to figured it out. The drawer popped open suddenly, striking my blatant hard-on that was tenting out my flimsy gym shorts. Both girls broke out in a new fit of giggles. My face must have become beet red when I realized what the two girls were giggling about.

Taking their change, the two girls ran out, chatting to each other in a most animated way. I had no doubt about what they were discussing.

Returning to manger's office, I was just in time to see Kaylee, lying on the desk, holding onto her ankles as Randy stepped between her legs. Putting his bare cock to her pussy, I asked, "Aren't you going to use a condom?"

"Naw! She's clean!"

"How do you know that?"

"Ramona," he grunted as he shoved his cock into her to his balls.

"Ramona?" I asked to no one in particular, certainly not Randy who was now totally preoccupied with putting it to Kaylee. Later I found out that Ramona had friend who worked at the public health department. So much for the confidentially of private records!

"Hmmm, nice pussy!" complimented Randy. "That's it baby, squeeze when I pull out..." Randy began an unhurried, steady fuck. "Damn, you've done this before," he added with a chuckle. As he screwed her, his lazy pace was punctuated at intervals with bouts of savage thrusts, causing her to gasp and cry out with pleasure. Thrusting into her hard, he hissed, "What a fuckin' pussy! Girl, I like the way ya work that fuckbox. So does my happy cock!"

With great interest and a raging hard on, I watched as his glistening cock reciprocated between her pouting pussy lips. Despite my plan to just to watch Randy screw her and cover the front desk for her, my dick felt like it was going to pop a gasket if it didn't get some immediate relief. Dropping my shorts, I motioned to Randy to reposition her so I could get a little too.

Randy pulled out of her juicing cunt with the sound similar that that of a boot coming loose from the mud. He moved her lengthwise across the desk and crammed it home again.

I climbed up on the desk and balancing my self against the wall, rammed my cock down her throat. Fucking her throat like that, it didn't take very long before I felt that old feeling in my groin, but before I reached the point of no-return...DING!

"Aw fuck," I cursed as I continued to fuck her throat. Another dozen stokes, my balls erupted, sending a full load of cum directly into her stomach. As soon as I stopped cumming, I jumped up and put my shorts back on to tend to the front desk.

Stepping outside, there wasn't anyone there. I shrugged and ducked back into the manager's office.

Randy had her off the desk and with two fistfuls of her hair, he was roughly face fucking her while she knelt. After a few deep strokes, he pulled his cock back, just enough for her to workover his cock crown with her tongue stud for a few moments, then he was ramming it down her throat again. Randy had a pained expression as he struggled to hold off as long as he possibly could.

"Hold her head!" he rasped pulling his dick from her mouth. I held her head while he jacked his cock. "Open up slut!" Three more strokes of his hand and he was shooting off into her open mouth. It was so nasty to watch his cum squirting from his prick and into her mouth that my own dick shot into a fully erect posture.

Once Randy's copious flow had slowed to a trickle, I pulled her up and bent her over the desk. In a flash my shorts were down around my ankles and my cock was pressing into her brown star.


"Aw, fuck!" I cursed.

"What is your name?" angrily demanded the burly black guy as soon as I emerged from the office.

"Now what?" I asked politely as possible, trying my best not to provoke the big bastard.

"I'm going to report you!"

"Oh, hell,' I thought to myself. I knew then that I had a problem on my hands, a real problem, and if I weren't careful, Kaylee could get fired. "I'm sorry, sir. What seems to be the problem? Mr... Mr. Collins, isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm Collins and I'm tired of you people jacking me around!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm still not sure what you're talking about."

"That second room. It was worse than the first. Room reeks with the smell of sex! The bed is unmade. The sheets are soiled, badly soiled. It is evident that someone was recently fucking in that bed!" I didn't know it then, but I had inadvertently given him the room Lopez used to entertain the maids and Kaylee.

"Well, I..."

"Who are you? Where's that girl, Miss Broussard?"

"Uh, she's on break. I'm covering for her."

"So who the hell are you?"

"Well, I'm new and..."

"New? Dressed like that? I'm gonna have somebody's hide for this! You better find the desk clerk!"

"I'll give you another room, sir, at no charge."

Collins boldly stepped behind the desk and started typing on the computer.

"Sir, you can't do that!"

"I'm a quality control inspector for Holiday Inn Systems, and this facility is unacceptable! Now where's the god damned desk clerk?"

The gig was up! I had nothing to lose, so I did what I always did when I was cornered, I acted boldly.

"She's in the manager's office."

Collins stepped towards the office door, but I blocked his path. Inches from me, I felt very small in comparison. "You look like a reasonable man," I said evenly. "The desk clerk, she's my girlfriend. How about if you forget this whole thing."

"Why would I do that?"

"The desk clerk...she's... How'd you like to dip your wick in that? Want her to suck your dick? How would you like to fuck her all night?"

A sneering grin spread across his very black face. "I'm listening."

" I'm sure you'll find her eager to please, eager to satisfy you."

"Ed, you should have seen them, little petite Kaylee and that big black SOB. He must've played tackle in college. That big-dicked bastard really screwed the hell out of her. Then at ten, when Pete-the-night-clerk got there, he had at her too, just like he did almost every night. She sucked and fucked the four of us until well after midnight, one, two, three at a time. She loved it! So did I. Afterwards, we went home and madly screwed until three AM."

"You let a black guy screw her?" asked Ed incredulously.

"Why not? She was already screwing Pete. Only real problem was she was a sloppy fuck for nearly a week afterwards, but after that..."


"Like I said Ed, I love my wife and she loves me. We both love sex for the sake of sex, lustful sex, gleeful debauchery, sport fucking if you will and we enjoy seeing the other have a really good time, the nastier, the better."

The intercom crackled to life and the sing song voice of Demona, now Ed's personal secretary, filled the office. "Mr. Bailey. Mr. Vinter's wife is here to meet him for lunch."

"Send her in," I replied.

Kaylee breezed through the door, as pretty as ever with her natural tan, her blue eyes flashing, and a sultry "come-fuck-me" smile on her glistening lips. Her long black hair, flowing down past her shoulder, bounced as she walked. Strutting like a runway model in her high heeled "slut-pumps", she wore a slinky blue silk dress that clung to her every curve. It was one of my favorite dresses, with a neckline that plunged halfway to her navel, it was obvious that she was braless. Except for the halter tie around her neck, the dress was backless to show off her tattoo on the small of her back and just a hint of her butt crack. I knew full well that she was also sans-panties, as she never wore panties except when she was menstruating. My darling wife, she turned heads that's for sure, the consummate slut, always ready and eager to have a hard cock shoved into her.

"Darling, you look marvelous!" I said.

Kaylee twirled, the short dress flaring out and giving Ed a glimpse of what was, or rather what wasn't, underneath. "Thank you, George. You're so sweet to notice."

"Ed and I have been discussing the incident that was reported in the paper this weekend and how it might effect my promotion to Divisional Manager."

"That's right, Honey," said Ed as he lustfully sized her up, unconsciously licking his lips. "George has explained everything to me. That is, everything that I need to know.

"George, the way I see it, it was really shameful behavior on the part of the press, printing a story like that and getting the names all mixed up. Good thing that you and your wife were at my lake cottage, spending the weekend with Silva and me. Otherwise there might be a real problem."

Ed and I looked each other in the eye, he had an unmistakable gleam in his eyes. Unspoken, and with just the slightest of nods, we had an understanding. Ed cleared his throat. Hitting the button to the intercom, he croaked, "Demona, hold my calls."

I glanced over at Kaylee and as our eyes met, I nodded my head towards Ed. Kaylee gave me that sly smile of hers, a sly smile that caused my cock to stir. Stepping around Ed's desk, she pressed up against him, planting a smoldering kiss. Her hands immediately settled on the bulge in his suit pants.

"Eddie, you're such a sweet, sweet man," she purred. "Mmmm, I just love a nice hard man." Unbuckling his belt, she mused in voice husky with desire, "You don't mind do you, but I like my men naked, completely naked. Naked and available."


I still didn't get the damned promotion after whoring out my slut wife to my boss, but at least I didn't get my ass fired. Would you believe he decided that he really didn't want to go to Corporate after all, but instead, he requested that he remain as the Divisional Manager until he retires in a few years. Told them something about that in life, money isn't everything.

Oh well, Ed's really not such a bad guy; he could have fired my ass! Besides, Kaylee thinks he cute. But Silva, his wife! Ugh! The things a guy's got to do! But like my dad said, "Son, there's no such thing as bad pussy, only good pussy, better pussy and great pussy." Guess that applies to old dick suckers too.

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I believe that Kaylee

Is the ancient word for "history"... Bye now girl.

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