tagGroup SexGetting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 03

Getting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 03


"Are you ready to hear more?" Sue asked Tom already knowing his answer.

"Once we were in she turned and kissed me lightly on the cheek thanking me for a lovely time, "my pleasure" I said smiling "but the evenings not finished yet."

"Umm, that sounds interesting" she said as I took her hand and led her towards the lounge.

"I'll open a bottle while you make yourself comfortable" and indicated the sofa.

"When I returned she stood up and hugged me."

"You're really beautiful" she said squeezing me a little bit, holding the hug a bit longer than expected and kissed me quickly on the lips. Staring into my eyes to see if there was any unfavorable reaction and seeing none drew me closer and kissed me again, her soft lips just brushed mine and then pulled away but returned with her tongue barely touching my lips. Instinctively I parted my lips a little, letting her caress the inside of my lips and skim over my teeth before opening them wider allowing her tongue to enter my eager mouth. Waves of pleasure began to rush through me as I extended my tongue, brushing hers and tenderly explored her lips and mouth.

Then unexpectedly she pulled away, "sorry, it must be the wine and think we had better behave ourselves" and sat down with her legs drawn up under her patting the cushion beside her "pour me a glass of wine whilst I calm down"

"Only if you want" I replied ambiguously.

"A glass of wine, calm down or behave myself?" she wickedly smiled running her tongue sensuously around her lips.

"It's exhilarating to behave badly sometimes" I said handing her a glass, our hands touched for some time while I looked down to her breasts and the outlines of her nipples, before glancing down to the tanned skin above the tops of her stockings and garter belt straps showing as her dress rode up..

She shifted so that her legs opened slightly and her hem rose a little higher and when I looked back up to her smiling face she licked her lips, wetting them so that they glistened and teasingly asked "and what are you thinking about, are you feeling naughty?"

"Naughty I suppose as I'm remembering the photos. I loved the ones of you on the beach but the ones where you are by yourself the most" I said boldly.

"What about the one with Ron and the other guy with me aren't you intrigued?" She taunted.

"He looked great, if you like men hung like horses" I laughed, then added "but really I only had eyes for you."

"You've got good taste; want to see the rest of the pictures?" She asked reaching out and took my hand pulling me down and slid close, her leg and arm against mine. "I don't like very big dicks either and fancy something a little softer and pleasurable" she said cuddling up close to me and pulled the pictures out of her bag.

"That's Andy in the picture with me and he's certainly got a great looking body but I'll let you into a little secret. He's gay; here have a look at this one" she said handing me a photo of them with another man on a hotel balcony with all three naked. The two men were facing each other holding their cocks together with Jean standing to their side.

"Wow, where did you find them?" I said in amazement.

"What we didn't know when we booked that there was a gay carnival fortnight going on the island" she explained handing me the next picture of two women holding hands.

"They befriended me and Ron, and yes Sandy and Leanne are lesbians who we met at a party" and handed me a picture of herself and the two women dancing at a club "they invited us to meet them on the beach the following day." As if to prove this she handed me another picture of all three of them naked on the beach, with arms around each others' waists looking as though they were enjoying their selves facing the camera. The next couple showed Sandy applying oil to Leanne's naked body lying on her stomach, with her legs slightly parted straddling one of her legs with her knee up against Leanne's pussy, no doubt massaging it as she coated her lover's back and ass with the oil. Finally, in the last picture, Jean lay on her back as both women rubbed oil onto her legs, breasts, and stomach.

"I wish I had been there with you to meet them." I said looking at Jean.

"We were only fooling around in the pictures, and we really didn't do anything not that I didn't find them both hot and sexy, and would have joined them if they asked or even shown any interest in me physically but they were very much in love. Does that shock you that I wanted them?"

"No, they looked appetizing" slowly extending my tongue and touched the bottom of her ear making her moan softly. Encouraged I brushed the outside of her ear before running the wet tip inside.

"I knew you would understand" she said softly as she reached out and squeezed my breast "we can stop now, if you want and pretend that we don't want each other or we can enjoy ourselves."

"Don't stop" I whispered gently blowing in her ear as her other hand moved onto my knee and sensuously stroked it as slowly I licked from her ear to her neck drawing soft moans suggesting that I was pleasing her. "I want you to keep on".

I said reaching to unfasten a few buttons of her dress and slid my hand in and tweaked her nipple and she shuddered closing her eyes in approval and gasped "Oooo.... It feels so good, so different from a man's touch, so soft and gentle" she moaned. Her fingers began to unbuttoned my blouse and within moments it was open and off my shoulders exposing my braless breasts. "Umm there're beautiful" she whispered in appreciation as her hand ran down over my naked breast feeling the hardness of my nipples. "Even better than I can remember" she whispered.

It was now my time to close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure as she lifted my breast upwards and kissed and licked both nipples in turn, "Oh Jeez" was all I could say "Oh please don't stop it feels so wonderful."

Jean continued to kiss and suckle my nipples for a few minutes and then stopped and when I looked up she was smiling mischievously. Cupping my breasts softly in her hands, she said "They're are gorgeous; I've always wanted breasts like these for years."

"Don't be silly yours are so beautiful" I said as her mouth searched for mine. Her tongue found its way to my lips and my tongue played with hers as my hands ran down over her back and ass feeling the lines of her panties and the outline of her garter belt through the thin dress. Continuing to encourage me by sighing and moaning I touched her in her in all the right places as she unbuttoned her dress to her navel allowing me to slip both hands feeling the nipples scrape against my palms in contrast to the soft pliant orbs of her breasts. Leaning down I ran my tongue around her nipple remembering the first time we had done so. I slowly moved my fingers over the top of her nylons feeling the silky smooth skin above them and slipped my hands under the hem of her dress. Reaching down she undid several of the lower buttons on her dress revealing the straps of her garter belt as I continued to play with her tantalizing thigh flesh inching my hands higher under the hem of her dress.

She finished unbuttoning the last buttons of the dress, allowing it to fall open from top to bottom revealing her small tanned breasts and abdomen before standing to pull it off and tossing it aside.

"Jean, you are lovely." I whispered in wonder.

She smiled at me and said "I've wanted you to touch me like this since the first time and really happy that this is happening."

Standing up I faced her as we started to kiss again with my hands stroking her back, neck, breasts, and nipples before they reached her ass, causing her to jump when I ran my finger tips up and down between her cheeks.

"I want to taste all of you" her mouth found my breast "I've always wanted these" she said kissing and fondling them and then I felt her hand under my skirt between my legs, softly brushing my pussy through my wet panties. Unconsciously, I opened my legs and arched my back toward her as she ran her finger tips over the top of my slit and my clit through my panties and much to my delight several times they spread my ass cheeks a little, and ran into the crevice, brushing against my sensitive anal rosebud.

"It's your turn now I want to see all your beautiful body" she instructed standing back at arms length.

Slowly I unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor, my breasts with their pinkish-tan nipples pointing straight at her.

"Caress your nipples" she ordered "go on pinch them for me."

Clutching my breasts tightly I did as she ordered and pinched my nipples enjoying the feeling of her eyes on me. Unbuttoning my skirt I let it slide down my legs revealing my damp white cotton panties and stockings.

"Magnificent" she whispered as she moved towards me and we hugged each other and she gently guided me towards the couch until my legs touched it and I fell back into it. Our lips briefly parted, and then her lips covered mine again and her tongue reentered my mouth, as she arranged herself on top of me. Her legs quickly straddled on either side of my hips, and I felt the moisture between her legs against my belly as slowly she rocked her hips, rubbing herself against my belly. She raised herself up smiled and looked directly into my eyes and I saw they were full of desire as she continued to rock and gyrate her hips against me whilst tweaking and pulling on my nipple.

A few moments later she said "C'mon" and pulled some pillows from under me and placed them on the floor and pulled me off the couch to the floor, and positioned me so that I was sprawled on the pillows and climbed on top of me again with her knees on both sides of my hips with her crotch resting on my body.

I reached up as she pushed her breasts into my hand and released an audible moan as I stroked her small breasts for a while, before she pulled my hands away and guided them to my sides and said, "Slowly, take your time we have all night." She leant forward and trailed her mouth down again over my breasts and lingered at my navel before her lips and tongue continued further until they reached the top of my panties. Without saying a word, she tugged at them pulling them down to my knees and I lifted my ass up to help her pull them off until I was completely naked Her lips traced a line from my navel to the top of my naked mound and her tongue found the top of my slit. Quickly two fingers slipped easily into my wet pussy followed by her tongue which slowly traced up and down my slit, and over my vaginal lips tasting me. Within moments her tongue and lips moved up to my clit, slowly circling it, teasing the hood, touching on each side, and then the bottom of her tongue slid over it, finally licking lightly just under my extended bud. She continued this teasing as her fingers slowly churned inside my cunt.

"Aaaahh............." I groaned as she pumped her fingers in and out of me in a rhythmic pattern, as fingers on her other hand found and pulled my clitoral hood back slightly and her lips surrounded the bud and slowly sucked it.

I started to cum crying out aloud "Jean, I love you. Oooohhh don't stop, that's fucking great." As soon as I had finished my first cum she brought me to two more climaxes without taking her mouth away from my pussy and then quickly moved up next to me where I could smell and see my cum on her face as she curled up against me with her legs over mine and her arms tightly holding me in a loving embrace.

I kissed her, tasting myself on her lips and tongue.

"Jean, I love you. I've been thinking to you for weeks and I've wanted to kiss you, taste your breasts, and take you as my lover." I said stroking her hair, and ran my nails down her back to the top of her garter belt. Hearing her moan in approval I stretched out on her stomach with her arms spread above her head. I dropped my hands to the clasp of her garter belt and undid it letting it fall still attached to the nylons. My hands slid down her buttocks and spread her legs a little, and I climbed between them so that I was directly behind her and stroked the length of her back from her shoulders to her ass cheeks. Lifting her hips up to help me I undid the straps of her garter and unhooked it from her stockings leaving her just in them and her thin panties which were wet, as my lips and tongue worked lower.

I got up on all fours and rolled her over onto her back and positioned myself between her legs so that I could kiss her breasts as she thrust her hips up towards me. Hooking my fingers into the waistband of her panties I pulled them down to her knees, and slid my tongue down her stomach to her pussy making her gasp as I drove my tongue into her cleft, deep into her for the first time and I tasted another woman. Savoring the flavor and aroma I wanted more as her hips rose higher exposing her prominent mound. I continued to trace my tongue along her lips and cleft, until I reached the top and crossed over her clit tugging it slightly with my lips as my fingers dug into her ass cheeks.

I pulled the panties from her legs, and she threw them widely apart with abandon offering her small breasts, flat stomach, and her lovely bare mound with her fleshy red inner lips. Reaching out she pulled me to her and I lay on top of her, our breasts and nipples squeezed tight against each other. As our stomachs came together I placed my pussy against hers, rubbing clit to clit. I slid away down her neck and shoulders, until my mouth found her breasts and took her hard nipple into my mouth and started to suck and bite on it. Grabbing my head she held my face pressed to it, relishing my teeth and mouth. My hand again found her pussy and started to play with her clit, occasionally thrusting my fingers into her wet hole. I felt her muscles tensing as she was nearing an orgasm and pulled my head free from her breasts to plunge it between her legs swiftly licking her clit as she began groaning loudly and rocking her hips. Closing her nylon covered thighs around my ears soon she was climaxing violently.

We took each other in our arms gently kissing and caressing each other until we drifted asleep.

"Now Tom, all we've got to do is to get you fixed up, but it won't be with Ron because apparently he made it clear that he wasn't interested in guys." She reaching out stroking his hard cock.

To be continued.

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