tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting to Know The Neighbors Ch. 03

Getting to Know The Neighbors Ch. 03


I apologize for the long delay between chapters. I was pleasantly surprised by the response to the first two chapters and trust this installment will do justice to them.


"Is there any more coffee?" I finally asked.

I really didn't need another cup, but it was an excuse to move. From the moment I stripped off in the bathroom and walked naked out into Nancy's home, events had taken on a life of their own. There wasn't a great deal of thought. Things just seemed to flow. Nancy and I delivered a masterful impromptu performance. Initially, we set out to deceive Gina, hoping that we could convince her there was something going on between the two of us. It could have ended when Gina drove off and we left her to decide what was going on. Instead it reached its climax (pun intended) with Nancy and me collapsing in a heap of sweaty limbs on her living room floor.

"There should be," Nancy responded making no effort to move.

She looked incredibly sexy lying there on the floor. She'd brought her arms up to rest her head on as she remained on her stomach. I took a moment to capture the scene in my memory banks before moving towards the kitchen.

"Did you want another cup?"

"That would be nice."

I found our mugs and walked into the kitchen. The last of the coffee provided a bit less than two full cups but I really didn't need any more anyways. I returned to the living room and found that Nancy had taken that time to walk back to her bedroom and grab a short robe to put on. That didn't detract from her sexiness in the least. She thanked me as I handed her the coffee. The phone rang, which averted what would likely have been an awkward pause.

"Excuse me," said Nancy as she moved to get the phone.

I took that opportunity to return to the bathroom and slip on my shorts again. I paused for a moment to consider whether or not to put my shoes and socks back on. Once again I found that Miss Manners had failed to provide appropriate guidance for a situation such as this. Just how is one supposed to act after exposing themselves to a neighbor and her friend, and then sending that friend on her way before wildly fucking the aforementioned neighbor? It's shocking how incomplete these etiquette guides can be. It wasn't a question of spending the night or not. There was no appropriate amount of "cuddle time" to observe. Does one cuddle after thrashing about on the living room floor? Neither one of us had to rush home because we had an early meeting the next day. Had I just come by to fix the sink I wouldn't have been pondering how long I had to stay after finishing, yet this was different. It was 10:30 in the morning...now what?

Nancy appeared from behind the wall in the kitchen with the phone still to her ear, but she was clearly wrapping up her call. She said goodbye to the caller and set the phone down on the counter.

"That was my friend Terri. We're getting together for lunch today and she wanted to know if we could meet earlier than we had talked about. It's a bit of a drive so I need to start getting ready. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all...your sink is all fixed and that's why I came by, right?" I grinned.

As usual, I intended to use humor to deal with what could be an awkward situation.

"Right...the sink...I really appreciate your help with that. You're a very handy guy to have around."

"One does what one can...I enjoy helping out wherever possible...sometimes I enjoy it more than others."

"I'll keep that in mind. You never know when something around the house will need some attention."

"I'll just grab the rest of my stuff from the bathroom and be on my way."

I found my still damp shirt and put it on before gathering up the few tools I had brought with me. Both hands were full as I walked to the door. I guess that provided me some cover as we reached the door as it would have been awkward to initiate a hug or anything else. Nancy opened the door but was still blocking the way as she turned to me. She lightly put a hand on my chest and rose up on her toes to give me a light kiss on the lips.

"That was fun. I'm dying to talk to Gina. I've never seen her so totally unprepared to deal with a situation. I'll let you know how it turns out."

"I hope it gets her off your back."

"I'll catch up with you later," Nancy said as she moved aside to let me pass.

"Have a good day."

Returning home, I put my tools away and headed for my study. I slumped down in my chair and fired up my email. There was nothing of import there and I found myself just staring at the screen for a while as my mind kicked into overdrive. I had woken up that morning wondering if there would be repercussions from my adventures at Bay to Breakers. On the plus side, that resolved itself nicely. I got to indulge a fantasy and suffered no negative consequences, even though it certainly hadn't gone the way I'd imagined.

Only a few hours had passed since getting up that morning and now I had an entirely different situation that I was unsure about. When we were talking in her front yard, Nancy had said that she wasn't looking for another relationship after losing Steve. What were her exact words? It was something about never living with another man again...though she said she missed the physical aspects of having a man around. With all due modesty...she seemed to enjoy having a man around this morning...twice. So was this a one-time thing? Would we succeed in getting Gina off her back?" No amount of reasoning on my part would provide an answer to these questions, so they would have to wait until Nancy and I talked again.

There was one question I could ponder on my own. What did I want? It was strange that I had been such a total planner in every other aspect of my life. I weighed the pros and cons of nearly every decision and yet here I was over the last few weeks, letting my dick do most of the thinking for me. I guess I wasn't as different from most guys as I would have liked to have thought.

So what did I want? The sex with Nancy was amazing. She was attractive and intelligent. Under normal circumstances I would likely want to pursue a relationship with her...but then she wasn't looking for a relationship. I had no reason not to take her at her word on that, though one often finds people say that but don't really mean it. What if Nancy did want to get something going? She was smart, sexy, stable and not bitter from some ex who acted like a prick. There was no ugly custody hassles with an ex-husband. She got along great with her daughter...Holy Shit! She's got a daughter. She's got Samantha. Samantha is her daughter. Nancy is Samantha's mom.

Up until that very moment I'd conveniently been able to block that connection from my mind. Oh this is SO not good. What the hell was I thinking? Clearly I hadn't been thinking. Usually when I get involved with a female I get caught up in all the day-dreaming and date planning and all the wonderful stuff that comes with a new woman in my life. None of that had happened with Samantha (other than that blowjob to win a dare) because I never conceived of starting a relationship. I was more than twice her age. There was an entire lifetime between us. I had been confident that I would have been able to keep her at arm's length...I'd just been helping out with some reasonably harmless dares right? How would Samantha react if she learned that her mom and I had been together. Could I hope that this could remain a secret? I wouldn't think that Nancy would tell her. The only other person to have a clue about this was Gina...who was Rhonda's mom...and Rhonda was Samantha's best friend...and the other young girl that had recently been feasting on my cock. It's hard to imagine any outcome where this doesn't end incredibly badly. At least I don't have jealous husbands or boyfriends to deal with.

I decided to remain the optimist or maybe it was just that I decided to delay the inevitable and trust to luck that I wouldn't get too much shit on me when it all hit the fan. I'd been amazingly fortunate so far. Could my luck hold?

I awoke the next morning feeling very lazy. I'd worked out (sort of) on Sunday when I did Bay to Breakers and had run on Monday. Sunday was my usual rest day for the week but, being king of my domain, I declared Tuesday to be my rest day this week. I made some coffee and took a nice long shower. I even managed to not abuse myself this time. I spent some time on the computer and sipped at my coffee. I really considered it a daily luxury to be able to relax with my morning coffee rather than pounding it down while fighting traffic to get to a job I hated. Perhaps, that was the best thing about being retired.

My peace and quiet was interrupted around nine o'clock by a knock at the door. I opened the door and found Nancy standing there. She looked like she was heading out on or coming back from her morning walk. She was wearing gym shorts and had a t-shirt over a sports bra. Those shorts really showed off her toned legs. As I said good morning I looked into her eyes and saw they were puffy and red. Even a single guy like me can recognize the signs of a woman that had been crying.

"We need to talk."

My natural inclination was to quip that no conversation that began with those words ever turned out well. I managed to keep my tongue in check, other than to invite her in.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Your eyes would seem to indicate that things aren't fine."

"Oh that...yes, I got a little weepy this morning. That's nothing to worry about."

"Really? It's rare that a crying woman isn't something to worry about and even more rare that "we need to talk" isn't something to worry about."

Obviously, you couldn't expect me to hold my tongue more than once, could you?

"Seriously, it's okay and you're not in trouble. I guess I could have chosen a different way to begin our conversation but we really do need to talk."

"Okay, so what is it that we need to talk about that I shouldn't worry me?"

"I spoke to Gina last night on the phone. Would you believe she never once called me "Ice Queen"?"

Nancy giggled as she said that and it was good to see some light-heartedness.

"Well, at least we accomplished something. Do you think it will last?"

"I'm pretty sure it will last, so long as she doesn't figure out we pulled a fast one on her. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. You see...she started asking questions about what was going on between us and how it got started and stuff."

"And what did you tell her?"

"I tried to avoid giving her a straight answer but she was really persistent. I told her that we were good friends who just happened to enjoy having sex from time to time. Is that okay with you?"

"Are you asking me if it's okay that we would be good friends that have sex from time to time or that it's okay that you TOLD GINA that we were good friends that had sex from time to time?"

I said this with a big grin hoping that if she were to reject the notion I could play it off as trying to be funny.

She grinned as well and responded, "Maybe both?"

"Let me assure you then, I'm fine with both. So how did you tell her we got together?"

"I didn't really answer that one. You know how we ladies are with our how did you meet stories. We've been neighbors for years and I was married a good part of that time. I didn't know how to transition us from just neighbors to neighbors who have sex sometimes. Do you have any ideas?"

"I hadn't given it any thought until just now as you mentioned it. We're doing this for your position with Gina and your friends so I'm fine with anything you want so long as it still appears that I still have my testicles."

"You needn't worry about that. I'm not looking for a story out of a harlequin romance novel...quite the opposite in fact. I don't want this to appear like a courtship otherwise the girls will hound me with questions about where our relationship is going and are we going to get married. That would be as bad as being called Ice Queen."

"So somehow our coming together for the first time is supposed to play like a seduction without a bunch of romance?"

"That would be perfect but I'm not quite sure how to manufacture that and make it believable."

"Do you have any fantasies along that line? Guys have all kinds of sex fantasies that are unencumbered by romantic notions but we're rarely too concerned with believability...and the women often come off as rather slutty, too."

"We gals have our own fantasies that can skip the romance, too. They suffer from the same lack of believability. They are fantasies after all."

"Hmmm...so no prior neighbor fantasies that you can draw on, eh?"

"Well, maybe one...but it's not one that works for telling the girls."

"Now I'm intrigued. What's this fantasy you've been holding on to?"

"You'll think I'm terrible but do you remember a few weeks ago when you helped me with that tree out front?"

"The Crepe Myrtle...yes, I remember."

"I don't know where you'd been or what you were thinking, but your gym shorts were having a tough time hiding a very nice bulge between your legs. I was on my hands and knees and that thing was practically in my face. I wanted to pull those shorts down and suck you dry right there."

Nancy looked a little sheepish, having made that admission.

"Why you naughty girl," I exclaimed playfully. "I had no idea you were such a tramp."

"What can I say?" She shrugged. "What about you? Have you had any neighbor fantasies?"

"Not until very recently, but I'm coming around."

"Now you have to tell."

"Wait a minute. I've got a couple questions first. This might be something we can work with. I know you walk a great deal...do you ever go hiking?"

"I do sometimes."

"Now here's the key...do you ever go hiking alone?"

"I don't very often but I have hiked on trails that are well populated. I don't feel safe on ones without too many people."

"Have you taken the trails out near the reservoir?"

"Not at the reservoir itself, but I've hiked next to it, sure. There are lots of people there."

"There aren't any formal trails to the actual reservoir. People really aren't supposed to go down there but there are some trails that lead to some coves out of sight of the main trails if you know where to look."

"And I'm guessing you know something about these trails, right?"

"Actually, I do. Do you feel up to a field trip? I want to see if this scenario might serve as a setting for our first get-together."

"Let's go...I needed to get out for a walk this morning anyway."

I loaded up some bottled waters and a couple of towels in a backpack while Nancy ran next door and locked up her house. I backed out of the garage and Nancy got in the car and we were on our way to the hills. She tried to goad me into revealing what was on my mind but I wanted to see how the situation would play out.

It didn't take long to drive to the trailhead but the reservoir was a couple miles in. There was some pretty good elevation changes along the way but Nancy had no trouble keeping up with my pace. She was in good shape and we covered the distance in about thirty five minutes. The trail from this direction descended down to a gated service road. The gate only served to stop vehicle traffic, not foot traffic, but there was no legitimate reason to walk out to the reservoir. If you ignored the gate (as you should), the trail gradually rises again deeper into the hills and works its way around to the trailhead again. The road down to the edge of the reservoir was only about fifty yards long. There were no facilities of any sort. This just provided access for maintenance vehicles for the small dam. The reservoir really wasn't terribly large but it safely caught the runoff from the hills in the area. It was less than a mile to the back shore. There wasn't much of a shore to speak of as the scrub came right down to the water's edge most of the way around. There were a couple of coves tucked away in the back though that offered shelter from prying eyes and a strip of shore thirty yards long and maybe fifteen deep.

"Okay, we're here. Now what?"

"Did you notice that as we walked down the path to the gate that we had a pretty clear view of the gate and a section of trail leading to it from the other direction?"

"I wasn't really paying attention but now that you mention it, I know what you're talking about."

"So imagine you're out here on a hike by yourself one day and you're descending that trail. In the distance, you notice a guy jogging in the opposite direction and you recognize him as your neighbor. You don't bother to call out because you know you'll soon cross paths. You're then surprised to see him stop at the gate and make a quick left disappearing into the brush. I'm guessing you'd be curious, right?"

"I would be curious...yes."

"You'd walk down to the gate and see if you could see the path he took."


"You likely wouldn't follow right away because you figured he might just be looking for a tree to pee on, right."

"I suppose."

"After a few minutes pass, he still hasn't returned. Might you follow him?"

"I might."

"Let's see where the trail leads."

I took her by the hand and led her down a very obscure path that ran about thirty feet above the water line. We covered about three hundred yards and found ourselves looking down on one of the coves I described. You couldn't see it from the gate or any of the trails. It was probably visible from the far side of the dam but nobody was ever out there. Nancy was starting to catch on now that she saw the small patch of shore.

"Is this where I find my neighbor?" Nancy asked.

"Why, I believe it is. What is your neighbor doing," I asked, wanting her to take it from here.

"I think he might have come down here to cool off from his run. It looks like a nice place for a dip."

"He might go for a swim. He probably didn't bring a swimsuit though. Would he go swimming in his running shorts?" I asked.

"I can't imagine that he would. He'd want them dry for the run back wouldn't he? And he wouldn't expect anyone else to be out here, I'm sure. No, I'm quite certain he'd be naked," said Nancy.

"And would you walk right down and talk to him?"

""Hmmm...I'm having trouble visualizing it."

"Excuse me?"

"I said I'm having trouble visualizing it. It would be much better if I could actually see my neighbor naked down there. Then I'd have a better idea what I'd do."

I had really been hoping she would get into the spirit of this and that we'd come up with a story together...talking it through. I hadn't expected Nancy move past talking about it. Still, getting naked here was tame relative to some of my recent antics so I figured, why not? I looked at her again to make certain she was serious and she merely pointed to the shore and confidently returned my look. I shrugged my shoulders and picked my way down to the shore.

I looked around for the best place to do this. The vegetation was pretty dense along the back and on the right side of this little beach. I'd hiked down through that and was grateful for the small break in the brush that I'd come through. Off to the left there was a good sized boulder...maybe three feet high and somewhat longer than it was wide...probably eight by twelve. It was rather flat and I made a mental note that it would be a nice place for a picnic, should I ever be inclined. I made my way to the boulder and put my backpack down. I kept my back to Nancy and brought one foot up onto the rock and then the other to remove my shoes and socks. I paused for a moment before reaching behind my neck to grab my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. I took a breath, unbuttoned my cargo shorts, dropped the zipper and let them fall to the ground. I stepped out of them, turned around and settled my naked ass back onto the edge of the boulder. I made no attempt to hide the huge erection I had. I'd gotten incredibly horny thinking about what we were doing.

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