Getting to Know The Neighbors Ch. 03


"I should go. I just wanted to say hi and wish you a good afternoon. I'll see you later."

Samantha said goodbye but Lori just rolled back onto her stomach. I guess she was less cool with having an old guy around than Samantha and Rhonda. I couldn't blame her for that. I went back to my spot under the bluff. I spent another hour or so with my book and then headed back to my car and drove home. I thought about looking in on Nancy to see if she had a leaky sink but Samantha might come home early, so I thought better of it.

I took a shower to rinse off the sand from the beach and masturbate while replaying the romp I had with Nancy at the reservoir a few days before. Maybe it's just because we're getting a bit older but Nancy was wonderfully uninhibited. There's a point where the brain is as important a sexual organ as any other we have and Nancy certainly knew how to use hers. Combine that with the fact that she still had a wonderfully trim and gorgeous body and you had a near perfect sexual creature. Jerking off in the shower thinking about Nancy wasn't nearly the same as being with Nancy but it was still pretty good.

Later that evening I fired up my grill and started working on dinner. I had a nice, thick rib-eye steak waiting for the grill while I baked a potato. Throw in an ear of fresh white corn and you've got one heck of a meal. I loved the smell of good food on the grill. The fact that it often made the neighbors jealous was a bonus. I was about to put the steak on when Samantha's head popped up over the fence.

"Hey Bill...what time should I be over for dinner?" She said with a grin.

"Give me a couple hours notice and you and your mom can come by for dinner anytime. I'd love to cook for you ladies."

"I was teasing, but we might take you up on that sometime now that you offered. I know you're about ready for dinner but I wanted to see if you were going to the beach tomorrow."

"I planned on it...why?"

"I was wondering if I could go with you. Lori is busy tomorrow and Rhonda is always busy these days but I still want to go. None of my other friends are into that beach."

"I take it your mom isn't home right now."

"No, she's at the store. I didn't think she'd understand so I waited until she was gone to ask you. If it's okay with you I could drive over to the pizza place and you could pick me up there. Is that okay?"

Warning bells began to go off in my head. Part of me realized this was probably a very bad idea. Another part of me loved it. I expect you can imagine which part of me that was. The very fact that we were meeting elsewhere before driving over made it clear that this was something to hide...and thus not a smart idea. I have a very strong rationalization muscle though, and it quickly displayed its strength. I reflected on the fact that we'd seen each other there a number of times now and nothing had gone on...except sharing a bunch of sex stories that I suspect turned the girls on as much as they did me. We would be in a public place so nothing would be going on. We should be fine, right? Before I had the chance to muster a counter-argument I found myself responding.

"I suppose that would be okay. What time would you like to leave?"

We made arrangements to leave around 10:30 and said goodbye. I grilled my steak and tossed it on the plate with the corn and baked potato and sat down for what should have been a very nice dinner. As it turned out I ate rather mechanically as my mind speculated about the coming day. This could really turn out to be a spectacularly bad idea.

I slept rather fitfully that night and spent much of the morning drinking coffee and watching the clock. Finally it was about time to leave so I made sure I had everything we needed for the day, locked up the house and drove over to the pizza place. Samantha was already there, leaning against her car. She was wearing flip-flops, her Stanford Gym shorts and a white t-shirt. She had a beach bag with her and immediately walked to the car when I stopped. I popped the trunk and she put her bag inside. I resisted the inclination to open the car door for her. My upbringing told me I should but the less this resembled a date the better off I was. Of course, I had packed twice as much water and snacks as I would normally take but that didn't mean anything, right? I consciously made certain not to bring any beer.

We hopped in and I started the car.

"Did you bring any music for the drive?" I asked.

"It never occurred to me. We can listen to your stuff. I love the OLDIES." She laughed immediately.

"Is that really the way you wanted to start this trip? Whatever happened to being respectful of your elders?"

"I'm sorry...I'll be good."

Actually it was a pretty good way to start the trip. A little humor that emphasized how many years difference there was between us was a good thing. I thought this might work out okay after all. We talked about her plans for college on the way to the beach and the time passed rather quickly. That turned out to be a good thing because all the coffee I drank that morning was killing my bladder so as soon as we pulled into the parking lot I walked down to the restrooms and took a much needed pee. Second best feeling in the world and it all comes from the same place, I thought to myself.

I returned to find that Samantha had unloaded the trunk and had everything ready to go down to the beach. That was thoughtful. I grabbed my stuff and we worked our way down the trail to the beach. We had talked about it on the way over and decided that we would hang out in my usual place. I emphasized the shelter from the wind as my reason but it was as much the fact that there were more people there than at the far end of the beach. I figured there was safety in numbers.

I spread out the blanket and we arranged our towels. I had opted not to bring my beach chair since Samantha wouldn't have one and I figured it was best to have identical conveniences. I put my cooler near the top of the blanket and then looked around. Satisfied that everything was as it should be I pulled my t-shirt over my head and then reached for the snap on my cargo shorts. Those quickly fell to the ground and I kicked them up next to the cooler.

"That didn't take long," grinned Samantha.

"I like to travel light."

Uncertain quite what to do at that point I opened the cooler to grab a bottle of water and asked Samantha if she'd like one. She said yes as she slipped her fingers into the waistband of her gym shorts and pushed them to the ground. She stepped out of them as she reached to arrange the little strings that held her bikini bottoms high on her hips. This was the same white bikini she wore the day before and it didn't cover any more of her ass than it did then. She turned towards me and took the bottle of water I offered her. The little triangle in the front was pretty damn small as well.

"Is that a new bikini?" I asked.

"Yeah, I wore it for the first time yesterday. We changed the swimsuits we use for the team. They used to be cut much lower on the hips but these new ones ride much higher. There are some pretty ridiculous tan lines on display right now. You can see some of mine now but other girls have it far worse. Some of them don't care but I don't like it. I figure a couple of days in the sun and I won't have to worry about it anymore."

"It's a nice bikini."

"You really haven't even seen it, silly. I still have my t-shirt on."

"If you'll recall I saw it briefly yesterday."

"I wasn't wearing the top yesterday. I'm a little hurt that you don't remember I was topless. Was it that forgettable?"

"I'm trying to behave myself here and you're not making it easy, young lady."

"But am I making it hard...that's the question."

I decided to frown and wag my index finger at her to show displeasure. In truth, I would have loved to play along but didn't want things to get out of hand. I lied down on my towel and she dropped to her knees and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Then she reached for her bag and pulled out some suntan lotion. She began working it onto her legs, hips and the cheeks of her ass. She untied her bikini top and tossed it next to her gym shorts and t-shirt. She rubbed lotion onto her arms and over her stomach and breasts.

"You don't use lotion, do you?" She asked.

"After the first couple of times out in the sun each year I never have to worry about burning."

"You should use it anyway. Old people like you need to protect their skin." She giggled.

"Did you want to walk home?"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"You never know. It would be safer to behave yourself, missy."

"Alright, alright...would you put some lotion on my back?"

Gulp...I should have seen that one coming.

"Sure...turn around."

She was kneeling down and I took up a position behind her. I was grateful that she had already done her ass cheeks so I didn't have to be nervous about that. I knelt behind her and took the bottle of lotion. I squirted some into my palm and rubbed my hands together before starting in on her shoulders. She really was in great shape. Her skin was smooth and yet her swimmer muscles were apparent right under the surface. I stuck to applying lotion and avoided turning it into a massage and then slowly worked my way down her back and sides. I thought about giving her a playful swat on the ass when I was done but stopped short. I needed to behave myself, too.

"There you go...all set."

She thanked me and then lied down on her back. There weren't too many people around as yet so there was no fear of our conversation being overheard. I suspect that was a good thing.

"Bill, do you think people here are upset that I don't strip fully naked?"

"I don't think anyone gets upset about that. I think if a guy came down here and didn't get naked they'd think he was just a pervert scoping chicks. Women are granted far more latitude."

"What do you suppose people think about me just being topless...are they bothered by it?"

"I doubt anyone is making any judgments about it at all. If you're asking me to read minds, I'll give you my best guess. Half of the women are enlightened and will accept things as they are and not give it another thought. The other half are going to hate you regardless because you're a young hottie and all the guys are staring at you. Of the guys on the beach...maybe ten or twenty percent of the guys are enlightened and see an attractive young woman and are appreciative and leave it at that. The rest of the guys are dying to see you without the bikini bottoms. Truthfully, you'll attract more attention with the bikini bottoms on than off. As long as you're wearing them they'll be wondering. Once they're off, their curiosity will be satisfied and they'll go back to the realization that they have zero chance with you and the world returns to normal. Why all the questions?

"I'm not doing this for attention. I like the atmosphere here, but it's mostly to get rid of tan lines. I do like to keep that part of me private, though. Only two guys have ever seen me...down there. That's not for public viewing. If someone gets to see that, I mean something else entirely, you know?"

"I understand what you're saying. You needn't worry about being thought a tease if you don't strip completely naked here. Don't let anyone else's opinions sway you. You should only do what is comfortable for you. You're the one that has to live with your actions."

"Thanks, I feel better now."

We made small talk and I shifted my position from front to back a number of times. I really preferred my beach chair as I found it difficult to get comfortable in either position lying on the sand. When on my stomach I rested my head on my arms and looked towards Samantha. She looked incredible lying there in those tiny bikini bottoms. I wasn't part of the small enlightened percentage of men on the beach. I really did want to know what she looked like without those bottoms. It kept me half hard all afternoon. It never got to the point of a full erection but I wasn't truly flaccid either. If someone was trying to avoid an erection (and thus looking like a pervert) yet wanted enough blood flow to show off their size suitably, they couldn't have asked for better conditions.

Samantha had turned a couple times but seemed completely at ease. I think some women are just born sunbathers. Samantha was blessed with both the figure and the temperament for sunbathing. She seemed to pick up on my restlessness though.

"You usually go for a couple of walks when you come down here. Did you want to do that today?"

"I might...did you want to join me?"

"Sure...why not?"

"I thought you might not want to be seen walking with a fossil."

"Don't be ridiculous."

We got up, brushed off a little sand and started angling towards the surf. The crowd had filled in nicely and we had to walk through quite a few people. We'd only gone about fifteen yards when Samantha moved closer to me and slipped her hand into mine. I jumped a little as I had not expected that. I don't know if Samantha knew it but I felt like everyone on the beach was watching us...and more specifically her. She was gorgeous. We'd walked that way for about another twenty yards when she leaned into me a bit and quietly spoke.

"You know what they're all thinking, don't you?"

"Sure...that you're the most beautiful girl they've ever seen."

"No...but thanks...I meant what they must be thinking seeing us walking together like this."

"They're either thinking that it's strange that a father would hold his daughter's hand on a beach like this or that you're not my daughter and that I have to be one of the richest guys in the world."

"Maybe...but I'll bet most of the women are just looking between your legs and not thinking about money as the reason at all."

"Well, aren't you just the sweetest little thing for saying something like that. Although, I should put you over my knee and spank you for talking like that."

"Oooohhh...would you?"

We laughed but soon fell into a rather awkward silence as we continued our walk to the far end of the beach. Before we got past all the sunbathers I turned and started us heading back. I really didn't want to get away from people. I still felt like every eye on the place was on us as we walked back to our towels. Once there I grabbed us another couple of waters from the cooler and offered Samantha some of the almonds I'd packed. She took the water but declined the snack. I took a few long pulls from the water bottle and lied down on my back to get a bit more sun.

After a while I sat up and was going to turn over onto my stomach. When I did, I glanced over at Samantha. She was lying on her back as before but she had quietly untied the strings at her hips and laid them on top of the small triangle of material that hid her pussy from the world. It was still completely covered, her modesty intact, and yet it was one more small hint at what was beneath. Her intention may not have been to tease but that was the reality. She opened her eyes to confirm that I had noticed the alteration but then she closed her eyes again. I knew better than to obsess on it so I rolled onto my stomach and closed my eyes as well. After a while she asked me what time it was and I reached up to grab my watch out of my shorts.

"It's after three. Do you mind if we get going soon?"

"We can go now if you'd like."

Samantha was able to reach down and grab one of the ties from the sand and then reach across with her other hand to grab its partner and tie a knot at her hip. She did the same thing on the other side and then sat up. She then got onto her knees and retied each knot more securely this time. I'll admit that I had watched the process...probably as much in hopes of a fumble as curiosity as to how she would accomplish the feat without exposing herself to the world.

"That's a neat trick."

"Are you impressed or disappointed?"

"Maybe a bit of both?"

"Pervert,' she said good naturedly.

We finished getting dressed, loaded up and walked back to the car. I'm sure we talked about something on the way home but I couldn't tell you what it was. When we got back to her car I popped the trunk and helped her transfer her stuff to her car. She moved fast and gave me a quick peck on the cheek as she opened her car door.

"That was fun. Maybe we'll do it again sometime."

"Just let me know if your friends desert you again. I'm always up for some beach time."

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning my phone rang around ten. It was Nancy calling to tell me that her Mom had a stroke that morning. Nancy's dad was understandably upset and Nancy was going to fly back to Virginia the next day to be with them. Samantha wasn't yet done with school so she'd stay behind and finish out the week. Nancy would be able to get a better sense of her mom's condition and know how long she'd stay back there and if she'd fly Samantha out when school was done. She explained that Samantha would spend nights over at Rhonda's place but might be around the house some of the time as well. Nancy asked me if I'd keep an eye on the house while she was gone.

Of course, I told her I would and asked if there was anything else I could do to help. She really didn't have enough information at that point and would know more once she got back there and saw her mom. Her folks might need help for a while depending on how bad her mom was. I offered the usual good wishes that everyone does in such circumstances and hoped it didn't sound as inadequate as I thought it did.

I saw Samantha briefly the next afternoon after school as she was loading an overnight bag into her car. She was headed over to Rhonda's home for the evening. Her mom had just landed safely and had called to check in and let her know that she was on the way to the hospital to look in on the folks. Samantha seemed uncomfortable talking about the whole thing. She said she'd be around other than at night and when she was in school. Her summer plans were now totally up in the air until they knew what was happening back east. She told me she'd keep me in the loop as to what was happening and then we said goodbye.

I didn't see Samantha on Wednesday at all but she poked her head over the fence on Thursday afternoon to say hi. I was out gardening again and had just a pair of gym shorts on.

"There you are...this explains why you didn't answer the door when I knocked."

"Yeah, I wanted to tend to the roses for a while and get some sun. What's the latest on your grandmother? Have you heard anything more?"

"She's not going to die or anything but that stroke messed up her left side. She'll be in rehab for a while after she gets out of the hospital and they're not sure how much mobility she'll get back. Grandpa is having a tough time since she took care of most of the house stuff. Mom is planning on staying back there for a while. I'm going to fly out on Monday to be with them and then we'll see what happens from there."

"That's good news on your grandma. They can really do amazing things these days with modern medicine and proper rehab. That certainly messes with your summer, though."

"It does. I'm kind of bummed but sort of excited too. I've never been to Virginia so there will be lots to see and do when I'm not helping out but it will certainly change my tanning habits."

"I suspect it would. I don't know about Virginia's feelings on nude beaches. You probably wouldn't go exploring on your own anyway."

"That's true enough. I guess I'll just have to take advantage of the few days I still have here. Do you mind if I come over and get some sun?"

"What's the don't have sun in your yard?"

"Sure I do but I was hoping you could put lotion on my back for me. Of course, if you don't want me to come over..." "I was teasing. Get your suit and come on over. I'm just about done here anyway."

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