tagNonHumanGhostly Encounter Ch. 04

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 04


The hand slowly caressed my stomach in slow moving circles, upward slowly toward my bra, whoever it was, hooked a finger underneath the bottom of it and slowly lifted it up and over my breasts so my breasts where now laid bare for all to see.

I felt the other on my right, move slowly, the back of his hand gliding up my stomach and then onto my breast, he then turned his hand and cupped my breast, giving it a gentle squeeze, that's when I knew the man on my left was Albert. His rough hands squeezing and then releasing my breast, his impatience now showing, he was getting rougher, squeezing them hard and pinching at my growing nipples.

"Lisa," said Edward, "your safe word is cream, use that word anytime you want a rest or just feel uncomfortable."

It felt good that I could easily stop things with just this one word, but I had started loving Edward and didn't want to disappoint him with saying it too early on.

Edward then got up from the bed and moved down toward the bottom, I was still wearing my panties, but not for long, he ripped the seam one side so they where now just on one leg and my pussy was open to the air so that they may have access to it whenever they wished. He then returned and sat on the edge of the bed.

I felt Albert's weight shift on the bed, he was moving higher up my body, I felt his hand grasping at my other breast while he placed his lips around the already teased nipple. He began to suck my nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue around its now erectness of it, I let a soft moan escape my lips; my heart began to pound in my chest and my breathing heavy.

His playing with my right breast was as frantic as his attention with his mouth on my left; it wasn't long before my right nipple was erect also. Albert let go at this point and continued with his sucking.

Edward then joined in; he placed his lips to my now free nipple and, just with his tongue, played with it.

If it wasn't for my restraints, I would have reached down and grabbed their heads, forcing them harder onto me.

I was letting out moan after moan as they continued sucking and playing with my nipples, Albert put his hand over my mouth to muffle the moans. He then bit lightly on my nipple; it made me gasp with pleasure. Just as I let out the gasp, Edward did the same on my right nipple making me draw in a sharp breath again. I could feel Edwards hand now going down towards my pussy which was, by this time becoming wet. He opened my outer lips with his index and ring finger and slowly stroked my clit with his middle finger. I tried to pull against my restraints to try and stop the invasion, but I was not successful in my attempts.

I felt Albert move from my now sore nipple down to the bottom of the bed. He put his hand under my ass and lifted me up a little, his tongue now licking slowly at my clit every time Edwards finger past.

Albert slowly inserted a finger into my now dripping pussy and curling it to get to my G spot, my heart was racing, my breathing almost frantic with excitement. His lips met his finger now at the entrance of my pussy, he licked and sucked all the juices that where flowing freely out of me. He pushed another finger inside of me and started to finger me, slowly taking his fingers out and plunging them back in again at a fast speed and hard. I moaned loudly every time he plunged back in, my excitement growing more with each of his trusts. Every other time now, he added an extra finger and then took it away for the next trust, I was squirming with his trusts, I wanted more.

Edward was still playing softly with my clit while sucking and biting my nipple; he took my nipple from his mouth and asked "are you still comfortable Lisa?"

I tried to reply between Albert's thrusts of his hand "yes."

"Albert, I think she is ready," Edward said.

With that I felt Albert's whole hand pushing at my opening, I tried to scream, but Edward covered my mouth with his lips and kissed me as Albert pushed his hand further into me, I screamed into Edward's mouth as Albert started fist fucking me. It hurt so much, but the pleasure was so intense, I almost came as soon as he had started. Even though my pussy was so dripping and I had cum so hard, Albert kept up his fisting and Edward still had his lips on mine I felt so tired already. Albert went back to licking my clit while his speed increased with his fist, with his other hand under my ass, he had easy access to my ass hole, he slowly inserted his little finger inside and gave it a small wiggle. With his fist now still in my pussy, there wasn't much room in my ass for anything, but he slowly took out his little finger and replaced it with his index finger. Keeping his finger in my ass, he started to fist fuck me again, slowly at first, but then picking up the pace.

I was in tears by this time, not out of fear but of a mixture of pain and pleasure, the pain that I was being stretched so far with a whole fist in one hole and a large finger in the other, but the pleasure was so delightful of feeling so full.

Edward got off the bed and I heard a zipper being undone, I felt him kneel on the bed and shift himself so that he was kneeling over me. He took the 2 bulldog clips and flicked my right nipple with his hand, as soon as it reacted, he placed one of the clips onto it, pushing it on hard so that I would let out a small cry, he did the same to the other nipple. It was only then I felt that he had bare skin against mine, he had taken off his pants.

He sat on my chest and I could feel his hard dick between my breasts, it made me wonder if a ghost could actually cum.

Albert in the mean time had taken his fist out of me and was now lapping up all my juices readily, with his index (from my ass), middle and ring finger now in my slit, I thought that the events of the day where almost over, how wrong I was. Once Albert had licked away all my juices, he took out his fingers and replaced them with his fist again, but this time he inserted two fingers into my ass, keeping his fist still, he worked my ass like a pro, slowly pumping them in and out, I gave a moan in pleasure, but he stopped.

"We want you to be as quiet and as still as you can now, we want to see how well controlled you can be", said Edward while grabbing the sides of my breasts and pushing them together around his rock hard cock, "if you're not silent, we may have to gag you, and you don't want that do you?"

I shook my head to say no.

I wanted to be silent and still for him, but I didn't think that I could do it, with all the pleasure that had built up inside of me again with Albert's attention on my ass and his fist in my pussy, I just wanted to scream from it all.

Albert once again pumped his fingers in and out of my ass, but now he added to it with slowly turning his fist inside of me.

Edward was slowly moving on my chest, cock still between my breasts, I so wanted to moan aloud, but didn't, I wanted to move with them and almost help them in their aid to give me more pleasure, but didn't.

Albert started to pump his fist slowly in and out of my hole as well as his fingers, I could feel myself slowly climaxing again, I wanted to push down onto his hands, and Edward felt a small movement.

"Albert, stop, she moved," with that he stopped and remained still, I tried to push down, Edward felt that and gave my tits a smack "didn't we say not to move, for that you will be punished."

I wondered how he could punish me more than he already had, it didn't take long for me to find out.

Albert removed his fingers and fist and Edward took off one of the clips on my nipple and handed it down.

Albert flicked my clit over and over until it was so sore and pronounced then Edward placed a hand over my mouth then Albert he placed the clip onto my clit, I screamed into Edwards hand, it was so painful.

"Have you learnt your lesson you slut?" Edward asked me.

I nodded with tears in my eyes.

"You won't do it again will you?"

I shook my head sobbing.

"If you do, we will have to do it again and more next time, you understand?"

I nodded my head.

I couldn't think what else they would do if I disobeyed them again.

Albert removed the clip from my clit and gave it back to Edward, who in turn clipped my nipple again.

Edward leaned down closer to my ear, "Are you still ok for us to continue?"

I took a deep breath and nodded.

Albert soon had his fist back in my pussy and fingers in my ass and was pumping again, but much harder and faster. I wanted to moan at the top of my lungs, but held it in as I came once again, so much harder than last time, as I came, Albert removed his fist with force that nearly ripped me, I let out a gasp, but they didn't stop this time, Albert was still fingering my ass as he was lapping up my juices again, letting his tongue flick over my clit which was starting the cycle again. I wondered if they would ever stop making me cum, or was I to be their eternal play toy. What if my husband came home while I was tied like this and being fucked by ghosts?

Luckily or unluckily whichever way you want to look at it, he was not due home for at least another 5 hours, would they play with me until I was too tired to even do anything? Or would they finally leave and let me clean up just before my husband came home?

I heard Edward start to moan while he was tit fucking me, he was close to Cumming himself. Albert's attention on my pussy and ass was getting more and more frantic once more, his tongue now rubbing my clit hard and fast, his fingers in my ass pumping in and out as fast as lightening.

I heard Edward moan loudly and his movements on my chest where faster and harder, I felt him jerk wildly as he came, I felt something cold running around my neck, so ghosts could cum.

Albert withdrew his fingers from my ass and stopped licking my clit just as I was starting to climax again. I thought finally it was over, I would be untied and left on the bed to rest and then to clean up, I was wrong.

Edward climbed off the bed and put his pants back on, I heard Albert mumble something from the bottom of the bed.

"No Albert, we are going to leave her like this for a while, ohh, and put this in her ass, it will make her not want to wiggle so much"

I had no idea what Edward had handed him, but I soon felt Albert at my pussy, licking my clit again.

"Cum again for us Lisa, cum on the rolling pin, Albert has stretched your ass enough so you can take it now."

He wanted Albert to insert the rolling pin in my ass? He must be crazy, there was no way I had been stretched that much.

Albert inserted the rolling pin into my now dripping pussy and began to pump it in and out while he was rubbing my clit franticly with his tongue; it wasn't long before I came again.

The rolling pin was covered in my cum and now Albert had his hand, making it wet, as soon as he had enough on his hand, he moved his attention to my ass once more.

He rubbed his cum covered hand over my ass, inserting a finger, then two, then three, pumping them in and out and opening his fingers up stretching my whole more, I was climaxing again and now squirming to try and get away from the intrusion, but with no effect. Albert removed his fingers and started to press the rolling pin into my ass, to my shook, it started going in easily.

"Ram it in there Albert and pump it a little, just enough to get her climax building again and just as she gets to the edge, stop".

Albert did as he was told and pumped the rolling pin in and out of my ass, it wasn't long before I was on the edge, and he stopped, I tried to wiggle to make myself cum but Edward slapped my face.

"While we are away, you are not allowed to cum, you understand me, if you do cum, we will know about it and the punishment will be bad, believe me."

With that Edward kissed me and I heard them both leaving.

I wondered how long they would leave me here like this and would they make it back before my husband came home?

I lay there, spread eagled tied to the bed, almost naked and with a rectal toy that was not there for pleasure, but for torment. Every time I tried to get comfortable in my restraints, it would move, and because of its size, it was pleasuring me the more and more I moved. I didn't see how it wouldn't make me cum eventually, I couldn't lie too still, I was in discomfort laying there, not being able to see anything.

But I didn't want to be punished again, not if it was to be worse than the clip on my clit that was the most painful thing I had ever felt.

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