tagCelebritiesGilligan's Discovery Ch. 01

Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 01


It was a unique opportunity for Gilligan when the Professor gave him some left over materials from his high power telescope project. Working with some mirrors that the Professor had fashioned out of some glass salvaged from the Minnow and some hollowed-out bamboo tubes Gilligan had the makings of a high powered... something or other.

Knowing he definitely had something working here, he tried to work one of the round mirrors into one end of a bamboo tube, but it got stuck at an odd angle. Trying again, he got the other mirror stuck in the other end of the tube, again at an odd angle. Realizing he needed to get the mirrors out, he carved into the bamboo just above the mirrors so he could reach in and simply push them out. The idea worked in theory, but even with the additional access provided by the holes he carved, he couldn't get the mirrors loose.

Now Gilligan knew he had a problem so he went back to the Professor to describe his problem. A bit embarrassed about getting the mirrors so strangely wedged in the bamboo, he didn't take the tube with him.

"Gilligan, you need to be careful with those mirrors, we don't have any to spare, but if you put a little lubrication around the edges they should slip into place. Let me show you," he said, lifting his reflecting telescope and holding it for Gilligan.

"Wow, you made that already?"

"Certainly Gilligan, and see here, I used a dab of facial cream that Ginger leant me and the mirrors went in perfectly. Here, take a look," he motioned to the eyepiece of the telescope.

Gilligan responded, "Gee thanks Professor, I've never looked through a telescope before."

"Why sure you have Gilligan, you've looked through the Captain's looking glass."

"You mean that's a telescope?"

"It's smaller than this one, but it's surely a telescope."

"Wow, and to think I could have been another Couperus," Gilligan marveled.

"You mean Copernicus don't you?"

"No, I mean Andy Couperus, he used to have a telescope on his porch he could look down at the beach with. Yeah, all those lady surfers. He just loved those lady surfers."

Closing one eye, Gilligan peered into the telescope and took in the sights. He was about to holler out, "Hey I see Mary Ann," but he pinched his tongue and just watched. She was walking down the path that led from the Howell's cabin wearing some strange leather outfit. Covered with metal studs and fasteners, the thin straps ran on each side of her exposed breasts.

Stunned at the sight, Gilligan focused in on her breasts, amazed at the size of those well-rounded beauties. While she did wear some skimpy blouses at times, Gilligan never really had an opportunity to see them in their full and immense beauty. Finally pulling his gaze from her breasts and the erect nipples, Gilligan surveyed the rest of her leather... ah, costume.

The straps that framed her breasts, ran down and crossed at her waist, splaying out just above her jet black g-string and then curling around her thighs. Letting his eyes cascade down those thighs, Gilligan saw her thigh high boots, which were polished to a sparkle.

"Okay Gilligan," the Professor said impatiently, "I've got to finish up this telescope, it's almost ready to mount. Once I get it in place, I can use it to align our coconut radio beacon to an overhead space capsule and notify our position to the astronauts."

"That's just wonderful Professor," Gilligan replied, holding the telescope out, and absent-mindedly releasing it.

"Dammit Gilligan," the Professor shouted, diving and catching the telescope just inches above a large rock.

"You're welcome Professor. I'm gonna go borrow some hand cream from Ginger I think."

As he walked off, Gilligan did remember to stop by his hut and grab his tube. Maybe if he showed Mary Ann and Ginger how good his telescope was, he might get to find out a bit more about Mary Ann's leather outfit.

Still a bit stunned at the vision he had through the telescope, Gilligan followed the winding path from his hut to Mary Ann's and Ginger's. Just as he was about to holler out, "Hello!" he stumbled on a rock and rolled up just beneath their window. Worried that he may have broken one of the mirrors, Gilligan looked into one of his carved holes and was immediately surprised at what he saw.

Looking at his mirror he had a vision inside the hut, even though he was still lying flat on his stomach, a good three feet beneath the window. Intrigued at what he saw through his contraption, he quietly sat up and continued peeking into the window.

Comfortably positioned, Gilligan let his eyes focus on what was happening in the room. Mary Ann, still in her leather outfit, stood in front of a kneeling and very naked Ginger. Noticing that Mary Ann had removed her thigh high boots, he saw that Ginger was obediently sliding Mary Ann's g-string down her thighs. Mary Ann stood above her, holding what appeared to be a riding crop in her hands.

As Ginger removed the g-string, Mary Ann ran the crop gently across Ginger's back. Looking more closely, Gilligan could see the red marks glowing on the milky white skin. Mary Ann then moved the crop to rest on her shoulder as she held it with her right hand, she roughly grasped Ginger's hair and pulled her face up against her crotch.

Mary Ann spread her legs wide, giving Ginger complete access and she responded moving her arms around Mary Ann's thighs and grasping her ass. She burrowed her face into Mary Ann's taut little pussy and began licking and sucking. Gilligan could hear the slurping sounds as Ginger feasted on her lover.

"That's it you slut, drink all of Mr. Howell's white honey, every last drop. I want to be sparkling clean," Mary Ann said sternly, gritting her teeth as she ground her hips forward. "Yes, yes, clean me like that you bitch."

Gilligan quietly repositioned himself, adjusting his erection that threatened to burst out of his pants. He continued watching as Mary Ann began moving her hips faster, grinding herself onto Ginger's face. Her hand still guided Ginger's head, her fingers tightly wound into Ginger's auburn mane.

"Yeah, yeah, lick that cum you plastic cunt. Clean my clit... yes, clean it hard," she shouted now, pulling and pushing furiously on Ginger's hair. "Yes, yes... ugh, oh yes," she said, closing her eyes and moaning. "Yes."

Gilligan could see Mary Ann trembling as she pulled Ginger's head away, "Oh you were very good today," she said, bending over and kissing Ginger on the lips, "Maybe I'll let you come too. Would you like that?"

Ginger nodded enthusiastically.

"Okay then, should I just watch, or should I help you?"

"Help me please, please help..." Ginger began pleading, but was interrupted by Mary Ann's harsh glare.

"Ginger, it is for me to decide, and you know I hate when you... hell, you know I love when you beg. So go on"

"Oh please help me, please," Ginger continued.

Suddenly, Gilligan noticed Mary Ann gaze toward the window with an odd look on her face. "Ginger, silence!" she whispered, squinting at the window.

Gilligan quickly lowered his accidental periscope, closed his eyes, scrunched up and prayed she hadn't noticed him. His ear was to the ground as he heard the shuffling footsteps of two women moving inside the hut, heading toward their door.

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