tagCelebritiesGilligan's Discovery Ch. 02

Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 02


Gilligan’s Discovered

Gilligan slowly moved his arms from around his head and opened his eyes, as he raised his head and peeked in front of him he saw Ginger standing wrapped in a towel looking very sternly at him. On her right Mary Ann stood in her leather outfit, arms crossed and legs spread wide. The look in her eyes made him want to run fast, but he didn’t move.

“I... I... can explain Mary Ann. You see I was helping the Professor with his telescope and he gave me a couple of mirrors, so I thought I’d build one for myself.”

“Oh, so you could spy on us,” Mary Ann said angrily.

“Yes... no, no not so I could spy, so I could look over the water for ships and things. I put the mirrors in, but they got stuck and the Professor said I should...”

“So the Professor knows you are spying on us?”

“Yes... no, no he knows I came here to borrow some hand cream so I can get the mirrors unstuck,” he paused, watching how Mary Ann was oddly looking him over, well, not over, she was staring at his crotch. Glancing down, Gilligan saw that his erection was poking straight out, leaving a sizable tent in his pants.

“Ginger, do you see what I see.”

“Damn Mary Ann, he’s even bigger than the Professor.”

“Yes and he’s not looking to chase after the Captain either,” Mary Ann replied. Motioning to Gilligan she continued, “Come over here Gilligan. This is a side of you we’ve never seen.”

Gilligan cautiously walked a bit closer to Mary Ann, reaching to adjust his erection as he moved.

“Ah, ah, don’t touch that, leave it just like you have it,” Mary Ann ordered.

“But it’s hard to walk…”

“Gilligan! Listen to me! Do not touch it, leave it just like it is.”

Giligan limped over and stood in front of Mary Ann, wondering what to expect next. He waited silently as Mary Ann slowly looked him over.

“Ginger, take him inside, I think I’ve had a lovely idea for you.”

She walked over, took Gilligan by the hand and led him into their hut. Mary Ann quickly followed where she settled into a chair facing the bed. “Gilligan, remove all your clothes, Ginger, come over here with me.”

Gilligan began undressing while Ginger kneeled on the floor next to Mary Ann. The two whispered back and forth while Gilligan removed his shirt and carefully removed his pants, making sure his back was turned to the women. When he finished, he kept his back to them as she looked over his shoulder and whispered, “I’m finished.”

“Well Gilligan, turn around.”

He slowly turned toward them with his hands cupped at his crotch in an attempt to cover up his massive erection. He stood trembling as the ladies eyed him hungrily.

“Gilligan, move you hands away from yourself.”

Moving his hands he could see the astonishment on both their faces. He watched Mary Ann whisper something to Ginger, who immediately stood up, walked over to Gilligan and began stroking his throbbing cock with both hands.

“Now Gilligan,” Mary Ann said coyly, toying with one of her nipples, “I want you to fuck Ginger senseless. I want watch her come as you thrust that massive piece of flesh into her, but, I don’t want you to come. Do you understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes ma’am Mary Ann ma’am.”

“That’s better, now fuck her, and you better fuck her hard.”

Gilligan looked over to the bed where Ginger lay on her back with her knees bent and her legs spread wide. He crawled over to her and kneeled above her, looking between her legs at the furry red patch above her pussy. His cock throbbed, longing for that wet opening. He leaned forward and slowly began sliding it into Ginger’s dripping cunt. He looked at her beautiful face, noticing the mascara runs at her eyes.

He continued to move it slowly deeper into her as she moved her hands up to his shoulders. He felt her fingernails claw into his skin as his shaft disappeared between her pink lips.

Ginger whispered, “Oh, he’s so big,” smiling as she spoke.

Just past half his length into her, he paused to take a breath, and after two deep breaths he continued moving deeper and deeper into her. He could feel her wet folds expanding to receive his massive rod. Looking down and seeing one throbbing vein disappear into her he felt himself enter uncharted territory. This was the deepest he had ever pressed into anyone, nearly three fourths of his massive length.

The wet warmth took just a bit more of him before the head of his cock ran into some resistance. He stopped his thrust and began the lengthy withdrawal. Trying to divert his attention from the soft wet sensation rolling over his cock he thought of a train, a long, long train crossing a river valley. Trees flashed by as the long train followed the tracks, but then, up ahead he saw a tunnel and he pictured that long, long train plowing deep into the tunnel.

He had withdrawn all but the head of his cock, when he looked down at his glistening member and continued watching as it again began that almost endless slide deep into Ginger’s aching pussy. Looking to the side, Gilligan could see Mary Ann rubbing a hand over her clit as she licked her lips. Continuing the thrust, the cock again splashed deep into Ginger’s straining hole.

Moaning while she drove her nails deep into Gilligan’s flesh, Ginger then let out a scream, “Oh yes Gilligan, tear me apart, just fuck me, fuck me.”

Feeling her suddenly relax beneath him, he quickly paused, fighting the need to come as her tight cunt throbbed around him. Ginger’s eyes were closed and a small droplet of spittle ran from her lips. Gilligan began withdrawing his massive manhood from the burning depths of Ginger.

No sooner than his cock's head had cleared Ginger’s red lips, Mary Ann pounced, turning Gilligan on his back. She squatted over him and lowered herself, diddling with her clit the entire time. She could take only about half of him before he felt his cock hit something deep inside Mary Ann. She then raised herself as inch after inch of his shaft slid out of her. She rose until nearly standing above him, with just the tip of his cock inside her and then she descended. She continued this movement until she arched her back and screamed out, “Come now Gilligan, give me all you got!”

Gilligan let himself go and nearly immediately he felt a flash of intense sensation as he came, spurting his hot liquid desire deep in her pulsing folds. Lost in his orgasm, he barely noticed the contractions of her cunt around him. He felt more and more come pump into her, until it began flowing out of her and running down his still massive cock.

Finally falling off of him, Mary Ann gasped, “Damn Gilligan, I won’t be able to walk for a week.”

“I’m sorry Mary...”

“Quiet, damn, don’t be sorry, you just stick around here for the rest of the day in case we need you to run any errands.”

“But the Professor may need some help.”

“Fuck the Professor,” Mary Ann shouted.

“Well I almost did, but he got one look at me,” he said nodding to his flagging penis, “and walked away mumbling to himself. He’s been with the Captain, ever since.”

“Look Gilligan, I want you to wear this,” Mary Ann whispered, draping a leather collar around his neck.

“Oh look, just like yours Ginger.”

“Yes, Gilligan, just like mine,” she cooed.

The day ended with the Professor working his hardest to get off of the island, Mary Ann figuring a way to stay on the island and Gilligan wondering just what had he gotten himself into. Ginger just rested her head on Gilligan’s thigh running her fingers along the incredible length of his, now sleeping, python.

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