tagCelebritiesGilligan's Discovery Ch. 08

Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 08


Gilligan quietly slipped out of bed, careful not to awaken Mrs. Howell. The night had been very strenuous and frankly, Gilligan needed a bit of a break from the non-stop sexual activity. Mrs. Howell was an experienced and sexy older woman who knew how to please a man as she took pleasure from him, but after hours of frenzied activity, he just needed a break.

He had promised to go see the Professor a week ago, but Mrs. Howell kept him busy and this morning was his first chance to get away for a few minutes. Seeing the first hint of sunlight through the hut window, Gilligan quickly dressed and headed out to see the Professor. A rescue ship headed their way and the castaways had a lot of work to do to get prepared. The Professor probably needed Gilligan's help on some of the preparations.

"Hi Professor, you're already up I see," Gilligan shouted as he walked down the path to the man's hut.

"Good morning Gilligan," he said, eyeing his body and smiling. "How are you this morning?"

"It's nice to get a bit of a break from Mrs. Howell, that woman is in... in..."


"How do you know? Have you and her..."

"No, no Gilligan, I just finished what you were saying. You were going to say insatiable?"

"No, I was going to say she is in... ah... in..."




"No, Mrs. Howell is in her bed sleeping."

"That's all you were going to say?"

"Yes, what did you expect me to say?"

"I expected you to say insatiable or incredible or something."

"Oh, okay Professor. You wanted to see me this morning, you need help in getting ready for our rescue?"

"Yes Gilligan, I need you to step inside my hut and get undressed."

"Okay," he replied, walking into the building and quickly removing his clothes. Stepping back outside he called out, "I'm ready Professor."

"Good god little buddy, you're huge!"

"Oh hi, Skipper," Gilligan said, looking at his bulky friend.

Kneeling down and taking Gilligan's cock in both his hands he said to the Professor, "He's even bigger than you Professor."

"Yes he is."

"I mean a lot bigger than you," Skipper replied.

"Well, not a 'lot' bigger."

"No Professor, he's a hell of a lot bigger..."

"Okay Skipper, I get the point."

"I wonder what it would look like when it's angry," Skipper said, moving his hands up and down Gilligan's long shaft.

Pulling his still soft shaft from the Skipper, Gilligan said, "Oh no Skipper, I just left Mrs. Howell and this thing needs some rest." His hands lowered and gingerly covered up his massive organ.

"You think you might want to come back later?" the Professor asked as he stroked his own cock.

"Sorry guys, you've heard the expression."

"What expression?"

"Once you've had old, you're forever sold," Gilligan answered.

"I've never heard that," the Professor replied.

"You've never fucked Mrs. Howell," Gilligan said, watching the Skipper slip his mouth over the Professor's respectable erection.

"And you've never fucked the Skipper. Right Skipper?"

"Mphff ugh, phump mughff..."

The Professor nodded his agreement to Gilligan.

"What did he say?"

"He said, 'And you've never sucked my cock,'" the Professor replied, pumping his cock in and out of the Skipper's mouth.

"So what do you need me here for, and why did I need to take off my clothes?"

Removing the cock from his mouth the Skipper answered, "The Professor and I wanted to try out your monster cock, but it appears Mrs. Howell has just sucked you dry."

"So you don't need me?"

"Not with that flaccid thing," the Professor replied as he lubed up his cock and slipped it into the Skipper's ass.

"Yeah, go back to your OLD woman."

"I will," Gilligan replied angrily, "You know what they say..."

"Once you've had old you're forever sold," the Skipper and the Professor said together.

Gilligan quickly dressed and headed back toward Mrs. Howell's hut, stepping past the two men. He paused to watch the Professor arched his back and dumped his cum deep into the Skipper's ass and then he continued walking.

He heard the Skipper call out, "Last chance little buddy," as he disappeared from view.

The next morning all seven castaways gathered on the beach, expecting to see the ship arrive any minute. Gilligan and Mrs. Howell walked up to the Professor as he was stacking the lumber that the others had brought to him.

"What are you doing Professor?" Mrs. Howell asked.

"We need to build a bonfire and light it when we first see the ship. There are so many islands out here we need to signal them, otherwise they won't know which island it is and simply sail away."

"Simply sail away?"

"That's what they told me, if they don't spot the fire they'll just sail away."

"Why don't we just light it now?" Gilligan asked.

"It may be too soon, I don't think we can keep it burning until the ship shows up. We just need to watch, and when they come into view we light the fire."

The castaways finished building the fire and stuck four torches in the sand, burning and ready to be used to start the fire. They all stood for awhile looking out to sea, searching for a ship. After nearly an hour, they broke up in three groups, each wandering off near the clearing. The Skipper and Professor walked to a small dune, where they could watch for the ship and yet still be alone.

Mary Ann and Ginger found another dune to settle behind and Gilligan and Mrs. Howell found some trees to sit beneath, as Mr. Howell snuck into the woods so he could watch each group. The morning wore on as each group began to realize they would soon be saying good bye to each other.

Mr. Howell watched from the woods as each group began undressing. He quickly moved over near Mary Ann and Ginger as they began kissing each other's breasts. Mary Ann then kissed down Ginger's stomach, pulling the actress over her. Ginger, straddling Mary Ann's face began grinding her pussy as Mary Ann lapped away. Ginger moved her hands over her hard nipples and soon moaned in ecstasy.

Hearing a noise from further down the beach, Mr. Howell snuck back into the woods and quietly approached as the Skipper pounded his cock into the Professor's tight ass. Both men grunted and groaned like animals as they wrestled together. Howell pulled his cock out of his pants and began stroking furiously watching the two men.

"Oh Gilligan, fuck me, fuck me..." echoed through the trees and Howell, without missing a stroke on his cock, ran to he other side of the beach. Peeking through the trees he watched his wife bounce up and down over Gilligan, impaling herself on his giant cock. Gilligan held her hips tightly as she moved, pulling her onto him.

The sight of his wife being fucked by that incredible cock turned Howell on so much that he quickly closed his eyes, feeling the pleasure surge through him, and came, letting his white cum dribble onto the sand. Opening his eyes as he milked the last of his juice out of his small cock, he happened to look toward the horizon.

"The ship, the ship," he shouted, running to the fire, his cock still hanging out of his pants, and tossing the torches into the stack of wood. He carefully fanned the fire, until it blazed, billowing a dark cloud of smoke. In the distance he saw the ship lower a small craft and realized he saved the day. He had finally made up for ruining the last rescue attempt.

Slowly, each of the three pairs of lovers, still covered in sweat and cum, joined him by the fire. They stood together as the small boat approached the beach, wondering what civilization might bring them.

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