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Gilligan's Island Ch. 02


Before beginning the second episode let's go back. During the run of the series the Professor was always called Professor. Does anyone out there know what his name was? If so, speak up and win a prize, well not really a prize except knowing you saw the one episode where his name was given. OK, enough of the trivia and on with the story.

* * * * *

The second day:

Again, as was normal in the south seas, the sun rose bright and warm. Soft breezes from the ocean gently wafted across the island and Maryanne was the first. She had the night before found her small bag and silently, so as to disturb the others, crawled from the temporary shelter and disappeared beyond the line of palm trees. Checking to make sure she was well hidden she opened her bag and retrieved her still slightly damp under garment, the top of her not so revealing bikini. Casting aside her badly torn blouse she covered herself feeling a slight chill from it's dampness. Instants Maryanne felt her nipples harden and waited until the fabric warmed enough for them to subside. After using a bush for her morning toilet she returned to the beach.

"Good morning Maryanne," Gilligan greeted with his lopsided smile.

"Hello Gilligan," she replied. Once again Maryanne looked at him still remembering what all the girls back in Kansas had said about the homely guys. She noticed him looking and quickly shifted her eyes to his crotch. There seemed to be no sign that he would be any better endowed than other men, but of course being a virgin she really wouldn't know.

"Good morning Mrs. Howell," Gilligan greeted the older woman as she immerged from the shelter.

"Oh there you are Gilligan. Would you be so kind as to direct me to the ladies powder room? I need to fix my make-up," Mrs. Thurston Howell III said in her most lady like manner. Of course what she really needed was to relive herself, but it just wouldn't do to say such a thing.

"Gee, I'm sorry Mrs. Howell but we don't have one of them things. I could show you to some real nice bushes," he said in all the innocence he seemed to have.

"Oh dear," she exclaimed. "Might as well make the best of things but the Skipper will hear if this. Very well young man, lead on."

With her head held high Mrs. Howell followed the skinny homely young deck hand into the jungle. After ten minutes Gilligan paused and pointed.

"Over there Mrs. Howell. See those big bushes? If you go behind them nobody will be able to see you powder your nose," Gilligan said confident that was what she wanted.

As Mrs. Howell started to move she found they were between two palm trees set very close together. She had to turn sideways to pass and in doing so her very ample chest bushed firmly over his. A sudden electric charged passed through her body despite the obvious difference in their ages. Mrs. Thurston Howell III might well be almost old enough to be his mother she still wasn't without feelings and desires as she felt her nipples swell inside her thin tight bra cups.

She retreated behind the bushes Gilligan had pointed out, raised her skirt and squatted to empty herself. Feeling much better she called out to him.

"Gilligan, could you please come assist me? I seem to be having a slight problem." Even in her suddenly arouse state Mrs. Howell could do nothing less than act and sound the lady most thought she was. If only they knew the real her, she mused silently.

Aw, now you wonder. It seems not all that many years back, before meeting and marring the disgustingly Thurston Howell III, Mrs. Howell had been rather common. While never could she have said to be a whore, she did take on many gentleman callers and give them the pleasure of her flesh. In the years they had been married she had become quite the socialite while at the same time exhausting her rich husband. Now her sex life had grown almost non-existent and she still had needs.

"Gosh Mrs. Howell, how could any woman have a problem with their make-up?" Gilligan asked as he came around the bush she was behind. He suddenly stopped short and found himself just inches from her kneeling form.

"Gilligan have you ever been with a woman before," she asked looking up at him.

"Well sure, Mrs. Howell. I'm with you right now."

"That's not quite what I meant young man. I mean have you ever slept with a woman? Are you still a virgin?"

"Gosh no I'm not a virgin. I've never slept with a woman before but I've had sex with some." Gilligan's mind went back a couple of days when he saw her unconscious in the cabin. He visualized the swelling of her breasts captured inside her wet blouse and felt himself becoming aroused. That's when he really noticed her blouse was now not quite fully buttoned, but partly open exposing some of her cleavage. "Why do you ask?" but he thought he already knew the answer.

"Well I know I'm not a young woman anymore and I was wondering if you found me attractive." Mrs. Howell toyed with the next button of her blouse slipping it open exposing most of her cleavage.

"Wow, Mrs. Howell. I don't think you're old and you really do look nice," Gilligan gulped.

"You know it's been such a long time since I've been with a man your age," she continued finally slipping open the last button and spreading the front of her blouse. "Do you think my breasts are still nice enough for someone as young as you?" Her fingers started to unsnap the front of her bra when another voice sounded out.

"Gilligan, Gilligan where the heck are you?" It was the Skipper.

"Right her Skipper," Gilligan replied quickly moving away from Mrs. Howell.

"There you are little buddy. Where have you been?"

"I was using the little boys room, you know, the one behind the bushes. I feel much better now."

"Well OK, but we have lots to get done today. We have to start building better shelter and find food. Now get started," he said taking a half hearted swipe at him with his captains hat.

With the help of the Professor they quickly found what was needed. Bamboo poles were cut and lashed together forming an outer shell. Palm fronds covered the roof and sides and after several hours work three huts had been built.

"Skipper, I've been giving our problem a lot of thought," the Professor said. "In my opinion we're likely to be here for a long, long time and we'll need to improve our living conditions even more."

"I see what you mean Professor," Skipper agreed. "What do you suggest?"

"To start with a kitchen for preparing meals, a shower to keep clean and most important bathroom facilities, one for us men and one for the women. Just because we're marooned doesn't mean we can't be civilized."

"Absolutely right Professor. I was thinking just the same things. I'll get Gilligan and we'll start right now. Um, do you know how to build these things? When it comes to boats and sailing I'm the best, but I don't know how to make buildings."

For the next several hours Skipper and Professor put their heads together and drew up plans. Gilligan set about gathering some of the needed bamboo poles and palm fronds while the girls looked for food. As night fell everything seemed in place for the next day.

The second night:

It was dark in the hut where the men were sleeping when Gilligan awoke. A hand was lightly pressed to his mouth. Light from a full moon helped him to see as Mrs. Howell smiled down at him. She lifted her hand from his mouth indicating for him to be quiet and follow her. He followed into the dense palms until she stopped behind some very large bushes.

"What is it Mrs. Howell?" he asked looking around. "Did you hear something strange out here?"

"No silly, I heard something strange in here," she said pressing his hand firmly to her chest.

"Maybe I should go get Mr. Howell so he can help you," Gilligan offered.

"It's not Mr. Howell I want," she replied moving his hand over her right breast. "I want you. Does this feel nice? Do you like my breast?"

"It feels real good Mrs. Howell, but what about Mr. Howell. Won't he be mad? I mean I sure don't want him mad at me."

"You don't need worry about him," she said rubbing his crotch. "He hasn't been able to give me what I want for a long time, but I'm sure you can," she continued feeling the growing inside his pants.

While to most of the world Gilligan might seem innocent and without any knowledge of things sexual, he really was a man in every respect. He moved back only enough to look down at the lovely buxom older woman as his fingers easily opened the buttons of her blouse. Slipping the garment from her shoulders and down her arms it lay at their feet. Gilligan gazed longingly at her large expanse of cleavage lightly running his fingers over the tops of her breasts. Mrs. Howell gasped as her hand rubbed more forcefully at his growing erection from outside his pants. Her fingers moved down as his erection grew ever longer until it was well down his left pant leg.

"You do seem to be nicely hung," she gasped. "You do like my breasts don't you? Wouldn't you much rather have them naked and in your hands, your lips taking my nipples?" She was very close to the height of her arousal and reverting to her more lustful ways.

Gilligan didn't say anything as his fingers tightly grasped the front of her bra, then yanked open the front. The metal snaps broke as the cups parted, her large breasts bouncing from the force of his actions. Light from the full moon was easily more than enough for him to see them. Her nipples were swollen erect and hard centered in the light red of her areolas, the nipples much darker. As he looked Gilligan marveled at how well they stood up high on her chest.

"Gee, Mrs. Howell, I don't know why you wear a bra. Your boobs really don't need one," he said gently grasping both in his hands and feeling their firm fullness.

"Don't be bashful Gilligan," Mrs. Howell gasped. "Take them and feel them. I love having my breasts squeezed, my nipples sucked and bitten."

While he didn't want her to stop rubbing him Gilligan couldn't help it as he moved to bend down to her chest. Taking her right breast firmly in his hand he squeezed and sucked hard at her swollen nipple. He heard her gasp loudly before switching to the other. Back and forth his lips and mouth moved giving equal and fair treatment to both. At the same time he was squeezing her firm breasts and hearing her moans of pleasure.

"Gilligan," Mrs. Howell finally manage to gasp out, "let me taste you. I want to give you some pleasure, too."

He knew what that meant and reluctantly released her breasts. Mrs. Howell quickly dropped to her knees and just as quickly opened his pants pulling them down over his skinny hips. She again gasped as his erect organ popped free and bobbed in front of her face.

"Why I can't remember the last time I've ever seen such a huge erection on a man," Mrs. Howell commented. "In fact this is the biggest ever. It's so long and thick I'm not sure I can really please you." She curled the fingers of both hands around his thick shaft and couldn't touch the tips together. "It might take me awhile, but I'm damn sure going to get this monster into my mouth before it goes inside my body."

At the first touch of her open lips to his organ Gilligan's hips involuntarily lurched forcing three of his nine inches into her mouth. Mrs. Howell paused and let herself become accustomed to his thick size before trying to take more. After about seven inches had slipped into her mouth she couldn't take more and started bobbing her head. She cupped his heavy down hanging testicles gently caressing and squeezing them all the time tasting his flowing pre-cum fluid. Her body was hot and she couldn't wait any longer as she suddenly released him. Standing Mrs. Howell stripped of her skirt and panties to stand naked before the homely skinny first mate.

"Now Gilligan, take me now. I can't hold myself back any longer. I simply must have you inside me, filling my body with your lovely huge organ. Take me and fill me with your seed."

She lay on her back as Gilligan fell upon her naked body. Between her raised open legs his manhood easily slipped inside her fully to the hilt. Pubic hairs entwined with pubic hairs and they ground their bodies together. As much as Gilligan would have liked to take more time both felt a need as their bodies began to slam together harder and harder. He was groaning as she spoke.

"Yes, Gilligan, pump yourself into me. Yeah, aaaagggghhhh, yes, fuck me. It's been so long since I've had a young cock in me."

Strange sounds woke Maryanne as she made her way into the jungle. She knew the sounds having heard the lovemaking of her parents back in Kansas, but she also knew they couldn't have come here. Closer and closer she came to where the sounds were coming from and then she parted two fronds. In the clearing just a few feet from her she saw Gilligan hunched over Mrs. Howell. In the bright moonlight it was easy for her to see Gilligan's massive organ slipping in and out of the very wet Mrs. Howell. A horse was her first thoughts seeing the long thickness of the skinny young man, then she remembered what she had been told back home and started thinking it was true as she watched his immense organ penetrate and pummel her body. She slipped two fingers inside herself as her body grew hot and aroused.

In the clearing the two lovers had no idea they were being watched as they continued to hump their bodies together. Maryanne heard their groans of pleasure and passion as they moved closer to climax. She, too, was very close.

"Now Gilligan, I'm cumming now. Pound me with your cock and fill me with your hot creamy cum," moaned Mrs. Howell.

"Uuuuuuunnnnnngggggggg," Gilligan grunted pounding his hips harder into the open legs of the wanton Mrs. Howell. "Here's my fucking creamy fuck seed you fucking cum loving cunt," he shouted as his cock swelled to it's thickest and gushed his seed inside her hot wet pussy.

Maryanne saw and heard, her own body reacting in much the same way. Her fingers drove deeply inside her open vagina as she climaxed with the two lovers. As Gilligan's hips slowed having released his load she gasped silently seeing his still long thick cock pull from the tightly clinching lips of Mrs. Howell's cunt. Her mouth watered as she watched him move his cum slicked cock to her lips and saw the older woman sucking him clean. It took all she had to keep from crawling from the bushes to lap eagerly at the dripping cunt of the other woman wanting to taste the fluids from both of them. Reluctantly Maryanne quietly moved away and silently stole her way back to the small hut she shared with Ginger. With a sigh she rested her head and quickly drifted off to sleep, her dreams filled with the sight of Gilligan's massive thick organ.

The third day:

* * * * *

Sorry, gonna have to wait for this one. Fingers got tired and something suddenly 'came up', if you know what I mean. Until next time my friends...

Yours, Trog.

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