tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls Ch. 06

Gilmore Girls Ch. 06


A couple of hours later Luke arrives at the crap shack with the ingredients for their meal. "Hey," he says to Rory who's sat at the kitchen table. Lifting the grocery bag he asks, "Lasagne OK?"

"Hey. Oooh! Perfect. I always miss your cooking when I'm at Yale," she says as she gets up. Taking the bag from him she hugs him before giving him a kiss on the lips. She puts the bag on the table and starts sorting the contents. "Can you show me how to cook it? I can be your glamorous assistant," she says giving him a sexy pout and pushing her breasts together.

Luke looks over towards the lounge before pulling her to him by her back side and giving her a deep wet kiss. "I doubt it will get you over your Gilmore cooking blind spot but I always love your company so sure."

"Yay!" she exclaims before feeling his chest inside his flannel. "Mmm. Marty just went to the store for wine and Mom's not due back from work for a while. How about I get you out of this?"

"You first." He quickly moved to squeeze her breast eliciting a moan from her. He then reaches under her top and undoes her bra then removed her top and bra in one go revealing her wonderfully pert tits. Her nipples were standing tall. He went straight to them with his mouth.

"Oh yes! Oh, that feels so good Daddy. Suck them. Yes!" Rory was holding his head to her as he sucked and bit her hard nipples.

He looked up. "I could suck your little tits all day." He lifted her onto the kitchen table and reached under her skirt finding her knicker-less. "Mmm, don't like to waste time do you?" She just kept looking at him with lust in her eyes. He took off his flannel and undid his jeans releasing his hard cock.

Taking hold of his thick 12 incher she lifts her legs up in the air opening up her pussy for business. "My god I never get used to how magnificent your big cock is. Fuck me Luke. Fill me with you cum. We've got about 5 minutes to be safe."

He did as asked. He rubbed he tip of his cock around her wet pussy lips making her squirm. In one swift motion he then entered her soaking cunt.

"Oh Yes! Oh you fucking stud. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me," she repeated quietly enough not to disturb the neighbours.

Luke pounded her hot pussy hard all the while she whispered filth to him. He was paying special attention to her young breasts. Squeezing and sucking them and pinching her nipples. "Fuck! Your breasts are so perfect. And your legs are really looking good today. I think half of Stars Hollow got a boner looking at you in this short skirt. When did you grow up?"

"Oh Daddy, don't worry I'll always be your little girl. I've been frigging myself thinking of you for years. Yes! You're way hotter in the flesh. Oh yes! Oh Yes! Fuck!" she strained in orgasm.

After she came Luke filled her with his cum. He removed his cock from her letting the last two pulses of jism spray onto her tits. "Hot little slut," he said breathlessly.

"That was so fucking good Luke." She began to scoop up his cum wanting to eat it but was stopped by Luke.

"Stop," he said holding her arm. "Do you trust me?"

"With my life," she replied instantly.

"OK, well I want you to let that cum dry on your chest. Keep what you can in your pussy too. I'll let you know more later on."

"Ooh, this sounds kinky. Intrigue, I like it."

Luke cupped her face in both his hand and kissed her softly. "I think you will." Kissing her again he says, "You're so beautiful." This made her blush. He then gave both her nipples a light lick. "Let's get you dressed shall we." He picked up her bra and put it in place.

"Thank you," she said as she took over. "Oh, let me clean you up." She got down on her knees and took his softening cock into her mouth. "Mmm, I can taste my juices mixed with your hot cum." She sucked him clean taking care to lick all their juices off him. "OK, all clean. Sorry to get you hard again. Anyone would think you were a horny twenty year old like me."

"No worries. I feel twenty again with you. Get your knickers back on to keep my cum in you."

When fully dressed they began preparations for dinner chatting away. Both couldn't resist the occasional grope and kiss as they worked. Thirty minutes later they were all done with the food cooking in the oven.

"All done," Luke said looking at his watch. "Your mom should be back any minute."

"Yeah, I wonder where Marty is. He should have been back twenty minutes ago."

"You know this town. Some crazy local is probably talking his ear off," he said as they walked into the lounge. "Wanna see what's on the box?"


Rory flicked through the channels for a couple of minutes before turning it off. "Nothing's on." She stood and looked out of the window seeing Lorelai and Marty walking up the drive laughing. "Well you were right again. The craziest of locals."

Luke came and stood beside her. "Of course."

They watched as Lorelai sat herself down on the steps patting the space next to her and Marty sat beside her. She was pulling out all of her flirtatious smiles and hair twirls. Touching his arm when she laughed at what he said. All the things that no man can resist.

Rory smirked. "Is it just me or has Mom got the hots for my man?"

Luke smiled at her. "I'd say so. How does that make you feel?"

Rory thought for a moment looking out again as Lorelai placed her hand on Marty's thigh. Rory put her arm around Luke's waist looking up at him. "Honestly I'm getting kinda hot thinking about it. I mean it's only fair right? I get to have both of you."

"Yeah, me too. I talked to Lorelai earlier on. I could see she was getting turned on by him. I pushed her on it and when she admitted it I get really hard thinking about it. I gave her a seeing to pretending to be Marty. We had a really really good fuck. She then let me know that she was going to fuck him. She said she's going to fuck him and come back to me covered in his cum. She's going to make me clean it up."

"Oh my god, that is so hot. Oooh. I see, it's all falling into place. You figure I can do the same with Marty. I can make him clean up your spunk. Oh Dad this is so fucking kinky I love it."

"Oh yeah? I hoped you would," he said as he felt her pussy through her knickers. "You have to let him find my cum on your breasts and tell him all about our fuck. Make him lick it off you. Then sit on his face and empty my cum onto it letting him know you've been used by me. All the while your mom will be doing the same to me. Really talk dirty when you describe it. Makes him feel like his territory his been imposed upon. That's what I hope from Lorelai. The whole humiliation thing is such a turn on."

Rory contracted on his fingers. "Oh my god I just came. I can't fucking wait. This is getting me so hot. You're teaching me so much. I'd never of thought of these kind of games on my own."

"Let's leave them to it. Come here." He leads her back to the couch and they snuggle up together.

"Mmm, this is nice," Rory says as she rubs her face into the crook of his neck. "Mom's going to love Marty's cock," she said as she lay on him. "He's really really thick. Have you noticed how he's stretched my cunt since I started seeing him?"

Stroking her hair behind her ear he replied, "Mmm, she'll love it. I can't wait to hear all about it. You've definitely loosened up down there. You still have the tightest little pussy I've had though."

"Aw! Thank you," she said then kissed his cheek. "So I hear Mom and Sookie pretty much have the wedding all planned?"

"Yep. June third. All done and dusted I gather."

"Mom's so excited you know. I've never ever seen her anywhere close to being this happy. I love you so much for that."

He looked down and smiled at her. "Well, the feelings very mutual, and getting you as a step-daughter is a big part of that."

Rory let out an indignant sigh and her body stiffened. Looking down Luke could see that her face was now sporting clear signs of annoyance. He brushed his hand through her hair holding her head. "Hey. What's with the sigh and the clamming up?"

She grimaced slight and said, "Oh, nothing. I'm sorry," as she relaxed her body again around his.

He stroked her head again and regarded her. "Come on, you think I just met you yesterday? What's wrong? Did I do or say something wrong? You know you can tell me anything." he said as he kissed her forehead.

"Oh you didn't do anything," she said as she stroked his cheek leaving her hand there. "I just don't like that title is all."

It was Luke's turn to look hurt not going unnoticed by Rory. "Oh. . . erm. . . I'm sorry. I. . . err. . . I didn't mean to overstate. You're right 'Step-daughter' is normally more for if the daughter is still a kid when you marry. You're all grown up." He thought for a split second then looked confused. "But you've been calling me Dad occasionally since the engagement. Talk about mixed signals."

Rory smiled at him and turned his head to face hers. "Oh Luke! That's not what I mean. That's utterly ridiculous. How can such a great man who's one hell of a stud like you be so insecure." She ruffled her fingers in his hair quickly then shifted up slightly so they were cheek to cheek and said lightly, "It's the 'Step' prefix I hate."

A wave of relief came over his countenance. He smiled brightly. "Oh, well it's technically true."

"Technically, yes. But you don't deserve it. It sounds so distant, so unimportant. I think of you as my real Dad. You've more than earned the full un-marginalised title. You've been doing all that a dad would for over a decade. Plus I don't mean to be conceited but I think I deserve to have people know my Dad's a great guy not some dead beat."

Luke was glowing with pride and had a build up of moisture in his eyes. "Well, thank you. I'm so happy to hear that. I hate the word too." He said with a crack in his voice. "I tell you what. How about we leave it out from now on? If anyone asks you're my daughter. We can clarify later if we ever need to."

"Really?" she asked excitedly. On his nod she said, "I'd love that. Thank you Daddy."

"Hey, don't thank me. You just about made me the happiest man alive. Thank you Kid."

The two of them relax in contented silence for a few minutes before they both fell asleep.

Five minutes later the front door opened and Lorelai and Marty came through smiling.

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