tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls Ch. 1

Gilmore Girls Ch. 1


Lorelai Gilmore could not have been more excited. Today was the 18th birthday of her darling daughter, Rory. The two of them had been through so much together and Lorelai was so happy that her little girl was finally a woman. She was also extremely proud of the young woman that Rory had become. Smart and polite, yet clever and mischievous, she was exactly the sort of daughter that Lorelai had always wanted. Plus, she was exceptionally beautiful but not in the least bit conceited or vain.

Although Lorelai herself wasn't a conceited woman, she was aware of how gorgeous she was. Nobody who met her could ever believe that she was Rory's mother. At 34 years old, she had the body of a woman ten years younger. Her silky brown hair perfectly complemented her beautiful face, while her incredibly long legs did the same for her round, upturned ass. Her tits weren't particularly large, but they were perfectly shaped without even a hint of sag. Round and firm and perky, she'd never had a single complaint about them.

Lorelai glanced over at her alarm clock. 6:17. The perfect time to wake up her little girl and wish her a happy birthday. She got out of bed and walked into the hallway, wearing a pair of panties and a tight cotton t-shirt. Lorelai and Rory were best friends as well as mother and daughter, and often walked around the house wearing next to nothing.

She walked over to Rory's bedroom and pushed open the door quietly, wanting to sneak over to the bed and surprise her. She poked her head into the room, then stopped in astonishment as she saw her beautiful young daughter lying on the bed, masturbating furiously. She was completely naked, with one hand between her legs and the other one massaging her right breast. Her eyes were closed and her face flushed, as she squeezed her nipple and started to rub herself even faster. She moaned softly, completely lost in the orgasm washing over her.

"Oh my God!" Lorelai thought, as she quickly and quietly pulled back into the hallway. "Well, it had to happen eventually. I'm just surprised I never walked in on her before this. Or that she never walked in on me." Lorelai had a healthy and active sex life, and would often get herself off with an assortment of vibrators and dildos when she didn't have a man around to fuck.

"God, she's really growing up, isn't she?" Although Lorelai saw Rory naked all the time, she'd never realized before just how beautiful her daughter actually was. She was shorter than Lorelai, but still had long thin legs and the finest ass a girl could ask for. Her breasts were about the same size as Lorelai's, but somehow even perkier. She had an achingly cute face, with soft smooth skin a baby would be jealous of. Also, she had an almost hairless pussy, with just the tiniest wisp of blonde hair around her juicy cunt lips. Even though she was 18 today, she could have passed from anywhere from 14 to 23 with that incredible body.

Lorelai couldn't get the image of her daughter's naked body out of her mind, as she absentmindedly slipped her hand into her panties and felt her own hard clit. "Jesus, what the hell am I doing?!" she thought. "This is my own daughter. This is Rory, for Christ's sake! But then why am I so wet? And God, I am sooo fucking wet. I wonder if she'd like a hand in there. Or…Jesus, snap out of it!"

With that, she cleared her throat loudly, giving Rory time to cover herself up. She then walked into the bedroom and looked down at Rory, who had pulled the blanket over her naked body and was pretending to be asleep. Lorelai smiled to herself, then sat down on the bed and gently took Rory by the shoulders.

"Wake up, honey. Wake up. Happy birthday, little girl."

Rory opened her eyes and looked up at her mom leaning over her. "Oh hi, mom" she said sleepily. "Thanks."

"Are you okay, honey?" Lorelai asked, her face full of concern but her eyes burning wickedly. "You're all red and flushed."

"Oh no, I'm fine" Rory said quickly. "It's just hot in here."

"It doesn't feel hot to me." Lorelai put the back of her hand against Rory's forehead. "You're really hot, honey. Burning up. Are you sure you're feeling okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine" Rory insisted. "It just gets really hot in here is all."

Lorelai lifted up the blanket, revealing Rory's beautiful naked body. "Is that why you took all your clothes off? Since when do you sleep naked?" She put her hand on Rory's chest, still pretending to be concerned. "Your heart's beating really fast too. I think you might be coming down with something." She slowly took her hand off Rory's chest, gently brushing Rory's rock hard nipple as she did so. Rory gasped softly, but Lorelai pretended not to notice.

"Oh Mom, don't be silly. I'm gonna take a shower now." Rory jumped out of bed and walked over to the bathroom, her perfect tits jiggling slightly as she moved. Lorelai watched her intently as she left, until her firm little ass disappeared behind the bathroom door. "God, what the hell am I doing?" she thought to herself. "I shouldn't be doing this…but I am sooo fucking horny right now. And I saw that look in her eyes when I touched her tit. She's probably in there getting off right now, the little slut." The thought of her little girl naked in the shower, running her hands all over her supple body, finally overcame any misgivings Lorelai had been feeling. "After all," she thought, "we're best friends. We tell each other everything. We share everything and do everything together. This'll bring us even closer to each other. And I have so much I could teach her…"

Lorelai walked into the bathroom, where Rory was already in the shower. Lorelai pulled off her t-shirt and now soaking panties, then pulled open the shower curtain and stepped in. "Mom!" Rory gasped. "What are you doing? I'm trying to take a shower."

"I've got a present for you, honey," Lorelai answered as she leaned over and kissed Rory on the neck. She kissed and sucked Rory's neck expertly, while her hands fell down to Rory's chest. She put one hand over each of Rory's perfect little titties and caressed them lovingly, paying special attention to her amazingly sensitive nipples. The hot water cascaded over the two women, as Lorelai bent down and began to suck on Rory's hard nipples.

"Mom…" Rory moaned. "What are you…you shouldn't…Oh God, that feels incredible…Oh God, oh God. This is…really…wrong…you shouldn't…oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" Lorelai lifted her head and kissed Rory on the lips, while slipping her right hand between Rory's legs. They kissed tentatively at first, gently exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. They soon heated up though, as Lorelai found Rory's hard little clit and began to stroke it gently. Rory responded by grabbing Lorelai's ass and kissing her passionately, while Lorelai began to rub her clit faster.

This was too much for Rory, as she thrashed her head around and began to scream. "Oh God, I'm gonna fucking cum! Jesus Christ, make me fucking cum, Mom! Oh God, oh God, oh Jesus!" Hearing her normally pristine and demure daughter shout and beg like a little slut drove Lorelai crazy, so she dropped to her knees and slipped her tongue between Rory's sweet cunt lips. She grabbed Rory's firm teenage ass and held it tightly, while wrapping her tongue around Rory's sensitive clit. Although it had been a while, Lorelai knew exactly how to eat a pussy. She assaulted Rory's little clit with her tongue, while at the same time slipping two of her fingers into her daughter's incredibly tight virgin asshole.

Rory gasped at this intrusion, then began to moan and scream even louder. "Oh fuck Mom, fuck me good! Jesus, you feel so fucking good in my cunt! Oh God, you're gonna make me fucking cum, you're gonna make me fucking cum! Oh shit, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh!!!" Rory exploded as the most intense orgasm of her life flooded over her. She'd masturbated herself to orgasm quite a few times before, but had never been touched down there by anyone else before. And the fact that it was her gorgeous mother, her best friend in the world, just made it all the more intense. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, as the hot water streamed down over her lithe young body. She put her hand over the wall to support herself, then slowly sank down to her ass. Lorelai finally pulled her tongue out of her cunt and her fingers out of her ass, as Rory lay on the bottom of the bathtub, too blissful to move or even speak. She lay down next to her daughter and stroked her hair tenderly, while staring into her big brown eyes.

"Did you like your present, honey?"

"I loved it, Mom. But do I have to wait until next year to get it again?"

Lorelai grinned at her, as she took Rory's hand and guided it over to her own soaking wet cunt…

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