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Gimme Some Skin


Hello and welcome to my readers. I appreciate your votes, comments and feedback on my previous submittals. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Your votes and feedback on this story are most welcome as well. Thanks to Bluebell7 for her skillful editing and invaluable advice.


Harry was puzzled when his chest hairs pulled out so easily.

He stared in disbelief at the reddish brown tuft tangled in his favorite pelt brush. It was nowhere near the shedding season and the hair was long and silky, not dry and withered as it usually appeared when it fell out. He continued to groom himself, wondering whether more would come loose if he brushed too vigorously.

"Need me to do your back?" asked his mate Peggy, walking into their sleep chamber. "You always miss a spot." She saw the confused look on his face and patted his cheek comfortingly. "What's wrong? Did you find another silver hair? That's normal for a male over 40 sun-cycles. The healer told you that."

"Look at this," he replied, showing her the brush, "look how much came out.

We've had our mange shots and taken our Keratin tablets, what could be wrong?"

"I'm not sure. But you need to go." Peggy said, handing him his carrybelt. "You'll miss the hoverbus and you know what The Director said would happen if you were late again. I don't want our food ration reduced."

"I'm ready, I'm ready," he muttered, buckling the belt around his waist as the door to their dwelling block irised open. "I'm sure it was just some loose strands." Hugging her goodbye, he stepped into the nullgrav lift and was gone.


Harry sipped a cup of steaming pakah juice and stared gloomily at his proton screen. Hovercraft traffic was light for a workday and the proximity alarms were activated, so the streams of vehicles did not demand his full attention.

He was still concerned about the loss of hair when James appeared at the door of the controllers cube. "How's it going, Harry?" he asked amiably. "Traffic's light today isn't it?"

"Yeah, light." Harry replied, wondering if he should ask such a personal question. We're friends. He won't mind. "Tell me James, have you had a lot of hair come out on your pelt brush recently? I mean a lot. Not just a few strands?"

"Matter of fact I had quite a few come out this morning," James replied. "Funny thing, it's nowhere near shedding season. I wonder what's…" The squawk of a proximity alarm from the proton screen ended the conversation as Harry turned and expertly adjusted the robotic traffic flow. "See you later, Harry," James said and walked away to his own cube. Harry glanced at the floor where his friend had been standing. Dark brown hairs lay scattered on the white tiles. I'm shedding, now James. What is happening to us?


"…Terran ancestors settled our planet 300 sun cycles ago, they began to grow pelts, thus blocking the solar radiation that was…" the news gatherer said as Harry stared absently at the hoverbus' plasma screen. Ancient history, get to the real news. Why am I shedding out of season? Why is everyone shedding? "…have determined that Sun Beta's radiation levels have dropped suddenly, while Sun Alpha's have…" He arose, stepped from the bus as it settled on his residential tower's ped platform and entered the lift.

"…theory is that the decrease is triggering a devolutionary reaction in our pelt follicles causing the shedding …" Slumped on the recliner bench, Peggy was staring fixedly at the wall screen when Harry entered their block, her brush full of golden hairs held limply in her hand and her eyes filled with tears. He rushed to her and took her tenderly in his arms as she buried her face in his shoulder and sobbed.

"Oh Harry," she said mournfully, "My beautiful pelt is falling out. It's happening to everyone all over the planet. Even faster at the meridian and the poles. The Knowledgeable Ones are powerless to stop it, it's beyond their abilities. The World Director has urged everyone to remain calm, but there have already been disturbances. I just had a trim and a shampoo…" She began to cry again and he hugged her tight, their hairs drifting to the floor.


When Harry walked in Sector Gamma Traffic Control next morning, he could not believe how the 'Shedding Plague' as the news gatherers had named it, had progressed. He could actually see pale brown patches of skin on many of his co-workers, even glimpses of nipples and genitalia. He felt less embarrassed of his own bare patches as they conversed around the pakah dispenser before the work chimes rang. He had left Peggy weeping on their sleep platform when she awoke to find it covered with their hairs after a full REM cycle, too frightened to groom herself for fear of losing more of her pelt.


Chewing carefully on his midday nutrient bar, Harry was suddenly aware of how desirable many of his female co-workers were as their pelts began to thin out. Bare arms, legs, breasts, vaginas and firm buttocks began to appear more frequently as the day went on. Harry noticed several of them looking at his increasingly exposed chest, buttocks and especially his semi-hard penis. It was not the Season of Coupling and yet he was becoming aroused. It must be seeing their skin. It's erotic. Their bodies are exciting.

He was suddenly aware of the heightened sensations his newly exposed skin brought him. It felt so soft and smooth. He began touching himself all over, fascinated at the new feeling. He noticed others rubbing themselves, smiles on their faces. His other senses were equally stimulated as he breathed in the rich aroma of female mating secretions and heard their sighs as arousal stirred within them. His cock hardened as Janet strolled by, exposed breasts bobbing and ass swaying. He wanted to couple with her but held back. He must remain at his console. He must retain control in case of an emergency.

Just as Harry reached his resolute decision, Alice strutted into his cube delivering the latest infodiscs. Smiling, she pressed her body against him as she loaded the discs in the console. Harry felt a jolt and his cock throbbed harder and hotter than before. The touch of their skins was so exciting. Her breasts were round and her nipples pink and the coupling scent wafting from her made his heart pound. His tongue flicked wetly on her nipple as she moved sinuously against him and sighed as they began to fondle each other, savoring the contact. Alice straddled him and slid her wet pussy teasingly on the head of his cock. Gazing into Alice's brown eyes, he suddenly thought of Peggy and pushed her away with an effort. Alice smiled again, stroked his cheek and sauntered out, ass swaying erotically.

He could barely keep his seat as his resolve to continue working receded with each moment that passed. The longer the day wore on the more the females preened and enticed the increasingly aroused males. Couples were starting to mate in some of the cubes when their overwhelming desires consumed them. The entire center was dissolving into sexual chaos.

Harry was in agony, his erection throbbing as the coupling urge burned in him. When the work chimes sounded ending the day he blindly rushed for the lift and the bus platform, brushing against more females who smiled at him as he passed, the light of desire in their eyes.


Upon boarding, Harry was amazed at the sexual activity among the passengers. Across the aisle, a young male and female were stroking their bare skin, their sighs and moans increasing as they moved into a coupling position. She slid back on the seat and spread her legs, lifting one over the males back as he thrust eagerly into her. Lost in a frenzy of passion, they were oblivious of the other passengers as they humped wildly. Many of the other passengers were also coupling with each other, or were eagerly masturbating as they watched. Harry fought the urge to mount the woman next to him, her exposed breasts and erect brown nipples were exciting as she pleasured herself, eyes closed in delight. Gripping his throbbing erection, his mind whirled imagining he and this stranger coupling as lust surged in him. He was about to reach for her when the bus speakers intoned "Tower 348 stop". Harry ran for the door and onto the platform, shivering with desire as he waited for the lift.


Entering their dwelling block, Harry heard loud moans coming from their sleep chamber. Peggy lay on the platform, a hand on her bare breast, pulling on her nipple as her other hand worked between her legs, the odor of coupling hanging heavy in the air. He cast his belt aside and sprang onto the platform, embracing Peggy as their lips met in a passionate kiss, his hand joining hers between her legs. Wet with her juices, Peggy's hand pumped Harry's throbbing cock, already slick with precum from the erotic bus ride. Deep kissing, they continued to masturbate each other until Harry pushed her legs apart, lunged on top of her and thrust his stiff prick deep into her sopping pussy. Peggy locked her legs around his ass, pulling him tight against her as they began a thrusting, grinding fuck.

The contact of their bare skins was so incredibly sensual; it was unlike anything they had ever experienced. The loss of their pelts unleashed a frenzy of desire that surpassed the seasonal mating urges. Gasping and moaning they rolled about on the bobbing platform, hips surging in unison. "Close, so close," Peggy moaned in Harry's ear. "Do it harder, harder." He dug his knees into the platform and thrust into her with all his strength. His cock felt as if it would explode as he felt her body stiffen and knew she was cumming.

"Oohhh…yessss…" Peggy cried as her orgasm surged, her pussy drenching Harry's cock as he groaned and spurted his hot cum deep inside her. They continued to fuck until Peggy had a second orgasm and Harry came once more. Clinging together, they lay breathing heavily; sharing soft kisses in the luxuriant afterglow.

"Mmmm…that was wonderful," Peggy sighed. "That was the best mating we've ever had."

"I've never seen you so excited." Harry murmured, "And I can't remember the last time I came twice in you. That was amazing."

"I was so sad when you left for work this morning," Peggy replied. "My beautiful pelt was falling out and I felt hideous and ugly. Then I saw my body in the mirror and my skin felt so sexy. I couldn't wait for you to be home so we could couple. What's happening, Harry? What's happening to us?"

"It's the loss of our pelts and the exposure of our skins that seems to activate the urge to mate out of season," Harry said, stroking her breast. "Your skin feels so soft. I want you again already."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Peggy laughed, rolling on her stomach. She spread her legs and wiggled her ass at him. Harry lifted her hips and stroked the velvet head of his hard cock over her wet pussy lips as she squealed in delight. She leaned forward on her shoulders, reaching under her to rub her clit and guide his cock into her. Harry bent over and cupped her breasts in his hands as they moved slowly against each other. "Ohhh Harry, it's so good," Peggy moaned, eagerly impaling herself on his cock. Lost in waves of sensual pleasure, Harry thrust harder and harder until Peggy shuddered in orgasm and he spurted inside her. They rested, and then fucked for a third time, slowly and easily, finally falling into an exhausted sleep.


Sun Alpha had set and Sun Beta was low in the sky as Harry and Peggy rode the slidewalk to their favorite Acanth restaurant. They both enjoyed the exotic dishes from the northern polar seas. They were pleased to see their fellow city- dwellers hairless as themselves, brown skins glowing in the light of the illumitubes. Many of the females had begun to decorate their bodies with different colors of paint, highlighting their lips, breasts and genitals, much to the delight of the males. Everyone seemed to be smiling, nodding a greeting or saying hello, reaching out to exchange friendly touches and strokes and they rode along.

Ninety light phases had elapsed since the 'Shedding Plague' had begun and the planets' inhabitants had lost their pelts; the blizzard of hairs speedily consumed in atomic furnaces. Once the initial shock of no pelts and the overwhelming desire to mate had subsided, the crisis ended. The 'Plague' had left a changed society that reveled in its increased tactile sensations at the contact of bare skins. Mutual Joining and reproductive rates increased dramatically as the population adjusted to a perpetual mating season and simmering desires. It was a different world. An erotic, sensual world.


Harry and Peggy sat closely together in the dining cube, gently caressing each other as the eating platform scrolled the night's selections. Deciding on the roasted Pelcath for two, Harry pressed the order in as they reclined the resting bench. "I think we have time for a coupling before our order arrives," Peggy said, smiling.

"You're my favorite appetizer, sweet one," Harry chuckled as they watched the other patrons enjoying themselves on their benches in a variety of positions and combinations, some ignoring their food in the urgency of their need.

Harry leaned back and sighed as Peggy stroked his stiffening cock. His hand moved between her legs to finger her wet pussy, sucking her stiff nipples as their excitement rose. Peggy moved over Harry's body and straddled his face, lowering her pussy to his mouth as she licked his cock. His back arched as her hot mouth engulfed his throbbing hardness and he buried his face in her sopping pussy, tongue lapping the warm juices. Peggy ground her pussy on Harry's mouth as she licked and sucked his slippery cock, her body quivering as he fingered her and nibbled her clit.

Giving one more suck and lick, Peggy lifted her lips from Harry's cock and slowly pulled her pussy from his mouth. Caressing and stroking, they shifted positions on the bench and faced one another. Peggy trembled as she lowered herself on his saliva-coated shaft, his hands on her hips. "Give it to me," she gasped, "Give it to me." Harry thrust into her eagerly, sucking on her erect nipples as she moaned in pleasure, pulling her harder onto him. Moving in practiced rhythm, they soon achieved orgasmic release, their cries of joy mingling with those of other patrons. They remained in an embrace, kissing softly as they waited for their food.

"That was so good, Harry," Peggy sighed. "It gets better each time. I so enjoy the touch of your skin. I don't miss my pelt at all."

"Me either," he replied, looking around the restaurant once again. "And it appears no one else does."

"Oh my,no." Peggy giggled. "You said you had a surprise for me. What is it?"

"I invested a decime of UniCreds in James' friend Arthur's new invention. He assured me it will be extremely popular with everyone and we stand to make a handsome profit."

"What is it Harry? What does it do?"

"It's a new cosmetic. Arthur calls it Sun Tan Lotion."

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