tagErotic CouplingsGina and Ian

Gina and Ian


Gina holds her hand over the sink and drops a few bath crystals into the water. She looks in the mirror and smiles while leaning over the basin so her lovely large tits dangle just above the fragrant solution. With one hand she dips and cups the warm water and washes her breasts with it, taking time to just twist and tug each nipple working the essence into her skin.

'Ian will love this,' Gina thinks.

Slowly she works the water all over her chest, down her stomach and even though it drips and runs down between her bare legs she rubs the soft lather into her pussy. Each moment she gets hotter and hotter thinking of how he'll be there again tonight, his hard cock slowly entering her as she digs her hands into the bedding.

'God, not yet,' she thinks.

With care she keeps her fingers from her clit but it is all she can do because she is so hot now she doesn't need to add water to drip down her leg. With a towel she dabs herself dry and then mops the floor with her bare feet and the soft fabric.

She puts a fresh candle beside the bed and straightens the bedding. Then with care she puts on her matching silk bra and panties she'd planned to wear the night before but had gotten tied up at the airport. Her hands shook a little thinking of Ian undoing her bra the night before. She smiled and bit her finger.

Her cell rang just then and she picked it up and answered, "Gina..."

"Hi amazing girl," Ian says. "I'm almost back. I cashed my traveler's checks and got you a little something."

"Oh, that's sweet," she said. "But all I want is you, Ian."

She could almost hear his smile as she hung up the cell phone.

Moments later she had her dress on, it was low cut and sipped up the side. He put on a pair of heels, not to tall but enough to give her a lift in case he was up for a little dancing. Then she moved to look in the mirror again, her hands moved to her boobs, a push and a tuck and her nipples felt so good she just hand to play with them so they were very erect when the buzzer rang.

'Can't ever hurt,' she thought with a grin.

Ian noticed her nipples almost right off, and gave her his wolf-grin. "What's got you all worked up, my love?"

Gina smiled, "thinking of you and last night." "That was amazing," he said. "You are even more amazing in bed then I had dreamed."

"So," she smiled wide. "What did you get me?"

Ian leaned close, taller than her by quite a bit she had to arch onto her toes as he kissed her cheek. For a moment she thought she might swoon but he let go and handed her a box of chocolates. "You were so sweet to me yesterday I wanted to give you this."

Gina smiled and slipped open the box. She turned to the table and felt his hand on her back slip down and rest at her upper ass. Her instinct was to fuck him right there but she held almost still and wiggled her ass to his hand. "That feels nice," she said.

"Randy?" Ian patted her side softly.

"After last night, yeah I am." She said and lifted a dark chocolate from the box.

"I love that about you Americans," he said. "Very direct."

Gina smiled and pulled him by the hand, "Come then. I have a treat for you too."

He didn't talk after that, and Gina led him to her bedroom. First she sat him on her chair and undid his shirt so she could play with his chest. His chest really turned Gina on and she started to play with his nipples as she used her other hand to pull out his cock.

Pleased that he was hard already she gently stroked him as they kissed. It was so fun to please him and she moved closer and leaned down to suck his cock. Moans rippled from his lungs as she took his ball shaped head in her mouth and felt his hands cup her head pulling her down onto his shaft. She sucked but he fucked her mouth just as much turning her on even more.

Soon she was nearly gagging and he was grunting and arching nearly out of the chair. Then she pulled herself away and kissed his cheek as she straddled his legs and pulled her dress up and her panties aside. With one soft thrust she impaled herself on his hard cock. It drove all the way up to her uterus making her gasp, but she didn't skip a beat. Instead she pulled the zipper easing the fabric and began to grind her body up and down his length and brush her tits to his moaning lips.

"Is that good, Ian?" She put her hands on his shoulders and started to bounce harder on his shaft forcing her tight cunt to drive his cock crazy.

"Is this a lap dance?" he asked through moaning breaths.

Gina smiled and pulled his face to her tits. With one hand she reached and pulled her flesh free and guided a nipple to his mouth. He sucked avidly as she rocked on and off his throbbing member. "Suck me, lover," Gina said.

Ian panted and sucked as she fucked him harder and harder. Then right when she thought he'd blow his hot load in her soaking pussy he started to stand and lifted her from the chair.

"Oh god," she said. "You'll hurt yourself." But really she loved the sensation of being suspended by her cunt on his throbbing member.

He grunted a little but moved her to the wall, her back pounding to the sheet rock as his hands pulled her legs up and his hips arched rocking his cock deep inside.

"Fuck!" Gina screamed, "Fuck me! Oh god, Ian!"

With hard thrusts and a rhythm that made her whole body slam to the wall with each thrust he fucked her hard against the wall with her feet dangling.

She screamed and moaned more and more but he didn't slow in the least. His cock so hard now she felt it would rip her wide open and then suddenly he screamed deep and his body shook as he came hard inside her.

"Yes!" Gina urged, "Come, Ian. Give it all to me."

He rocked and groaned until his body eased and she slid softly down the wall and her feet draged a little on his legs.

Then she moved him to the bed and made him lay down. "Rest a bit, then you can have me again."

"You're a lusty minx," he said.

"I love you, Ian," Gina whispered as she ran her hand along his come covered cock.

"Mmm," he moaned. "I love you, too."

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