tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGina in Jamaica Ch. 02

Gina in Jamaica Ch. 02


The next morning, at breakfast, I asked her if she had any idea how much breast she had been showing the day before.

"It got a little out of hand" she said, "I just meant to tease a little bit but between the alcohol and all the attention I was getting, it was kind of exciting. Are you mad at me?"

"Actually I wasn't" I admitted, "it was kind of exciting for me too. I couldn't figure out what you were doing though."

"I was just having fun until I saw Dave's penis sticking out from underneath his shorts and that I just got carried away."

"Well," I said "I guess you proved to yourself that you still have what it takes to attract younger man."

"I was so close to touching his cock" she said. "It was hard to control myself. I must've had more to drink last night that I thought."

"You certainly gave those guys a vacation to remember." I said. "So what's on the agenda today?"

She gave me a wicked look. "I want to see them all."

"All what?" I asked.

"I want to see all four cocks" she said. "That's my vacation goal."

"Come on honey" I said. "I think you've made your point. You've got those guys panting all over you. You don't have to prove anything."

"It's not that," she protested. "It was fun and exciting and let's face it, we're far from home and this is an opportunity for us to be wild and not have to face the neighbors."

"How far do you plan on taking this?" I asked. "This is our honeymoon after all, not theirs."

"You're right," she said, "it just seemed to me that you were enjoying it too."

I thought about what she said. In fact, it was a turn-on to watch her flirt. Gina is easy to look at -- long legs, a fantastic ass, a small waist and large breasts with incredibly long hard nipples. Looking out at you from underneath her bangs with her big brown eyes, she can put on an innocent look while doing the most outrageous things. She's the most exciting woman I have ever known my entire life and watching her playing so casually last night was enough to make me explode. Even now as we ate breakfast, she was wearing another light cotton top, again not completely sheer but certainly enough to see the brown circles of her nipples. It had two thin spaghetti straps and hung low over her cleavage, the top stopping to slightly over her nipples. I thought she was wearing a pair of bikini bottoms but they looked incredibly tiny and I hadn't seen them before. I asked her what bathing suit they came from, she laughed and said "It's not from a bathing suit."

"I don't understand," I said. "If they're not from a bathing suit, where did they come from?"

"It's not a bathing suit" she repeated.

"Panties? You came out here wearing your panties?" I was aghast. "Don't you think this is getting a little out of hand?"

"My bathing suit bottoms are too big" she said," and I have a much bigger collection of underwear. I could go out and buy more bathing suits but since the bottoms are basically panties anyhow, why waste the money?"

I just shook my head. "It's your vacation too" I said. She was sitting next to me at the table and I leaned over a little bit to get a better look. Her panties rode low on her waist and were cut high in the leg. Gina's legs are model perfect, slim and shapely, and they ended together right where her skin-tight panties stretched across her pussy, a perfect mound pressing up against the thin stretched fabric of her panties. The curly pubic hair was clearly outlined through the material and you could plainly see her slit, outlined nicely by her two pussy lips.

She was watching me with a slight smile on her face. "Does this meet with your approval? I can go put some shorts on if you want me to." She leaned into me, laughing, and kissed my lips. As she kissed me, her left hand moved up my leg and onto my groin, grasping my swollen member. "Never mind, I think I just found your approval."

Damn, I was hard. Just the thought of other men getting a glimpse of my beautiful wife, of her luscious breasts with her long hard nipples, knowing that their eyes were traveling down her flat bronzed stomach past her navel, to see the taut skin from one hip bone to the other, to know they were gazing on that mound, that beautiful mound, that they could make out the outline of her vaginal lips, of her pussy, that they could see the darkness of her pubic hair, and the even darker crevasse that marked her cleft, and imagining the head of their cocks pushing past those lips- what the hell was wrong with me? And yet, thinking of her walking around front of everybody, her assets on display, watching her play the games that she plays so well was intensely arousing. I sighed, knowing she had won and would always win.

"Whatever" I said. "Just don't get in over your head." She smiled and stood up. Hand in hand, the two of us walked up to the front lobby to check the activities bulletin board. She pointed out the day's events that she wanted to attend and then tapped the activity for the next night.

"A pajama party -- that looks like fun. We need to go to the pajama party."

I rolled my eyes. "Please" I said. "One day at a time. I've gotta get through today first." She just giggled. The two of us walked up to the bar in the lobby and we each ordered a drink. After all, it was nearly 10 a.m. Sipping our drinks, we wandered through the garden area and back out onto the beach. On top of everything else, Gina is blessed with a perfect ass. Her panties rode up just enough to show most of her ass cheeks and she got a lot of admiring looks as we walked past. Dave and Rod, our two Canadian friends, were stretched out on lounge chairs. I notice that both were really in good shape, much better shape than me. The fact that they were both wearing tiny Speedo's only showed that they were well aware of their physique.

I always considered Speedos to be a largely European custom, and this was the first time I had seen them close up. Like bikinis, there must be different styles, which means basically size, and both of them had extremely small bathing suits that barely contained what appeared to be huge cocks. I don't think Gina had seen Speedos before either, but she didn't miss a beat. She stopped and said hi and the three of them had a conversation while I stood by, largely silent. They were trying not to be obvious, but their eyes kept flicking down to her panty-covered mound. She asked them if they had been in the water yet and Rod told her that he had just gotten out and that the water was warm. Gina gazed out at the breaking waves.

"Whenever someone tells me the water is warm, it's usually too cold for me," she said.

"No, really," said Rod, "It's very nice. Here, feel it." And he stretched out his arm so that she could feel the water droplets. She reached and stroked his arm, but refused to accept that as definitive.

"It's had time to warm up," she said. "That doesn't tell me anything."

"Only one way to find out for sure," said Dave, grinning up at her.

Gina laughed. "I don't think so- I came out to get some sun."

Rod scrambled out of his lounge chair. "Here, you can have my chair. I'll just pull out another one for me. Oh, and you too," he said to me, just noticing that I was standing there.

"You guys get set up," I said. "I'm going back to the room to get some cigarettes. Does anybody want anything?"

"No, but thanks." Rod seemed almost relieved as he lugged one of the heavy wooden chairs over. "I'll have one set up for you when you get back."

Gina gave me a look, raising her eyebrows slightly and giving me a sly smile. She thinks I did this on purpose, I realized. She's thanking me for giving her a few minutes alone. She's thanking me for giving her a few minutes alone with two nearly naked men while she's in her panties and a thin see-through shirt.

Walking away, I felt that I should be angry at her, but I was suddenly anxious to return and watch, out of sight. When I got back, I stayed on the back side of the beach, near the line of palm trees, close enough to see but well out of their line of sight. The men had put her lounge chair between the two of them and their chairs were so close that they were actually touching. It was almost one big wide lounge chair. Every once in a while, one would half roll over on his side to say something to her. She just lay on her back, keeping her eyes closed, and I could see her lips moving when she answered them.

At one time, Rod turned over onto his stomach, then lifted the top half of his body of his chair with his elbows, which allowed him to turn his head and look at her while he was talking. I knew he was getting an eyeful of that long, taut body. He handed her a tube of what appeared to be sunscreen and she sat up and started to apply it to her legs, talking to them at the same time. The process of her straightening up in her chair did two things- it caused her the top of her shirt to swing out, giving Rod a nice view of her cleavage, and by drawing up her legs slightly to get the lotion on them, it accented the tight mound in her panties.

She acted like she didn't notice where their eyes were, but both Dave and Rod turned over on their sides facing her, ostensibly to hear her conversation, but in reality they were just staring at her pussy. When she was done with her legs, she stretched back out again and started applying the lotion to her flat stomach. She had pulled her shirt up as much as she could to expose her midriff to the sun and now she pushed the waistband of her panties down to the hairline- in fact, to just below the top of the hairline. Those black curly hairs were peeking out of the top and the panties, stretched across her thighs, were too small to lay flat so that each side was elevated an inch or so and from the right angle, you could see where the trunk of her body started to taper into each side of her pussy.

Then she pushed down the straps of her top, exposing her shoulders and the tops of her breasts, pushing the top down to just above her aureoles. I knew it was just above her aureoles because even from where I was, I could see the brown circles underneath her shirt and they stopped to just where the shirt was pushed down. She rubbed lotion on her chest and face, working it inside her cleavage and over the roundness that was exposed.

She lay back and closed her eyes again, seemingly unaware that neither man could lay back sown again. They were frozen in position, looking longingly at her panties that seemed to be about to fall off, and her breasts, just a centimeter from their view.

I moved in a little closer to get a better look and hopefully to hear what was being said. Rod had gotten up to go into the water, which appeared to be what Dave was waiting on. I heard him ask Gina for something- I don't know what it was but she half lifted out of her chair and leaned to the right, where Rod had been sitting, to look for it. After a few seconds of fruitless searching, Dave leaned over to help, which meant he had to lean over my wife. He stretched his body over and Gina just laid back, to give him room. His bare chest was pushing against my wife's barely covered breasts but the real action was when he scooted in a little closer, bringing his Speedo against her leg. I almost laughed- did he think my wife was going to allow him to fuck her on this public beach? Then I realized his strategy- he was just allowing Gina to feel his cock against her leg so she knew where it was. Her left hand, still lying on the side of the chair, was less than an inch away.

Dave, while still pretending to be reaching, maneuvered the Speedo into my wife's open hand. She pretended she did not realize what was touching her, but after a second or two, she casually moved her hand up enough so that Dave could push the top of his Speedo between her fingers. Her fingers started to play with elastic band, then one finger flicked inside his swim suit and traced the head of his cock, which was half out of his suit. Still talking casually, she hooked her thumb on the outside of the Speedo and moved the rest of the fingers in, stroking the shaft of his cock and causing it to push out even more.

Dave was taking a dangerous chance here and had gotten himself in trouble. He could not roll over on his back, no matter what happened, and expose his hard cock to everyone on the beach. He was completely compromised but I don't think he cared right then. He was ever so slightly moving his body against Gina's hand, trying to get a rhythm. He put his other hand on her stomach and spread his fingers working one of them underneath the elastic of her panties. I know he had his small finger in a bush of hair, but she wasn't going to allow this, for two reasons: first, it was too overt on an open beach and two, she wanted to stay in control. I know how her mind works and the thought that she had this man at her mercy was what she enjoyed the most.

Still, she would let him have some fun and after pulling his hand away from her panties, she allowed him to tug the bottom of her top, just enough to expose one full nipple. It sprang out from under the top and started to stiffen while he watched. He tried to touch it but she pushed his hand away- they started to have a tug of war, her stroking his cock with her left hand while resisting his hand at her breast with her right hand. After a few seconds of this, he managed to pull her top down from her other breast, exposing the left nipple as well. Now both nipples, dark brown and engorged, were in view and Gina seemed to realize that things were getting out of hand. She had wanted to tease but not actually be raped. She started to pull her hands out of Dave's Speedo and he resisted, grabbing her arm and whispering something into her ear. She said something back and slowly put her hand back onto his cock while he removed his hand from her top and laid it on her stomach. Ah, I thought, a compromise.

Within seconds, I saw Dave close his eyes and arch his back. Then, as he bucked and spewed large spurts of jism, he plunged his mouth onto my wife's exposed left breast, sucking her nipple, pulling it up, savoring the stiffness of it against his tongue and lips. It happened so fast that she wasn't ready for it and couldn't stop it. His left hand, which had been on her stomach, slipped into her panties and cupped her pussy, one finger slipping into her wetness before she could pull him out.

Then it was over. He lay there exhausted while she arranged her clothes. I thought she would be furious- I certainly expected her to be. Instead, she leaned over and kissed his cheek, smiled at him, shaking her finger but laughing as she did it. She picked up a towel that was lying on the sand and carefully wiped down her left leg, then dropped the towel on the lounge chair. Rod was coming out of the surf towards us and I didn't want him to see me, so I backed out and found Gina sitting at the beach bar, sipping a drink.

"Having fun? I asked. I handed her the pack of cigarettes that I had been asked to retrieve.

"Where have you been?" she asked. She opened up the pack and took out a cigarette. She looked a little flushed.

"So what happened?" I asked, ignoring her question.

"Things just got a little crazy." She lit her cigarette, inhaled, and blew out a long stream of smoke. "I ended up giving Dave a hand job."

"On the beach? In front of every body?" Even though I had just watched the whole thing, her telling me that still stunned me.

"Oh, nobody saw anything" she said. "It was discreet."

"You jacked off a man and let him suck your nipples on a public beach and you think that's discreet?" As soon as I said that, I knew I had made a mistake.

"I didn't tell you about him kissing my nipples" she said. "How did you know that? Were you watching? Don't you think that's kind of sick?"

"I came back and saw what was going on." I said. "It looked like you were having a good time so I didn't want to interrupt." This wasn't completely true and I knew it. "Besides, it's a good thing I was watching. That could have easily gotten out of hand. I thought I was going to have to jump in there and drag him off."

She smiled sheepishly at me. "Actually, it's more fun when you're watching. It makes me feel safer when I play."

"Looks like there was a lot of serious playing" I said. "How far did he get into your panties there at the end?"

She darted a look at me. "He got a finger inside me."

"And how did that feel?" I asked.

"Awful," she said quickly. Then, "No, that's a lie. I was wet and he knew it. He found my clit and if I hadn't been on the beach, I don't know if I would have stopped him. God, I'm so turned on!" she said, suddenly vehement. "I can't keep playing like this- we have to go."

"Go?" I asked, startled. "Go where? You mean, go back home? Leave our honeymoon? Sweetie, I gotta tell you, that was as exciting for me as it was for you. I don't care if you get excited, just bring it back to the room with me. You want to let men see your breasts or butt, you want them to fantasize about you, I'm good with that. But you have to be careful- something like today is going to make them think you want to do more than just flirt."

"But that's all I want is to flirt," she said. " I promise- it's just so easy to go a little further with it down here- maybe it's the booze, maybe it's the sun, maybe it's knowing we'll never see these guys again-but you're right, I went too far today and I'll have to make sure they understand that there's a limit."

"Honey," I said soothingly, "there's only one limit- no strange penises inside my wife. I don't care if you flash and I don't care if they flash, but only I go inside, ok? No dick, no fingers, only me, alright? And nothing unless I'm around and I mean absolutely nothing. If I'm not there, who's going to protect you? Or them for that matter."

She gave me that sly smile. "How about we seal this deal back in the room? Take a nap, then have some dinner, a romantic walk on the beach- you can come too."

"Ha ,ha, ha- you're killing me." I smiled at her. "And maybe you can wear something other than your panties."

"No promises there," she said. "But I did tell them I'd meet them at the bar tonight and I want to wear something sexy."

"Walking around in your underwear wasn't enough?" I asked.

She put out her cigarette in the ashtray and stood up. "C'mon," she said, "You need to finish me off."

To be continued...

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